Draw In Procreate: Let's Draw a Daisy Flower! | Allyson Johnson | Skillshare

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Draw In Procreate: Let's Draw a Daisy Flower!

teacher avatar Allyson Johnson, Illustration Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sketching the daisy

    • 3. Drawing the daisy

    • 4. Adding color to the daisy

    • 5. Outro

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About This Class

There's just something so fun about drawing daisies! They are adorable and easy and I believe anyone can learn how to draw them. If you love to draw and doodle flowers, then this is the class for you.

In this class we will cover:

1. Sketching the daisy design

2. Drawing the line art for the daisy design

3. Adding in color for the final daisy design

This is the same 3 step process I follow for every single design I create. Daisies are truly so easy to draw and I believe anyone can draw them at any skill level. 

Here's what you'll need for this class:

You will need an iPad, the Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.

I hope you enjoy this daisy drawing class and I hope you have fun creating a beautiful design of your own.

Have fun!

- Allyson

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Allyson Johnson

Illustration Artist


Hi! I'm Allyson Johnson, and I'm a digital illustration artist with a heart for creating fun and whimsical artwork designed to help make life happier. Though I've always loved art from a young age, I have been working full time as an artist for 10+ years now. It's a super fun journey!

Over the years, I have sold my artwork on various products ranging from apparel to home decor on Society6 + DENYdesigns, but my most recent passion over the years has been my printable art and pet portrait brand, Shop Happies.

In addition to Shop Happies, I started building a graphic illustrations shop on Etsy in 2020, selling my work as clipart for other creatives to use in their own projects.

