Drafting and Sewing the Perfect Pattern for Ladies Trouser/Pant with Zipper and Fly. | Remi Forde-Hyde | Skillshare

Drafting and Sewing the Perfect Pattern for Ladies Trouser/Pant with Zipper and Fly.

Remi Forde-Hyde, Fashion Designer

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21 Lessons (2h 28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Tools Needed

    • 4. Taking Measurements

    • 5. Calculating Measurements

    • 6. Drafting Trouser Block

    • 7. Drafting Front Pattern

    • 8. Drafting Back Pattern

    • 9. Drafting Zipper Fly, Pocket, Pocket Bag and Curved Waistband

    • 10. Drafting Back Waistband

    • 11. Drafting Curve Waistband

    • 12. Cutting Fabric

    • 13. Ironing and Overlocking

    • 14. Sewing Darts and Pockets

    • 15. Sewing Fly and Zipper

    • 16. Sewing Outseam

    • 17. Sewing Inseam

    • 18. Sewing Back Crotch

    • 19. Sewing Curved Waistband

    • 20. Attaching Waistband to Trousers

    • 21. Conclusion


About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to take accurate trouser measurements, calculate the measurements taken and use the calculated measurements to draft a perfect trouser pattern to fit your body structure.

Then use the basic trouser pattern drafted to make a trouser variation to create/draft a trouser with zipper fly and also draft a curved waistband.

I will then take you through a step by step tutorial on how to cut your desired fabrics using your drafted trouser pattern, I will also show you an easier way to sew zipper fly and then sew the trouser perfectly.

At the end of this course you will be able to draft and sew your own perfect pattern for ladies trousers/pants with zipper fly whether you are a beginner or a professional there is something for everyone.

Thank you.


