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Draw Puffle. Soft pastels for beginners

teacher avatar Ekaterina B

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Puffle. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching Puffle

    • 3. Creating an underpainting

    • 4. Eyes

    • 5. Face

    • 6. Hair

    • 7. Final details

    • 8. Bonus video. Hair on Procreate

    • 9. Bonus video. Demonstration of drawing hair

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About This Class


In this lesson I would like to share with you how I draw with soft pastels. 

For this demonstration I use black pastel paper (Canson Mi-Teintes Touch), pastel sticks (Faber-Castell - Creative Studio Quality) and a few of my pastel pencils (Caran D'ache). You can use any pastels (soft, not oil) you have. The pastel sticks can be used in place of pastel pencils. They have a hard edge and are able to produce a thin line. For paper you can use sanded paper or Canson pastel paper, the textured side. To create an illusion of a plush toy we need paper with rough surface. 

If you have a hard time sketching Puffle, just download the sketch I provided and trace it onto your paper. But first, try to sketch it yourself. You have nothing to lose! Even if your sketch doesn't look like my sketch, you will still be able to create a fun drawing. And learn about your own style on the way.:) Experiment, play, try, have fun!

If you have any questions, I'm here to help you!


The colors I suggest are just that - a suggestion.

Experiment, play, work with what you have.




