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Draw Fun and Simple Anime Mermaids

teacher avatar Emiline F, Cosplayer / Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Simple Sketch

    • 4. Starting Details

    • 5. Inking

    • 6. Coloring & Shading

    • 7. Goodbye & Thank You

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About This Class


Learn how to draw easy, anime-style mermaids with this simple, step-by-step class! I will be demonstrating several simple techniques which can be used in a variety of drawings, not just mermaids, including figure poses, Cel shading, color, faces and expressions, and so much more!

Meet Your Teacher

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Emiline F

Cosplayer / Artist


Hey there! My name’s Emiline, and I’m a cosplayer and artist who’s been creating Skillshare classes for several years now. I enjoy crafting new costumes and props, as well as always expanding my skills in drawing. I have different classes that focus on both cosplay and drawing, and I hope you’ll check them out! If you want to find more of my cosplay content online, my cosplay name across the web is Winterstar Cosplay.


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1. Intro: he's goes here in the line here and in this class, I'm going to be showing you in simple, easy to follow steps. How to draw in Enemy Mermaid You don't need a lot of previous experience, and this. If you fall along with videos, will take up less than half an hour of your day. You'll learn lots of important drawing skills that could be used in a variety of drawings, not just mermaids, including coloring, shading, motion lines, thinking body proportions and so much more. And I hope that you will choose to enroll in this class, so I will be able to see you in the following videos. 2. Supplies: okay, I'm just quickly going to go over the supplies, the only for this, which are actually fairly simple. First, of course, you'll need paper. I prefer to use a sketchbook because it holds the entire sheet still for you and just slightly thicker than normal printer paper. Next, you'll need pencils. I prefer to use a mechanical pencil, but any kind of normal graphite pencil will do just fine. Next thing you'll need is some kind of Pinned Inc gel pins work the best, and personally, I prefer Pig Mom icon, and this one is 10.8 thickness that you can use whatever kind of thinking pen you have on hand. Then you'll need an eraser, of course, for a racing your sketch lines later and a pencil sharpener in case some of your pencils get doled were broken. And, of course, color pencils. I like to use Prisma color brand because they blend together really well. But you can use anything from crazy art to Crayola to any kind of pencil that you have on hand. That just about covers supplies the only good for this class, and I would love it if you would continue on to the next video 3. Simple Sketch: When you start drawing, make sure the you simple shapes and you sketch slightly so that it could be easy to a race later. After you've drawn the circle, which will later representing mermaids head draw long curving line down the paper. This will represent your mermaid spine, and it's called the Line of Motion. A line of motion keeps everything centered around the point of your drawing. After you've drawn the line of motions, start drawing more simple shapes that will represent different parts of your Marais, including the neck shoulders, which can be drawn with simple circles. Use two lines that are beginning to draw. Underneath the shoulders will represent your mermaids arms, arms on the person to go up about a few inches past your thighs. But since it's a mermaid, it will go a little bit past their hips. Since we don't have legs and therefore do not have thighs, it's important to remember that when you're sketching, your sketch does not have to be exactly the same is mine. This is your creation, and you could make it however you like, I keep saying, will represent, because these shapes are not the final portions of your mermaid. Thes air simply guidelines to help you later, moving back to the actual drawing Your mermaids tales should be wider at the top and taper down to a thinner point at the bottom. Nothing to keep in mind is that for a person there, head to their hips is usually about same length as their legs. But for a mermaid, you should make their tail long, thin the rest of their body. Otherwise, your mermaid will appear stubby and short, which isn't what we want. Now we finish the most simple portion of the sketch, and I will see you in the next video. 4. Starting Details: good to see you come back anyway. Moving back to the drawing for this portion of the class, you will be finally doing some of the details of our mermaid, including giving them more to find a body portions. These parts of the sketch do not have to be perfect north. You press super hard for them, so that will be hard to erase. Later, you will be doing final lines. When you we move on to the inking stage later in the class, make sure that when you draw your arms, they do not curve midway through the bone because that is not something that normal human bodies dio and I've never seen one, but I'm fairly certain mermaid bodies don't do it either. Keep your bone lines straight. Now we're starting on the hands. Hands could be tricky because they're so small and have so many different details. But I should be able to walk you through it. Start with two small circles representing the wrists and the palm's, then due to smaller lines sticking out of them, which will represent thumbs because of the angle of the arm of the hands, that thumbs will be sticking out not in and dropped to a small triangles representing the tips of where the fingers will go. These simple, lightly drawn guidelines to help you keep your drawing