1. Introduction: - welcome to draft in the perfect pattern for ladies trousers with zipper fly. My name is really four height in this class who blend how to take accurate trouser measurement on draft trouser patterns. We will focus on how to make trousers with zipper fly. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love to suit and have lost people as long as I can remember. I am an entrepreneur. By the end off this class, you will be able to draft your own perfect pattern for Lady Struthers with zipper and fly. What are you, a beginner or a professional? There is something for everyone, so let's get spattered. 2. Overview: Thean. This class will start by leaning about the tools you need to draft your own pattern, and then we'll learn how to take accurate trouser measurements and how to calculate those measurements. Then we'll use those measurements to trust our trouser block. You will learn how to use the trouser block to drop a French as a pattern, and we'll use the photo as a pattern to draft the back trouser pattern. Then we learned how to draft your trouser. Fly your pockets on your coughed with spend. Then we also learned how to use a justice pattern. Toe caught our desired fabrics finally, but we'll cover a step by step tutorial on how to sew your trouser with zipper fly. 3. Tools Needed: machine is unique. When drafting are God's romping from here, which I use injecting patterns, you can use the different policy market. You can use it below the choice, and then I have a very low bar here since what little bit drawing long lance. And then I have the heat over here, which I use for the heaps on coffeepots. This is a leg calls. We'll be using this to draw in the absence on the incident. Off our travel. It's and then I have a bridge to lie here. I use this imagery straight months on. Then I have sizzles. I always like to have tea pace as anyone's in time. I use one for fabric on one. For people, always a show. That's what it must is also useful public into no uses for you culture people. So that does not deal out the bleach because he will don't eat out very fast. So always have the cypresses also be separate from the family. Caesar's then I have hair. This is not a necessity to have to have Chipata, but I like to use them to protect vehicles there really fast when 14 fabric. So I have one for family and one for people Always try to have seconds, Richie. Proton seizes, they're measuring t, which is very important because this t take our measurements on to draw putting on measurements on our people. Then I'm gonna be using marca when drafting job goes, I want you to see clearly what I'm doing. What? You should always use defensive when drafting patterns and then have a shop monte shopping your person and then I hear is on when you're making this, Steve, I'm here, Huh? A tracing. Will you use this to trace the different parts off the pattern? Say, for example, want interests up to four kids in tow. Another pita uses just you, Traci. Towns all want to transfer your dust from your pattern paper. You know, farming used to sing them to do that. 4. Taking Measurements: this'll take accurate measurements. So before you take your measurements, you should focus. Mention where fitted including all Utd measuring for your plants. Let them work it, including my sport, where you can wear leggings. Something fitted for you to be able to get a few weeks missions. And then it wasn't. You need to know what that is. What you need to do is to determine away. You want your chance to sit acts like we Struthers. I like below there. So what? We decided we wanted to see you take maybe a measure or what I think is streaming. You got tight. They want you to seats. If you're looking for a suitable for clients, that is your waist. And this is the view. Certain points this is gonna be way will be taking everything for on horizontal measurements are from the west What we decided where you want your mother to six Devil staticky. I want that commissions. I start with dust emissions. They put Teoh on death and then the first buster measurements are lunatic is my is my full EDS. Even if you decide what big what a trans last or is shelf, It's always better you do Think if length measurement you need legs, travels with media. Just take full ends while you're attracting just foolish into town too short to whatever signs were late. So to get the full and start from the West all the way down from your bank after plants where today, like that has to be. So you know, I really low. So some people like it. Yeah. You don't want it so long. So you just asked them. It is you're making for yourself. You decided what he wants. Your trust me on that issue. Let's find out what it sees. Articulation from your waist Blacks about this morning is eight inches from the waist. The amendment next back management is from your waist to your knee. Taking measurements like this waste to the middle of your knee. That's where you take your wish for this money. If four inches finals your piece measuring so the next measurement will be taking is our results. Our regiment's That's the circumference off. Did you for us? So the vessel with ease from the West did him on this Bring a list like this like this? Just take it. How times wants the west off your trousers to be That's how good tickets don't do it too tight and then immediately used to that. Even if you use any belts, you can still your truck has come to Woodrow Wiest. Okay, not to lose wanted, not times. Just okay for me to get to sit today so that you just love for okay. And the next second France measure of stability is the heats. Remember, a measurement from the waist lead for commitment. So that's the point. As less that is one we're taking the second difference. We'll take you the second friends off the heats and dump pants. And then Michaud District's is awful in the back. You strength and then his feet it If you want to get each other's, it is feet it on lease. Okay, so the next measurements Is that all the time? The time major means where this time that is particular tax. I conference. So this is the coolest. That all the time for this are panicking on the fullest passes this Okay, you take your regiment. The measure went for monkey is 20. So did not confessed. Measurements take is our me are me measurements, the conference. So you go like this. The conference will have to be just to read that you come back to me. Well, using a stretch apartment to suit in Sochi because it stretches. Why don't you have to give space? You have to see. Okay. If I was told that this is this is how I wanted to be Shouldn't decide Decidedly not You can't tell the wants measurement to be sacrificed. Measurements how white wanted to be unless