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Draw Explore Part 1 with Claire Elsworth

teacher avatar Claire Elsworth, Wallpaper & Surface Pattern Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Draw Explore Part 1 - Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Loose Control - About the exercise

    • 4. What you need

    • 5. How to do it

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Go back to basics and discover a playful way to explore your own drawing practice with my Draw Explore series. Join me for for Part 1 as I explore a classic drawing exercise with a twist, to enable you to;

  • Free up and draw loose
  • Break down self imposed barriers of perfection
  • Encourage thinking outside the box
  • Having fun whilst drawing
  • Learn the value of doodling
  • Inspire your creativity
  • Draw freely and playfully in a safe unjudging place
  • Help work through periods of creative block
  • Help inform your own signature style over time

Who is this class for?

Anyone who loves to draw and wants to explore their drawing practice. You might be looking for ways to develop your signature drawing style, or feel like you are stuck in a drawing rut. Or you need some help to actually start drawing. Perhaps you are going through a period of creative block and can't see a way out yet? Maybe you've been working digitally and want to dip back into old school drawing for inspiration.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a newbie, or rediscovering your creative potential - you are all welcome here. And you know what? We all have something in common - we love to draw!

If you want to share your class project images to Instagram please use the following hashtag @claire.elsworth #drawexplorepart1loosecontrol so I can see your work and comment. I can’t wait to see what you create! 

Follow me on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/claire.elsworth/ 

If you would like your class project to feature on my blog http://www.claireelsworthdesign.com/blog in a future round up of students work please let me know in the comments below.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Claire Elsworth

Wallpaper & Surface Pattern Designer


Hi, thanks for taking the time to view my profile, I'm a wallpaper and surface pattern designer based in Derbyshire on the edge of the stunning Peak District in the UK. I've always been drawn to bold detailed patterns full of drama; as a child, I remember visually following where a pattern would travel to on wallpaper, carpets and curtains. This passion for analysing how patterns fit together to create a statement of beauty within an interior informs my ultimate goal of wallpaper design. 

 I love to draw and my process starts with detailed hand-drawn motifs which I work up into digital patterns in Illustrator. I strive to produce elegant and beautiful designs staying true to my own unique, opulent and intense style. My inspiration comes from man... See full profile

