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Dramatic Landscapes - Learn these 2 paintings using Watercolors

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Art supplies needed!

    • 3. Colors and compostion

    • 4. Class project #1 - painting background

    • 5. Class project #1 - Painting light and shadows shadows

    • 6. Class project #1- Painting trees

    • 7. Class project #1 - Final touches

    • 8. Project #2 Compostion

    • 9. Class project #2 -Painting background

    • 10. Class project #2 - Painting layers

    • 11. Class project #2 Painting trees and final touches

    • 12. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to my class on painting Dramatic landscapes. You will learn to paint two beautiful paintings using watercolors. The first one is a painting which focuses on learning lights and shadows and, the second one is painting riverside view with beautiful Birch trees. 

I will explain each and every step right from supplies to the finished paintings. I have covered all the techniques and have given the idea about the composition to make painting easier for you guys. This is a real-time painting tutorial.

I hope you will like this class, have a fun learning session. Good luck

Happy painting. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class: Hello. Welcome to my skin share class on painting dramatic landscapes using watercolors. I'm Shannon, a watercolor and actually Carter's from bangle or in the office. In this class, you will learn to paint, too. Dramatic landscapes using watercolors. I'll be teaching you how to paint these two paintings with simple techniques. We will be discussing the composition off the pain. Things were better understanding of the subjects. Then we will go to the colors required in the first painting. We will learn to paint light and shadows. Believe me, it is really simple once you learn the techniques, The second painting is a riverside view with bush trees. He already learned to paint this beautiful view on, and I will share some tips and tricks to paint the bush trees. I'll also talk about the supplies required to get started with the class. So, without any further delay, let's dive into our for the chapters 2. Art supplies needed! : All right. Well, first go through all the art supplies required for our class. The papers that I will use. Lana. So this is a watercolor block size 83 which consist of trained issues. All really would want you from this block. Now I divide this sheet into two house on. Use it for two paintings. I folded them equally using. So, as you can see, I have to people's eyes. So this particle paper is off really high quality. So I have used many times, and I really it's almost well into artists. It is. 100 was in court in paper, acid free on goal dressed. So make sure you use 100 wasn't quarter people for this painting. Then for the techniques you can use any particular people's I'm using Chitra put and now come into brushes. We have three brushes. The all in from Princeton. Last sites more brush. Nah. Agency leased off size for then medium size brush outside eight natural cities again. Detailer brush off size four from Princeton. Well, a touch Then let us have a look at the colors that we will be using. We've seen blue from parents palate you can use in the go on an alternating for this color , then rolls and crimson from based on dreams palette off art lost vehicle, one double black, a local. Our watercolor tubes from Art Philosophy Co. Payne's Gray from camel watercolors. This is an Indian brand, so you can go in any brand that you have. Then we will need $2 off water for cleaning our brushes. One for printing the gallows on data one for the plain water, so you need to maintain X separately on. One more thing is phylum Ghajar upto three fort off its quality so that you can swirl. Your brush is easily swirling. The brushes makes your the colors are completely removed from the bench, and you don't even have toe touched the bottom off the job. Then we need a masking tape to tape all the four sides of paper and some tissue papers for wiping the extra water on colors. That's all about supplies. We really want one mixed after 3. Colors and compostion: before starting our painting, let us have a look at the colors used on. We'll also see the composition of the building. Introduce class. We will be using the fellows Khloe's Pain screen on black, So let us west these colors one by one and see a stolen range. So take more pains on a little water to get the car consistency. I'm for the diluted consistency. You need to add more water. I I've less paint the top. Arrange our value, Ihsan. It's tick off consistency. The middle in its medium. Consistency on the bottom is in its diluted consistency. I will repeat the same with paint way on black. Now we're talking about the composition off, painting the shape of your painting. Our paper. It's rectangle on the inundation is portrayed, so I'll draw quick diagram. Life is coming from the upward part towards the other side, so the light diverges from the top of the book. You need to imagine this view before painting. The other two sides are doctor. Imagine it to be covered with trees. On. It is dent like is barely falling