Draw Your World: Sketch with Pen and Brush Expressively

Jen Dixon, Abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

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7 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction: Draw Your World

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Exercise One: Ink Gradients

    • 4. Exercise Two: Tonal Cubes

    • 5. Project One: Monochromatic Landscape

    • 6. Project Two: Colour Sketching

    • 7. Thank you and Homework

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About This Class

Draw Your World: Sketch with Pen and Brush Expressively is a beginner level class that takes skills learned in my Hatching and Brushwork classes and integrates them into exciting, finished sketches.

We'll start with two, simple tonal exercises to get you thinking about light, medium, and dark values in your work. For our first project, loosen up with a monochromatic landscape sketch.
After that, a second project and advice on how to add watercolour to your sketching. You'll see me paint both versions, and I'll tell you about what I'm doing and why, every step of the way.

Think of this as a primer to expressive, urban sketching.
I can't wait to see your projects, so enrol now to get started.