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Ekaterina B


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1. Puffle. Introduction: Hi, everybody. My name is Katie. Into that, I would like to show you how to draw itself. Pastels. I have a set off, very inexpensive self bus. Tells from farm workers Still have a few passed up. And souls, mostly biker and dust. They're not cheap, but you can use any still pencils. You have mostly blue color, and we're going to draw this cute little toy. His name is powerful. Grab black pastel paper. Um, any set of soft pastels you have in Let's get started. 2. Sketching Puffle: my guys today, I decided we're going to draw this cute little toy. His name's Buffel. I took a picture of him. So will be easier for me to use during my lesson. I have black pastel paper. You can use any blockbuster paper. This one is counseling Baton Touch simp e sending paper woodwork or any black people. We work pastel paper. So grab your light blue color pencil because till pencil And let's sketch him so he looks sort of kind of like a square, but with curved sides, he has, ah, little round border. And this left side is in the shadow. And I'm just, uh, policing it for myself to remember that this side's gonna stay in the shadow and that's where his hair is gonna go. Um, I'm drawing his face. I'm gonna police his eyes. Word in the middle. They look like two oval, so leaning towards each other. So look to eggs and, yes, cute little nose and his mouth is girls. Don't worry. Just looking at my reference photo and copying what I see. Look how I'm holding my pencil. I'm holding it kind of like a stick. That's how I holding when I sketch, it allows me to move my arm freely. Whom? So there we have our sketch. Looks kind of like a mushroom. You know where we're going to choose our colors. So I'm bringing my set off soft pastels that I bought for a Michael store. They're just inexpensive set off farm workers Still, um, probably student. Great hostels, But they look amazing on black paper. So I I'm flying with yours in new. I have more control with this sticks because they're hard and you can use them. Um oh, they're edges instead of pastel pencils if you don't have those. So now I'm just comparing the colors, um, on the photo reference with what I have. So I'm choosing no meat tone kind of light blue and darker blue lighter blue for highlights . Green for his eyes pink for his nose. And, um, I'm going to prepare my black carbon sketch pencil. And why chalk Generals been so no, we're all set 3. Creating an underpainting: Well, now we're going to work on under painting, which is sort of kind of like blurry version off. Um, the end result should look like we go into years over soft pastel sticks, Uh, starting with our minton, which is just the blue color that we see on most of his body. So I'm going to grab that blue, and I'm going to use this side of it, and I'm gonna police that call around. His eyes are not Kentucky. Sting his eyes too much. It's okay if we, you know, touch him. But I'm just going to avoid the eyes in the the area that is in the shadow on the left. For that, I'm going to use a darker blue. And I'm just going to feeling that side Dark blue. Well, so I'm gonna place if your darkest spots and his hair where I see them in the reference photos, see some darker spots here and there. And, uh, under his hairline. That's what I see. You were there. If you squint your eyes, you will see what I mean. See those wrinkles on the bottom? Oh, bottom part off his body. And, uh, also, I'm going to indicate where the shadow is gonna go. Even though my papers already block, I'm using black soft pastel stick. Um, do it the little more darkness to it. So now I'm going to play some of my lighter blue on the side that is highlighted a little bit on the bottom again, squint your eyes and you will see the light areas as spots to see them a spots and a little bit off the reflection. You will see on the reference photo. No, for the fun part routine is my fingers and I'm going to bland all those colors together. I am imply, applying some pressure so I could, you know, blend those colors in the smooth way. It might not be possible right away because we only have one layer. And, uh, I still don't blend very well in the first layer sometimes, especially on paper like this. But I'm just doing my best to create this, um, blurry Look. When I go from the light to dark, I want my fingers especially. It's important when you go from the dark delight. It's not that important on the reflection. But look, my fingers a dirty my weapon as much as I can and I go back to the lighter parts of my drawing. And I'm just, you know, doing even circular motion and sometimes up and down whatever it takes to create the result . I want no wiping more hands. He looks kind of like a cool out now. 4. Eyes: I love him already. He looks like a cloud. So now I'm going to use my carbon skitch black pencil. You can use pastel black pencil for that or any charcoal pencil. And I'm just going to bring my sketchbook because I sort of lost it. And now, which is going to bring it back? It a little knows his eyes. My bro's his mouth. And I'm not sure how I'm going to and, uh, drawing the bottom right now, I'm just going to bring back the lines. It is not really a cloud. He has the harder lines around him. So the this pencil, I love it a lot because it can give your very dark lines. But also, you can blended with the other colors and make him darker, and, um, they won't look black, so it's very easy to use with soft pastels. I'm using Marie fingers to blend. Blend away the fluffy edges. I'm going to