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11 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. 01 - Sketch from reference

    • 3. 02 - Add cartoon style

    • 4. 03 - The wheels

    • 5. 04 - The body

    • 6. 05 - Contour lines

    • 7. 06 - Add texture

    • 8. 07 - Reflections and shadows

    • 9. 08 - The sky and clouds

    • 10. 09 - Wheat field

    • 11. 10 - Who is the driver

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About This Class

In this course we will draw and paint in Photoshop again. The main theme is a cute classic tractor with a wheat field next to it. This course is for beginners but I hope everyone will get new skills with my tips. 

You can learn an easy method to create copies of a particular objects, I will give you some practical advice about lights, shadows and reflections.

After the process, you will get a cool cartoon style digital artwork, and with the help of my bonus brush the artwork will get a hand drawn look. And not only the brush is bonus, but I give you the tractor driver’s character for free.

After finishing this course, follow me, because we are going to do a cute diorama from this 2D artwork, turning it to 3D, what is a perfect decoration for a wall or nursery!


What will you need to know before starting this course

- You need computer and photoshop. Mouse will enough but tablet will better.

- You need to have a willingness to create awesome digital illustration!

This course is for you

- If you want to learn some tips and tricks of digital illustration in Photoshop.

- Please do not take this course if you are a digital illustrator master! Or do... :)

Additional materials:

- New Photoshop brush that I made for this course.

- Bonus character /layered PSD/

- Find your tractor reference in web. /Farmall/

I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything, please feel free to ask,

I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create amazing digital illustrations right now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D I live in Budapest, Hungary.

