Draw In Krita and Blender 3D Part 1 - Building Your Hardware | Ahmed Anis | Skillshare

Draw In Krita and Blender 3D Part 1 - Building Your Hardware

Ahmed Anis

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9 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Gathering Your Hardware

    • Graphic Tablet Vs Mouse

    • Traditional Tablets

    • Computer Tablets

    • Mobile Device VS Desktop Tablet

    • Drawing Monitor + Conclusion

    • Bonus Video - Introduction to Pureref

    • Bonus Video 2 - Pureref Basic settings


About This Class

 Welcome you to my Draw In Krita and Blender3D course.

This equipment agnostic course is designed to teach you the core fundamental of digital arts from ground scratch.  

Part one which is the focus of this class will discuss the hardware section

I will walk you through extensive guidelines on building your graphic hardware, teaching you the main principles, by the end of this class you will gain the ability to make an informed decision by yourself on which equipment to invest. Its best to teach a man how to fish rather than giving him a fish…

In subsequent parts you will be exposed to Krita, an open source digital painting app that has been getting wide popularity notably for its natural feel drawing experience and having wide arrays of functionalities that is constantly evolving and being maintained on constant basis, using this painting app of choice we will get to know the fundamental of digital drawing regardless of your background, even if you were never involved in traditional art.

The full course agenda is outlined here





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