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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Draw a Cartoon Cat with Markers!

    • 2. PROJECT to Cartoon Cat

    • 3. Supplies for Draw A Cartoon Cat

    • 4. Let's draw a Cartoon Cat in Markers!

    • 5. Conclusion + Thank You!

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About This Class

Hi parents and kids!

In this class you find a colorful and fun class for your child to help them discover the fun of art.

This  Fun and Easy Cat Marker Drawing and Marker Art Project was created with beginner in mind and is perfect for children. It is meant tap into your children's creativity and aims to make art fun and enjoyable for them. 

There are only two steps to this art class:

Step 1: Draw and Outline the Cat out with a Sharpie or Black marker

Step 2: Fill in the Outline you drew with markers!

This method is in steps and our goal is to teach your child to master their art skills and love artwork more and more... The idea behind the process it to show children how to place their shapes and connect the lines in this drawing in order to complete a small image.

We will start off by gathering our supplies needed for our image. Then, we move on to the drawing and outlining of our image. Finally, the last step will be filling in our shapes and image we created beforehand.

Supplies needed:

Sharpie Black marker (or Black Marker you have on hand)

5 or 6 different color marker.

Large sheet of paper meant for ink or marker

Thank you for joining my class today and I hope you enjoy making this fun cat with me!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nora Connolly

Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher


About Me:    Hello, and welcome, I'm Nora. I'm an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer + Artist. I studied at Columbia University and obtained a Masters. My thesis was on "MURAL ART: FAD OR ART?"  I decided after a number of years of work as a French Translator to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology to learn digital design.  I also speak French fluently and have lived in Paris, France.  I am native New Yorker and still live in NYC presently with my husband and two kitties!   I have written and illustrated three Children's books so far.  I love art and what I do!  This is the best feeling in the world and would like to share that creativity with everyone.

