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Dragon Hunter - Photoshop Compositing Course

Alex Kuzmichev, Photoshop Artist

Dragon Hunter - Photoshop Compositing Course

Alex Kuzmichev, Photoshop Artist

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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. About a course

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Preparing background

    • 4. Model

    • 5. Burning Sword

    • 6. Dragon and atmosphere

    • 7. Final touches

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About This Class

Would you like to learn how to combine any photos into a perfect compositions and do it professionally and realistic? Then this class is what you need!

Today you will create a stunning and epic composition in Photoshop with easy step by step way. I will show you a whole process of creation this artwork from start to finish, and reveal you all secrets of mastering photomanipulations in Photoshop.

Following my clear and easy instructions, by the end of this class, you will create an amazing artwork by yourself, even if you are newby in Photoshop.

Photoshop compositing is perfectly growing your creative, improve your skills and, most importantly, gives a lot of fun from process.
So If you are ready to touch the magic, enroll this class and let`s create somthing epic together!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alex Kuzmichev

Photoshop Artist


Hi, my name is Alex. 

I am a professional graphic designer from Russia.

I teach people to work with Photoshop from 2010. For this time I created a many lessons , webinars and workshop for different topics (processing, retouching, compositing and more). 

Now i have YouTube channel (Now 127,000 subscribers) and I have created my own learning website where I teach people to work in Photoshop.

I will be glad to teach you something new! 