The framer / https://www.behance.net/gallery/113627863/The-framer

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfo... See full profile

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1. Promo: Hello, it's Peter. In my new course, we will draw and paint in for the shop again. The main dam is a cute Castaic tractor with a wheat field. Next to this course is for beginners, but I hope everyone will get new skills with my tips. You can learn and is a metal to great copies off a particle or object. I will give you some practical advice about lights, shadows and reflections. After the process, you will get a cool cartons, died digital artwork with the help of my bone is brushed. The artwork. We get a hand wrong on not only the brushes bones, but I give you the tractor drivers character for free. After finishing this course, follow me because we are going to do a few die aroma from this duty artwork, turning it to three. What is a perfect decoration for nursery? 2. 01 - Sketch from reference: Okay, let's started. Here is my choice for reference. It is a four more AM tractor. I loved this restaurant style. This more front de rounded edges this more front were is close to each other. Beautiful. I want a different views from this Laker. That's why I choose perspective inside you. It has me to understand the dimensions of the tractor. Okay, Create new document. Jumped if I knew. Change the excess two centimeters and type the size of the frame. 25. 25. The reservation is 300 dp i For printers, the color mode always seemed like a but wheat RGB. We can use more options. Name the document, Diane Click to create. Go to the reference picture and drag it with the move toe breast week and move it to the new document named a layer. If you want and create a new layer, check the snapping. It is not important now. And don't forget to save the project. Okay? No. I drove some sketches to show how I want this project to look. So I want a tractor from decide you. This is the composition behind a tractor. There are some heels entries clear redder with blue sky and white clouds on big yellow wheat field 3. 02 - Add cartoon style: okay. Create a new layer for a new sketch. I want a cartoonist Ice. I'm going to draw the started with their area detectors. Big nose. It is the front wheel in the tank, steering wheel and seat. Andy Martin guard the lamp and the exhaust. No, I'm going to press calming tea, transform and withholding the comment. I'm going to modify the America finding work. Do it to add more cartoonish form to the tractor. It's much easier than drawing shapes like this. Transform it again for defined the final composition. The resolution of the sketch is not important at this time. No jump to the reference pictures, and we try Click converted to Smart Object. It is very useful when we want to keep the original behavior off the picture. Okay, movie to the right. 4. 03 - The wheels: find the elliptical selection to a first withholding shift. Create a perfect circle. I check the snapping and go to added were go at it too smart object right to the layers name. Okay, then common t to transform de start a circle No, jump to this layer on double click. As you can see in the smart object, we have still find original circa Jags snapping and create new Thurk er to define the were grows this new Deb and find a modified reside Good. See the next and be quick. Check the snapping first and create new air on the group for the wheel. I'm going to use the same as I would like before for define the exes I'm going to use to guys for it. Shift F five. Feel their selection and create a smaller one. Another one for the room. These thread bring will be the ream and also needs some wrongs. Do for these. Used a darker red color. Just duplicate a layer de rotated withholding shift. Of course, the snapping we'll have me now. Other ring 40 xer and some screw four is perfect now, comrade the group to smart object and modify it will transform. Okay, go ahead. Did a smart object to create a bigger canvas? I'm going to change the size with canvas size. The wheel is defying. No, let's create the patterns of the tire. It is simple. A newly air greatest circa. Transform it a bit duplicated layer change the axis, dissenter and rotated Cool Mandi to merge, duplicate and rotate again maj. And rotated and wants more nice. Now selling the biggest circle with Click Comment or control in windows and press this little mask water uncheck the chain if you want to resize the mask. To tell the truth, I don't want to draw a new wheel. So I going to duplicate the order one just for meat and double click to smart object. Hi, some layers in there, Dan say with, As you can see, the two were zlook. Same because they includes the same smart object with the same content. So we need to create another smart object from it. Double click to the layer, select order layers, then drop it to the main project. Find a little folder I can dandruff the layers into named a new group. We're transform a beat. Then contacted the smart object. Modify the wheel again. Dan modify its layers to 40 Swedes. Dire. I'm going to choose different pattern. Maybe some circles were fine, - good and create different tree delete. The are necessarily years good . 5. 04 - The body: Let's see it out there. Parts at it, the sketch near to top and change the upper city for defectors. Buddy, I'm going to create a new group and new layer for the mod Guard. There are different ways to define the forms you can choose, the less so tour for selection. Then you can feel it with color. I don't like this Roger Edge. So my choice. We be depend too, with shape mode. With this tool, you can draw easily and the result is better. You can also add it their points and color in your layer with bent to I'm going to draw destructor unique nose. Draw the full body. - Use basic shapes for these parts such a circle or a tango. In these shapes, you can change their colors easily at any of the shapes. Layers. Now I'm going to be a the chimney by shapes again. With this gray arrow, I can modify the added points. This will be the holder off the front with it is darker red color because the shadow endo deceit do with Ben do Okay, Okay, Now I'm going to add some details for the sector. Check the reference picture and create some similar object. When you use shapes, which well you can add, throw to it. - Sometimes I use shapes for only defined forms and selecting. If you don't need shapes anymore, you can come at it two picks earlier. It is better if you always name the layers. Otherwise, you cannot find a layers that easily Name and challenge layers group the parts of the chimney. Continue with steering with for the wheel. I'm going to use circle shape with only stroke. - Okay to create lamp. I'm going to start it with circle shape, and I added only one point. That's why I love shapes in photo shoot. - The great kind of tube used a shape with stroke. Simply now , I'm going to create the grill for this actor for the better perspective. Look, I'm going to duplicate the rare wheel. Then I'm going to move it a bit. It is absolutely the same, but with dark color, it will be better. So I'm going to add layers tied to it. Calello Early is good for it. Duplicate the front wheel and copy delay. Estai withholding art 6. 05 - Contour lines: in this chapter, we will add some counter lines to our America. Oh, if you forget to load the bonus brushes, No, you can do it easily. Select the brush tool, right click gear icon, load brushes and find If I, that's all a new layer started to dro with the smallest brush for this work. I want analog looks, so dispense the loo brush were nice for it. Actually, I'm going to use debit with band pressure, but it will work with most do. It's a simple trick to clear the unwanted lines from the tractor silhouette, duplicate the group with all elements, then converted to smart object. After that, rest arised the layer. With this flat informed, we can make selection easily, so I'm going to use it simply as mass or template withholding common. Click to the layer down, jump to select immersed. Go ahead to the throw clear and President Nice finally drove the lamp. Good 7. 