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Draw In Procreate: Let's Draw a Bumble Bee!

teacher avatar Allyson Johnson, Illustration Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sketching the bumble bee

    • 3. Drawing the bumble bee

    • 4. Adding color to the bumble bee

    • 5. Outro

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About This Class

Flex those creative muscles and get ready for spring and summer with this adorable bumble bee!

In this class we will cover:

1. Sketching the bumble bee design

2. Drawing the line art for the bumble bee design

3. Adding in color for the final bumble bee design

This is the same 3 step process I follow for every single design I create. In all my years of creating artwork, I have found that starting with a sketch truly helps to develop a better result.

Here's what you'll need for this class:

You will need an iPad, the Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.

I hope you enjoy this class and I hope you have fun creating an adorable bumble bee of your own. Have fun!

- Allyson

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Allyson Johnson

Illustration Artist


Hi! I'm Allyson Johnson, and I'm a digital illustration artist with a heart for creating fun and whimsical artwork designed to help make life happier. Though I've always loved art from a young age, I have been working full time as an artist for 10+ years now. It's a super fun journey!

Over the years, I have sold my artwork on various products ranging from apparel to home decor on Society6 + DENYdesigns, but my most recent passion over the years has been my printable art and pet portrait brand, Shop Happies.

In addition to Shop Happies, I started building a graphic illustrations shop on Etsy in 2020, selling my work as clipart for other creatives to use in their own projects.