on the corners, so it is dark on. It is after you you're free to art or remove any animals from the painting, and you could also paint with colors off your jobs. There is no restriction to use the specific colors. You can drive no green and orange. It's totally up to you. 4. Class project #1 - painting background: All right, let us begin our first painting. So I have paid down all the foresight using a masking tape. Then I have a ceramic palette for mixing the colors. I'll be taking a small amount off. They integrate, and I will use the rules color in this palette. I'm mixing it well with the water on making it a medium consistency. Pains. Okay. Like this. First off, all I will mentor, sir. Face off the people generously using up more brush. Apply even got off water throughout the paper. No, everybody's for leave it on the surface. I would load my brush with rules color and applied in this way. No, Like the raisin falling from the top to the bottom. We'll apply it in this manner. Make sure all the day's convergence at one point that is the top right part off the people . You can do it a different angle as well. Like from the middle part, Toto. All the left side to the bottom. To the right bottom. You can choose any angle, but technique is important. It is more restriction impending. This Let yourself three on. Do as you wish. I know that I am leaving some gapping between these pink lines to the bigger, brighter sun rays. If it all you applied the pains on whole area, you can still fix it by lifting the pains using goddamn brush for doing on this exercise. The paper needs to be back. Once you have been doing the pink color, you need to let this try completely, like, for some time on, then wanted the next Leo. I'm leaving it for 5 to 7 minutes. Are you can even use a blow dryer now I'll check for this. Dryness. Yes, This is trade. Okay, let's move on to our second Leo. We repaint using why? Don't read technique. So we need the paper. We wait to apply the paint. Now apply even court off water by gently swift in your brush on the people do not apply more pressure. So do it very gently. When What If you're applying more pressure, then the brush will tend to live the paint. So do it gently. No will mix the paints clay with water to make it medium consistency. More your brush with this pain and apply it like this place from top to bottom or bottom, leaving some spaces. So we have been doing that is so you know, toe, be careful with the direction that you all the race should meet at one point and make sure to leave the spaces in between to depict the light and shadows. So when you have light is the colors my bloom Well, so you need to have a tissue handing so that you can live the paintings leave whenever or wherever required. I really love this combination. And I already told you can use any other cardinals off your joys. It's totally up to you. I chose this rules and being today and also to give the depth of our Garrido. I'll be adding black color big, quick, well being dungarees. What else? You not get the desired results into people raise. Then you might get bad smarts off stains. Now my base layer is done. I still have to make it darker. So what I'm gonna do is I'm applying darker consistency pain on the race to depict the darker sidles since I'm using 100 was in court on paper between stay red for longer duration. If your paper has dried and some places are if it is not 100% quarter on paper. Then I would suggest you toe let it dry completely and then go on with another layer using my town where take me, just be confident by painting. There's always another chance, another vetoed work. OK, I'm being think this on. Make sure to leave this white spaces. Try to achieve it naturally. If not, you can use live pink technique using damn English. You really need to make with why painting the background What the colors are. A tricky medium in water colors, the colors dry like in the next chapter will be the next layers off Payne's gray and Rose to make a painting my break. 5. Class project #1 - Painting light and shadows shadows: as I already mentioned are your about the layering. We will achieve it by using, but on my technique. So in district me, I'll first where the surface of the paper by applying even goat off. Clearwater. So when you're performing this, the knock apply more pressure. Do you have to do it very gently? Otherwise, you will end up lifting the pain from the paper. Now the paper is bait on. I have this mixed color. I load my brush with white paint off rose color and applied in the same direction. So I'm going to a second layer because I want us to be more vibrant. Now. Let's spend the shadows on. I'll make the darker colors for this pick. Small amount off black a lot on Makes it with paint scrape. Make a medium or slightly to coca into senti. Make sure no, replied the pain. So what? The rays and make a dock? Oh, do not forget to leave those places. All the blanks 80 exactly had left earlier because these other rays we need to depict it properly in straight line. - Way on. If the colors breaks, are blooms in other places and take a damn brunch and perform the lifting exercise, using up official people so you can live the extra paints that is there on the painting For all this, the paper needs to be with all them way. I'm trying to give this a beautiful shape off light rays on and give my best to keep it natural where light diverges from top point till the bottom. Make sure you are really quick while doing this. We will do this for all the darker raise on. Then we'll move on to paint the trees. 