Draw a Funny Version of Yourself for Beginners | Marina Davis | Skillshare

Draw a Funny Version of Yourself for Beginners

Marina Davis, Filmmaker and Lover of Design

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5 Videos (26m)
    • Intro. Check it out!

    • Tips to draw faces

    • Tips to draw bodies

    • Let's draw a character!

    • Digitize & Closing


About This Class



I will walk you through how and where to find inspiration to draw a character based on yourself or someone you know. In my case, my children and friends are my most inspiring sources. Think about personality and physical traits that predominate in a person and how to translate that into a fun drawing that illustrates your vision of this "character."





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Marina Davis

Filmmaker and Lover of Design

I grew up surrounded by art and old movies; an Architect/Designer/Painter mom, and a Ship Captain/Harbor Pilot/ Sea-Anecdote-Storyteller dad. Both of them crazy cinephiles. I love seeing other people's designs. Good design fills me with joy and purpose. Everything has a story to tell and I like to explore and find those stories. I tell them drawing or making films.

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