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1. About a course: - Hello , everyone. And in this short video, I will show you a plan off this curse, and I tell you what you will learn here. These cars. It's all about composition and combining images in for the show. It contains a six lesson with clear explanation and easy to follow. Step by step instructions. Upon completion off the skirts, you create a starting epic artwork. You will learn a top off useful tips and tricks about blending your artwork, searching images, working with layers, masks, creation, special effects and much, much more. And now let me give you a short tour and tell you a little more about each step off our work. First, I will give you three useful advice is to make your artworks better. I will show where you can find a good images for compositions, and also we make a little sketch off our future artwork in the second lesson will prepare our background. I will show you how to make adept off filled in the frame and adjust the contrast off those layers. In the next step, we will add a model into our composition. You learn how to cut the objects from old were ground and perfectly they find edges for your selection. After that, we make a magic bearing sore. I will show you at once techniques off creation, lighting effects and also you learn how correctly used Dexter's to make a fantastic result . In the fourth lesson, we will add a dragon and make a dramatic atmosphere in the frame. I will show you how to make a motion blur and have worked with masks and textures perfectly . And in the final, we will add a finishing touches for our work. I will show you how to color and composition, using lots called to adjust. A final contrast and how to sharpen our image. So, as you can see in less than one hour, will create an amazing artwork which will enjoyed you and old people's around you. Okay, if you ready to touch the magic, let's get started. 2. Introduction: Hello, guys. And welcome to this photo manipulation. Of course. My name is Alex. I'm graphic designer from Russia. And I were excited to show whole process off creation. This are for you. Ruler at turns off useful tips and tricks about come by and images and creation standing effects. But before we go to the main section off this course, I need to make a little introduction for you because I want you to be able to use all these methods and techniques in your own artworks in the future. This is a very important for me. Okay? And now I want to give you three useful tips that will help you create in any kinds, off composition and for the shop. And my first tip is used good images, the better the source image is, the better the final result. Do not use force from cheap smartphones or cheap cameras because they have a very bad quality. And you will have lots of problems when you work with them and for the shop. If you have a good deal. So our camera, you can use it if you have not. Don't be said I will show you where you can find a good images for your artworks. Let's go to the web browser And now I will show you my top five websites with high quality images. The 1st 1 is on Splish This is awesome websites with don't off quite quality images Ah, you can find any images Will do you want use the search books for example Tep here metric and up Enter. And now we have all images with this tag Many, many images here and in the same way you can find any image here what you want? Okay. The second website is a big family. This is a similar like on Splish They have a looks off high quality images to and you can use these judge books for search images Wouldn't want the next website These of pixels Also this is a good website that you can use four search images for your artworks. Okay, The 1st 3 websites is absolutely free And now I will show you another two premium websites . We'd paid images the 1st 1 deposed photos. This is my favorite stock website with nice interface and good pricing plans. Also here you can find the search box and search or images what you want and one little feature a few people knows, but this side has a section with free images to find the section we need to scroll down this page and here we find free pictures. Click here and now we go to the free file section and you can use all this image is from this section. Absolutely free chicken out. Okay. And then next website is the shredder stock. This is a huge, huge website with tones off perfect images and my opinion. This is the most famous talk website in the Web. Be sure to try it. OK, I hope you find this list too useful and you find what you need on these websites. And now we go to the second tip. You should use easy combine images. Let me tell you what I mean. When you pick an images for your composition, be sure to pay attention to the shooting angle lighting and conscious pupfish follow. They should be similar as possible Them This images will be easy to come by and into composition and you awake in many problems. And also, if you such a model, try to images with simple light or a dark background. This will save your time to do it. The old backgrounds and finally, the 30 I highly recommend you draw your future artwork on the paper or in the for show when you can have such sketch in front of your eyes. It will be much easier for you to select photos for the composition, so you can better understand where will be light sources in the frame. Where is the skyline? Where is the better position for the model? Etcetera? OK, and now let's make a little sketch for our composition. Go to the file new and create new documents, said the with two 2400 and said the head to 1600 and click on the create button. Okay, the next step was create in you wear click here and renamed this layer to sketch. Okay, then pick the brass to said the hard brush. We have small size something like this and pick the black color on the palate. Okay, and first withdraw Miss Skyline in the frame. My skyline will be here something like this. After that draw and rock with the model Iraq will be here. Something like this. Draw and model. You don't need many details here. Simply make and schematically skip. Let's add the descriptions here, this guy away. But this model of this baroque And now let's draw a dragon here also schematically. Sometime like this, it will be our dragon. Here had description, Dragon. Let's sirs, will be a front of the model. And here we have a shadow and on the backgrounds will be mounting something like this. Okay. And now we go toe, find all the images, what we need then start working on the hour composition CIA in the next lesson. 