Draw a Wildflower In Procreate: Let's Draw a Coneflower! | Allyson Johnson | Skillshare

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Draw a Wildflower In Procreate: Let's Draw a Coneflower!

teacher avatar Allyson Johnson, Illustration Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sketching the coneflower

    • 3. Drawing the coneflower

    • 4. Adding color to the coneflower

    • 5. Outro

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About This Class

What's your favorite kind of wildflower? If it's coneflowers, then this is the class for you!

In this class we will cover:

1. Sketching the coneflower design

2. Drawing the line art for the coneflower design

3. Adding in color for the final coneflower design

This is the same 3 step process I follow for every single design I create. Wildflowers are truly so fun to draw and I believe anyone can draw coneflowers at any skill level. 

Here's what you'll need for this class:

You will need an iPad, the Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.

I hope you enjoy this flower drawing class and I hope you have fun creating a beautiful coneflower design of your own. Have fun!

- Allyson

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Allyson Johnson

Illustration Artist


Hi! I'm Allyson Johnson, and I'm a digital illustration artist with a heart for creating fun and whimsical artwork designed to help make life happier. Though I've always loved art from a young age, I have been working full time as an artist for 10+ years now. It's a super fun journey!

Over the years, I have sold my artwork on various products ranging from apparel to home decor on Society6 + DENYdesigns, but my most recent passion over the years has been my printable art and pet portrait brand, Shop Happies.

In addition to Shop Happies, I started building a graphic illustrations shop on Etsy in 2020, selling my work as clipart for other creatives to use in their own projects.