I can take your measurements on the next one Is the do for me like this as desired. You drink in such a way that your leg I'm going into your trousers Not taste that you cannot. You cannot wear trousers Whatever you desire the apple to be That is what you take Measurements take you next measurement is gonna be I see. Are these measuring dimensional fended Brach inside lead from the crash scene Inside leg all the way down to your all the way. Don't you are inside inside of it. That's how I think the measuring off the insane for you to be able to get your projects your subject insane from the outside the other thing is our flints. The in thing is what we just measured. So when you subtract the incident from the boxing, you get your car accidents. I want you to go to a project. If you just sit on the chip, I take your measurements from your waist. What's your six down? Also, see measurements from the West up to the service off the chip. What you get is your oxygen. It's bought in this class. We're gonna be using the Ussing minus the anything to get you to get your props, since all right, next vigilance have to Dick Easy. Crouch leads normally the crash chances for the front all the way to the back. And I think that which means that when I just my phone's on my back, I can't do the crotch together. Check what? The lenses the ledge to off when would few Michelin's chair watching Lindsay's check. John Menzies Booth back. What's due to talent sees it is to know, you know that you have to check something. Has they have check back? So we want to take the scratchings, but you have to get a measurement of the plant support all the tea in front of us. The tape to you at the back. Okay, So comfortable. Oh, no. Do you have a ticket from the back? And they put it up to your waist at the back. Odysseo is and about whatever you get is what is known as your corruption. It's for this money. King crab. A crash. Linz is 27. So what I miss is the crash Lin's. After drafting your crunch the face and then the back, you can put that together, generate. You know when you have to be checking what I have visions operates. You measure from the top of the front to the back You get a life of this prosecution seven , for example. That's 27. I'm gettin 17 or correct. The regiments are correct. What get it is shot. It is. If it is more, then something is wrong with your measurements There, you have to check again. That is how dick your accurate It's measures See in the next lesson 5. Calculating Measurements: why not go to calculate the measurements that we just took Allah? Tactical pollution worksheets in this class, you can download and put in your measurements. I have put in my measurements. So we're gonna divide the West on the heap before then. Why were divided by four is because we're drafting 1/4 off the entire trousers. I'm dead. Will be divided Time Dini on the uncle too, to feeling the calculation worksheets. If you're drafting for yourself, put your name. If you're drafting for your client, put your client's name and then put the dates. I'm gonna show you how to do the calculations now for drafting Trousers don't waste Second friends is 40 for the waste. I don't like toe at ease. I absolutely loans, but not these for the Western Conference measurement minus 14. So that's 14. No, ese. So to say, give me 40. So I'm dividing by four. So 40 divided by four divided by four is gonna give me 10 so it's gonna give me 10 inches. I won't inch that allowance because I want to act. That's toe pattern. So 10 close one inch that allowance. That would give me 11 inches So my class our land is 42.5. So I'm doing if fooling Strazzer. So 42.5. So I'm just writing it as measured. No, no, I mean anything to eat. Then my hips are conference just as we measured it. My hips. The conference is 46 then the measurement we took from our waste to our heat where is eating cheese? And then I'm gonna add one inch ease to the heap Circumference measurement sued us 46 close one. It's gonna give me 47. So that means 47 are gonna divide by four. And that's gonna give me 11 point 75 then decides, seem, is the center of the out scene. And it's also the same thing as the full length already have are traveling, so decides scene. So that means the out scene is the same 42.5. So are insane is just like measured. So my insane is 31 inches, so just write it down, then your crouched debts, I told you. Remember I said, I'm gonna be using out saying my nose insane. So this is how we're gonna get our crotch tips my out saying is 42.5 and then my insane is 31 inches. All this walking in inches so that's gonna give me every 0.5 inches dinar crouch links you're not doing anything to it is just as measured. So put your stuff when I was 29 and then your time circumference measurement, my ties. A conference is 27. Normally, where we're drafting detail is normally three inches below did crouch line. So that's how organized they are drafting. So 27 to 1 inch is close. One is gonna give me 28 inches. So remember I said, detailed the knee and the ankle will be valuable to fool. This is it, Tiner? So we're gonna be dividing detail by True, which is gonna give me 14. And then my knees are conference. My knees are conference is 19 inches and then my measurement for my waist My knee is 22 inches. So that means 19. What I'm I do one inch ease, Alonso, I'm not adding is to any off my Vatican measurements. I'm just adding is to the horizontal measurements. So 19 close warm. We give me 20. So 20 divided by True is gonna give me 10 inches. So that's what I'm gonna draft for My name measurements Your uncle cycle Francis has desired anyhow. Wanted You want it? Why? I want to touch fitted anyhow. Wanted. That's what you measure My uncles are conferences 16 I'm not I don't eat streets. So 16 No Easy is gonna give me a 16 song dividing 16 by two Which is gonna give me It's inches 10 for the fourth crotch extension. There's the formula for its So the formula is low hip divided by four then with sort shuts 1/4 They know he measurement we're talking about here is you know what we decide Conference off the heap Divided by four We got 11.75 Doesn't nobody or bringing down here So the second divided by four Give me 11.75 So that's what I'm bringing down here. And then when I divided by four is gonna give me two points nine in cheese then for the back watch extension. The formula we're gonna be using is the low heap divided by two subtitle quarter so far before Krawcheck says you're take note is developed by for the quarter, but for the back crotch extension, it is developed by with water. So the law he measurement, we've got 11.75 Now we're divided by two is gonna give me a 5.87 So this 5.87 we subtract 1/4 from its on. Then