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1. Draw Explore Part 1 - Intro: way looking for ways to help develop your own signature style. Are you stuck in a bit of a drawing? Ruts? Maybe you've been working digitally for a very long time, and you quite like to dip back into a good old fashioned drawing to see where it will take you. Maybe you're going through a period of creative block on. You can't quite see a way out of that yet. Go back to basics with my first skill share class called drawer. Explore part one on. Explore your own drawing practice, inspire your creativity and think outside the box by exploring a classic during exercise twist. My name is Claire Ellsworth, and I'm a designer, and drawing is a huge part of what I do is something that I really passionate about, and I love to explore it. I love to immerse myself in drawing, and sometimes I just get lost for what was in it. Whether you're a seasoned professional or you be someone returning to their creativity, you're welcome here. We all have something in common. We love to draw 2. Class Project: your class project is to draw on, explore using skills learned in this class, See where it takes you create drawing. Remember to take photos off your work in progress on your end result. Post them in the project page. You could also attack me on instagram at claire dot ellsworth. Hashtag draw. Explore part one. Use control. There is no right or wrong with this. Keep an open mind guided by what you enjoy. It is your time to draw on explore in a safe and on judging place on a bubble. Have fun with it. Remember to take a picture on your phone off your work in progress on your end result. Share them in the project page to complete your class project. 3. Loose Control - About the exercise: welcome to loose control. A fun way to draw in a loose style, going to attach a paintbrush to a garden pain or a stick. And then we're gonna hold the end of the garden cane or stick on draw from a height. This way you will learn to draw loosely with the lack of direct control. So let's see where it takes. You create a drawing, please Remember, there's no right or wrong with this. Keep an open mind, be guided by what you enjoy. This is your time to draw and explore in a safe and on judging place and have fun with it. 4. What you need: printout. The pdf of Wolf Thing is what we'll need for this exercise. Now, we're gonna be painting with something long, so we need to have a jar of water now. Have chosen like a long, sort of bottle jar filled that with water. We need to get on these big, long paintbrushes into it. We're going to some paper, some big paper. If you haven't got big paper, you could always tapes May 4 paper together. I'm probably going to be used in this role off a long roll of paper. Or you could also use lining paper. We need a bit of newspaper. I'm just gonna put this on my desk in case I have any accidents you could also use, Like a plastic sheet or whatever you fancy. We've got some drawing ink here. Just normal drawing in on little dish to put it in for gods and kind. If you haven't got access to garden pains or sticks or things like that, you can always improvise with something like a selfie stick or perhaps a long ruler or even a wooden spoon. Need a selection of paintbrushes. So I've got some long ones. I've got some sort square ones and thin worms and fatter ones. Ondas paint If you want to use paint, I'm going to use ink today and Watson isn't tape on some scissors, and then I've got a little tray, which I usually rest my brushes in after I've used them. Just so I don't make a lot of mess everywhere. We need subfloor or plant inspiration, something that flows and grows. So something like a branch is ideal or flower on the long stem or some ivy anything you like, as long as you can get some good long brushstrokes going. 5. How to do it: So I got my pain, my paintbrush on teletype and scissors. What I'm gonna do now is attached the paintbrush to the kind. Okay, it's gonna put it round, so it's point secure. I'm gonna leave a little tap there so I can pay it off afterwards. Okay, This is our implement that we're gonna do some painting with. So now we have one paintbrush attached at one end. Andi, another paintbrush attached at the other end. So I've got my large piece of paper here, which is over my newspaper, Puff. I'm now gonna pull some of my drawing bank into this dish. That site. The reason I do this is because when we're gonna be using the brushes on the stick, it's gonna be quite hard to get that into the ink. Parts were to be a lot easier to get into this. I should also add having a little cloth or some kitchen roll on standby. Just in case you have an accident with the ink is also really, really helpful. Okay, so here we are. We've got our lovely branch here. I'm just having a look at it and just thinking What is it that makes it lovely and flowing . Now we're only gonna be drawing the outlines for this exercise. So we're going to explore this lovely branch. Okay, so I'm probably gonna move things around as I go on. Do. Um, yeah, I just see what happens. So we'll just drawn explore this lovely branch. Now, you might want to set this out on the floor so you can just stand the stick pointing down or you could do I'm doings. I've got it on a table and I'm now going to stand on a chair. So I'm from some height, so I'm gonna be holding stick brush for the hand quite loose like this. So we are. So we're just gonna bay during the outline. Let's have a little girl. Meaning so there straightaway. I've not got much control of this, which is really nice now, but hold it right near the end now, So it's really it's going to be really loose, so I'm just gonna go with the flow. Doesn't matter what happens or how fainted is. Now I'm gonna try the other end now, So I am going toe like this. Like the kitchen. Oh, so tonight, splatter the wall behind may think. Okay. Actually, this time I think I'm gonna turn it over and see. See what we can see on the back. Always let the box of things like that. Uh, so this is a nice little warm up, Really? So I'm just getting getting used to this, and you can see that I've definitely got less control losing control, and I'm gonna try and be a little bit looser with it on. Just see if I can get some more sort of flowing shapes going. I do really like the shape. So I'm gonna try. We think brush now, I e I just felt like I wanted to put a bit of color. I had no idea that this simple branch of leaves would lead to something like this. I hope you enjoy that exercise. And I'd love to see where it leads you. Try one now with a pencil just to see what happens. Now, this is a three b pencil, so I need something quite dark. So what if you could see it? Let's see what happens on here We are. I really like this. Think I'm gonna have to put this in a pattern I really like the way it's really loose and sort of fluid. Feels like it's all growing and moving in the wind or something. It's very different how I normally drawing original quite tight in very detailed. So this is this has felt really freeing To do this. I hope you have a girl is too. 6. Final Thoughts: Thank you for taking my class. I hope you enjoyed it And I can't wait to see where it takes you. All feedback is most welcome. Especially on how I can prove my glasses. Don't forget to follow me here on skill share to leave a review, Join me again. Sing my next class Draw Explore hearty If you like your work to be featured on my block in future showcase of students work Please let me know in the comments below If you want to share your work to Instagram please used following hashtag at Claire. Doctor Ellsworth Hashtag Draw Explore Part one News Control I want to see more of my work. Check out my instagram. Thank you. See you see?