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Draw a Joyful Cartoon Unicorn - Step by Step - Drawing Tutorial

teacher avatar Art with Mr. Noel, Keep on Creating!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Joyful Cartoon Unicorn Intro

    • 2. Cartoon Unicorn Tutorial

    • 3. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello art friends!  In this lesson you'll learn how to draw a Joyful Cartoon Unicorn.

We'll go step-by-step and breakdown the drawings into easy to follow instructions. 

In addition, extra drawings have been included in the class description that you can reference to create a simple animation.

This fun class is designed to help you create a beautiful drawing by the end of the lesson.

I'm excited to see what you can create!


Mr. Noel

Links to items used in tutorial:

LED Drawing Light Box

Grease Pencil (these are so fun to draw with)

HB Drawing Pencils

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Art with Mr. Noel

Keep on Creating!


About the instructor:

Hello Art Friends!

My passion is animation and I love to draw! While I have pursued computer animation I am finding a renewed passion for drawing and other physical art.

Check out my drawing tutorials on YouTube : Draw with NONU

Connect through Instagram: https://instagram.com/mrnoelart/

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1. Joyful Cartoon Unicorn Intro: Hello, friends. Welcome to art with Mr Noah. Let's take a look at what will be creating today. We're going back to basics with pencil and paper to get our drawing practicing. In this lesson, I'll go step by step to show you how to draw a joyful unicorn. The goal is to learn how to effectively use basic shapes in order to construct more complicated designs. I have included extra practice drawings in the project description that you can combine to make a fun animated flip. This is one of three different designs that I've created, so make sure to check out the others if you're interested in more unicorn fund. This unicorn is great practice for beginner or medium level artists who are looking to get their drawing practicing, and you have the added benefit of creating a handmade work of art. If you're ready and excited to draw, let's get started 2. Cartoon Unicorn Tutorial: Hello, Friends in this lesson will be drawing the cartoon unicorn. Let's get started by gathering our supplies. You'll need a pencil to make your construction lines and eraser to clean up the drawing and markers or a pen to create the final lines. For instructional purposes, I will be using a blue pencil for the construction lines. With your materials ready, let's begin. Drawing are cartoon unicorn. Begin the torso with a line sloping downward ever so slightly. Draw two circles side by side and wrap around them. The top of the torso is more of a straight line and has a gentle slope, and the bottom is the belly area, So create a nice curved barrel shape. It kind of makes me think of a beanbag chair. The neck extends from the belly and where the circle separates from the top slope, it looks a bit like a backwards letter D and fits within the imaginary circle that encases the body. Unlike the previous unicorn drawing, the head will be large in order to give it a more cartoony feeling. It's a slightly squished circle, kind of like a noble. The nose is placed at the end of the face and is ultimately more square shaped with rounded corners. The tail once again starts out stiff and curves towards the end. Let's place the two front legs with the opposite leg out street and the leg closest to the audience picked up off the ground, the front legs of the horse or unicorn, then back like the legs of a human. I need to figure out where the legs are going to make contact with the floor, so I'll place a temporary ground planes. Once again, the back leg looks like a reversed question work. - The hopes for this unicorn will be a tapered square, and for some reason it makes me think of a block of cheese. - Let's hold off on placing the hoof of the front leg. For now, we have many of the elements needed to form our unicorn. Let's add the years, which resemble the letter D and the cone that projects from the head. With our construction lines in place, let's begin building the main features of our unicorn. The cone can have some visual texture, with lines that wrap around the form. The hair flows from between the years and over the cone, the main conf low from the head and over the neck down to the middle of the back. When drawing the face, make sure to leave a small, flat surface between the round of the faith and the elevation of the nose. You can choose to indicate some dimension with these lines. Place the nostril, which looks like the letter D. The mouth swoops around the nose and up to the end of the construction circle at a lower lip to the mouth and a job by following the curve of the head circle, the I will be large and placed blow on the head relatively close to the mouth. The large face and eyes in combination with the small nose, mouth and ears help sell the youthful, cute nous of the unicorn. Stay with me. Macho men look. Add some dimension to the year by creating an inside flap for the front legs. I want a tape of the lines in toward the knees and out towards the roofs, kind of like bell bottom jeans. Yeah, the back legs follow the path of the construction lines and then flare out like our bell bottom jeans. - The missing hook follows the path of the construction line with the back of the hoof, pointing to the belly of the unicorn for the tail. Add some thickness at the peak of the curve and then thin it out at the point of the end. Go ahead and make the unicorn special with patterns and designs. If you desire for cleanup, I actually need to adjust the placement of the drawing on the paper as I got too close to the edge in the original. Once again, I'm using a marker for the final Leinart. You'll notice that I go back over the cleanup to create thick and thin lines. The thicker lines are placed in areas of the body that might actually be more thick, rough or where shadow might fall. The thin lines are kept on more delicate features of the character. This variants add some visual interest and sophistication to the drawing. There we have it, a fun cartoon unicorn. If you have time drawn environment, sign your work and share it with your friends. Make sure to check out the project description for additional drawings of the cartoon Munich, or that you can combine to create an animated loop. And don't forget share. You work in the student gallery 3. Conclusion: thank you for spending time drawing with me today. I hope you had fun and learned a skill or two. When it comes to your drawing, remember to find the line of action and use simple shapes to build the structure of your peace and to make your drying extra special, find a simple story to tell. Make sure to check out the project description where you'll find extra practice drawings. If you're interested, make sure to check on my other tutorials, such as coloring with Photoshopped, from sketch to fully colored illustration. Photoshopped Caricatures How to draw Rose and Animation basics. Create a bouncing ball with character. Thank you once again for your time support and remember, keep on creating.