Draw a Books to Read Tracker in your Journal with Printable

Monja Wessel, Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction Journaling "Books to Read"

    • 2. What do I need for Journaling?

    • 3. Let's draw your "Books to Read" Spread?

    • 4. Outro & Project "Books to Read"


About This Class


Reading Books is a great hobby but it is even better if you keep track of what you read and what you enjoyed. And that is what your Journaling Spread "Books to Read" is for. You can keep track of your reading habits and you know exactly what book you enjoyed and which one you'd like to read in future.

Here comes the "Books to Read" Spread into play. The cute giraffe allows you to write many books around your picture and it is even easier to get the image into your Journal.

This is what I'm going to show you in this class. You learn how you get the printable (or any other!) into your Journal even if you don't like drawing. It's pretty easy! And once it is inside you can start coloring your little guy and write down all the books you want to read.

Don't forget to download the printable.