I will get 5.6. So our bath catch extension. For me, it's 5.6 inches. So these all the calculations we need T o. 6. Drafting Trouser Block: this'll sc, we're gonna drag it. Usually block draft are just on the front. You should have done for your conditions. I don't mind. I'm gonna use a mark on so that you can see clearly what I'm doing. You should use a present where drafting presents, not your results. Conference lines. You need those measures Anxiety from your waist to each different points. That is, from your west to your kids. Now we show you where you watching Decline ways to crouch shows you went to a little crunch nine. What do you need? Shows you where to lodge any line I wish to Uncle Joe's You wait a lot longer cooling, which is also the length off. So let's get drafted If they were gonna do is to draw out is certain points for they could have it for having is starting points looking loose, doing hobbies Always delay a war. For example, John out 16 points Liberals waste. So we're gonna need this. I'm always lying. For example, You measure case inches off your waist, raise it down so that you can always remember detailed measures Have you to measure it seeking when you're about to after having such important, which is our listening. The next thing we're gonna do is to draw about. I want Basilan's your comments coming? Any man she wants, it will be shots. 3/4 loaned us for me. This last, I will be drifting long trousers so I wouldn't throw out my trust from my measurements. The let off my trousers is 42.5 mentions Theo, which I touch Increase men's Oh my other little draw it out liver. It's who. So now we have the second point, which is whistling, and they don't out our legs, which is 42 point fries you choose on the portable to Trezza. So messy we're gonna do is to measure your heat debts. That's the measurement you to from your waist to your he, um, regiment for me. Is it inches? So I'll measure it in cheese for my waist y Into connects this line on our babies E Yeah, Kim Doggett's issues. So I'm just me. So that's anything but remember why the next measurement is your crotch debts That is your measurement from your waist to your crouch. That measurement for me is 11 points, five ages. I will take the measurements on strong horizontal line. Never quite fine from my waist to my approach. The next measurement is our timeline. So they stand up for most people is three inches below the crotch Mine So three inches below the question is a little bit just our all right. You dropped your timeline correlated lines and drawing sometime I just meanings Time line the theme Next one easy me line. So don't take I wished Wani Dr Horizontal line on Libya leads me lying My knee measurements from my waist is 22 inches So I'm gonna take my measurements down to my I already know that we have all our regime time measurements in peace who used the hip measurement, Which is why this measurement, when dropped in trousers to form a great time To me, my heat measurement after calculation is the level 175 inches. So I'm gonna lots that measurements to my waistline, my heat line, my crotch line, my timeline me line on line and I use it for Theo two points after committing the line. This is it is from this block we're gonna use to draft our French trust. Okay? Don't know, just from that you see on out seeing operates before receiving events. So my out saying, which is also known as my legs when I took my measurements, was forced 2.5 inches. So just from the picture east for its listening to my uncle, it is 42.5 inches. Which is for it, you know, Let's check if are in sync this for it. The incident is from your approach line to your ankle. My agency is 10 to 1 inches, which is something as you want. Okay. Check your Mitchell's for it. It's soap arrest that you check your regimens again and redo its before you proceed. Make sure thing. 7. Drafting Front Pattern: So before we proceed to docking out for time from your book, identify where you want you set up front to be on the side front from your blood before drafting. So, no, I want this site decide to be my center front. So I'm gonna live eight cf doesn't centerfold. And then I will take this fight to be my site. So this will be my site. Okay, so no one would be drafting difference. Trust that we're gonna be drafting from the center for towards the site off. So the first thing we need to do this is a tough one. Identified on This is our side, if we need to do is coming by half an inch because I wanted to do what is for the West shipping front. But I have. And then we go down. I got that one inch before that. Points. How about you? So I'm gonna use a stretch a lot to connect this point. My point. After that, we're gonna take our measurements. Check. Watch your measurements east for your waist your way. Second friends Measurement capital. Is it mine? East 10 inches. Close one inch touch allowance. That would make it. So I stopped measuring from this point. This points from the half point kidney. That's a measure for So we'll take that a little. Make your level from that point that you that's once That's from that point from this happened on each came down. We're gonna connect it level in cheese points, waste points from the waist, this point from the waist down to be walking on the line. Remember when we from our trousers block we used the measurements? The rectangle dimension I used mine was So check what? Your He's taking measurements. Mission accurate. It's So this is 11.75 This is correct. All proceeds to the next one. So the next door within a walk on these crunch right? What is stuff At this point, this is where the estacion are. Crutch extension is starting. Okay. From our calculation, we calculated for our front porch attention on background. Check what? Your front porch essentially is minus 2.6 eighties. So I'm gonna draw out 2.6 inches from from this point. Make it don't there that would need to measure one each at a 45 degree angle from our points from our stop points. Put it up today as well. I didn't use our to connect these three points. This points this point joining toe our line. You don't have to collect it at once. You can try and see Waas from this point. The next one is our tiling measurements. For my tie these 14 inches we will not divide this block into two. Remember, we used the heat circumference measurements from the block, so check 40 miles east. Mine is 11.75 Divide 11.75 inches. That will give me 5.87 Whatever measurement you have to buy and then divide your law. So minus 5.7 three things now are great mine from this line. Now who credits are That's where we left one each allowance for that's so now a little draft our deaths. I want to have a four inches lengths. That's