I hope you enjoy the classes here and are able to get your creative j... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hey everyone, I'm Alison Johnson and I'm an artist and an illustrator. And in this class I'm going to teach you how to draw a cone flowers in Procreate. Cone flowers are beautiful wild liars and they are one of my favorite flowers to draw. They are also on the easiest and I believe anyone can draw them. In this class. I will take you through the sketching, line work and coloring process in Procreate. And I can't wait for you to join me. So you've, you've been wanting to learn how to draw flowers. Now is the perfect time. I can't wait to see you there. 2. Sketching the coneflower: Hello everyone and welcome to the first section of how to draw a cone flower in Procreate. I'm so excited for this class as it's springtime now, so flowers are starting to bloom. I've been drawing a lot of flowers lately in cone flowers are some of my favorite flowers to draw. They are so easy to draw and they're fun. And I just loved them in general. They're one of my favorite flowers to see in the spring and the summer time here in Tennessee. So we're gonna get started in this section of the class, we are focusing on the sketching. And as you can see here, I already have a sketch ready to go. I'm going to use as a reference, but I'm going to show you step-by-step how I draw this. And in the next section will be the line work. But for now we're just going to sketch our design. I found was sketching my designs. My final designs will come out so much better than if I just try to go ahead and make the design without a sketch. It just helps as it's a really good way to have a guide ready to go. So what we're gonna do, we're just going to move this out of the way. And I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create this. So on a new layer and with the 6 B pencil brush, this already comes in Procreate. We're going to use this brush to create our sketch. Zoom in on your paper. And what we're gonna do, if we're going to make this shape here like a half oval, upside down U. It's like, I like to call that as an upside down U. So make that shape there and then add a straight line on the bottom. And this is your sketch layer, so it does not have to be perfect. And what I'm gonna do here is add some like squiggly lines. Because on the final design I'll show you how I do that as well. I like to add some squiggles because it gives it that kinda of like hand-drawn feel. So it's not too perfect. You know what I'm saying? I like mine to have that hand-drawn organic type of look. For the center, we're going to add these little points. This will be just some extra details for the flower. So we're just adding these three right now. It's kind of messy and that's okay because it's your sketch. The final design will be a little cleaner. So we've got our center and you can move it around with this cursor tool up here. And I'm going to, that was a little green circle and just kinda angle it because I want the flower to kinda have an angle. So I like that pretty well. So next week or stem to this draw a curved line. Not too curved, but because I had a little bend in your line, you don't want it to be straight. Unless you're doing a straight on flower, then you go forward. But for this flower is going to be at an angle. So I like that pretty well. And next we're going to add flower petals, and we're going to add four petals on each side. And I like to add the stem first before I add the petals because I found my flower looks a little more even that way. Then if I try to add the petals first, I'll add the stem later. And then I'm feel like everything's off center and that drives me crazy. So you might know what I'm talking about. But next we're going to add petals. And the petals are super simple as well. It's really all simple shapes just coming together. So on the same layer, we're just going to add our petals. We're going to add four petals on each side. And to make the pedal shapes, we're just going to make these ovals. So take your pencil and just make these oval shapes. And you need to move it. Just take your selection tool. And then the cursor tool and the mood of your petal up here towards the corner of the center here. And then we'll add more petals in here. And don't worry if they're the exact same length or anything like that. It does not have to be perfect. Just keep doing it. You get four petals and you can do as little or as much petals as you want. Cone flowers are Wildflower, So they all different. And I love that about them. Today we're going to color this one another purple cauliflower, but also loved the yellow ones. They kind of have a smaller center. Then this one does. But they're all pretty today, this will be a purple flower. So we got our four petals here. And then we're gonna go head on this side, do the same thing, just making an oval shape. Just keep gone. And it's always good to practice with your Apple pencil on your iPad. Just making these shapes in your free time. It really helps in the long run, long run. Okay, so we got our four petals and the stem. I'm going to add a little more. Actually, I think with the stem, I'm going to erase this and shape it a little bit different. 3. Drawing the coneflower: Okay everyone, welcome to the line work section. I'm drawing a cone flower. And our first section, we get the sketch completed. And we are going to use this sketch as our guide for our line work for the final design. So what you wanna do is on your sketch layer is turned your opacity down. And we will use this as our guide for the final design. So make a new layer for your line work. And we are going to use my line brush here. And I have this for you in the resources guide that you can download for free. So what we're gonna do is we're going to start in the center, like we did with the sketch. Start here. And wiggle your brush to go around. I like to do this because it gives it that hand-drawn look to me. But you can also just follow along and make it smooth. Depends on your style that you want to achieve here. And do the same kind of process for the base straw, the legal line. And we go. So now we're going to add these little details we're just going to add, we're not going to add as many points here. We're just going to add a few years maybe and low points to give it some interests in detail. There we go. Now next, we're going to add our stem. Always add the stem burst, then your pedals later. So we're going to start right here. Two-finger tap the races. And it kind of a curved line because the flowers kind of go in at an angle like it's facing the sun. So next we will add