feeling his eyes bright new on green color. Can I clean my finger And Belinda so they would look smoother this point. I decided that the screen is not light enough, so I had a little bit off lighter green on top and Boland. Um, together, I'm quite happy with this result now. So now I'm going to police some way in the whites, um, off his eyes and we won't be able to see the IRS says, But it's OK. We can use our black pencil to bring them back together again, Not together just to bring him back, using my finger to smooth eyes and I'm going to There's pink for his nose. You know, I'm gonna show you that I can use my pastel stick instead of a hostile pencil because they're very hard edges. And you could just use that edge to create thing lines. It's all right now. I'm just accusing you to add darkness to some areas. They will not stay black. There will be blended with other colors and just make those colors dark room swiping my finger and Bullingdon Those here is so there wouldn't be black. They would just be kind of dark blue from the scene from the hairline taking my carbons. Kitsch been so. And I'm just police in some hairs here and there bringing, making dark for the arses, the morals, working on the shadow from a reflection and look in the reflection from the picture. I see purple. So I'm going to add some purple between the black and the blue. So I'm likely placing took purple there in blending it with the blue in the black. So it's not enough below their som ID and a little bit more blue so they would blend better together. Well, you're more black for co interest. No. So to make it easier to blend and we'll ah, we have a reflection. 5. Face: let's refine his face. So grab a lighter color blue either busto pencil or pastel stick, and we're going to, oh, create the look of this texture of a plush toy. You see, I'm showing you its nor the street line kind of wavy because it's a soft toy. And I'm just, um, moving my thing Oh, my pencil in a circular motion barely touching the paper because I want to use the surface off the paper to help me to create that illusion because it's pretty rough. So I'm just kind of making those circular, um, lines in a dabbing, dabbing, doubling with my finger. I'm not even robbing much, dubbing, uh, to soften the urge. Otherwise I'm leaving it looking a bit rough, so I'm trying to use a darker blue, but it's not giving me The dark looks so amusing. My carbons catch been so in those areas, and I'm going to blend it with the blue dye already have their with my finger, and you can see how oh, during this shadow helps us create this three d look. So no, I'm going to work on the bottom part, and I zoomed in on my reference photo to see exactly where the lighter color girls couldn't top part. And I'm blending it with my finger, believing the bottom part, uh, darker to create that illusion. No omitting this light, you re right next to the wrinkle to me make it look like a wrinkle. That's what. Um, if you look at those wrinkles, you will see that what makes those wrinkles is darker. Area police mixed with light area a little more light that Sarid dub dub dub to soften the edge, not to blended. Make it look too smooth, because the plus story it's not very smooth, a little more light of color on the side words. Um, I liked it, and I wanted to a little bit off light outline on the side. See, it's North Warren Street. Oh, no different curvy line. It's not. It's a broken line. Um, because it's a toy. It's not. It's a soft toy, so it's not a hard toy. Using my whitest white toe end oh, to the brightness of his eyes, and I noticed that, um, he has white outline on both sides off the black line, so I'm adding that white both sides of my blood. Why? See what I mean. Inside on the outside, inside on the outside, the scene with the most, with the eyebrows, the eyes everywhere and that will just continue working on those wrinkles, creating better illusion. But they are wrinkles. And before we're going to work on the hair wanted to at a little bit of black around it, to show you how to create the rough edges off those here's. 6. Hair: next step would be to work on his hair and look, it started in the previous video. I'm going to use black Stick to go into the mouse off here that I drew earlier, um, to create the illusion. Too messy hair. You see, I'm using negative space to create positive results. You see how cool is up? No, I'm going to just blend a little bit blood Coronas body to making pop even more. I'm going to use my finger, too. Create a smooth transition between them, black and color, my paper, all right to love, smooth transitions when it's appropriate and you can see how his hair's already started to look like hair. At this point, I don't really know what I'm going to use to draw his hair stay expense. Also, we want to try different things here. When in doubt, always start with a shadows in the dark areas that you see if he's going to rise. So I'm using my carbons catch pills. So to indicate those areas, his hairline, if you're spots inside his hair because he's hair doesn't really have black spots, I'm going to use, um, bright blue. On top of that black collar Karna darn curry color to turn the series balloon. And I'm just gonna work scratching the paper here and there on top of those black spots Corneas, my pinky too reupped his blue into the black and no blacks gone. And we have darker blue color. And I'm going to use lighter blue in this coin, a matter good work drawing hair, seeing sounds zigzag the direction. But I see his hair's placed. You know, I'm going to rub this scene. I don't bring them together and smooth kind of way. Let