3. Preparing background: Okay, guys, we are ready to start our composition on. Let me show you some images where I found for this artwork. They're here. The first image. This is the render off the dragon. Beautiful dragon. Some images with wires effects with dust and snow with the fire, abstract lightings and fire particles. Okay. The image with the model off course and the background image and the image with rock. Okay. And the first step, we need to prepare our background for the next steps. We select this image and dragged into there for the show. Legless, scared up a little bit. Something like this. Okay, that's will be good breasts, Andrew, and renamed this layer type here. Background cocotte. If you want to make our artwork more realistic, we need to create adept off filled in the frame to do this. We go to the filter blue gallery and find here Field blue said the ridges toe 15 or 20 pixels. I think 15 will be better. And Chris Oakey Oh, King. And now we need to be separate this layer a little bit. That will be easier coloring our compositing in the next steps. Let's go to the adjustment players, click here and find here. Use the duration. Quote the out, keep bottom and click on the border off the slayers. Greek here. Now we're attaching this layer by ground, and now it will only work with this layer drunk. The situation slapped him through the left. Sounds like this. Maybe minus 15. Okay. And closed this adjustment in the next step opened the image with rock Cilic this and drug it into influential. Okay, resize it a little bit. Something like this. Okay. And breast and her mother. And now we need much color with the our background and our rock, because the rock is much more saturated than the background. So we go to their adjustment layers. Find here for your situation. Blair cold alky bottom and click here rejects the situation to minus 50. Maybe minus 60. Yeah, And close this adjustment layer. Okay. So much whether now and only step, we finish this lesson and they were waiting for you in the next to where we will work with the model 4. Model: Okay, guys, we move forward, and in this lesson, we paste and model into our composition. Let's open. They mesh with the model, select this image and drag it to our composition. Okay, Ways of here. Scary that a little bit, something like this. And press enter. And now we need to the lead old background and cut our model. To do this, I will use a pen to big. There's two here and make selection around the model. - Okay , I finished my selection then right quick on this area and find here. Make selection. Okay, Pressel, gain. And now we have a new selection with our model. After that, go to there. Select silicon mask in this field at the little bit further. Okay, a little bit smoother. And after that, change the output setting stool. New layer with the mask. Quick here. After that calico game and now almost done in the next step, we need to add a shadow under the model. But before I want to change perspective off the rock because now it looks not natural and not realistic. Big Miller with the rock. Click here and press on the keyboard after that right click on this area and find here, Inspector and drug. The bottom corner will be something like this. Then right Click again and select here, distort and drug This point to bottom a little bit, something like these. And let's scale it down a little bit. Right? Click find here scale and scaring though something like this. And also, I want to rotate the rock a little bit. Something like this. Okay. And breasts. And let's replace the mole a little bit down. Something like this. Okay. And now we're ready to add their shadow. Let's create new layer and plays the Slayer under the model. Where here? Real name to shadow. Okay. The first model air again they were now. Okay. And speak the brush. Be sure to set a hardness to zero and a place it'd too. 10 or 15 And flow, maybe 25 or 30. Okay. Pick the black color on the ballot and make a few strokes. Something like this. Okay, take a look before and after before, after, make a few strokes closer to the model here. Okay? No. And also we need to work with the contrast of the model. Let's create new adjustment flair. Registration adjustment. Clear. I touched this layer to the model quote the l key and click on the border. I am just saturate the Slayer. Maybe minus 30. Something like this. Okay, closed this adjustment layer. And let's add all the images for the model to the group. Select 1st 3 wears and press Consul. G name for this group is the model two layers for the rock. Corn is LG, I think. And two layers for the background console G by ground. Okay. And we all done in this lesson goal next. 5. Burning Sword: Okay, Welcome to the next lesson off our artwork. And on this step, we will create and bearing short and also make a mystic fog around the model. I decided to add a smoke to our composition and I found to cool images with the smoke. And four take a look. The 1st 1 and the Thinker. Let's big the image with clubs and drugs into our composition. Place it here. Change the blending more to screen. Okay And press Andrew. Now we need to place this layer under the model in the rock, The record down and blazers here. Okay, then press control t and move with a little bit down. Something like this. Gain and rest. Andrew. After that, let's add some blue here to make a depth of field, go to the filter boor Gilson blue and said the radios to six pixels press OK. And now we can start the work with the sword. First, we need to make it more dark. It will be easier toe. Add a lighting effects. Let's create new layer, big toe player and quick here, really in this layer to darkened, dark and sore. Okay. And a touch this layer to the model group. Risk alky and click on this border. Speak their black brush and make a few strokes on the sore just like this. Okay, And now we can add a fire and bearing textures Here. Opened the folder with our images and find here. Fire Benji Basted here, change the blend in more toe scream and scared down a little bit. Something like this rotated and please this texture on the sword. Okay, press, enter. And if you want to make a more contrast on the fire, you can duplicate this layer Press control J and fire. We will be brighter. There's a mild our inch and take a look before and after plays the slayers in the group Silly and press control G remain this group too fire and before and after and now it's placed another bearing texture. Here. Select this and dragged to finish it. Or is it here? Change the blend in well toe screen scaling down. Transform it and place it here. If you need more contrast, you can duplicate these layer control G oh, game change of pace. It's a little