our petals and we're gonna do this on a new layer. And just in case we might need to move the petals around. And what we're gonna do is we're going to start in here on this side and go out and do four petals on each side. And we're not gonna do this method like we did with the sketching. I'm making ovals. We're just going to use the ovals as a guide for the petals. So what we're gonna do, start here at the base, come down, form a little point at the bottom, and then come up and get Guinea at the top there. Rather than coming down and keeping that wide. See the difference there. Keep it skinnier here. We're going to add four petals on each side. Let's do that again here. See I'm keeping my petals separated. They can touch on the design if you want to, but I'm weird and I like my stuff to be separated. I'm really weird about that sometimes with anything I like, I like things to be even. And so, so, so with this design, these petals are going to make sure, we are going to make sure they have some space. But you can also draw them where they're all connected in a way. So at our third petal, same process and go down, a little point came up and I don't have to be like perfect petal shapes. They don't have to be the same size. Because once again, it gives it that kind of hand-drawn look. So which is what we're after for this today. So at the corner here for your fourth flower, come out. We'll appoint and go inward. There we go. So now we'll do the same thing on this side. Start on the inside, low point and go inward. Just keep going until you get four on this side. And your petals don't have to be the same shape at all. Come to a point and go inward. And then at the corner, go up. There. There we go. I love that. Now. We're going to add our leaves right here to anywhere on your stem where you feel like the leaves should go. We're gonna go right here a little more above where the sketches just take your pencil and make a little curve line going up like this. Then at the top, connected and then make a shape like that. Now we're going to do that again, kind of up a little more than this one is like a curved line. And then downward. I'm going to redo that one. I do a lot of redoing when I'm making stuff like erase and redo over and over until it looks right. So I think we might go a little lower here and draw it down. There we go. So now we will take our sketch layer way, merge these lines. And now we have our flower. So in the next section we will be focusing on the color. And I'm so excited for this. This will be a purple flower, but yours can be any color you want it to be, to be red, pink, yellow, white. But this one will be the purple cone flower. So I will see you in the next section. 4. Adding color to the coneflower: Okay everyone, welcome to the final section of this cone flower drawing class. We have our line work ready, and now we are going to add color. So what we're gonna do, we have our linework layer here. And we're gonna make a new layer and drag it under. We are going to turn our linework layer on reference. So just tap your layer and hit reference and go back to your new layer for your color. And this is where we will fill in. So what we're gonna do, this will be a purple cone flower. So we're gonna kinda find our color with the color wheel. And we're just going to fill in the petals here. Like a, it's like a purplish pink. What we're going to go with. So take your color up here and drag it and see how it on its own layer and not on the line work layer. That way. Your colors there. And if you want to change it later, you can with ease and just keep dragon and n. And then later I'm going to show you another one thing I do after all the colors filled in to kind of give it more of that like hand-drawn, hand painted look. I'm going to show you what I do. This is just to get the main color. Oops, double two-finger tap will erase. And you get little mistakes like that because it happened all the time. Now for the center, it's gonna be like an orangey yellow. Drag it over. Little brighter. There we go. Now for our leaves. We're gonna go with green. Drag it to the leaves. Okay, we have our color. Now. We're going to turn reference off. And we're just going to make a new layer again for right now, we're already on the green. We're gonna go down here to the leaves. So under your linework layer, on a new layer, we're going to follow along. So the color is expanding outside the lines. I love doing this with my work because it just gives it kind of like a, not a watercolor look, but just paint, painted look in a way. Rather than all being constrained into the lines. I like to color outside the lines. So, so just follow along there. And then hit this little square right here and get your color over your petals. And we're going to do the same thing up here. I'm just going to follow along your lines. I love that so much. I do this all the time with my work that I sell. Because it just seems like more me just follow along. So it looks like it's bleeding out. Still keeping those petals from touching. You all know me. Like things to be so, so. So follow along the lines. There we go. You can kinda see the difference here from this side to this side. I just love it so much. But you could also just leave it like this as well. Depends on your own style. Follow along. It just gives it a more painterly look in a way. And keep going. We're almost done with the petals. It's also super therapeutic to me, like coloring in a coloring book. And there we go. Now, last petal, zoom in as close as you want. There we go. Now we're going to do the center. So take your color picker, kinda go along and do your wiggling. I just feel like it gives it such a good feel. We go. And there we are. We have our cone flower. So I hope you've enjoyed this class and learn some good tips. Once you're done with your design, you can merge everything together. And there you go, and there you have it. This is a super fun exercise, super fun way to draw flowers, and I hope you've enjoyed it. And I can't wait to see your own cone flower, so feel free to share them with me in the project section of this class. I would love to see them. Thank you for joining me and I hope you have a great day. 5. Outro: I mean me in this flower drawing class. I hope you have enjoyed it and I hope you now loved drawing cone flowers just as much as I do. They are easy and they are fun and I cannot wait to see what you create. So your class project is to follow the steps in this video to create your very own cone flower design. And please share it with me in the projects section here on this class. Thank you so much for joining me again. I will see you next time.