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Draw a stylised portrait for someone you love ! - Express and Unleash CREATIVITY

teacher avatar Omnia Ali amer, Character Artist, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Class Intro | Power of a Gift !

    • 2. The project of the class

    • 3. 1- Sketch your favorite person!

    • 4. 2- Choose your color palette and Color your Sketch

    • 5. 3- Adding textures and final touches

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About This Class

This class is really fun and you'll enjoy it i promise :) 

because you'll learn with me how to draw any dear person around you , wether it's family, friends or a work colleague, you can now express your love and appreciation through a hand made gift

you'll be able to draw them easily and add your personal touch ! and embrace everything they're special with  !

you can then print this drawing on anything , a birthday card , a framed poster, a mug or even a tshirt !

it will be the best gift for them , made by you !

all what you will need for this class is :

-adobe photoshop

- a graphic tablet if you want

(you can also follow along with any other medium or tool that ure more comfortable with )


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Omnia Ali amer

Character Artist, Illustrator


Welcome  to my Skillshare channel, i'm Omnia Amer, a digital artist and illustrator for more than 7 years now. find my art 

through my career i've experienced different design areas ,like printable design , stationary and branding ,pattern design, character design, and even Ux design, but the closest to my heart so far was the
character illustration. so i've dedicated myself to this field , and hoping to make a difference by teaching here and sharing what i have learnt with the world !