6. Class project #1- Painting trees: we have been doing the background off the painting. Now we'll be in the trees. Load your brush with beans. Daughter Tunks from top to bottom. I'm painting the strong A little Ben or Carvin ship now on the branches off the pine tree. Bring them in different direction on different sizes. Keep them irregular. Way. Are paying dignity in different direction. Why penned in different direction? Because it will cover the branches in the friend as well as no backside, so that will give you an illusion. Awful agree the way the branches in the backside a pure, a little smaller in size. That's why we are being tingled irregular in shape and size. If we keep it off same size, it would look two dimensional are unnatural. So now, being the entire tree with branches and leaves now apply another layer off darker beans, so make it a little prominent wear, also adding some reuse from the branches that are coming out. So all right, that's all for this Now will come back later on at the tiny. My new details in the upcoming chapters now will be the second tree on the right side of the painting Since Destry is directly in contact with life, we will pain the light and char does using lighter and our calculus. So we'll first take a very diluted tone off pains grace on being the trunk off the tree with this watery color. Then we'll be in the branches in different direction with same diluted tone. Again, our new branches to this on make it tiny as you go outwards. So the brands where it comes out or where it starts near sabbatical on As it goes outwards , it has to be. Dinner makes underst painted surface. We will dab some slightly darker pains to give some depth to the branches. The pains at random places pain the outdoor ranches and keep it 10 or in size. You can use a detailer brush for this way will have some darker pains around the corners off the key in order to create the shadows. If you see the light is on the right side, so I will paint the shadow on the darker barred on the left side. If you apply darker pains, then you can live trick using a tissue paper by just jamming on it. - I have purposely kept some areas lighter in color and no. Yeah. So I think we're done with this tree, so we'll want the detail ing part of the pending. 7. Class project #1 - Final touches: in the steptoe level, focus on painting the intricate details and also paint the smaller pine trees in the foreground. Okay, let us start with the details. No, we have already painted off pine tree. That was more off low style. Now I like some details to the street. I'll be using a detailer brush on. I paint the tiny leaves one by one using Darko being screened. You can even go with black color. I'm painting this finally use at the edge of the branches. So if you observe carefully, I'm creating a star like leave structure. It was much easier to fill in the area using these techniques broader branches one by one and only use um, spaces in between. This is not a minded restore. If you want, you can keep the strokes lose and free. I usually prefer first no style, but sometimes I like to add details to my paintings. Look at this tiny lose that I'm being thing. It looks like stars Way Way makes really being the smaller pine trees I like toe fortify of them randomly guard drunk initially and then being the branches and these INS exact Parton. Keep in mind that you have to make it irregular in shape and sizes. I'm blended well with the ground level, find them in different sizes and make it look natural. - Way . Next, we will create the light rays that are passing through the crease. So I'll take a damn rush and run my Russia with this to live the paint. I'm trying to read the life please in my brain thing that is that easy. You need to make sure that the beans and people are while you perform this ill gained one more degree and then I lived the pain from this way , way, way, way. - Then , finally, we will add some boards with diluted shed on the night. Some radiance on highlights Way, way, way Almost we have reached. I turned off the spin thing way. You can alter the colors or the composition off the painting on create your own masterpiece , using the techniques that I have thought your I hope you're drive ending this so let us wound or make spending 8. Project #2 Compostion : in this class. I'll talk about the composition off us again painting. So the paper is going to be portrayed in orientation. First, I'll draw the horizon line. So about this is a monk and on below. This is the River River water. Then we will draw the line for the ground. This area is closest to viewpoint. Now we will draw the boss trees So bush trees are usually very pale are somewhat white in color. So we're going to masters area while painting the background. I'll teach you how to do that in the further chapters. So these are all the components off the painting on. This is a very simple painting like this one and pain this together. Here are the list of colors that I will be using. 