06 - Add texture: initially as a bit the sack, the bonus brush on paint texture to the basilica. I'm going to use it in your layer because I don't want to repaint the access layer. Choose the shape layer first with common. Click on after that, select the new layer and paint on it. The color that I use is bluish red. If you want to paint shaded parts, try to use cooler tones off the main color. Here's the same mode in here. The next one is demand guard. Use your brush with lower rapacity and you were get blended tones. If you want to manage some layers, just select damn damn press command e. The fun of the layer is shaped after this short cut. It will be works as a simple restaurants lier. There are too many layers in here, so I'm going to match some of them. For this part, I will use gray shred because I want to get blurry real affection on this surface so it carries the color off the skies. Bill color. Be trustee, of course. In the chimney, I really use more bluish red. Feel free to make some orange red on grades blue some brighter colors in here. Adage. Delay Years again. Now let's focus under nose. We'd come on, select this part and in new layer paint. It's shaded side now. We bright the red at some shiny affect. Anybody with the school red, you can get some reflections again. He now refinance pictures. We can see some similar effect The next step. I were pain degree for this. I'm going to use darker colors. Don't forget the type of this tractor pharma. Good on and be now. Use quick mask today. Reference picture. He was a rectangle selection on it. Then jump to the quick mask icon in the following steps. I'm going to work with the lamp forties. I choose bony shred because it has got Rusty and Matt surface with chrome parts. Usually I maj. Or group the unnecessary layers. - Good paints, time regret. It can gives more industry. I look to our tractor. Good 8. 07 - Reflections and shadows: the steering wheel has got bluish color. Maybe some orange color will be a good at shades to demand God. And some speculate Carly s too. Yes, I think it is much better now. - Okay . In the following steps, I will give some stronger reflection effect to our Reicher. Come and click to the layers to create selection on use new layer for it if you want. Now I'm going to use brighter and saturated blue. Later, I will use similar tones for this guy. For anybody. I used this blue only on the top. - Good . Okay. Some blue for the weirs, Of course. Next D Graglia. I'm going to paint it a new layer inside A smart object. Now it looks much better, but we need some shadows First. Try to define the sun and the direction off its race. Okay. I praise with death Opened a smart object and you was new. Layer again for the shadow. Good hopes Infected. A smart object setting. Dire. Come on. Quick to it. No press chief. Common I for invest selection. Select D Shadow player and president. Good Sam. Shadows for the other. Well and for the lamp. - Good 9. 08 - The sky and clouds: um, As you can see, there are manually as in here, that is dumb. Create group for the weirs on for the body. If you want master relay as don't forget to name the layers, I'm going to duplicate this folder. Okay, I have to tell the truth. I will create another course with the striker on the course. We will print and cut the parts of distracter on. Finally, we will get a three D tractor and the diagram a in a frame in the following steps, I'm going to define this guy. You've shaped rectangle and blue color that we defined earlier. Good, but it is flat. So jumped away asked I on find radiant, overly darker blue to the top color and brighter and cooler. Want to the bottom? Find new layer again. Andro san Fluffy. Cowed with the panto. Simple carton clouds. We'll be fine for this thing. Duplicate the shape and mirror or and scale it with command or control creek. You can move these at it, points easily, challenge them and maybe throw some little crowds to looks good. It's time to change the reddish color to white arranged in layers. Don't create a group for the layers. Okay with command or control that shift. Click to cloud layers and select them with the bones. Brush, paying some darker patches in new layer. As you can see, I use bright yellow color to the edge of the crowd in the bottom. Use bluish color to get shaded effect in that bed, but we darkest guy. It will be better. Change the blue color on the top. Two darker one, maybe modified ingredient a bit. Finally, it's anger. Yes, I'm very pleased with debt. 10. 09 - Wheat field: let me find the background elements. First off older, here's check the smart guides and defined a position off the horizon. You have the rectangle through a weird shape mood. We need more at it, points. So at some with the ad and core point to him, then change the point. Too busy air and defined the heels. - Use less saturated green for lee shaded color. Dan Reiter, yellow for the bright side cooler green were fined for the shadow. Good. Finally, add bright and saturated yellow color to the edge between a tractor under. Here's that is a big wheat field. I will show you how you can paint it with some quick tricks. First with a lasso tool. Drove the head of the wheat than this time and some leaves feel the selection. We had Shift F five Heidi layer of the tractor. Keep this layer on duplicated scared the result and repainted a bit with brighter yellow. Okay, no movie to write. Withholding art. We duplicated that they are scare on modify it because we want different Look to it. Duplicate wants more and modified Selig three layers. Dan matched them. Come on, d duplicate the result and modify it again. Maginnes layers and we will get more reads. Just match on duplicated layers and modify it a bit, Always scared and move the layers to right or left because we want to random effect to it. If you want to get better perspective, look scaled down the wheat lines in the far. In the following steps, I'm going to match all the wheat layers. Greatest selection from it, the and grabbed the bonus brush. Use brighter yellow color well over up a city and paint. So, Brenda colors I think it looks better. No, find attractors, right place. It is our first wheat layer. I'm going to define the first row. Create some duplication from it again. - There is an unwanted place in here. I mean, I don't want to see the background in here. So in your air I'm going to feel it with green and yellow colors. - Bain . Some stamps and clear. They are mounted parts. Good 11. 10 - Who is the driver : group the layers and create a new one for the foreground. In here, I'm going to use yellow Carlos again. Discolor is perfectly match with the rock pickers. Red color Harris to the ears. Here's and better for the foreground. I'm going to choose my brush. Drove some grass with ah eso to some other graphs here. Down for your gum looks match about there. Good andro Drop shadow to the Waco Greenish color will be fine. - Good disguise empty and to clean. Grab the bonus brush on wheat low opacity at some forget patches to it. This will be the son. I'm really pleased with that group . The sky on background layers into one folder originally, yes, for the easier work. - Finally , we need a driver for the scene. Actually, the driver is my bones character. I drew it before, so that's important. Here it is. No. Find his perfect place in his tractor. Or, if you don't like my character, feel free to draw your driver. I hope you enjoy this course on pleased with the result. So see you soon. Bye.