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Draw Your First Cute Avatar on Procreate

teacher avatar Patrizia Diana, Pro Weirdo

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Start With the Prototype

    • 3. It's time to Sketch!

    • 4. Hair: How to Draw

    • 5. The Face

    • 6. Outline Your Avatar

    • 7. Time To Color!

    • 8. How To Add Lights & Shadows

    • 9. Last Details + Your Project

    • 10. What to Do with Your Avatar?

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to my new class!

This time we're going to see together how to create a cute avatar of yourself (or people you know)! I'll show you the process step-by-step from the sketch to the details sharing my secrets and tips to do a lovely avatar! 

This class is for beginners who already know how to use ProCreate (if you are a newbie, here is my class about Basics on Procreate https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Kawaii-Art-on-ProCreate-for-Very-Beginners/354744294/ ). 

We're going to see: 

  • the proportions and the prototype to draw people;
  • how to draw hair specifically;
  • outline and color your characters;
  • what to do with avatars;

and this will help you practicing with people that's not basic if you want to make a job out of your drawing passion.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patrizia Diana

Pro Weirdo


Hello everyone!

I’m Patrizia and I’m an illustrator and a bullet journalist! 

I was going through an awful moment in my life and I’ve found shelter in the creative process. 

In three years I’ve became a stickers designer and I’m now working hard to extend my field to design. I love animals and kawaii art so everything I draw has the purpose to provoke cuteness overloads 🤪

I’ve always loved to teach and my purpose here is to entertain you and teach you what I’ve learned in the easiest way possible!

You can follow me on Instagram to be part of my loveliest community ;)