more oriented Once you've finished the preliminary sketch, what you need to next is draw three thin lines for the places in between the fingers us. The fingers are pressed together. You do not need to draw more than that. If you make any mistakes, don't hesitate to erase them like I'm doing here. Because apparently midway through this drawing, I decided that the hands would be facing the opposite direction than I thought so was. Some should be pointing inward unless you want remembered hands to be palm up. It depends on what you want to draw. Moving on from that slight error, we will start drawing the mermaids chest line, which should taper in slightly towards the middle and wide begin to get to the top of her tail. Most mermaids have ornamentation or fends of some kind at the bottom of their tail, and for this girl, I've decided to just do a simple pair of fins, but you can choose to do whatever you want. Now I'm just going through adding more details, including finalizing their face shape, which is not, as some people would draw people a circle but more elongated egg shape. Now we're going to be drawing their hair, which would not lie flat across her shoulders. Is if she was standing above the water because she happens to be underwater. So we're hair will be flowing around her to indicate motion. No need to draw a few more details, such as the outfit she's wearing, which will be just a simple wrap of cloth around her chest. I really do apologize for the fact that this portion of the video is somewhat blurry. Don't worry, it will go back to being or in focus soon after making sure all different portions of the mermaid er as you want them, we can move on to the face thes two lines that I'm drawing across the face are not finalized in any way. They are simply guidelines that will show me where to draw later. I'm not going to be talking much for this next part as it's just somewhat personal preference as you decide how you want your mermaid's hair to flow and what details you want to add to her clothing and tail as well as any jewelry, you may want to draw her wearing again. Sorry, that's getting so blurry. Just tried toe. Look around that fact. Wow. Okay, Yeah, just ignore it and Ah, move on to finalizing the hair that's going around your mommy's face, which will not be slipped back on her head, though I suppose you could if you wanted to, but it will be parted to the side and sort of flowing around the rest of her face as we finalized the details on her hair and the rest of as you can see. Or maybe you can't because it's so blurry. I'm just adding small of circles around her neck, which will be later drawn in as a pearl necklace. I'm going to be doing the same around her. To risks to Adam were glamorous. Look to her for some mermaids. Their tail scales blend completely into their skin. But for this girl, I don't think I'm going to do that as it makes coloring more complicated, destroying a well, not sure exactly what to call it, but a separator between her skin and her scales to make clear lines of where you should draw colors. Whoa! Okay, now that we've finished also, the details of the mermaid won't need to do next is go through and erase the construction lines that we did in the very first video thin, slight lines that we no longer need. Now we're zooming in again to do the hardest part. In my opinion, her face. I'm sorry that this part is so blurry, but hopefully we'll be able to still walk you through it. Start out with her nose for a small pointed curve that will be pointing the direction that she's looking. Then draw to curving lines slightly above where the top for noses for her eyes and then darker circles that will represent our pupils. Since this is Anna Mae and for my style of artwork, I prefer to make their eyes larger. So it adds more attention and focus to them. A few things don't forget eyebrows. Do not forget eyelashes. That this is a girl were made and definitely do not forget their mouth. So that's one of the hardest part, son. Now that we've finished the sketch, we're just going I'm just going through with finishing up a few lines and correcting any mistakes I may have made during the earlier stages of the sketch. This part does not have to be perfect, but the more correct it is, the easier it will be on you when you start to think it. Which will be what's happening in the next video. Basically the most finished this guest standing a few bubbles had more character, but I will see you in the next video. 5. Inking: okay for inking. I skipped ahead because it took a long time. But when you ink, make sure that you go slow and careful with your gel pin and ensure that you don't accidentally smudge it with your hand. Keep it lifted above the paper and also give it time to let it dry. Something you can do to make sure that it's dried is tap your finger lightly and go straight up on parts where you think there may still be. What if your finger comes away black, then obviously need to wait longer after you ensured that all the ink has dried. Go over with your eraser and erase all of your sketch lines. See, I told you your sketches didn't need to be perfect course. Nothing really needs to be perfect. But they inclined for drawing are the more important part over the sketch. Which is why when you think you need to make sure you only go over the lines you want to keep. Do not go over, say, the circles that we used to draw her shoulders just to go over her final shoulder blades because we do not want those circles and part of our drawing after you finished erasing most of it. If you see any other small peddling to race, do that and then move on. It needs the next video, which will be coloring. 