and then the permission we left is one inch. That's half our eight on each side. That's so this is one each. That's so now we've got our regiment on our line. So what about measurement you have for your knee? Your uncle, you divide it into two, and it's gonna be plotted on each side of the green line. My measurements for my me line is 10 inches, so I'm gonna plots five a cheese on the side of the green line. So five inches on this site. Five cheeses for this site. Okay? We'll do the same thing for our uncle. My uncle line measurement is 18 inches, so I'm gonna block for cheese on the side of the green line. So don't be four inches here. Four inches. I got a twin. That's now we need to connect all this points together. I'm gonna start from my center phones. So one of clinics for my crotch line My knee. I am from my knee to my uncle. So I'll get the same team to my site from our opponents for my crouch My knee. I went from my knee to my uncle connecting the points. As you can see, we have formed a front. The market rate is out forms. Then what we need to do next is toe seam allowance around the pattern. I like to use half interesting allowance, so we're gonna have a seam allowance to decide off the pattern to center from's to the waistline books. Two inches to your uncle night. I'd like to have it's more at the uncle. Okay, so let's go ahead and some alarms. I seem to run the pattern. I'm gonna put it up now and then I'll show you what? After having seen my loans are putting out different pattern. This is what it looks like. So you need to like details on this pattern. Like, for example, Now, this is the country's capital, so I'm gonna hit on beating French trouser pattern on. I need to office. So quality off this pattern. So if you're doing for yourself or your for clients, make sure you caught two and then writes their measurements could be hip measurement there . Put the west put the length off the treasure. It depends. What about let your doing it is a short or a reporter long leg. Put it in there and then writes in the dates you created a pattern. And if you're making this for a client or for yourself rights that Donald's will write the name of the client or write your name if the pattern is for you and they did you created pattern. So you to be very easy for you, so that when you take up this pattern, you know exactly what you did. You don't have to stop measuring again. The details are in there. When you caught Putin, notch in the hip line here on the site on only me here on on this site on both sides, so that when you put out your fire brigade to be easier for you to connect the two legs back on the front leg together. So you know, these are very important as well. 8. Drafting Back Pattern: thing is, our front interest out because we're gonna be creating are back that I'm from the front. So I have traced it out on. Then when you do tree, start your franchise apart and don't forget to transfer that are very hot and stuff. That is where our crutch extension is gonna stash from giving for the back on their with this pattern, just like we did for in front. You need to make a decision where you're gonna be drafting for for the French battle, Jacqueline, From this centre, fronts tours the site off the pattern. But in this one, we're gonna be just in from this side to the centre back, so I will only build it someone beside here. This is the site off time. This is gonna be CEO do for this. We're gonna increase this fact pattern by half on each on the site and have an itch on the centre back. So that's this far would be at least one each bigger down the fronts. Zapata. So the first thing we're gonna statute is to increase the site. So now I'm gonna increase decide by half an inch, try to follow the pattern try to follow the ship so you don't lose it. Now, I have increased the site off the pattern. The next thing we're gonna do is to walk on the waist line. I'm gonna increase the waste from the centre back by two inches. You can do yours by 1.5 or one, depending on the body structure. The reason why we're increasing it by two inches is that so that when you sit down, the trouser will not be dropping down. So I'm gonna increase its connect the line are committed to our increased half an inch. So correct that two inch line to the side. All right, thing is are wasting people back. So this is our new whistling. So we're going to take measurements. My waist measurement is 11 inches, including one inch that allowance, and they were taking the measurement from half each that we extend it. We're gonna be taking all our measurements from the half inch that we increased our style. So my waist measurement is a level including my that allowance. So this is 9 11 inches. Just what does that when the next one is a hip line? My hip line measurements is 11.75 So I'm gonna take it from our new points. 11.75 Don't leave me here. Just market. Don't stay as well. We use the formula to calculate what are extension for front and a back way. So now I'm gonna take the one for my back. My approach extension for my back. As calculated. He's five points. Sees struggle. Took my measurements from the stuff where our crotch extension will starts. So five points six inches is my measurement. So several 0.6 inches. But it does There the crotch extension for the bank batter. It's half an inch lower. Done the front. You know what? It looks up. The crutch line. Don't have an inch throw. This is our new caps line, and I will drop this stuff down here. This is a question of working with on there were measured two inches at a 45 degree angle from our new crotch line putting dots there. So the next thing we need to do is to cornets the West Line to the heap line to the crotch line to get our new poll. So what I'd like to do here is to draw a straight line from the West Line to the heat line on. Then I use my hip hop now to give me my crouch as accurately as possible. The next thing usedto half inch to our me lying on our uncle line that will connect the points points from our approach, lying to our need from the knee to the ankle way, our dance toe, our waste for the back. So are gonna center the Baghdad's. So I'm gonna take my waist measurements, which is 11 inches divided by two level the body by two years. 