9. Class project #2 -Painting background: let us begin with a second printing. First, let us against the outlines. I was catching the ground level and then we will master area for the trees for masking. The trees are over using a masking tape. This will prevent the pains from coming inside this area. You can even apply masking fluid, but you will have their play lords off it, so it's better to go with the masking tape. Once we applied the tape, Daniel Thing goes over this so that it is tightly sealed. I'm sticking to masking days because here I want a T poetry. Then I'll stick. I'm asking Dave in a slant position which will depict us Land Creek now at some distance, like a rise in line, we will paint the mountains in between the Morgan and the ground that is a reworked. So about a month then is the sky on go below. That is the river. So the reflection of the sky is going to be on the water. Okay, let us start painting No. First but the surface of the people using plain water above the mountain region. I weren't painting on the mountain media. An extra values crimson color to be in this guy just about the mountain region on then, in the top part off the sky, we will use Payne's gray on deep sea blue. You can use indigo are any darker blue that this every label with you lenders colors real evil in between. So we are finished the first layer off the sky. One Dylan dries. We will paint the reflection off the sky in the water, Leo the space in between for mountains and then paying the reflection with crimson paint way on deep sea view. Now every painting with the crimson color. Then next. As we moved our the ground level, I'll be using Payne's gray on deep sea blue. You can use an indigo color as well. If you don't have any off these colors, then you can take a portion. Lou are combined Blue on. I had a bit off black to it. You'll get a docker range off blue. I will go over this with another layer off pains to get a little more vibrancy in my painting, So this is only possible if you are using 100 person important paper. If it is 25% all cellulose paper, then you might not get the same results. In that case, I would suggest your door, another layer of water and then apply the bench. Okay, so we have been through the first layer off sky and motor. Now let us paint the ground level using a loco and born Dumbo. So for this, I'll makes a local with pains. Great toe. Get this darker green. You may use any darker greens that is, have a level with you way. Then in the bottom part, I'll be using Born number and make sure to blend these two colors. Next, I will use born number to paint the mountains slightly dab your brush on the mountain area , leaving some species. We will also dab it on the water area. So after the big dog reflection in the next up go, we will paint the further layers to achieve greater vibrancy. Enough ending 10. Class project #2 - Painting layers: the paper is dried completely. I had left it as it is for some 10 minutes, the time taken for drying the French under temperature and humidity off your region. Now I will paint the wheels in the river. So for us literally, they claim some color. You need to paint like the dash is leaving some lang spaces on. Repeat the same steps. No pink region way as you go downwards on bit off means great. So this cream some make sure on you will get up a still purple shirt. We will paint with this purple color in the middle part. Then, as you go downwards, we will use deep sea blue on beans. Greats like a make sure off two colors. Or you can use dark a blue to paint the veils. Neon Joe ground level. This blue area is closer to the new point. Find fingers far away from the viewpoint. So here, the way they are going to be a little bigger. So I'll paint all of these. The views that have been tell you I don't want them to be very prominent. So what? I will Lewis when it is half Dre, alternatives seem a bit. I'll go over this with plain water. So what happens is since the pain is Samir, wake, the colors will fade to some extent. Also, we will have some stains left on the people. So that is going to create a blood way. We effect way, way now we will work faster. First we will wear Doesn't face off the sky with plain water aan den a play darker pains to create dense clothes. This adapter brush on the areas that you want to be in the clouds make sure the pins are really pigmented and leave some spaces in between. The river area is still with because we had applied the water earlier. So we will apply the same pigmented beans again do at you vibrancy. I need some places. I'm also lifting the pains to create some highlight. Okay, when I lived the pains and it is going to create a lighter effect on my painting. So that was lifting technique. Okay, so I think this sounds confusing. If you want, you can avoid all these steps. You can just plain simple flat wash with Carlos. No need off painting any waves or anything this simple flat. Waas will still look good and you can want toe the next chapter. I will let this so area dry for some time and then the modem asking Dave in the next chapter. Don't removed the masking tape until it is dry. That did very completely. 