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Draw a Magical Unicorn - Step By Step - Drawing Tutorial

teacher avatar Art with Mr. Noel, Keep on Creating!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction - How to Draw a Magical Unicorn

    • 2. Magical Unicorn Drawing Tutorial

    • 3. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello art friends!  In this lesson you'll learn how to draw a Magical Unicorn.

We'll go step-by-step and breakdown the drawings into easy to follow instructions. 

In addition, extra drawings have been included in the class description that you can reference to create a simple animation.

This fun class is designed to help you create a beautiful drawing by the end of the lesson.

I'm excited to see what you can create!


Mr. Noel

Links to items used in tutorial:

LED Drawing Light Box

Grease Pencil (these are so fun to draw with)

HB Drawing Pencils

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Art with Mr. Noel

Keep on Creating!


About the instructor:

Hello Art Friends!

My passion is animation and I love to draw! While I have pursued computer animation I am finding a renewed passion for drawing and other physical art.

Check out my drawing tutorials on YouTube : Draw with NONU

Connect through Instagram: https://instagram.com/mrnoelart/

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1. Introduction - How to Draw a Magical Unicorn: Hello, friends. Welcome to art with Mr Noah. Let's take a look at what will be creating today. We're going back to basics with pencil and paper to get our drawing practicing in this lesson. Oko step by step to show you how to draw a magical unicorn goaless toe. Learn how to effectively use basic shapes in order to construct more complicated designs. I have included extra practice drawings in the project description that you can combine to make a fun animated this unicorn. It's great practice for those who have already mastered the previous Unicorn tutorials. And for those who want to get their drawing practicing for the day, I'm a huge advocate for handmade art, and this lesson will help you create a special work. By the end, this is a fun tutorial for anyone who wants to take a break from technology, create and improve their skills with good old fashioned art materials. If you're ready and excited to draw, let's get started. Uh, 2. Magical Unicorn Drawing Tutorial: Hello, friends in this lesson. Oh, go step by step to show you how to draw a magical unicorn. Let's get started by gathering or supplies. You'll need a pencil to make your construction lines and eraser to clean up the drawing and markers or a pen to create the final lines. For instructional purposes. I'll be using a blue pencil for the construction lines. Now we're ready to jump in and draw more advanced unicord for this drawing. I want the subject to stand on its hind legs, looking up towards the sky. Begin with the line of action, the curves to the top of the page. Build the torso with two circles and a triangle wedged in the middle. I use the triangle because it helps me figure out how long the torso should be for an adult unicorn. When I was practicing, sometimes it would come out too long or too short. But this method help me keep a consistent size. The belly is round and the top of the spine is more flat. The legs are creating a lot of force and are pushing the body up. Try to feel the energy transfer in your line of action for the legs and create a strong flow from the legs to the torso. The energy flows up through the torso and through the neck form the neck toe look like a mirrored letter D. The round part of the neck connects to the end of the chest construction circle. I want the unicorn toe look up towards the sky, so to keep everything on track, I'll place a guide, his triangular wedge between the neck and the head. It's helpful to keep the head from seeking to close into the neck. The head is a letter D facing down and the nose is a smaller letter D facing in the correct direction. Connect the two shapes and let's move on to figure out where to place the front legs. Both of the front legs will be bent, but we want to upset them visually so the audience can see them. Clearly, the circles indicate a joint on the leg, with the top one being the me and the bottom one being the ankle. Let's figure out approximately where we want the feet to land. Keeping in mind perspective, the thigh of the back leg closest to the audience looks like the letter D, but then shoots back to the construction line, follow the construction line straight down and then bring the line forward at the ankle. The flow from the front of the leg is like a marriage letter s. But keep in mind the stiffness of the large ankle bone. If this gets too complicated, think back to the question mark shaped from the previous lessons for the hoof. I'm using the cheese wedge from the previous lesson. The opposite back leg is a duplicate of what we just drew, but make sure to keep the adjustments for perspective change as you draw. Keep in mind the flow of the energy from the legs up to the torso, neck and head. There is that flowing curve. Again. Let's begin building up the front legs. They started very thick at the top, but lean out as they get to the knee and the ankle. Make sure to wrap around and show the blocking nature of the knee. - Once again, Think of the overall flow and line of action as stated in earlier lessons. The tail bonus stiff at the beginning of a chain but curves more towards the end. As we move up the body, make sure to have a small straight line connecting the head to the neck and separate the pectoral area with the curved line. Let's add the years Using the letter D is a template again. The mouth is just behind the nose area, and it's formed with the circle is a guide. This circle is very important, and you'll see why. Soon the nostril sits at the top of the circle and the mouth wraps around and extends to the end of the circle. Go ahead and add a small lower lip. The smelt will have a slight curve from the tip of the school down to the nose. The eye is caricatured and larger than life to give space for a motive expression, and it's placed high on the head. Try to feel the flow and keep the line of action going through to the unicorns. Comb at the small tuft of hair between the ears to for the main. I want to feel the movement of the unicorn rearing on its hind legs. All right, here we have a rough design for the final unicorn. Once again, I'll be cleaning up the drawing with a fresh sheet of paper and repositioning the drawing. On my first past. I'm getting all the marks down and then I'll go back to add variants to the line week. - Great work, everyone. Remember to check out the project description for extra drawings that you can combine to make a simple animated loop. 3. Conclusion: thank you for spending time drawing with me today. I hope you had fun and learned a skill or two. When it comes to your drawing, remember to find the line of action and use simple shapes to build the structure of your peace and to make your drying extra special, find a simple story to tell. Make sure to check out the project description where you'll find extra practice drawings. If you're interested, make sure to check on my other tutorials, such as coloring with Photoshopped, from sketch to fully colored illustration. Photoshopped Caricatures How to draw Rose and Animation basics. Create a bouncing ball with character. Thank you once again for your time support and remember, keep on creating.