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1. Draw a Cartoon Cat with Markers!: Hi everyone. My name is Nora commonly from pixie art studio. And in this skill sure. Class, I'm going to teach you how to draw a cute, fun and adorable cartoon cat with marketers. The goal of this class is to teach you how to draw this boxy squarish cartoon cat. So last grammar markers and draw our cartoon cats. 2. PROJECT to Cartoon Cat: My goal is for you to be able to draw your own cartoon animal, or the cartoon cat that I show you how to draw in this class and use the markers on paper. When you are done, feel free to attach the cat or whatever animal you've created in your project to the description in the gallery section on projects. I would really love to see what you've created and can't wait. 3. Supplies for Draw A Cartoon Cat: Hi everybody. We're gonna draw this cartoon cat. And I think he's cute. Kind of looks like a little fox, but he's actually a cat. So the reason why I drew this cat is because I want to draw a cartoon figure with all of you. And I want to go over some of the supplies to make this cat. I picked a sharpie marker because they're easy to draw with and they're usually, well mines kinda dull, but they usually have a nice sharp point. It's easy to make a definition on a piece of paper. And then a pixel, a bunch of colors, hair to use on the paper. And these colors are markers. I'm sure some of you have different colors, but that's fine. You can draw whatever colors you want or you could follow the layout that I made to get this cat. And we're gonna go over how to outline the cat and draw the cat. And then we're going to fill it in with the markers. And I hope you will enjoy this class with me today. And some of the supplies that I've used are markers that I bought online. And they're very they're pretty good actually. There are two different brands. One is fine color and the others touched knew. And they come with two types of Ns. One is like more of a chunky end and the other end is more of a fine tip. So as you see here, they're all like that. This one as well. It's the same type of marker and they work in the same way. You would use the thicker end, which would be this end to fill in b6 to cover big surfaces. And then you would use the more fine end to render more going, more tight spaces. So that's really one of the reasons why there like that. So sometimes people use markers for advertising, but we're just going to use them because we like to render our own creations. And that's what we're gonna do with today. And those are all of our supplies needed. One other thing that I didn't go over is some time usually I take a piece of paper that I've either discarded or don't use anymore. And I will take it and I will test out my markers to see if they still have Inc, and to show whether or not they work and whether or not I liked the color and whether or not a or not I want to use that color on the surface that I'm going to use. Now my red marker bear with me is running a little bit low. And so maybe I'm I interchange it with another marker that's red. But so far these are the colors that I've picked out. And they're relatively easy to use as you can see. And I will go through the other two that are left y naught. This is a very bright magenta and there's just some yellow leftover. And you can see the difference of the way the, the tips on the marker works. One is for bigger surfaces and the other is for smaller surfaces. And the other thing that I didn't go over in the supplies is the type of paper that I'm using. So I'm just using a regular Strathmore Bristol. It's a smooth surface and like it says here, its heavyweight. And it's good for pen and ink because it absorbs the ink. So that is the reason why I'm using this type of paper. 4. Let's draw a Cartoon Cat in Markers!: Hi everybody. So in order to draw our cat, we're going to draw him in a couple of pieces, a couple of parts. So he has a type of squarish head and there's points on his ears. So we're gonna do that. And then we're going to make a long line across the paper. And we're going to draw the other point. And we're going to go down. And then you see it's kind of boxy for his head. So we're going to draw his neck afterwards. And the first thing that we're going to place in his ears are little, little slits for his inner ear so he can hear everybody and hear what's going on around him. Then we're gonna put the nodes in the center. And then the eye's going to big eyes, big round circular eyes. And then we're going to have him looking up because he's looking up at what the hearts that we're going to create. And those are his pupils were going to fill those in, in black. And then we're going to draw a happy smiley face because he's happy. And to draw his body, we just have to draw a loan square type t-shirt. And then we're going to make sure that we draw his arms as well. So as arms or up. We draw three little pause. And then down. And then we draw the other arm gets also going up towards the hearts that we're gonna place up there afterwards. And when arms a little bigger than the other. But that's okay. He's not supposed to be symmetrical. He's supposed to be a cartoon figure. So he has a little bit of like a little bit of differences in different pieces of his body. If you want, you can draw with a ruler, but cartoon figures are meant to be slightly irregular on either side. Then for his body, we're going to draw his body with pointed feet. And then the base of his body. And then another point at phi. And then we're going to draw him to connect to the square T-shirt that we drew. So for his tail, we can, we, we'd want draw it on this side because he's looking up at the hearts on this way. So it's more this way we're going to put a wavy tail. And then we're going to make it the ends kind of Ferrari and funny-looking. And then we're gonna draw us tell big and furry as well. And to make it more easy to define the different parts of his body, we draw zigzag across to define that this is way and this is going to be colored in. So we're going to add the color now after we draw the hearts. So we're going to draw one heart above him, above his head. And then one heart to the side, and then another side, another heart off to the side as well. So that is the actual outline of the cap. So the next thing we're going to do is take our color. We're gonna fill in the red. And we're gonna use this side because we want to cover a lot of surface quickly. And if you have trouble with the edges, then you'd flip the color, the, the marker to the other side. And by that, I mean, if you're at the edges and you overlap, for instance, a little bit, that's okay because we're gonna go over that with another color. So you can do this to outline the where you want to place the other color on the inside, the thicker part of the marker. And there you go. You have the cat. Now, we are going to the cats. There you have the cat's sleeves. So for the t-shirt, we're gonna pick a marker that's, you know, relatively dark like this, bluish color, blue-green. It's more of a green. And we're gonna make one line on the outside of each part of the t-shirt. And we're also going to make one line on the top part of the shirt and another line at the base of the shirt. So that fills in the square. And instead of making it one color, we're gonna use some lines to make the cat have like a stripe. So in the striped T-shirt, we're gonna fill in different colors. So some of the cars we're going to fill in are the yellow. So I'm gonna use my yellow marker for one of the stripes and then skip one, and then use the yellow marker again. And then I can use either here or here. So I'm gonna skip another one here and put some yellow. And then in the center I'm going to use my red marker again and go in some of the lines that I left my wife with my red marker. Now, as you can see, my red marker doesn't want to cooperate because it's running out of ink. But that's okay. I want to use it. So I'm going to finish that. And then what we're gonna do now that the T-shirt is filled out. We're going to use the brown color. And this brown color may be a little darker than what I had previously. So I'm just going to test it out. And I was actually using the other Brown marker. And I want them to be similar to the way he was on the other example. So what we're gonna do is go and outline our cat o bit. So this is one way to do it so that you don't go outside of the lines. But then when you get to the end and you wanna make a marking, you just leave a little circular mark at the end so that he looks like he has toes are little boots on his toes. And we do the same thing on the other side. Fill in whatever you can. And then this gets colored in. And the rest is just to colour this part in. So you're gonna do something similar with his paws as you did to his feet and the paws on his hands. You're gonna make a little edge and then you're just going to fill in on the other part. So we're going to do the same thing here. And we're just gonna use our marker again to fill in the other part of his arm. Two, that's two. And now for His face, we're going to use this like this. I'm gonna make a circular motion. And then we're going to fill in all the rest that's in here in brown. So I use it a lighter tarp marker here and light brown because I want the Black to show through. And that way it's easier to see the cat's face where it begins and it ends. So this is one side to the other side. And you should always be careful when you put your hand on top of the ink because these things are pretty good, they don't run too much. But if you're that type that you have may run on your paper, just be careful because you might smudge it. But this tip paper holds the ink really, really well because it's for pen and ink, this paper. So that's why I like using it with my markers. And that's why there are different types of papers, for instance, for graphite or for charcoal. Even when you're sketching or when you're actually doing something alike, what would you, what would you else would you do? You would do pastels. So now we do the tail. And that is the last part of the cab. And I'm not going to fill in the tip part of his tail because I want that to be white. So then there's just a few more things to do on this cat. And then we should be moving along to the hearts that are above him. And I'm going to show you a little tricks. So, and you can see that's the cat. Looks very happy. And for the hearts, I decided that I wanted to make mine in magenta to be a little different. We always make hearts and read usually. But magentas is just a nice, vibrant color, especially this one, it's a very bright color. So I pick this color and I just wanted to tell you something. One of my favorite artists that does these types of drew, a cartoon type of wave is I keep hearing and I'm pretty sure you've probably heard of him and probably some of his art. You've probably seen some of his art. And one of the things he used to do with images is, for instance, a heart. He would take it and he would draw thick black lines to draw it out. But then he would take the image and make it move. And the way you would make it move is by drawing these types of quotes on up the cartoon image. So I take my black marker and I'll show you he used to draw like this way when the heart is moving, it's like it's vibrating. And then if you do it this way, the hardest still moving and vibrating. So you can do that and make the heart look like it's alive. And just what's left of this design is you could put your name on the side and you could put the year. So for the year or 221. And there you have it. We have a nice image of a cat and unusual looking cat with a bunch of hearts. And very happy. Thank you for joining me for today's lesson, and I appreciate you follow me in this class. 5. Conclusion + Thank You!: I just want to thank you all for taking this class with me. And I hope to see your projects in the description. Feel free to join me for another one of my classes on how to draw markers. Thank you so much. Take care.