Draw A Self-Portrait in Graphite

Selina Shapland, Art, Writing, Creativity

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10 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Self Portrait Intro 1

    • 2. Self Portrait Art Supplies 2

    • 3. Face Proportions 3

    • 4. Sketching the face 4

    • 5. Shading Eyes 5

    • 6. Shading Nose & Mouth 6

    • 7. 2B Shadows Face & Hair 7

    • 8. 6B Shadows Face & Hair 8

    • 9. Finishing the Self Portrait 9

    • 10. SP Wrap up and Project 10


About This Class

Take a photo of yourself and learn to draw a self-portrait using graphite pencils. 

This class will show you how I have approached drawing my own self-portrait and the way I approach using light and shade to build up the features of the face. In this class you will learn:

  • The to see the line that the eyes sit on
  • The skull, hair line, nose and mouth approximate areas
  • How to build up eyes that look realistic by using shading and leaving white space for highlights and no longer relying on lines to define the lower eyes
  • How to see light and shadow on the face so you can draw your own self-portrait
  • Have fun following along (if you want to use my photo) or be inspired to draw and shade you own self-portrait without worrying about achieving an exact likeness.

I encourage you to take a face front photo in good sunlight that will give you a sense of light and shadow on your features.

If you're too shy to do your own portrait, then ask a friend to be your model. Choose a friend who doesn't mind if you do not get an exact likeness as this class is all about developing the skill of seeing what is in front of you and rendering it on paper.