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1. Intro: Hello. I am Fabrizia. I'm an illustrator. And welcome to my new class. At some point, we all creative people want to draw ourselves or other people, maybe our friend, our partner. Or maybe we just need a new avatar for our profile picture in our social media's. So today I want to show you how to draw your first album in this class, we're going to see how to draw your avatar step by step, using appropriate on your iPod. So you need to know the basics off appropriate. In kings, you are a very beginning. There is another lesson I've made before all about the basics on procreate so you can be ready for this class. Also, considering that this class is for beginners, we're going to see out to draw your avatar standing tall and in the next class is we're going to see how to draw our water in different poses. So if you already I'm ready to go 2. Start With the Prototype: before starting. I want to talk with you about proportions. I didn't went to art school, so I'm a self taught artist. And I had to find the easiest way possible to draw people and by maintaining my style and also keeping it really as much as I called. So I found very useful the use off broad types. So I practiced a lot with proportion to find a prototype that I could memorise and keep in mind every time I wanted to draw a person off course. The prototype is just brought to life. So is just a guide that just help us, keeping in mind the right proportions. And we can always adjust it. Why we are sketching. And now we see together out to create our prototype, create a new canvas and set it to 2048 4 15 36 pixels. And now we need to use this muth brush and set it to 28%. If you don't know what this moth brush is, you can see it in my previous class or you can just use the monoline or the brush you like the most. So we have George Ah, lovely Irish boy and George is here to help me showing you what I need to draw George. I start with a line to mark the proportions. I used to draw a big head, and often the head is exactly the same size off the rest of the body. Off course, I'm showing you my style, but always remember that you can find your own style and maybe you want your character without the neck. It's totally fine. Art makes us free to express ourselves, so let's go back to George. If we trace a line from the center off the neck, you can see that the head is the same size off the rest of the body as I've told you before , that we need another section here in the middle off the body because we will need it later . The reason why I drove this big head is because I really like the cheapest style and the funk a pop figures. Now that we have this line with the right proportions, I want to show you how I draw my prototype. I start with the head and I draw a big over. But don't worry if you think it's too rounded because we will draw the sketch above it. After I draw the face, I need a new layer and we need to activate this symmetry. Now show you fast out. To activate the symmetry, you need to go on tools and then click on canvas and then activate the drawing guide and added the drawing guide and click on symmetry. And now you have the symmetry own so I can draw the neck. And now we're going to draw the chest inside the first off of our body. We need a shape similar to a triangle. You can use a narc, but also a line to form this triangle. What about the legs? I usually do something like this to adjust off course and we can use a narc or a line. And then we have the feet right here. Pretty simple. We just have to draw to see me circles. It's the turn off the arms for them. We need to draw ovals. They don't need to be perfect. Off course is just a guide and they need to end up right under the waistline. The reason why we used the ovals or rounded shapes when drawing bodies is because they also wants to keep the rial human body proportions even though we are cartoon izing a person. So, for example, in our arms, we can see the arm getting thinner as in real life. Now we just have to draw a line on the middle off the head and our prototype is ready. 3. It's time to Sketch!: Once you've made the prototype, I recommend to merge the layers in one layer and said the opacity to a very low level, like 7%. It's OK, and now we're ready to do the sketch. As an example, I wanted to draw someone we all know, but it was, too, are to find someone we all know. So I've decided to drop myself because you've seen me. So I thought it could be easier. Let's create a new layer and activate the drawing assists as usual on symmetry. Then I set the color to red, and I pick the HB pencil on the sketching brushes his usual. We all have different faces. You can see here the type of faces and in my case, I have on over rounded face, so I can mostly follow the original over. But notice the type of your face and, for example, if your type of face is triangle, you need to draw more on the insight off our original over. Also, if you want to make your character even cuter, you can draw chicks, for example. You're totally free to do what makes you have here, So let's go back to my face. Our years need to be in the middle off the head and I draw rounded big. Here's because I don't know. I think they are cuter this way. And we are details, just two lines. And now it's time for the body and I start with the neck from the neck. We go to the shoulders. In general, I'm thing, But we know that avatars have mostly one size because we don't care much about categorizing body shapes. So I go on with my arms like this, very simple. And when it's time to draw hands, you can draw them with all the fingers. Or you can just keep this round the shape because we all agree. Probably that hands are the hardest part when drawing humans when drawing my chest. I like to keep it simple like this because I don't know. I'm just realizing that I never drew my feminine characteristics like the breast or similar , because cartoon or Kawai characters don't have them. He usually but it's totally fine if you want to. At the breast, for example, it's just a personal taste now for the legs. I do this like an arc because I have big hits. So I do something like this and I put my shoes on. You just have to draw a D or are off sphere. Pretty simple. Our shirt is thicker than our body, so we draw it like this. At this point, we will have already the line for the T shirt and the pants. But if you want to, for example, draw address. You just have to pick another polar and draw address, For example, like this one. You just have to choose the best outfit for yourself. I usually use basic outfits, so nothing to family in just a T shirt and a pair of jeans sounds perfect to me. Now you can adjust the figure a little bit like I'm doing now, and your body sketch is ready. 