Draw and Animate Professional Cinemagraph In Photoshop | George G. | Skillshare

Draw and Animate Professional Cinemagraph In Photoshop

George G., Unleash your creative mind.

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10 Videos (49m)
    • Intro

    • Cloud Brush

    • Trees Brush

    • Draw The Sky

    • Draw the Background

    • Draw The Monster

    • Foreground Details

    • Final Mood And Touches

    • How To Animate The Monster

    • How To Render Gif and MP4


About This Class

Are you a Stranger Things fan? Cool! I bet you want to impress your friends with a new amazing skills! 

This course will teach you how to draw the Shadow Monster from Stranger Things from scratch.

We'll start with the basics. 
For example the first step will be to create our brushes that we're gonna use.
Then step by step i will show you exactly how to draw the monster. 
And lastly we'll prepare the illustration to create a CINEMAGRAPH from it in Photoshop. That's right! 
At the end we'll have an Amazing Cinemagraph in GIF or MP4 that we'll share in the social media and impress our friends.
Can't wait to see you in class!





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George G.

Unleash your creative mind.

George Grancharov is an online entrepreneur who is very passionate about teaching.

His vision is that education its the only thing that can guarantee happiness in life.
That's why is responsibility for all of us, he believes.

Georgi is a young motivated guy who's previus job was a team leader
at the biggest online learning platform in Bulgaria.

His mission is to help other's to reach their creative goals in life.

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