6. Coloring & Shading: Yeah, not comes under the funnest parts, which will be coloring you can choose. Do any colors gave you want, but for this one, I chose to do what her colors between shades of blue, turquoise and green, which go really well together when you're doing finder portions of coloring A, such as her skin, which can be more difficult as such small portions. Make sure you keep your pencils sharp to make it easier on yourself. When you start coloring, make sure you do it lightly so that if you make a mistake with color pencil, you can still erase it. Colored pencil is harder to embrace than graphite, but it is still possible if it is drawn lightly enough. If you feel you want to make your colors more saturated by pressing harder than you can go over it a second time, you can see I skipped ahead slightly in order to give you a culture of tutorial at the tail , which I'm going to making a shading two different colors. Starting with green. However, your light will be falling from do sort of scribbling portion of green near the top and middle of the tail, and after that shoes your next color, which in this case would be turquoise, which is slightly darker than the slight green of chosen, and then use that color toe edge the green. What you've done, make sure that you do it on both sides and that you do it then both lightly enough that they can blend easily. When I finished the tail, the overall effect will be more iridescent end, which can make it much more interesting than any flat color could do on its own. By nuclear that I'm doing is blue, which probably won't be able to be seen on the top part of the tale only on the back. The blue will be the darkest part of shadow, but we will still need to do additional shading over it later, as this is just the flat color on top of it, Do you see any portions that you feel? Should people ended more easily than go over with some of your other colors to ensure that the flowed together smoothly, you feel that's too dark as I did Then you can use your eraser to erase parts of the colored pencil to make it lighter, who spare you some of my pains of coloring. I am speeding this part up so that you can choose to make these colors whatever you want. I'm going to trust in your ability to gauge the color that I'm using. There is, in fact, green in the car, a music her hair is in fact, black. I usually prefer to do the hair color after the skin. Otherwise, when I do her face and shoulders, these skin color can sometimes blend with hair color, which is not something that we want because we don't want her skin to appear dirty. Okay, now we're going to be starting on shading something to remember when shading is that shadows for peach is not black, it is darker peach, and keep in mind is where your light is coming from. To make it easier for you, I've drawn a small pencil circle, which I can race later, which will represent the sun because of the nature in which I'm shaving this, the shadows will not be smooth and blended. As with the iridescent tale that we just did. They will have harder edges. This type of shading is called cells, shading with one else not to, and it is what most animate is drawn with. If you don't happen to have a separate pencil for shading, that's a darker shade, then the color that use for her skin. You can merely press harder with your skin color, and they will still at a shaded effect to it, though not a strongly as if you had a separate dark color. As we're moving onto the green portions off her, you switch to a dark green pencil as the shading for green would definitely not be peach shading on iridescent things or things that change. Color like her tail can be more difficult. But as the darker portion of her tail is blue, I've chosen to use and navy blue for shading. But over top of this navy blue, I will be doing some green just to ensure that the shadow appears smooth and consistent with the rest of the shading. - Now that we've finished with the shading of her tail, which is the most annoying part of the evening, I'd say we can move back to our green color pencil and use that with the shading of her tail. He even won. The light is coming from above, so the creases and folds of her fins will be darker. The shading can take a long time, and it is somewhat more personal preference deciding on where you decide to put your light . I'm going to speed this part up again just to make sure that my class doesn't take too long . They're so now it's sped up a little bit so they won't take his long. But it is still slow enough that you can discern what I'm able to dio the black. Since I don't have a dark black pencil, I just use black over top of her hair and just press harder to make it appear as this as if it's a different color. Entirely. Okay, until we finish shading, we've gone to a few other small things, such as erasing the sketch of the light source that you may or may not done, and then using maybe a blue color pencil to color in the bubbles, just to add a bit of attention, more attention to them than they had before. Now is the time to touch up a little bit of your coloring and use an eraser. If you went outside the lines at any point. Also is something. If you didn't do that before, is to make sure you add a signature. You're all because this is your drawing. So that is the completion of the drawing. What makes you join me in the final video? 7. Goodbye & Thank You: Thanks for coming. I really enjoyed having you in this school. Share class. Getting good at drawing takes years of practice. So if you're not happy with how your first attempt turned out or even your 2nd 1 just keep trying. I would love to see your drawing in the class project section. And I hope that you continue to practice your art and continue to get better. Because of course, practice makes perf. I really enjoyed teaching Miskell share class. And I hope that if I ever post another class that you will rejoin me as I continue to teach you more about drawing. But I still share Thanks for coming to my class.