4. Hair: How to Draw: Let's talk about the hair. It's a topic that needs more attention. In case you have a symmetric air like these, you can use the same layer you were working on. But if your hair is not symmetric like mine, you need to add a new layer and stopped working. I start making a point in the upper part off the over. And I started growing. My hair always used points on the over to draw both the upper part of your hair and the lowest part of your hair. Now I traced the line starting from the Hijaz part of my over. And then I drove the lowest part off the hair. My secret for the hair is to keep it a simple is possible. Never try to make elaborate or complex or similar to reality air. So, for example, I want to show you why, Woodrow, Curly hair, We do something like this like waves. Of course, you can choose out to draw the this waves. Considering your tyke over now, in case we want to draw banks, we always start from the upper part off our overall, we draw the bank first adjusted. We're just it a little bit and we draw the rest like this. Now, maybe we need to draw male hair. We maybe Conjour Aw, something like this made her. We may think they are the easiest, but personally, I think that that is pretty hard to draw Main air. You just have to work a little bit on figure. Or maybe you have no hair, for example, and you just have to follow the over. So going back to my personal Alberta, this is my hair, and it's pretty easy to draw it because I have straight hair and I draw the last details and I'm done. 5. The Face: So now it's time to draw the face. And with face I mean eyes, mouth, that set it off. We need to understand what makes us us. And so, for example, a big mouth or a tiny knows I don't know. Once we do that, we go on withdrawing the ice. It's always the first thing I drawn, and the eyes needs to be on the same line off the Here's so the line we draw on the middle off the over. In my case, I have big highs and not so distant nor close to my nose. But I usually draw my characters with distant eyes because I love Kawai art and so they are mostly distant. You can see more about it in my first class about Hawaii art. So let's go back to the assisted layer with the symmetry and we can start from here and done find a middle way according to where we have our eyes. If closer or more distant to our nose, we may also have smaller eyes or bigger off course. It all depends on our specific characteristics, so my eyes will be here and then we can add all the details we won't. So maybe the eyelashes. I like to add them, and maybe you can draw a line or two lines. For example, I usually don't draw the nose, but you can if you'd like. You may do something like this or this. Don't be afraid to experiment a little bit. It's time for the mouth, and I draw how happy smile. Super happy. We can keep it simple, but just throwing a D. Or maybe you want to draw yourself, said, or you want to. You are shy and you just want a little smile like days. I'm using the Kawai proportions as I told you before, but off course you can put the mouth whatever you want. Now it's time for the dress. We already drew the main lines, and now we had details. So we already have the T shirt, but I want my T shirt inside. My jeans is so I can start drawing by James here instead. Off down here, it's all about our personal taste, and I'm ending some details off the genes. Okay, now I add a little bunny in my T shirt because I love Barney, so it sounds more me 6. Outline Your Avatar: So now I'm ready to outline the character and I'm going to use the black so we can do all the same. So again, I need my smooth brush. You can find a way to create a smooth line in my previous class, or you can use the monoline but is less precise and I said it to 13%. I start tracing by adding a new layer and activating the drawing assist. So the symmetry as usual. You need to be very careful when dressing the outline, because you may find out that your character looks weird. So don't worry if you need to adjust it a little bit and not following perfectly the sketch . It's completely normal. It's like when we draw ah with pencils and when we use the ink looks weird. So it's something that happens on digital and on paper, too. All of us, once we are happy with the face, we can draw our Here's on a two lines for the details we add a new layer because my hair is I've told you before is a symmetric, So we need a new layer without symmetry and I draw my head. You can help yourself by using the perfect shapes. I don't use them because now I'm used to draw a lot, so I don't need them anymore. But I use them a lot. When I was a beginner, I use them a lot to practice, and now we go back to my assisted layer and I go on by drawing the neck and my T shirt. - We have details on the jeez and now the shows this way. Okay, now it's time for the arms. We need to draw the hands like we need to understand that the hands are there, so we just can draw around its shape for the hands. Very simple. No, I draw the Bonny all my T shirt. Also, I'm a big fan of money, so it's pretty accurate from that. I have a bunny on my T shirt. Always remember to add details that represent you as much as they can. And now, always in my assisted layer, we draw the ice and just a line for the eyelashes. And I draw the mouth like this because I want to look happy. And for me it's over because I'm just not a person who uses many accessories. So for me it's over. But maybe it's not for you, and now it's time to call her 7. Time To Color!: now to color our character. I'm going to use the same technique we've seen in the previous classes. So I'm going to duplicate this layer and move it down the old one, and we need to call her on this one. We can also rename it with color, so we have no doubt about what layer we are using. And now that we are ready to color, we start with the skin. We can find the cooler or set up our palate before starting. For example, you can go to Google and search for skin tones, and you can find many different skin tones. I've tried this way. As you can see, I have a palate with the skin tones, but I was not so happy with the result because yes, off course, we need to keep our skin color the most similar to reality. But they looked definitely darker on digital. For example, my skin tone is white and yellow wish as you can see if I use my real color. It's like me after a month at the beach, so I usually take the lighter color that is more similar to mine Secret time in general. I really like to always use lighter color than reality. Also, because I don't usually use the black as my outline caller, and I keep my characters with light or pastel colors. But if use the black or a dark blue, you never can use black or dark blue, for example, for your hair because your outline will disappear. So we always need to use a lighter color off everything. So if you have a black hair, you need something like the dark gray and so you won't let the outline disappear. Going back to me, let's call her all the visible skin about the air. My hair is brown and I have some red reflections, and I have a color like this one. And then I called my jeans and then I call her my T shirt. Always remember to feel also the white areas so you won't have empty areas in case you need to export the transparent PNG. We color the mouth, as we have seen in the previous glasses, so I used a darker pink for the throat and a lighter pink for the tongue and the shoes, and we are ready for lights and shadows 8. How To Add Lights & Shadows: as I've told you before, I never used the black for my outline, but a dark purple or dark blue. So I'm really 18 this black Kohler. Let me show you. Just for a moment I chose a