Draw Better: Make Your Lines and Shapes More Attractive

Charles Yang, Artist

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10 Videos (20m)
    • Intro

    • Smooth your curves

    • Make curves more attractive

    • Organize lines

    • Add attractive detail

    • Refine outline

    • Use symbol wisely

    • Notice the negative space

    • Organize shapes

    • Final


About This Class


This course is about to share some simple tips about lines and shapes that can make your artwork more attractive.

Whether you are a beginner or working on being professional, I am trying to cover all the useful tips that help.

Many example artworks are used to make these tips easy to understand and implement.

You can apply these tips to both hand drawings and computer graphics. So you can benefit from them whether what art medium you choose.

It will be fun to explore these tips in your paintings or drawings.
Let's get started!

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Simple reflections on how to improve your artwork can be applied immediately.
This is the second time I took a class by Charles and I am a fan. His tips are so simple, but the impact of them is huge. He shows everything on the basis of his own fabulous artwork. It is like getting secret keys to enter his work, but also to improve my own. Thanks, Charles!
Lucy Lambriex

Photo & video teacher for the camera shy

Interesting information that I had previously never considered.





Charles Yang


"Art is a game about finding interesting rules!"

Discovery your style. Draw in your own way.

Set free your imagination, and let it take you to anywhere.

Hi I am Charles, an artist from Taiwan. I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

I am originally a software engineer but now an artist/freelancer. I started from zero, so I am very familiar with every p...

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