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11 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • Why Make Comics?

    • A Brief History of Diary Comics

    • Supplies

    • Pick Your Moments

    • Developing Style

    • Find Your Frames

    • Draw Some Lines

    • Thoughts on Words

    • Make it Flow

    • Share Your Work!

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About This Class

If you love to draw and tell stories, a diary comic is a great way to use your art skills to reflect on daily life. With a few basic steps and a little structure, you'll be on your way to creating comics about the otherwise lost moments in your day to day.

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Short and sweet! This is a good lesson on breaking things down into the basics, which is in essence all one needs to get started creating any type of artwork.
Samantha Griggs

Sarcasm is my weapon of choice

Quick and to the point class, though I think it's easier to follow if you have some background in comics or visual storytelling. That said, it provides a great basic and introduces an interesting way to use comics. I want to try it out at once.
Great class and good tips for beginners!





Ira Marcks

Illustrator and Cartoonist


Hello there! My name's Ira. I'm a cartoonist living in Upstate NY with my wife, dog, two cats and lots of books. In my classes, I explore creativity through cool topics like drawing, concept art, character design, world building, ink style, color schemes, comics, cartooning, storytelling, and lots-lots-lots more.

Follow my art/classes on Instagram and get weekly inspiration from my Newsletter.

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