Draw a silly face and let it come alive! | Herma Starreveld | Skillshare

Draw a silly face and let it come alive!

Herma Starreveld, Artist, illustrator and teacher

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8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What do you need?

    • 3. Excercises

    • 4. The background

    • 5. Drawing and painting the face

    • 6. The hair

    • 7. Shirt and frame

    • 8. Good bye!

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About This Class

Scared to draw a face? You will feel comfortable in this class because you don't have to draw a perfect face. We explore proportions of faces and we are going to play with them.

To make the face come alive we use several interesting mixed media techniques.

It is all about playing and having fun!

Join the fun!

You can visit also my first class: Draw a simple face en let it come alive.






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Herma Starreveld

Artist, illustrator and teacher

I love drawing and painting with the joy and happiness of a child . No perfection, just enjoying shapes and colors and especially faces. I love faces! I love people and I love their stories. I devour biographies. I'm also a therapist and very interested in the lives of people. I love to use symbols in my work.

Here you can see some examples of my work:

I illustrated a book which is not published yet with 26 Haiku's.

And a book which is also not pu...

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