I hope you enjoy the classes here and are able to get your creative j... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi everyone. I'm Alison Johnson and I'm a digital artist and illustrator. And in this class I'm going to show you how to draw a daisy flower in Procreate. Daisy flowers are fun and simple flowers, I believe anyone can draw. And in this class I will show you a few little tips and tricks to draw them a little bit faster and digitally in Procreate. So feel free to join me today. I'm excited you're here and I hope you have fun with it. I will see you in the class. 2. Sketching the daisy: Welcome to the first section for the draw, a daisy Skillshare class. I love drawing daisies. They are so fun. And I doodle them a lot in Procreate and non paper. And I'm super excited that you're here. And I believe anyone can do this class, anyone of any skill level can learn how to draw Daisy today. So what we're gonna do first is we're going to have a new layer opened up. And we are going to use the 6 B pencil brush for our sketch. So I'll show you some tips and tricks along the way of drawing and Daisy a little bit quicker than drawing every single petal. You'll see as we go along how this goes. But first, we're going to start with drawing a simple circle. So lots of simple shapes here. And next we're going to make a new layer here for our first petal. So just zoom in and zoom out. And we're just going to draw an oval shape here. So as you can see now, we already have a circle and then an oval. And we're going to have the cursor tool up here. So I'm moving around a little. Just kinda put it over the center. Now we're going to duplicate this petal layer. And we're going to flip it horizontal and vertical and drag it down this side. And next. Zooming in and out here, we're going to merge these two petals together, but not, we're not going to merge the center there, but we're going to duplicate these merged petals. Rotate 45 degrees and this button right here, duplicate this layer. Tap the cursor tool, rotate 45 degrees again. Duplicate that layer and do the same thing again. And now you can see we have our petals drawn out. And we're going to add more to the sketch in just a second, but this is the generic flower shaped gaze started. Each petal does not have to be perfect at all. We're going to merge this together. And we're going to add our stem right here. Curve it down a little. And for leaves, it's just going to be two triangle shapes like this. One bigger, one smaller. And now we have our stem there. We're gonna just kinda add to these petals and just draw along the lines of your petals and just kinda connect them to the circle layer center. I'm just doing little short strokes just to kinda give it a little more shape. And just to connect it to that center there. So they're not floating right now, they're just kind of floating out there. But using the ovals as your guide to go around and connect everything. So that's my little trick there to getting the petals drawn faster for the sketching part is just to duplicate the petal layers and then rotate them over and over until it fills the design space. And then we'll go through here like this and just draw around your petals to connect to the center of the flower. The older, a good base. Alright. And now there you go. There's our flower. This is our sketch. So what we're gonna do next is we're going to do in the line work part of this design. And that will be in the next video. So I will see you there. 3. Drawing the daisy: Okay everyone, welcome back to the draw a daisy Skillshare class. In this video, we are going to do the line work part in this design in our sketch is going to be our guide. So what we're gonna do with our sketch layer is we're going to turn the opacity down because we will be drawing over it in just a minute. And we're gonna make a new layer for our line work. For our brush. We're going to use my line brush here. And I have this available for you for free in the resources section of this class. So you can download that and use it for your design projects like this class. But as you can see, it's just a simple line brush that you can use for a lot of different purposes. So I'm going to size my brush down a little bit. They can be as thin or as thick as you'd like it to be. But we're going to start just like when this sketch, we're going to start in the center. Drawing a circle. Have you hold it and connect it. It'll make a perfect circle shape right here. But I'm gonna go with the more oval shape and does not have to be perfect. I like the hand-drawn look. So the center of our flower is done. Now we're going to make a new layer for our petals. And instead of doing one petal and rotating it over and over, I want to draw them each by hand, but you could probably do the same thing there. I just want them, each petal to have its own style and flavor. So we're going to draw the first petal here, just like an oval and connect it to the circle. And we're going to keep going. And they don't have to be the same shape at all. Your sketch is just gonna be your guide. Sketching layers the most important. So just use your sketch as your guide and draw each petal, just oval shapes. And as you can see, I kinda start skinny it up on the bottom and then I go wider with the petal that I come out and the skinnier down here and wider up here. And now we're going to almost get there. And they can see the petals are not touching. And that's okay because the color we're going to do, we'll be expanding outside the lines and you'll see why when we get there. But keeping the petals separate here. And the last one here. And there's our daisy flower when the panels, so now we're going to draw the stem. And we're just going to start here. And just kind of curve it a little bit. And for the leaves again, just simple triangle shapes. They kinda look like shark fins. But yeah, it's just simple shapes to bring this design together. So this leaf, I want it to be bigger and this one's smaller. Now, we can get rid of our sketch layer. Merge these together, and there's our daisy flower. So now in the next video we will go through the color process. But as you can see here, for the line work, we just did a simple circle. And then we follow it along our sketch for the petals making these I'm oval shapes. They kind of start inward here and then they get wider as you draw them. I'll just show you that again. Where it's just you start inward and you go out and you come back in Word. And you can also do another petal style where you come up and it's pointed and you come down like that. So the possibilities are endless with flowers. I love drawing flowers. So now that our line work is completed, we are going to go move on to the next and final section of adding color. So I will see you over there. 4. Adding color to the daisy: Okay everyone, welcome to the color section of the draw and Daisy Skillshare class. I'm excited you've been here to join me and I can't wait to see the flower that you draw on your own. But before we get there, let's complete this design here. So as you can see, we have our flower drawn out. In the first section. We did the sketching. In the second section, we then the line work here and now we're going to add the color. And this is the fun part. So we're going to make a new layer. And we're going to drag under here. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick a color. I already have a yellow right here. And what we're gonna do is we're going to draw outside of the lines for the color. And that might seem weird. But trust me, it just, it makes it look hand-drawn, hand painted in a way when it's going outside the lines, it gives it that kind of like perfectly imperfect kind of feel the way I like to describe it. So for the first layer here, we're going to draw the center of the flower. And just go outside the lines here and drag your color over the Fill. Make a new layer for the petal layer. For our petals. I want to go with a pink color like this and low size my brush up a little bit. So we're on our new layer for our petals. And we're just going to follow along the lines connected at the bottom and fill the centers in. Just like when the center. And you can also maybe would like the color for your flower to be inside the lines. And easy way to do that is on your linework layer. You can tap reference and then make a new layer, put it underneath there. And then on your new layer, drag your color over and it will put it in the lines for you. So super fun. I use that feature a lot as well. But this is how I mainly create my artwork. So I wanted to show you guys how to do this. It just as you can see, just it just looks hand painted to me. I don't know how I discovered to do it this way. I just kinda started doing it when I was playing with procreate. And I thought, I like that. I'm going to keep doing that. It's just a little bit different. You just have to find what works for you. It's also fine. It's like coloring in a coloring book. Two more petals. Drag it down. And there's our flower and love it. So now we're going to add some color for the leaves. I have this green here, I like already, so, and we'll just draw that on the same layer as the flower because it's not going to be touching the other colors. So let's draw here. Fill it in. A link go. I want to redo that. Rationalise, size is brushed down. Draws out the lines. Bill. And David again. Here. I just didn't want a light color expanding out up here. And there's our flower. So as you can see, super fun, super simple. Anyone can do this. And I hope you had fun with it, and I hope you create all kinds of flower designs, daisies and wild flowers. But your class project will be to draw your own daisy flower by following the steps in this class. So I'm thankful that you got to join me for this and I hope you have fun with it and I hope it sparks your creativity. I will see you next time. 5. Outro: Thank you so much for joining me for this daisy flower drawing class. I'm so glad you got take part in it and I can't wait to see the flowers you create. So your class project is to draw a daisy flower by following the steps in this class. Share them with me in the class projects section because I would love to see them. Thank you again for joining me and I will see you next time.