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1. Class Intro | Power of a Gift ! : Who doesn't love gift? There's something special about that moment of surprising someone you love or appreciate a true signal for showing them what they truly are to you. But there is always a wow effect about handmade gift. Even if it's just a card, it's always better to customize something, especially for someone putting in the time the love and creativity to come up with that and get to see the smile on that person's face. It's just the perfect combo. Join me through this class and we will make together cute little stylized portrait. Sleepy's off the people you love. Just drop Prince and surprise them. Do with your style and unleashed the creative side of you. Let's get started. 2. The project of the class : So before starting the class, I'll just take you through what we will be having in this class. Okay, so we will be drawing your favorite person in style. We'll make a stylized portrait for them to make this. We first need to choose that person, obviously, whether it's a friend or family or work league or whoever you really love or appreciate to start with. Then we will write down what's special about them. If it's a bet, they have a big smile there, rain glasses. Or had we have bared or they're even bold. You just drive this down to get to know what will be in their sketch. After that, we will be choosing our limited color palette, any colors that suits the character personality, whether they're happy, your romantic or whatever you want to choose, then we'll make it. Makes catch of them. Remember, if you know nothing about drawing, it's OK. You can still use your forgive me here, and you can trace it if you want. Then we will colorize this sketch and apply the color palette to choose. This is actually the from port, and finally we'll be having fun with textures and patterns until we get a final, stylized portrait for the one you love. Something like thes here. So let's just head to the first listen. 3. 1- Sketch your favorite person!: for the first listen, this class, as I told you in the previous lesson, we will be choosing the person first person that we will drawing. So let's assume that this is my friend Linda, and this is the one that it will be creating the gift card for her. Linda is a happy girl. As you can see on day, she has this cute little pet. It's a black at that's called Narrow. Okay, so let's see here what's special about her and her cat. So she is a happy girl with round glasses and big smile. And she has this cute a blond brown curly hair, and her cat is, as you see, a black cat with big eyes. Okay, so let's get toe sketching port. And to create this, let's just make take this photo off her and take it a positive down a little bit and create a new layer above that to start sketching. I be choosing that black color and chose this standard brush here, as you can see on photo shop. Okay, so let's just start tracing. You can hit E for the eraser tool to erase any line that just not correct and just continue tracing just like that. And then I will make that glasses. Remember to have fun and just let the creative side of you work in this on this sketch. You don't have to be so rigid about it or just trace it perfectly. You know, you just need to, you know, put on love in that catch and just be spontaneous and follow your hand and your heart here . Okay? He's level cute. Happy, um, eyes and for the nose. You can just race it as is. But I prefer to make it something more cartoonish and more funny, just like that. And you're free to make anything. Also, the eyebrows here I can make it like lines or, you know, two curves like this. Let's just make them something like that, okay? And for her big smile on, be tracing her mouth, as is because it's already expressive and feel so happy and says a lot about her personality. Okay. And the tease. Perfect. Let's make the two years now let's get to her hair. As you can see, she has this long, brown, cute currently hair. So we will just make these lines here and maybe we can make this like that. And this one here, in here and maybe here. All right, for now, You just hide this the photo layer off her and just continue working on the sketch. I just, you know, just modify the hair. Nine. The little better make it more curly with the brush tool here. I just erased it. We can hit E on the keyboard for the razor and just erase it. Let's make a little cute details here in the years in the nose and maybe some curls in her hair just like that. Just remember all the time through this process to keep it simple and to make it with love and try not to get anything very perfect right in the neck. That's nice. Okay, So Linda has her friend, her pet, Nero Nero here is just like that, and we will be sketching him very simply, you know, like a over for the face and too little triangle years. All right, into big, rounded eyes looking at her friend Linda, and a small, little cute nose and mouth. Just add some details here and ears and just a Kirby simple body. Just like that no perfect anatomy or anything. You just go with your creativity end. Enjoy the process. That all what matters here, right? That's continue. And the body lines. Okay. Something like that. No. Maybe here and just close the lines like this. That's hide the cat layer. Now, let's just continue working on this, okay? I can make some circles here on the top that she's wearing something like this. Okay, maybe culinary. No. You left the rectangle. He rings like bees. Okay, this is nice. Maybe something. Danes here someone curls in her hair and I think she looks nice already. Okay, so now we will be working on adding a frame. Let's create a new layer from here. You can make whatever frame you want to come. Make it by hand. Let's just try to make one my hands. I'm sure it won't go that correct. For such a big shaped like this, it would just go wrong. So uneasy rate to do this is just to go to the shapes here, right? Click and choose the eloped to and make such a such a long off over like this and just take the capacity down from here. like that and create new layer and with the brush again had to be for the brush