bit. Okay. Put this images into a new group. It's like and breast cornhole g Really? In this group, too. Shame. Okay. And also, I want to add a sparkles for the Bering sore. Open our folder and find here. Why are particles texture? Place it here, Move it down Just like this. Change the blend moment to screen something like this. Empress Angela, If you need to make a particles more brighter, just duplicate this layer breast. Quantrill j oh, Game plays this textures in the group Really in the group to particles. And let's add them. Ask for this group. Click here. Feel the mask with blick, Pick the black color on the palate and press old Dewey. Then pick the white brush a place to change to 30 and make a few strokes around their sore just like this. And now I want to add more shining to the sword. Let's Solich these texture then blazed Here, change the blade and more to scream or ah, life of maybe no screens better okay and transform. It's a little bit Come legless. Okay. And breast Angela at the mask for these layer. Click here and speak their blick brush. They raise the hard borders here Something like this Okay. And now we have a good, really stick bearing sore in our our tour. And though So let's dis iterated the rock a little bit more. Go Generac group, find here, you situational here and you citrate the slayer a little bit more. Maybe minus 80. Okay. And close these groups. Yes, and now we have a very good result. Okay, we finished this. Listen and go next. 6. Dragon and atmosphere: Okay, my friends. And now it's time to add a dragon into our artwork. Let's speak the image with the dragon and place it here scaling up something like this. You can take this image. This image was corrupt, so we need to find a better place. Called it. Okay. I think this is a perfect position for the dragon. Now we need to edit the contrast to do this. Go to the adjustment layers. Find here you situation a touch. This the situation layer to dragon. Hold alky and click on the border. Destroy it. This Blair to minors 50 something like this and close this layer. And also I want to make a dragon little bit brighter. Louise, I goto adjustment layers and find here cares not touch this layer to a dragon and ban this girl with me. Something like this. Close the slayer and place all these layers into a group. Salikh. Oldest layers and breast console. Gee, really, In this group to dragon and make a copy for press conference. Then press control tumors per layers, even one. And now at the motion, blur to the dragon to make more dynamics in the frame. Go to the filter Miller motion, but said the angle to 15 and the distance Ranger quiet. Then press OK and at the mask for these layers, click here. Fill the mask with black press. Oh, Billy and Peak there. White brush. Make a few strokes on the dragon's tail. Here on the wings. Here. Something like this before and after. Okay, and now our friend looks more dynamic. Sand realistic. Okay, The next step we need to work with lighting in the frame. Let's create a new layer. Click here and feel this layer with great. Go to there, Eddie Feel and select here. 50 person green. Quick. Okay, change the blend in moment to so flake and beak. That Dutch, too, since exposure to 15 and makers drugs on the wings here, here on the dale, something like this, and make a few strokes on there. Gloves to make a highlights more brighter before and after. Also big there burn, too, said the exposure to 10 and make a few strokes on the mountains on the rock. Something like this before and after. Okay, and now let's have a folk go to their our images. Select this picture and place it here resize it. It will be something like this And breast answer Change the bland's more to scream greed the layer mask for this layer click here and pick The brush has been colored to black Oh, based to 100. And the race these where border something like this. Duplicate this layer Press control J There is another one hard border on top here, and yeah, okay. And press control T right. Click on this area and sleep horizontal. Something like that. After that breast, enter place to images with the phone in the new group. So excited and press control. G. Brennan, this group to fog. Have them ask for this group and make a few strokes on the model. Change pro pasty for the brush to You're still and make a few strokes here. Okay. And now we're almost done. I were waiting for you in the next lesson where we will get the final touches for our artwork. 7. Final touches: how gave my friends, We're almost done our artwork. And now we will get a final touches for our image. Okay, First we need to add has no texture here. Go to there images and find dust and smoke texture. Place here, scale it up something like this and breasts and change the blend of more to scream and go to the theater. Blue motion blue said the angle to minus 30 and said the distance. True wife. Maybe There yes, that's more natural. And bresil cane Create the mescal. This layer speak their brush and the based he said 2 30 and make a few strokes on the model and on the dragon. Okay, After that, I want to add clouds. Toe the front off our frame to make more alleys. Dig dept. Off filled in the artwork. Let's open Oh, uh, folder with Damon just and drug this image into our work. Change the blended malt toe scream and place. Is Dexter here? Skilled now? A little bit. Dan dropped there before something like this. After that press enter button. Read the mess for this layer. Click here and pick the black soft brush. Make a few droves here to a race. Hard borders. Oh, this texture okay, before and after. And then the next step, I want to add more conscience to our work. To look this Let's create in your adjustment layer. Select here. Curves and bandit, Something like this. Okay, close this layer. Speak the black brush and make a few strokes on the model and on the dragon. Here and here. And maybe one more here. Okay, before and after. On the next step, we need to sharp our image. To do this, we need to merge off power lairs. Let's press shift. Control old B. And now here we knew. Merged where? Here. Then we go to filter sharpen. I'll sharp mice set amount to 100. Said the radios. Maybe one or two. Two pixels will be good and press OK. And in the final step, we need to make a car in the frame. Let's go to the adjustment layers and friend here, Karlan woke up here. I select Go back 50 to 18. This lot make a good nice color in the frame and change of base to Toby. Maybe to sound magnets before and after. Yeah, and now our work is them. I hope you enjoy this glass and satisfied with your final result. Thank you for watching and see it in the next courses.