5.5 inches. So my dad has been more. He's gonna be sent at for the back and still have four inches less. Well, that's just like detail offense. And then we have a one each. That allowance so does have an H on each side. The guy sometimes didn't lose mugger in Reg if our back just a button drafted from the mark I in blue, which is our phone Strazzer bottom. So now the next we need to do knows just to ask stimulants and then hotels. We're also going to act in notch. Did he brine on full science and another notch to the knee line on both sides to make it easy to collect the fabrics with friends on the back together. So now I'm gonna ask you Malone's and then I put up the bottom and I'll show you what you did, Theo. I see my last around the pattern, as you can see. So now I'm just gonna put up this Theo Theo, as you can see the front by one inch. So exactly what we did for the right details off the pattern. This is a back and then caught, too, because you need to off this to be able to form the back scatter and then writes down your details the hip measurement, your waist measurement on the let off the trouser and then put the name of the clients down . If you're doing different clients, if you're doing for yourself, write your name as well and then put the date the pattern, which is very, very important. Don't forget to add your notches on your hip line on the two sides on on your knee line both sides. So this is your back together. You have your friends and you back dries up. So we're taking our measurements. We measured what is called it crouch lens. So now you can actually check and make sure your crotch late is correct. So what? We did our measurements. My crotch lace waas 29 29 inches. So from the inside don't include a seam allowance. 29. As you can see, mine is 29. My crouch lend is correct. So Chucky us mixture and crouch lenses corrects if it is not correct, saying you check your measurements some your waist, your hip line. You plan to crotch. Make sure those measurements are one is correct. You're on your way to having the perfect fits for you. So now, before you put out your beautiful fabrics, always have a test public like a coming through to use to check the feet on, make any necessary adjustments. And once you're satisfied with all the adjustments on your satisfied with the way the transfer pattern is, you clearly weight. Each other is looking. Only then should you put into your beautiful phablets. So after during the drafting, doing tests off the patter, then jacket your feet. If you do not like the feet we are just, if the crutches, to know justice. If it's too short, just it work out all the past. That enough it's on. Adjust accordingly. Once you don't, you corrections you don't have just made. You are satisfied, right? That's your pattern is the right feet. Then you can forehead support your beautiful service. 9. Drafting Zipper Fly, Pocket, Pocket Bag and Curved Waistband: I think this lesson we're gonna draft is a fly zipper fly facing whisper aren't on pockets . So, Lester Staten, I have already traced out my phone's trouser pattern. We're gonna start from the front. Always make sure you have must a copy soon from them. Must be every time you want to do it. Trust violation. You can trace out that must a copy onto another drafted paper. And then you can walk on that. The first thing we need to dropped its hours of flight. So I'm gonna be using 1.5 inches. Possible flight. So what you need to do is to measure 1.5 a cheese from your sentence phones. So what? Taking 1.5 from Santa phones? Apples? Let this Let's do the same on the heap line. What a lot on the line. Then draw is strict line to connect the two points that this to get big pull that you normally see on trousers, zipper flies. What we need to do is you come down all the hip line, calm down by see one each and they use it CO viola to connect to make it call for this points to join you to be like like that's so this is a zipper fly. So we did 1.5 inches and then we caught it here. Just came down one each on your hip line and then we created the cough. See, this is our thing left to do now is to draft our respond. What? We dropped it. Our chance. A pattern. We could have a 15 inches waist band to the lead off our trousers. So now I want to detach that we spend from the Gaza because there's no all the time you want. You always want to be attached to your trouser certain you wanted with one to be detached. When you want to draft trouser that has a super fly, you might want to have a separate with band, which so onto your trouser. So now let me show you how we're gonna detached for 45 inches. We added to my legs from the pattern. So I want to have a 1.5 in cheese with band, you can have more. You can decide you want us to be two inches white. Whatever. It's off with funding wants. Why don't do that. Well, I including 1.5 in my legs. So I'm gonna follow the ship. I don't want to lose this ship off the waste dump often. Five. Still maintaining the ship off the least music for Viola to connect the points thing. So this is our new whistling. So the next not gonna do you use to trace off the zipper, fly Facey on another Justin paper and do respond as well as other people? I'm gonna check this out now, so there's no trace out this part because this partner is attached to the band. So we're just another band just out the spot with the band. All right, Now look this out this part. So I'm gonna take a folded sheet of paper. So this is our traced out Easy pop fly. So onto crates is the surfacing This folder trace its people So this this are facing for as a pop fly So just gonna go behind Do you trust after sowing in the zip, this goes just going behind So it's called Super fly facing. So I'm just going right PC minutes. We're gonna story behind just 40 lunch here The next step now is for us to trace out our always planned on another drafted people try trace out the whisper and I want to fold in the That's because we're eliminated is that we don't want to use the duck anymore because there's no all trust as I still that you want. If you think that's so, we're gonna take out this That's doesn't fold it injury for 16 hours after folding it. That's like this. I'm just gonna go ahead and trace out waste earned. I would have traced out a whisper on another doctor. I'm gonna use my to sing really so interesting from one end. So the next end, I'm just in it all the way to the Super flight station thistles ourselves from this is our side. So generally building trust because once you're sticking it out, you might not know exactly where the center for East Waiting Site is, and then put a notch on this. That's that's top and bottom. And then this is our site. So just put in your chair as well, so that no ways your side as you can from this hope now. So before I put this area doesn't really very Don't forget. I'm gonna pull center from here. And then this is on the site. Don't forget to choose. So that means you have one for each side of the lake. This is for the other side. I have seen my bones before I put out. I have seen This is our froth thing is one for this site. This one is for the other side. And then this we're gonna cost. So indicates