and then draw on the on this over borderlines. Just like that, we can just throw any shape you want all along this over as a frame for your character. It's actually the part that you you can go creative and you can just think off whatever frame you want to make for the character. Any shape will go just based on your preference. There is no God lions here, so that's That's a shape. It was an over with exact curvy shape. And you can just make something like this make a normal line all along the the over. Okay, Just continue like that, right? Just trace the borders of any shape you choose. Okay? You can hit control or command Z Teoh, undo any step you make okay and we can make these dots along the frame. That's also an idea for a frame. You just can go and explore um, old frames that you want people for me Now for Linda and her cat, I think like a square, normal or square will be nice squared or Kangol framed. Don't think capacity now and then I will make this straight lines here. How we make it with the brush. I just, um, had left while drawing. And the lions will go perfectly as straight like that. Okay. Okay, then I will continue the frame. I just want to make this frame, like, you know, the ends of stamp or, uh, an old fool who were old photograph. Just something like that. Thes Little's exact handmade lions feels so customized. All right, that's as human. This person is just a stamp collector. Maybe so, drawing something like that will be nice and super cute for them. Okay, so this is the frame. I think it goes perfectly with Linda and her cat. All right, so let's just head select both Linda and the frame and hit control or command T to make a bigger and that's it for the sketch. Let's head to the next list. 4. 2- Choose your color palette and Color your Sketch: so in this listen we will be choosing are limited color palettes, and I have a lot of ways to get to choose my colors. I will take you through some of them. The first and made one of them is interest. I just had a limited color palette illustrations or the medical or palette in general and just see what will come to me. And I just go through the forest that I have never like one. I just pin it to a new board. And, as you can see here, I created a new board that's gold over the color palette, and I just pin this photo in it to get back to it later and choose the perfect one for me. Silverfish. This just served for another one here to pin it in the board. You just can read your eyes till you find something good. I had just been this one, too, and get the tools later. So that's Ventress. Another way is a Doobie color website. It's amazing because it has a lot of options. The first option is to create your own palette by going through this color wheel and playing with the color Still, you find something good and also in the left you have these aspects and parameters to play with. We also have up there this explore tap that goes through these cute pallets and the color of the year and some interesting stuff that you can download directly to your work. Also, we had the trends, all the trends in fashion and graphics, illustration, interaction, architecture and more. You can go and explore this website. Canada is also amazing, and I use it a lot. Old team need to do is to upload an image here, and it lifts extract the colors for you just to use, and you can just go through endless color palettes here in this website. So that's kind of a to know more about colors and exploring them and how to make a limited color palette. You can check this class on scale chair pork Arda al Qasar. It's really nice and help me a lot, so let's get back to our sketch here to start working on that. Here is my color palette that I chose for Linda and her cat. I think it really fits, and it's so soft it so soft and happy and nice and would go perfectly with my character. But first I need that. This fray needs to be level but smaller like that. Okay, just like a small old foot or like a stamp. As we said in the previous lesson, Just erase here. Can hit E on the keyboard and just erase like that to start working on the colors. Right now the frame is perfect. Let's create a new group and call this group coloring. And then under this group, let's put this group below the frame and the sketch of Linda and her cat and create a new layer inside this group and just ahead I to select the color of the face and to change the brush size. You can always go for the square brackets to make it bigger or smaller. Or you can just right click like this and choose the size that you want. Here I use just the regular brush and color, the face, the ears and the neck on older skin players. Okay, that's that's nice. Here. Let's create a new layer and had this color and just make the glasses right. That's colored the game. Just try to follow the lines of the sketch that you made in the previous lesson. And just like, let's think capacity for the glasses a little bit down and create a new layer here for the eyes, right? You can just you can adjust the capacity here to make it better for the IRS. I needed to be clearer, so I be just drawing it like that. It's much better after that. I will choose this color here and create a new layer for the hair and that start coloring the hair. Okay, use a bigger brush and maybe a small loan for these little details from the border. Lions off the hair in the sketch that's just DuMond Head Z. Or choose the magnifier tool in the toolbox on the left in photo shop to zoom in a little bit to see your sketch better and color all these little um, areas inside your sketch. I think this hair color is really cool and tells more about a hair personality. It, which is happy and bold into funny that's cool. So rides just try to for all the sketch lines that he did okay and also for her art, browse to make it like this. That's nice. And if you missed any parts like this here, we can just hit E for the eraser and erased them with a small brush size. Just like that, it's too easy, right? I'm sure he will just enjoy working on this project, guys. And I know that you will come up with amazing products and I just can't wait to see you what you will come up with in the project