11. Class project #2 Painting trees and final touches: Okay, so we have finished painting the background. Now let the spill off the masking tape one by one. The street in the right side is closest to we're going so it appears bigger in size. So I've removed this on. As you can see, the color has seemed inside I lover tissue paper on this on live the colors from the people . Then we will remove the other two tapes as well removed the tapes carefully, sometimes along with the tape. The paper also comes up, so be careful while peeling it off. Okay, so we have three Blanco areas which will be the picture as trees we will proceed to paint our boss trees before painting the crease. Let us give some highlights and texture to our modern's. I lose mont umber and black color to create our darker round color. Load your brush with this brown color on slightly double in the area that you want to be in the textures Avoid painting in the Blankety us that is result for trees. Now let us be in the trees first we need to went off aerial focus. That is the blank areas that you see here. I left like clean water on this and then slightly dabbed up diluted brown color at random places. Make sure to blended well with water so that you don't get any patches here in the again. Repeating the same step Knocked is read the paper on the focus area on Applied the Diluted pains so that it spreads easily way. So now I'll be painting. The roots are the bottom part of the tree, so I'm taking some darker pains on applying it on this. Now it's some kind, um, sports of the drunk. You can paint branches. You can paint any number of branches in various directions on dick. Nous can be medium on on as it goes outwards. Make it 10 or in size. I know my own trial, another for this tree until I'm completely satisfied with what I have done. So some at some places I'm lifting the beans and at some adding fueled up some diluted beans so you can do as you wish. Okay, so if you see I'm painting the borders for this treat, this is to depict the shadows. So in general, when an object or comprises off right amount off light and shadows. It looks natural, so I'm trying to achieve that year. Now I'm adding to co consistency, beans and scratches. Next, I'll pain the bigger trees I paint. It's mortem darker. Using black, we all know how the boss please look like it has a pale buck been dark patches. So the idea here is to be in such kind off drunk. Here's a picture off most trees, so we'll paint something similar. Now I'll wait the surface off this area with plain water and then paint at the random areas . Using bone number, I'll gradually aren't some mild patches at random places. And then once this is like half dry, I'll be guarding some darker patches. You could came the trees street as well, with no branches. I'm adding one or two branches you're in there. Mexico pains on ballot to clear tickle consistency beamed to paint the darker patches on the trees. I've added small amount of water to keep it really pigmented. Now I understand at random spots. I just stopped speaking here and let you observe how I mean I'll be in the two or three with the same technique. I think this is very simply when compared to the previous one. You can easily create the screen thing, even if you are a big now, you can get a satisfactory result by just applying the masking tape and creating. Though I'm creating the similar textures, you can pick your own color palette and think Keep it single color as well. It is totally your choice because our gives you the freedom to experiment way, - way anus. You would have to paint the roots at the bottom part of the tree neatly. Just add some brown color and make make tiny root like structure. I'm paying some grasses that on this way now take some diluted bronc alot on being the grasses around the tree. So I'll tell you how to be in the glasses. You're going toe gently swift your brush from bottom to top, and as you go out words, your stroke should get enough so it should come naturally. If you're not getting it right, then do practice it. Next. I'll take white gosh color on at the branches. Even Jozo watercolor as well. I know you can skip the step on. Just use black or brown color that you have. I'm painting this goes color mixed with bond number at random. Places to give a grace are money. Look again. It's totally optional. You can just keep it limited. What? Apollo's on me, that's all. That the painting. Let us ring with a masking tape from all the cardinals and see how our main thing looks. Looks pretty, right? I hope you two would love to experiment with masking tapes so they're done creating both the paintings. 12. Final thoughts : Hello. Once again, Thank you for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed it. It was my pleasure sharing my knowledge with you all. If you have any doubts or difficulty pending these landscapes, you can reach out to me through Instagram beom. You can find my Instagram link on skills. Your profile. I would be really glad to help you all. If you like my class, please don't leave your valuable review so that it can reach more students. This would mean a lot to me. That's all for now. So you in my next class, take it on Stacy's.