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Draw Better: Ways to Generate Your Creative Ideas Easily

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Replacement

    • 3. Combination

    • 4. Violation

    • 5. Inner Space

    • 6. Function Change

    • 7. Personification

    • 8. Final

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About This Class


This course is about to share some simple tips that can make your artwork more creative.

Whether you are a beginner or working on being professional, I am trying to cover all the useful tips that help.

Many example artworks are used to make these tips easy to understand and implement.

You can apply these tips to both hand drawings and computer graphics. So you can benefit from them whether what art medium you choose.

It will be fun to explore these tips in your paintings or drawings.
Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Intro: I am these courses to share. Simple tips I think can help you work more creative. But you are picking working out. I'm trying to cover older, useful. Many gentle artworks are used to make me Keeps me to understand you can apply to both Enjoy computer graphics so you can our I believe courses fighting tips to your work you can use least keep on your past hooks in you or you can start a new idea. I encourage you to share. You are to work out. It will be found his blow, these ideas, your tendons and joints. Let's get started. 2. Replacement: replacement. We can replace some part off object by another object to make it more creative. That's a look. At at least example, the leaders in the wings are replaced by with the meals in different sizes. The feeders on the body are replaced by wins, and the stars in this guy are replaced by flowers. These replacements provide a fresh way to do get the existing objects for the above example , the bird that looks more spatial. Sometimes a replacement can also provide a new meaning. Let's located starting resembles. In this picture, an elephant is writing a bite. The tires of least bike are replaced. The pie flowers into represents that this elephant, the spread heaviness wherever he goes. Another example is that this bird count is handcuffed. Are the crows the balls? He throws it, replaced by moons in Deven the faces. That means he takes it easy on the ups and downs in life. The crows is also replaced, a pilot clap symbol in poker, which means he doesn't take the adversity very serious. He can see the bright side of it. In this example, the rain off feeders is falling. They are to Birdman with no wings holding. I'm great us in their hands. When Birdman closes his umbrella into the other one opens his umbrella. They have the brand attitudes above these rent. The rain drops are replaced by feeders. The rain means like difficulty in life, but the sometimes difficult in life can make you improve. The feeders gathered together can become greens and bring you to this die. The abilities M post are how we use the method of replacement. Sometimes we can has it by double replacement. Let's locate. In this example, it is a music packs with cock look. The talks come in, replaced by a spade a single and the rest based in, though, is further replaced by a wind up key. There is a two stage replacements happened. These also topple replacement happened on the Cox body. The Kochs bodies, replaced by music packs with little birds, sing in sight, and the music is a further replaced fight in Alliance Seed, which means the song Off Freedom, the irritable replacement we can make our after working more creative look 3. Combination: combination. We can come by different, attractive objects into one to make our at work more creative. Let's look at the V's example. There is the biggest strawberry cake in these pictures. I noticed that the cream on the cake is colorful cake in an attractive object for some people colorful. Our projects are also traced. It objects to most people. We combine these two in the resulting your colorful heat. This combination makes these artworks more creative and attractive. Let's look at the least example. There is an animal hugging a flying bird of flying bird eating attractive object. For some people, the heart is also attractive element to most people. These two are used together in these artwork, and the make least other work more attractive. In this example, there is a music box with a cock look. The spade symbol is an element. Off came. Kim is attractive to many people, and the music is also an attractive element. They combined together and the resulting or more creative art world in this picture. Then the lion seeds spread out with flying birds of Lineburg is an attractive object for some people. Then the lion seats are also attractive to many people. They together, we present hobo freedom in these artwork of factors. Watering colorful roses loses our objective to most people. Colorful objects are also attractive objects to many people. They are combined together and make these artwork creative in their attractive. So by using the method of combination, we have make our at work more attractive. 