section below the class. And I'd be really happy if you just told me more about the person you're drawing. Okay, making you Can you layer for the teeth and then the lips. I have colors ellipse with smaller brush size. Okay, it's a nice soft color. Alright, and just you can raise any excess colors. Apple the lines, as we said before. All right, let's create another layer here for her top into us. This paint color or salmon collar here. I think it's nice. Just keep drawing. Don't worry at this color or her talk Color overlaps for intersects with the cat because the cat layer off color will be above this, so everything will be fine. Just follow the steps with me and you'll find it very easy and very interesting. And of course, if you have any questions through this process, don't hesitate to ask me in the discussions Discussions sections below and for the cat. I create a new layer and chose this navy for dark blue color. And I just started to brush in color inside the cats. To like that, it's really fun working on something. You know that anticipation and waiting for the surprising and to see the reaction of the person you're drawing. This four. It's actually nice and adds a lot to that fund of this coloring process. Okay, just like that, Maybe it was smaller brush size with ease areas beside the the border nines. Okay, And remember, as I told you, for the brush size he can use that square brackets, the right and the left, one on your keyboard toe. Make it easier for you as a short cut for this instead of fried click and choosing. And so that's nice. And that's for the cat. Let's create a new layer for her eyes and just maybe I choose, like a nice color. I think that's here instead of the yellow in the real photo. Yeah, I think it's too. What's denies here and cute. Okay. All right. Now for her hearings, I just chose this color here. Okay? And you know all these all these layers, I make a new layer to color the frame. I hit em to make this rectangular dotted rectangle as a selection and then chose any color and hit old backspace all to backspace to make this failed color inside of this selection he just made. And for the outer frame here, I'll just go through brushing it just like that. Remember, For the straight lines, you can use the chef. You can have chef twice coloring to make it very easy for you to make these three lines. Okay, this very noise. You know, this this method of drawing really gets you to know more about your style. Because it's it's it's freehand drawing, and you're choosing colors you want. And you're trying to interpret the persons, um, traits or personality until colors and it just nice. I'm sure you love this process, and you will get to make gift cards for everyone, you know. And of course, the forget to and these joins you may in the project section below. I'd be more than happy to see them. Okay. And now the frame is done. And of course, we missed as some areas here. We just had e to erase all these excess colors out from the outlines just like that. Okay, you just go through and see if there's any missing parts or any excess colors and go between the brush and eraser tool E and B to take care of this. Just lets race this one here and this We're about to finish the color blocking for the character. Okay, let's create a new layer here to make these dots in white on her top. I want them to be outside of the circles a little bit, too. And some, you know, dynamic, dynamic thing in the photo. Okay. And I think it looks nice now. So see you in the next list. 5. 3- Adding textures and final touches : And now it's the time toe put all the final touches for our character drawing that we just finished and, uh, colored. So let's start here. Okay? So I create a new layer here above the face, and then I will hit old between the two layers, the line between the two layers, and I will be choosing a darker color than the face. Okay? And I'm just hit the brush and start making these dark areas, like in the eye sockets and maybe under the nose and the years maybe here, below the hairline here and through the sign and the chin and the neck of the character just to add some shading. Okay. And now I choose this dark color here, maybe this cute pink color for the cheeks. I think it looks cute, all right. And for the hair, we will just do the same. Create new layer, had old between the line between two layers and then, and just I to select the color and had the colors square to get a darker color. And then just make something like that to add, like, at depths to the hair. Okay. And maybe use the white to add something like that. You know, like a highlight or some kind of Yeah. Highlight to the hair. I think it took size that maybe we can just make it to the hole. All of the layers at the same direction. Just an indication for the lie thing. We can make this to the face to be here over the years and the side. Okay, this side of the face. Okay. Just gently like that. And the neck. Maybe they know soaking. That's nice. All right. So here for the eyebrows, I'll make also some highlights. Yeah, maybe up there. But I think it looks nice. And let's continue also for the top. I create a new layer had told between the two layers and then just the color had the color box and chose a darker one to make these local youth lines. No, I think we should make them straight. I'll make them by hand. Yes, just drawing like this. You just can't create any kind of pattern or texture to the clothes on until the closes that character is wearing, and this will add more personality to it. Right? So let's continue drawing this battered for these lines here. Okay, that looks nice. And maybe also, And this highlight white color to the same side off the top. Okay, so for the frame here, I will be choosing cold. So a darker color, something like that. Maybe a bigger brush. And don't forget to hit all between the two layers to make it masked inside of it for you not to draw outside of the lines. It's a really good feature in Photoshopped. Whenever you want to draw inside layer, you just need toe mask this new layer inside of the original layer by hitting old and just getting between the two layers to be masked in it. You'll use