it stealing were off. We don't need toe place A few separate hairs here in there. More colors you use for his hair. The more interesting you do look so but we can. No, I mean, I guess we could use only pastels, pastel pencils for his hair. But it worked a very long time. All I muffed her is just creating an illusion off hair. So I'm just placing separate hairs here and there. But eventually we will go back to our pastel sticks. Now I'm grabbing my mid tone blue, and, um, I'm going this fat lines with the sight of my stick to create patches off hair again. I'm fooling the direction that I see. His hair is on the picture, so it's kind of group doesn't grow. But it's, uh, police, too, You know, different directions. So again, side of my past still stick drawing fed, short lines, different directions. I don't know. We have quite a few colors there, right? We can see a darker blue. We conceive a relied blue Mentone blue, purposely blue for more colors. Your place, the more interesting will look like I said, No, I want to use this my bumble stick I have for Triscuit Bob's to move my purse stills on the paper to make it look like hairs. So I'm just scratching my paper with this stick, and it's one way to do it, but I think a better way to do studded with your fingernails. So I have very short fingernails. But what you can do it. You can scratch the paper with your fingernail. It's more effective, moves it better and creates this fall's. It's a lot of for I would rather use my fingers then and he kind of toll. So even go working on his hair. I noticed this area right here that I wanted to make a little brighter. I see that this one is pretty light. I just wanted to bring you back in. Well, it's again very, very light strokes on the paper to create illusion off this plush toy. Now, we working on the highlights, uh, in his hair. I am using this choppy movements. I don't just drew a straight lines or curved lines. I drove broken lines from time say draw. Oh, a little bit. And then I release it. I don't have a plan. I just, you know, look at the picture and, uh, do whatever it takes again. I don't rub exactly. I gonna dub on the hairs to make him blurry. Because usually here is north watching focused. We don't really pay attention to hair. You usually look at the eyes, so I'm blower the moat a little bit. This is my white joke pencil. Now I'm doing individual white hairs, just like I see them in the picture. I'm placing them exactly as I see them. I would look at my reference photo 50% of the time. And blur, blur, blur. I would like to add some depths to more hair by, um, going in with a darker blue between the hairs that are already drew. And it's okay for a much something I can use the white on top of blue easily. You see it on placing darker balloon between the hairs and his hair. Just pops starts to look more, um, three dimensional once again, my fingernail to the rescue to move the pastels. Try the steak, but they're still prefer the nail. 7. Final details: looking all powerful. He's adorable, was I think so. So we're going to just fine tune everything I want to creaked. Oh, better illusion off the plush toy. But he is. So I'm dubbing a little bit off like blue here and there. Learn kind of scratching the paper and tiny little lines and, um, time kind of like tiny, tiny little hairs? No. Then when I tap on them, um, they create the illusion of this texture of plush texture. I noticed some areas on light of another areas in my end to those areas with my life blue. He's soft around. He doesn't have even surface, so some areas will be bumpier than other areas. Just observe, observe, observed working on the outline. I want him to stand out more the areas that are closer tow us so we'll look brighter. So that's where I'm placing my lighter color. We will be darker blue in the bottom to create this illusion of roundness. Now I noticed those wrinkles. They look a little too black and I emitting balloon top. So to make him blue and I'm blend, um, with that blue getting a little bit darker blue. Um the area transition between go light and dark to create illusion off room nous, uh, off his face. No. Likely. Very likely. I rub a little bit off light blue on his face and gives me this unevenness again. A little bit the same technique, lightly rubbing the side of my stick in the area. So, um, where the highlights go and there we have it. I would like to add a little more volume to the hair that I'm using him darker blue pastel pencil and blended, kinda filling the areas between the hairs. And it gives us a solution, her steps to his hair. But some hairs are further away from us, and some are closer to us. And now I'm using my white chalk pencil to drawing singular hairs, the one that the ones that are supposedly closest to us. So when you withdraw with white on top of darker areas, that's exactly what it looks like. That this hairs are closer to us. You know, I'm observing on life reference photo where those hairs go, and once again, I'm working with the whole picture. I don't just stay in here. If I see somewhere else I need to add white. I do that. - Hope you're having fun. I am through this stage. You can just work on the areas that you think you need to work on. It's kind of personal decision. You're gonna already stop Ring though you already looks great or you just continue looking at the reference photo and, uh, getting more details. The longer you stay with it, the more you will learn about object of your drawing. Now, I just would have blend the shadow, make it more, make it smoother. And, uh, I think I'm pretty much done theory Very light strokes. I I don't have a rug