4. Violation: violation, we can violate it. Some common sense is to make our adult more creative. They are three types. Common sense is can make most impact when we violate them, which are size, color and the gravity. Let's look at some examples about the violation in size. Okay, it is usually smaller lingo Kate, but in this picture they are in the reversed condition. Now Katie is larger than the Kate. The part of flying is definitely really small, little and fax in our daily life. But in these artwork, it didn't join in much bigger size than the facts in these artwork. They are to size violations. Why is the men face in logical in the working trees? The other is the building, which is machismo older than the trees. We can see some of them books about the violent in college in next few pages. In this picture, the lives off tree arguing with black other and the tree trunks are great, which violated the common says. The color of water in this picture is multi car. In the reflection has Steven Carter found that bird, they are all of Congress in situations. This is located starting December close a bottle of violation gravity. The character Angela, center of this picture is floating in the air. He has no wing, so it violated wolf gravity. In this picture, the feeders off lying in your circle feeders in the air usually float down due to low gravity and the no wind blows in secular way. So it is an uncommon situation. Viable examples. We can understand how to apply the method off violation to our adult. 5. Inner Space: in a space. We can depict the space inside an object to make our at work more creative. Let's locate a least example. They are stable row buildings. In this picture. The people behind the windows are depicted. You make us know more about leased buildings. Let's look another exam home. They are several animals played a row off gears. We are some cracks in the background. They lead us, can pick some years behind the background, and the makers imagine the world behind it. Let's located this example The sound robots coming out the front of hope. Let us imagine evil A Are some robot factory inside it. In this picture, there is a music packs with a cock rukh. The picture inside a little music backs is depicted. It is a smoke per to seeing inside. It represents the inner child inside that cox heart. Let's locate another example. Larry the bird with clouds coming out from its body, which Regence the big sky. He can remember in this picture, amazed drinking a cup of coffee, flowers, blows and out of his hate. He had habian the relaxing by above examples. We can understand how to depict the inner space off an object to make it more creative 6. Function Change: function change. We can change the function of an object to make our after work more creative. That's located Lee. See them pull. There's a Birdman sitting on a chair, he holder feeder in his hand and the play music through Read the feeder P tongues, an instrument like a G har. The function of this Veeder is changed in this way. Let's locate another example they are in old and the sound flower. In these pictures, some clouds fly out of that oath body. There's some flowers in towns, the song and the interacts with lead clouds. In this picture, they are an elephant in the other animals, these animals being hung gears and the work together. Larry's additional function applied it to lease animals, which is playing the role off keel. Another example in this picture is an hourglass. The water drops in the hourglass become patterns where it is falling. The function of water drop is changed in this way. In this example, we can see of happy walking The dog. Roper is held by someone in this picture. It's Poppy represents the task, which is leading a night forward, having a look with the poppies relaxing and it is how I feel about the task. So I related at least two things together, badly above it. To them bows, we can understand how to change the function off an object to make our at work more creative. 7. Personification: prison of education. We came making nonhuman object a like a human to make our work more creative. Now human objects can be divided into two categories. Creatures in a non creatures. Let's locate sound examples about creatures in this picture. The facts and the frocks are playing water. Together. They hold US women competition in a heart scream. They act like humans in these artwork, but before we can understand layer emotions more in these artwork and elephant is riding a bike, the action of writing be those two human. In this picture, Atocha is holding your folk. A cat is standing light of human Leo Personal fight. Let's locate the sound examples about non creatures. The shadow off least lion has his own emotion. He refuses to enter the deepest part in the forest battle a lying want to go further In this picture, the night becomes the human. He holds little group and I have a work with Poppy. The hourglass in this picture is drawing with face in the lakes. They are the characteristics of a human. By above examples, we can understand how to use personification toe, make our at work more creative 8. Final: thank you for attending this class. The project is applying some of these methods to your audible in the suburb. Meat eat. You can also share your personal pages such as Facebook pages. Well, I will be very grateful if you can leave your review to me and feel free to ask any questions. See you next time.