what? To This is the pattern. So hello. Pot it up now? Sure what it's like. I think this is the batter. This is a trust. Urban is what is gonna look like. So it will be on here like this. I look for getting notch. You have a large here much here, lunch here. And then we have two pieces. One for the site, off the jazz early. This is our new Islam. Or before we caught off the spots. We need to add half on east seam allowance so that you have You have a niece in my last two people to so this trouser leg to the band Just restocked. That's one inch seem alone. We're used half a touch because our leg to the band just attached. So now the next thing we're gonna do is to pull it off this dance. We don't need this that here anymore. And we're not gonna be so needs. That's considered. That is really small. So what you need to do now? I know how. Why does that is whatever it is, take it off from the site. What we have here how from each measure what you have, okay. And then articulate from this side, I have about 1/2 inch. So that means immunity that that's completely so. Now blend, That points to my heat line. So I have planning that points toe our tip line. So this is what it looks like. So when you put your waistband like this, you see, if it's is blending in rights into that, that's this is the similar ones on here. Flowers used in a touching the front band to the trouser lake. So don't forget, it's what a lodge on here as well. I do not on here so that you can have your cheese to touch are bound. So the next thing we're gonna do now is to dropped our pockets opening the book. It's back on the rockets bag facing for the pockets open from our new site. I'm gonna measure two inches in. This is two inches in our on the lens. Off the opening today. Six inches off. Take six inches and then I would use my cough. Now connects the two inches once to the six inches mark. That will do at the bottom. No, no, no, no. At each seam allowance for me, Thistles are back. Emilian cheese in from our new side seven and shoes here. And then you put your own bloodless into people kits. And then you just trice This is how white See, if I put my hand inside my pockets is gonna be like this. So I could just raise from here up to my porch level and then our profits in here, So I talked to Tracy to know. Okay, I'm not Will not see my boss. - The to funds facing are things because this is facing is it'll be from around the block. It's exactly like the SPD, which trace, right? Just forget you come out of this site if you want to increase the weeks of you has a legs I need you wanted to write down what you want just for me. I want my I want to get justice, ladies. So I'm not doing that. So no. Next thing I did not know. What's this? - I have just put up this time I don't know. Should look like this is just like this game. 10. Drafting Back Waistband: I think this is interest. The way by inches back in my truck strategy so not touched out my veggies way waypoints way you whistling for the back. I'm keeping that. That's I want tohave being waste. That's also a little kittens. I see. Lynch has shotting increases. I want to have my four inches length. That's that's way, way. This is our before Trace it out. I'm just 40 that I don't want you that's in my waistband that way. Way have old stats just kids way. Why this is Austin time from it gets right. Drew forgets. I wantedto. No way. That's Waas, Theo Way, way back, 42 Back way. That's so way Street. Wait much. No. So since we just any back with bunch will say science, actually allowance waste before That's electoral stating Thank you for our zip fly. Try that. So this is what you for Our friends did not increase. No, Decrease the legs. You don't do anything to the next a into the next for the Bacchus. Well, so I'm not doing anything. So this is it. So the next thing you know I have seen wrong this theme, - Theo . Way waste Theo 11. Drafting Curve Waistband: waste right now, I have two of them from this one happened. Look, So what I want I want to show you ease when it's in front of the plan is to get that you want to eat the sweet study. Much casting don't well fried to decide how much I think. I see they got so what we're gonna do now, You still feel of this guy trying to make sure we drop in line this So that's going to be easier for also to be able to so far, Parex. That's gonna use the same. I lost, but I have on here, so I'm gonna draw. This is the back one. I'm gonna draw a straight line. You got a small street here. Draw a straight line as well. So now what? Correction. So make sure this is this much faster between the forms of the back west, but, you know, at a total correct. Correct? You know this for a special? No, I just think this is a gun. Correct it. I don't want you got days. This between this is this is this is a new twist on way, way, way have way here and this is said to sites. This is for one side. This is one way. This is for the back, for the friends. I want to have Teepees separate yourselves. This 11 of the people studying. We'll be needing correction thing, some particular ALS living with them so that I don't forget. This is awesome phones. I guess it's almost. Site watches French. So what? We need to use similar site. It was decided that match politic, so I'll just happen. Friends don't have to separates, whispered one for the side that has won for the site. So I don't want to join in, too, on a side on the side. So I forget how much it's so. This is one battle fronts, and this is the second that's remember for time shows up on time. The punch you see only one side of houses in public only once I deal in sight doesn't. So this is the attention possible place. So this one now we're gonna just have similar last take out of me because they don't meet. That's about flying station. So are someone else's house. So I'm just little major five inch ST. This is true. This is true. This is true. They all cost. So these are called whispering 12. Cutting Fabric: way back in this lesson, we're gonna cost. And so our trouser with deep oflife see this Our pattern PC's. They tracked it. This is the battery on. This is the waistband of the factors are gonna be caught into. He's back whispered. Gonna be putting it on. Foods will afford it on court because the long strip you don't have for boots back Palin's and then the fronts we're gonna cost to off defense, partner. This is then you felt with bunch. Well, hello Courts. She for each channel. You for one for you. And then we have our book. It's fizzy. We're gonna go to the market busy team off the book it back. So what are costing bags for the pockets and then won the past life facing just one. And then we have our after dumplings. Fabric, popularly known as