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11 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Promo

    • 01 - Sketch from reference

    • 02 - Add cartoon style

    • 03 - The wheels

    • 04 - The body

    • 05 - Contour lines

    • 06 - Add texture

    • 07 - Reflections and shadows

    • 08 - The sky and clouds

    • 09 - Wheat field

    • 10 - Who is the driver


About This Class


In my new course we will draw and paint in Photoshop again. The main theme is a cute classic tractor with a wheat field next to it. This course is for beginners but I hope everyone will get new skills with my tips.

You can learn an easy method to create copies of a particular objects, I will give you some practical advice about lights, shadows and reflections.

After the process, you will get a cool cartoon style digital artwork, and with the help of my bonus brush the artwork will get a hand drawn look. And not only the brush is bonus, but I give you the tractor driver’s character for free.

After finishing this course, follow me, because we are going to do a cute diorama from this 2D artwork, turning it to 3D, what is a perfect decoration for a wall or nursery!






Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

Hello, my name is Peter Nagy. I'm an illustrator, motion designer and photographer.
I live in Budapest, Hungary.

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital
paintings and illustrations in Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with a Wacom tablet. Usually I create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D.

I love traditional pastel and comic art too. One of the most important things for me is
to create atmospheric scenes with ...

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Illustration Adobe Photoshop Creative