toward my hand zone, so I'm just using my other hand. You see, your I know I'm just using a little bit of blue from the highlighted area to end to the reflection because I think it needs to be a little lighter and I'm going to sign it now. I like to use a couple colors for my signature through the blue and white And no, we have a Buffel 8. Bonus video. Hair on Procreate: in case join hair still seems like a difficult task for you guys. I thought I'd try to explain a little closer how I draw hair. So I'm gonna cover awful with glass ing paper protects but the drawing from dust and smudging. And, um, there's my tools. My blue pencils are ready. I just need my carbons catch block pencil near me. And that's, uh, all I will need to show you. How would your hair on paper? But first, I thought were going to draw hair on procreate, or I will show you something. So I'm bringing up hair and procreate. And you remember how when we were looking at his hair, getting ready to draw it, I asked you to squint so your vision would be kind of blurry. So I'm going to create that effect and procreate, you see? No, his hair is blurry. And the next step, we are learning to see hair as spots. Dark light, mid dome spots. We identify color and cover that color or his pastel. So right now I'm gonna cover the darkest spots with dark blue. You see, I only cover the darker area, the darkest areas, and that's how we would be doing with a darker blue on paper. Now I'm choosing me tone balloon, and I'm covering only the areas that or appear to be that collar to see just spots. And now we're going to highlights the lightest blue. And that's exactly how we would be doing this on paper with our but still sticks. So after that, I ask you to It's much All this right with your finger. That's what we would be doing on paper here. I cannot do it, so I'm just going to use us a blending tool. But on people, we would be using your finger, right? And that's how we create an under painting for hair. Now all this area is going to look smooth, or the transitions will look smooth. It will still have the darkest areas, the lightest areas, and I wanted to show you, um, maybe I will just change my focused. There you go. That's what it looks like, and that's what it would kind of look like on paper as well. So, for the next step, I asked you to use Bumble stick or your fingernail to scratch to pull some pastel solved and thin lines. So right here it looks like this from pulling hairs. You see, this is a blending tool and procreate. Making you the little bigger suit could see otherwise on paper would be our fingernail or a stick to speak any soon. Something that would scratch the paper and pool the darker areas in tow. The lighter ones and where the lighter, once into darker to this would look like on paper as if we were using no finger. Neil, I just wanted to remind you how we did it on paper. And when this pool so and the next step, we would be taking a pastel pencil and drawing individual hairs on top of flower under painting something like this. Unfortunately, just like on paper, don't when we draw individual hairs like this, um, the lines, they're kind of hard. And after I am done drawing individual hairs, I'll show you how we're going to soften that look. So I'm taking my blending tool for us. It would be our finger, and we would be smudging the beginnings and the endings off the hairs so there would be less visible so there would be blurrier. And this way we achieve greater realism because when we look at our hair, we don't see hair from the beginning to vend. We're just see the middle of it. And that's what we're doing with much gene starting points in the and points. We don't want any hard edges, though. On paper, it would be our finger. Obviously, this way our hair looks more realistic. I hope this was helpful. Now let's try it on paper. 9. Bonus video. Demonstration of drawing hair: and no one more time. I'm going to show you how I draw his hair on paper with pastels and hostile pencils. So we're going to indicate the area where the hair is gonna go, then, just like I showed you and procreate. Going to police, Um, the darkest area first, then the mid tone areas. Remember, Hallways, Queen dollarized. And we identify the zones that are, um you have to hair of that color. Then we placed them on paper. I'm going to use my finger to blend all this colors together. I kind of lightly press on paper to create smooth transitions. I don't have enough white in the front, so I'm just gonna add a little more end, blend them all together again. No wiping my finger. And I'm gonna use my finger nail to scratch the paper and move pastel so you can use toothpick for that Or any gonna stick. Need to noodle the moose stick. We just pulling individual hairs from one area to another from lighter to darker from dark . Ato lighter. Next step. We're using the Bastille pencil different colors to draw the hair. So I used darker blue. This is so lighter blue and I'm just pulling hairs. I'm drawing the hair now, and between the lighter hairs, I'm going to play some dark blue to create that illusion. Who depth And remember, Now we're going to smooth the beginnings off hairs and the ending. So where the hair starts and where it ends, we're going to use our finger to smudge those areas so there would look more natural. There are more highlight. A pair with white and with my finger, I'm going to Belinda beginnings and endings off the hair. So to make it look beautiful, little more pulling the hair, scratching the paper. It fights much too much. I'll just add a little more individual hairs and wallop. No, looks like a batch of hair.