this a lot. Okay, in just some highlight here on the frame as well own, right for Nero the cat. I would just make it a new layer masked inside of the original earlier and do some highlights here on the ears and the face. Yeah, something like that and many around the eyes. As you can see, it's a dark, a colored cat anyway, so you can just add some touches to make the features pop. It's a stylized drawing so you can just go bold with your style and you can explore and dry in the race and dry and race. It's really cute. Process after old. Yeah, some highlights here on the body of the cat. Maki the legs too. Okay, something like that. All right. So for the glasses, I also create a layer above that and just make these cute white reflections on it. All right. So I will make in the background. I just hit I and two was a darker color just like that. And choose a brush and just go like a shadow behind the characters here. Yeah, and it looks nice. What also weaken ads? Let's see. Right. So I think we can add these two little Yeah, and maybe eyelashes and maybe inside that year, too. Just I have more personality to the cat. It looks like some fun. Okay, this just hit to the background and make like these battle lines just to add some texture to the background. Here, you can make whatever luxury want you can make, likes exact lines. You can make some adults. You can make whatever you want to do. It will work. Remember to keep embracing your style. Keep expressing yourself just had shift and go these straight lines. Okay, That's very nice. All right, so I think for, um, for drawing, it really looks nice. So now let's customize and personalize this more hit T to start adding text to your, uh, drawing. I am just Jews. This color you can hit I after you write the word. The word had I choose any color you have. Let's let's find a good place for maybe up there. No, maybe down here. Just keep going, you know, through the drawing and find the right place for the text. Okay, Put it right above the drawing like that and maybe choose this color and maybe great a new layer below that and give it, like, maybe this scholar. Let's try a bigger brush. Make like a bold lying here. I know. Let's try something else. Okay? I get this rounded rectangle. Yes. This may look nice. I give this color and maybe the text I hit I and give it this color here. I think it's that color and this one justice, maybe something like that. I think this this me work just take a smolder hit control t to, um drag it and see the best size for it. And that's just find the place for this text here. This namely for Linda also had control t to make it a little bit bigger and keep exploring words the right place for it. Okay. All right. So let's get to this and create a new earlier masked in it. No, no mask creating new layer above that and, you know, give it with a brush. Even these, um, and hand sketchy feeling as if we just made it with our hands. I think it's wiser this way. Okay. And for the frame, I just got back to the frame again and made the new layer masked in it. And I think we can just add these nuts all around the frame. It would be nicer May that makes between big dots and little small dots all around. And as you can see, it already added something. That's the fun off customizing. Something like that. Never you add a lion or texture or better. It just takes it to a whole other 11 and makes it Superfund. Yeah, it looks like a free now. All right, let's continue. And I think This is cute. Okay, Now, let's just get back to this here and you Clear To make. Maybe, like, a pink shadow behind the letters. Or just copy that text we already have and cover it in pink and put it below the white one . No, maybe take it like that. I know. I think we can make something better. Well, right, it just create. And you earlier. Here, add some Doolittle's or some effects. Yeah, maybe this que me out here. Okay, let's make it better, Right? So let's create the new layer here with the black color. I just throw this a little speech bubble here, okay? And just drove inside of it with white color with the brush. Give me a smaller one for here, okay? And then And you layer with a small brush and weaken just right. Yeah, with your handwriting. And it looks really cute, as you can see. And this step, you can just make whatever you wanted to do, do or write. Like like a phrase that this person is always saying you can now add some. He knows some leads, some lines around the face, like this. Smile. Okay. This my lines here. No, this is too big. Think that. And maybe another dying here on her chin, and I think it's getting cuter. All right, so for this here, I think we need some kind off a framing for this label. So let's just try. Yeah, something like that. All right. And here we can just make another that year that's masked inside of the cat. And let's make, like, que texture here all along the body of it, you know, like dots or small lines to add some texture. I think it's nicer now that zoom in a little bit to see what's happening here. Okay, so these lines are super cute, like small dots or maybe an indication for the for or the hair of the pet that you're drawing. So it's nice. We can also make something cool we can make like a big It was big brush here to make this and maybe here in the years and maybe here on the cheeks, why not? All right. I think it looks very nice now. And for this label, Okay, just take it like that and just hit them and select this black border and take it a little bit. Oh, right. And that's That's all for Linda and her get That's the character that I stylized and I can now print it on anything Now that you got the idea off the class, show me your creativity in the projects section below and make me get to know your friends more. And don't forget to ask me anything If you have any question in the discussion board, beautiful. And I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Hope you guys enjoyed this and you find it useful. Hope you surprise. Someone drove my own their faces. And also you can check my other classes on skills share channel and for more works. You can follow me on this program. Thanks a lot. It was on the amber with you.