I hope you enjoy the classes here and are able to get your creative j... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hey everyone, I'm Alison Johnson and I'm an artist and an illustrator. And in this class I'm going to teach you how to draw a bumblebee. I thought with spring and summer coming up, this would be the perfect time to learn this new drawing. So I'm excited, this is super easy. Any skill level can do this class. So you have an iPad Pro and an Apple pencil and the procreate app. This class is for you. I'm excited to take you along the journey of drawing a bumblebee. I will see you in the class. 2. Sketching the bumble bee: Okay everyone, welcome to the very first video lesson of our drawing, a bumblebee class. In this section, we are focused on sketching the bumblebee. And I'm excited to get started. So we're just going to dive right in. So for this class, I'm working on a 5000 by 5000 pixel canvas. And as you can see, I already have a sketch of the bumblebee here. But I'm going to do this sketch again to show you the process of making these shapes and creating this design. So we're going to make a new layer. And I'm just going to size this guy down and put him up in the corner. Just as my reference. But I'm going to show you how to create this from scratch. So on the new layer, I'm using the 6 B pencil in the sketching brush library and procreate, this comes with procreate. This is my favorite brush to use for sketching my designs. There are all these other options as well, but this is the one I always gravitate to you and I'm not sure why, but it's just my favorite. So that's what we're going to use today. So we're going to zoom in on our Canvas and we're going to start with an oval shape for the bee body. And just zoom in or zoom out whatever's comfortable. Some people like to zoom out and do it really small. I like to work really big. It's just more comfortable for me. So we're just going to make an oval shape, kinda like an egg shape in a way. There we go. And then I'm going to move it around a little with this selection tool here. I'm going to hit warp just to kind of shape it a little bit to get the shape I want. So it's not like a perfect oval, but it's got some character to it, so you can just move it around. This is your sketch layer so you don't have to worry about it being distorted or anything like that. So and if you want to make your be skinnier, you can do so. It's all up to you. But the main shape is an oval shape and you can shape it later, like I'm doing here. So I like that pretty well. 34 and then move it back down. So now we are going to work on the stripes. So we're going to turn this around like this and draw a curved line here. And a curved line here for the first stripe and just kinda fill it in to remind yourself later that this needs to be black or dark gray. Doesn't have to be perfect. It's just to indicate where the color will go. I'm a very messy sketcher. And I'm okay with that because it makes it fun. So now we're going to get the next line and do the same process. Turn it on its side and then make a curved line there. And another one, and then fill it in. Just be messy and have fun. It does not have to be perfect. And I want it to be a little more current. So just turn your Canvas around to get the best angle for your drawing style. All right, and now we're going to get this back part with the stinger. So we're going to add a triangle here. Will triangle shape. Fill that in. And then add your next curve line, then the last stripe section and fill it in. That will all connect there. And there we go, we get the stripes. So now we're going to add the wings. I'll move this down a little so I have room. So we're going to add wings here. And these are going to be like upside-down U shapes. I like to call it to start here at the base and go up and down and go kinda inward a little. So it's smaller and then wider. At the top. Rough sketch, it's totally vital. And if you don't like the placement of it, you can select it with the free hands elector and move it around in size it up. How you want. Like that pretty well. And so for the next wing is just gonna be kind of like a half link. So we're gonna kinda do the same thing, start kinda inward and then go up and out. And I feel like I need to make the wings angled a little bit. So we're going to select it again. Turn it here, connect it back down. Just make your rough sketch that wing a little wider. All right. We're gonna erase this a little so I have room for the next detail line. So now for the wings, we're going to add a line here and here. And do the same thing here, except this wing will have three lines. And I like the center line to be taller than the outside lines. So they would go there kinda overlapping. And now we're going to add the little antennas on the B curve line up and out. And the same thing or like we're here. I like to make the one behind this one a little taller. And we're going to add a little heart shape toppers. I wasn't gonna do just little ovals like this. But I thought the heart shape, but give it a little more character. So we're going to do that today. However, if you wanted to do oval, so you just make a little oval like this. But we're gonna go with hearts today and make it more fun. There we go. Now we're going to add the facial features. For the eye. We're going to do an upside down U shape, I like to call it like this. Curve your pencil. And then move it around on the selection tool. We don't like where it's placed. You can angle it. And we're going to add eyelashes or a new one line here. Second line, middle, another line to about five or six or seven, depending on how many you want. Normally I do five or three, but we're going to go with 77 eyelashes for this. So we're going to select it again because I want to move it around a little bit. I love this work feature because it helps me shake things up a little bit. All right, Now we're going to add the mouth. And then we're going to see how it all looks. And then I might still rearrange some things here. So for the smile, just a curved line up and out. Like that once. Well, so we're going to move it up a little and then add a little cheek. And then later we're going to have some blush coloring right here. So that's just to indicate that. And I'm like, it's so cute. So now we're going to add the legs. We're going to add one right here. So just make a little line curving down. And then one right down here under this stripe, that first stripe. I'm going do the same thing back here to one under here, under this stripe and then one under here. And there's our sketch. So it's a main shape is an oval. And then the wings are more ovals. And then the legs and antennas are simple curved lines. So it was a really simple process. And now in the next class we are going to work on the line work. So I'm really excited to do that with you guys, and I will see you over there. 