dark purple cold purple and change my outline color. Okay, As you can see, it's so relaxing. In my opinion, it's way better off course. This time we keep the black. But I wanted to show you that there are alternatives and it's our little secret. Okay, so let's go back to our black. And now it's time for the lights and the shadows. The best way to draw them is by using the calligraphy pan modified that I've created by duplicating this one and setting the spacing to non and the streamline two marks This way it's smoother. Okay, now, on the color layer, we activate the Alfa lock and we have a new layer a year, and we click on Sleeping Mosque. This way, you're going to draw above the original color without going out off the lines. Once you've done that, we take the color of our skin and we need to be really cautious here. We need to take the same color with the lower saturation and not a different color. So you don't have to go to the right when you're on the color, William. But you need to go a little bit down from the caller you've chosen. Indeed, this is a common mistake. If you go to the right in your color wheel and not down, you're working on the color and not on the separation. It can look terrible. It's better to play with different cell aeration off the same color. So we pick the color and I go a little bit down like I'm doing right now. And we have the perfect color for the shadows on our skin, as you can see that it's dedicate. So let's do a few lies on the sides off the face and then under the hair. We don't need to be so per size about shadow lines because it's not realistic. Indeed, shadows in reality are not precise nor symmetric. Okay, we had a leader shadow on the years and one on the face on, and we're ready for the hair now. Honestly, throwing the hair is my favorite part off the old process because it may sound weird, but detailed and well drawn hair takes your character to the next level. We need to call her our hair with the most similar color two hours. And once we feel the figure, we need a darker color for the shadow. Again, play with the separation and not with the color. So we pick a color with a lower separation. So we go a little bit down, not much from the color with chooser on the corner wheel. And now you need to follow me very carefully because I looked around for years and many, many of us follow this town that way to color hair. And I can tell you the easiest way to memorize it is, yes, the practice off course. But also you can imagine the action figures, the hair. It's like compact, right? So we need to imagine that type off hair and when we cartoon eyes, people is exactly the same. So we have a shadow here because the light is above us. Then we have also shadows close to our years and around our face, and then we have a huge shadow behind our neck. Quick, deep you probably already understood that it's better to start with shadows and then at the highlights. Now we take the original color. We choose for our hair, and we need to go above our color just a little bit, always working with the saturation and not changing color. As I told before, the light is above us. So we have highlights here. And in case you have other parts of her going on the outside, for example, with curly hair, you need to highlight them, too. A tip for my students in case we want a typical Japanese animal. Look, we can take a ladder color than the one we are using and add this the shape. It's like an inverted zed, and I don't know. It gives to our character more dimension. The main rule about adding lights and shadows on your body is basically that mostly the lights stays on the outside and the shadows on the inside off her body. Okay, so let's take a darker color for the shadows on the internal part off our genes. And then we need to add leader shadow on the shoes like this and we work on the T shirt we have shadow or on the internal parts. Now we had the leader shadow on the arms. Then we take again the car off the T shirt and we had the highlights. Let's go back again to our genes because we can had the eye lights. We had a little point here in the shoes. Our character is ready. We just need to add the last details. 9. Last Details + Your Project: At this point, our character is done. I can just add details like, for example, shadow here inside the mouth to give more dimension. So I take a darker color and I had something like a line a narc, and we can also wrote a little light on our tongue about the highlights. We had the reflection on our eyes, So let's add a new layer and activate the drawing. Assist and draw a big over inside the eyes and the little circle on the opposite side like this. Then, in case you want to call her your eyes, you need to add another layer and need to put it under the highlights. And you just have to draw an oval or circle and with the color with the color you want to use and set the opacity to, ah, lower level on your caller on your eyes. Off course is not something I like to do. Also because my high serve a weird caller. It's not brown. It's not great. So, but maybe you like to color your highs on you know how you can do it. Now it's your turn to create a cute a lotta off course for your project, you can draw yourself or a friend or whoever you want. You just have to follow my guidelines. And if you'd like, post your project in the project gallery because I always love to see your projects and always remember to practice because practice is almost everything. Also, I'm living in the info box down here. A few picture with some examples in case you need them. Why you're drawing. You're Obata. If you have any questions, I'm always here for you. If you feel better by messaging me true Instagram, you can find me as life in a boob job. 10. What to Do with Your Avatar?: Now that our avatar is ready, you can just export you're Obata and set your new profile picture on your social media, or you can just to work more and more on it. For example, you may want to add some details that at personality to your character. And so maybe you want a background, a simple background with radiance, maybe, or a last cape. Or maybe you want to put a banner above it with your name. You are completely free to experiment and keep adding details. Secret Time profile pictures in Social Media's are pretty little in relation to the whole page, so it's better to use 1/2 off the figure because taking Instagram as an example, if you use your whole body, basically, people can see anything. I think the best way is to use the upper part off the characters so everyone can see clearly your avatar off course. In case you need the transparent avatar, maybe to create stickers or similar, you just have to deactivate the background and then export the five in P and G four month this way 11. Conclusion: So we've seen together out to create a cute about our step by step. And I really hope you enjoy this class. If you like this class and you want to see more off the basic so procreate or the basics in Cowley art you can find my previous classes about it. And I really hope you like them. If you like them, remember to follow me so you can see the next classes and you can find me. Also on Instagram is life in a border where I bossed go away tutorials and do those