Dramatizing Conflicting Emotions and Values

Barbara Vance, Author, Illustrator

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10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. Planning Internal Conflict: Three Questions

    • 3. Expressing Emotional and Value Conflicts

    • 4. Structural Ways to Show Internal Conflicti

    • 5. Creating Consistent, but Conflicted Characters

    • 6. Conflict Over Several Scenes Making Each Scene Unique

    • 7. Conflict Over Several Scenes: Values Ping Pong

    • 8. Conflict in One Scene

    • 9. Value Conflict via Exposition

    • 10. Final Thoughts and Class Project


Project Description

For this class project, you are going to write a scene or a series of scenes that demonstrate a character dealing with a conflict of emotions. This will involve three parts. I *highly* recommend working through the project! It solidifies the concepts in ways that merely listening to the videos will not. Looking forward to reading what you write!

Part One:

Answer the following about your protagonist:

  1. What two values or desires are in conflict for him in this story or scene?
    1. Choose values with characteristics you want to reveal/develop for the reader
  2. Which value is going to “win”?
  3. What is his attitude toward each of these conflicting emotions?

Part Two:

Think about how you are going to dramatize this. Which of the following will you employ?

  • Actions
  • Thoughts
  • Dialogue
  • Backstory
  • Emotion

Part Three:

Write either:

  1. Two separate scenes that demonstrate the emotional conflict of your character
  2. One scene that demonstrates the emotional conflict
  3. Expository paragraph that conveys the emotional conflict.

Make sure you employ several means of dramatization for each of your two conflicting emotions.

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