3. Drawing the bumble bee: Okay everyone, welcome to the line work section of this bumblebee drawing class. I'm excited that you're here. And I hope you had fun in the sketching section. It was super fun sometimes sketching is my favorite part because you can be so messy and it doesn't matter and it's still super cute. So we're going to do the line work right now and clean things up a bit. So this will be for the main designs and we're going to make a new layer. And on the sketch layer, we're going to turn the opacity down right here. To see you can see everything and follow it as your guide. So for the new layer, we're going to use our line brush. And I have this brush for you for free in the Resources tab. So you can use this for yourself. And just checking the thickness of the lines. I think I want to go a little thicker. There we go. All right. So what we're gonna do is we're just going to follow along with the sketch and make our oval shape to use your sketch as a guide. And we're also going to add in that triangle pointing at the back. Just follow along. He's kind of shaped like a lemon, I'm realizing. And so it's kinda like a lemon or an egg shape. So see how my line is in Connect. There. We're going to erase that. Zoom in and out. And we're going to zoom in super close. It's kinda smooth that out a little bit. I like that pretty well. So now that we got his body shape, we're going to add the stripes. So I'm going to turn it around like this. It's just I found is easier to get the curve shape. When I turn them sideways. Maybe hold it, it will snap in place so that you can get a better curve. Does do it until you like it. And then you hit Edit Shape. You'll pull up the ark and then you can kind of move it around. How you want to move it. Then we're gonna do this again. For the outer edge of this stripe. Snap it. And that's looking cute. And then we're going to do in the middle line. Same process. Let's draw a curve to each edge. Let it snap in place. And we're going to add the outer line here. Let's keep repeating until your stripes are done. Having a sketch helps so much. It just helps give you a guide. Now for the back stripe, I'm just kinda angling it a little just so you can get I like to do it this way just so I can get the more comfortable angles when drawing different parts of the design. Safe for this one. If we go. All right, Now we can turn off our sketch layer, see how we're doing looking cute. Now we're going to add the wings. We're gonna do a new layer. For this one. Go up, make your U-shape following your sketch, erase tool and erase it that we have that perfect line right there. And then do the same thing here. Let's like a 1.5. Now we're going to add our lines in the wings. Middle line taller than the outside lines. Kind of curve them a little. Linear drawing it. Kirkman inward like that. I'll merge those two together. And then we'll do the heart shape in tennis. So curve out. Cute. And then I'm going to add the heart shapes. Go up, down, up and down, up and down, up and down. Super simple. And adorable. Merge those. I like to work on multiple layers at a time. For some parts of the designs that wave I need to move them, it would be easier to do so. So we're doing the same thing with the I. I might only at three eyelashes because I feel like seven might be a little much. I changed my mind a lot when I'm creating. Usually when I'm making something. As I go along, I'll find other things I want to add or change. I think this guy, we're going to try this mini five eyelashes, Alright. Of x. I'm going to show you when we're making the eyeglasses, just draw it. And if you snap it, we hold it, it will snap in place and make it perfect. Straight line. So that's really helpful. I love that feature. To add as many as you'd like. Let's draw it. Snap it. And there we go. We'll turn the sketch layer off. See if I need to move this. I think I want to move it down a little. For now. Now we're going to add the smile. And for this we're going to start right here. And this curve up. And the cheek and the other curve, snap it, it will move it around for you. Now we're going to our sketch layer off. And I move I up a little bit. Super cute. And then we're going to learn those. Next. We'll add the legs. So add one leg up here, this portion of the B. Then add another under this first stripe. And then the same thing on the back and leg under a stripe. And then under this one, I'm going to redo redo those back legs to be a little more curd. Like the front legs. Draw a curve. Alright, like that. Okay, so there is our line work for our bumblebee. And now in the next portion of this class we are going to add color. I'm so excited, this is a fun part two is the color. I think my favorite part is the sketching and then adding the color, the line work is fun too. But I love both of those the most. But we are going to continue on. So I will see you in the next class. 4. Adding color to the bumble bee: Okay everyone, welcome to the final video for this bumblebee drawing class. In this section, we are going to be adding color. So this will be super fond and we're gonna get started. So we can remove our sketch layer now. Now we have our linework layer. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a new layer, pull it under the line work. For the line work. We're going to put, we're going to tap the linework layer and click Reference. And this will help you when filling your color in. So go back to your new layer. This will be your color layer that way later, if you decide I want to change my colors, I want to do something different. You can do so in that way, it's not all merged together. And I will show you more about that as we go along. So on your new layer, we're going to add color. You get your reference layer. Your line work as a reference layer. So now in this layer we're going to add color. So for the stripes, we're going to start there. I think we're gonna go with like a dark gray. That way you can still see the line detail. So once you pick your color that you like, drag it to the spot you need to fill. It's like coloring a coloring book. It's super therapeutic. Cute. So I like that color. Now for the yellow parts, trying to find the perfect yellow. So just play around with this color wheel and you combine what will work best for you in your design. So let's try this. Little too bright. I'm thinking I'm more of a neon yellow for me. And just play with your color wheel. All right, I like that. So just add your color where you need it by deriving it. And now for the wings, I might do a light blue or like a minty Boolean. I'm not sure. Yes. Okay. What we're going to go a little brighter. You just have to play around with your colors. There we go. Now for the hearts, we're going to turn those red. And I'm going to add this color palette in this class as well, so that you guys can do the same color palette or you can play around on your own colors. But I'm going to make this into a color swatch palette for you guys so that you can use them as well. To help you with creating your bumblebee. Chlorophyll these hearts. Oh my gosh. I love this so much. He's such a happy bumblebee. So now we're going to make a new layer again. And we're going to turn reference off the line work layer. And we're going to add that blush circle here on this face. Some are going to find a color that will work. Just play around with color. Fill it in. Same process. Can move it around. Size it down and you need to super cute. I think I want this to be a little peachy or may be fair. I love that. Now for the wings, I want to add a little darker blue, blue-green student on the same layer, on the lines right here. Just to kinda give it a little interests, just draw it underneath the black line work there. It kind of gives it like a shadow effect in a way. Let's do the same thing here. Leak outside. Cute. Now, I think that looks good. I'm liking that. So now we have our bumblebee. I am so pleased with how he turned out, and I hope you had fun with this class and I can't wait to see what you create. Thank you for joining me. 5. Outro: Unless for joining me in this bumblebee drawing class, I hope you had fun and enjoyed it. And I can't wait to see what you create. Your class project is to draw your very own bumblebee following the steps from these videos. I'm excited to see what you create. Thank you for watching.