Kara, is what we're gonna be using to. So are Raza. Then I haven't suffusing. This is interfacing with one of course dreams Official the Pats don't need interfacing for and then I have my Z. All right, so we're gonna be studying with phones. Does a better pinch the pattern to my fabric. I'm gonna be using a electrical time quoting you can use This is us Whatever you prefer or are perfect to use this soon, I'm gonna stop all time winning. Lots of response. No, I didn't. Shouldn't wait so way she do self so before article That part of the plan to the next one. You know, just not all our watches before takeoff. My watch is only me that you flying my signal fly for my pockets just with no cheese. No Theo for that. The public on the back way my back. So, you know, transfer or not use no trace. The That's seven just on, which is right now the heat me cheese. That's just transfer our that's wanted that button using it to Los job Way. So that's gonna do the same for the other site. It doesnt Tony Tolga using our little piece. Use it as a great choose. Just about my guess. Double sites have transport my goat cheese again. I have also going ahead on transport my doubts. So this is a back patter 40 tops, so I will go ahead and what to do Many pieces. Okay, so I got a hit and I've seen all the buttons You are Fabric. Thing is the Marquis punch is on food courts because I thought I detected about one. So we'll have a long street for boots back talents, the fronts Jew for one panel to for years. And then we have the book it facing, then the zipper fly. So I'm just gonna put up This is what is left off our pieces full time. So I'm just gonna put them out, you know, again our corporate interfacing as well. And then we I own way. The next now need to do now is to call the interfacing on my own. It's on to the different pieces. 13. Ironing and Overlocking: Theo Theo Next due East. I own all our embassies and then I'm on the interfacing us Well, so I am the interfacing for physical fairy to the backside Off the phones at the box Just over I don't see something stopping I got the interfacing get Have you simply you ever thing facing Stick to the fabric Someone to do the same to all the fabric When I don't know all the interfacing Theo, Theo So have earned all the PC's Andi I have earned on all the interfacing Yes, you can see And in both in these are all our pieces his open hand. So the next thing we're gonna do now we're gonna start suing on the first thing we're gonna do before suing Intel. So I'm gonna interlock our zipper facing first into look this day from that, embassies are gonna interlock before stack is to overlook the center. Felt crotch. If so, toughens Brush. What species? This one? Several wars. I think I'm gonna do the same thing. Sick piece. So this 2nd 1 a lot of them are overloaded. Go out like this, Then I'm gonna overlook Did you Okay. Bats on the facing this the same thing to the second. Okay, I think this E o. This is just one the next. Now, Mr Goto story machine stops, assembly chooses. 14. Sewing Darts and Pockets: welcome. So we're gonna start sewing, and the first thing we need to do is to suing our That's I do not have that in the front Strazzer pattern boat I have done in my back as a potential story indeed. That's that always doing backstage before the end of every time. What did that do it? Back to the beginning, Blackie end. I'll just leave it long, long trait so that I can tied at the end. When I saw that, I like to trying the stitches up the age passed each other beginning for our time, the end of the stitches. So we're gonna I own this. That's I was gonna face the center back. I did the same thing for a second Chazal dick way. Come to a double tail, We tell you three times, so that is really secured. So the next thing I'm going to do is to so in the pockets on two fronts pattern pieces. So you think you think facing the book it facing rat site 15 right site. Just a My name's mixture. It's just a scene. If you have lunches, march okay and watches. And then I grew up in you don't have to be. If you can sell the book, it's home we're talking about. Fine. If you want to sold them by killing, that's still fine just to water. But it's comfortable for you struggling a soul from here old we to this place. Okay, from here from the top to win book it ends. That's where you're gonna stitch backs teach. So all the way when you get a box teachers well, and then when you finish sewing does turn it over And on a stage show you wanted to want done that after stitching that I'm on the stitch in just suing the book and bus. This is a fun site. Don't be poking back and then bliss direct sight on top of the fizzy like this. And then you, Stich is your sumo falling to the main trouser pattern. You're stitching them together from the top to here and there. From here you sit around or two here you are still not sewing anything to our mean better. So we're gonna go to this information now. I'll show you what we're supposed to do. You come. You come. So from the waist down to the end of the market, right? So from here at the end of the rockets to the west, using half inch seam allowance. So I stitched it using half the seam allowance, a stitches to the lens, off the pockets. And then the next thing I wouldn't do no positive beats so that I can leave flat. But just be careful. So that is not putting troops stitches after doing that. Now, on the stitch on an Anglo fist, the allowance they have interesting allowance towards the facing the pocket fizzing and then Abalos. So on the pocket, Fizzy, Not all mean fabric. So open it up like this, and they do on the stage. And you make sure that's all your alliance you have in Geron's is is sitting towards the pockets, so you show their force. So this is a box office in, and then now you don't take the back pocket back, right. Site on the pocket, physician. And then align needs. And they were going to So just the pocket bag to the fizzy we're gonna solve from this stock all the way around to this edge or two. Here we talked a touch it before for just throw in the pocket and the pocket back like this together. Okay, so it's using. Have each seen alone's teach way? It's This is what it looks like. So go ahead. Now use a temporary stitching piston stitch. Just each four kids back. And they're facing together like this from here to hear. What's he using? Cop inch? See, my lungs will now go ahead. They took it back and facing at the top together. I think so are not do exactly what I did. 40 All that broke it. I'm just using thing. Eyes for me would have it. I only work finished now. So now I own them so that we can leave. Flash, This is the second pocket. Okay? Just shoot so that the stitches has set in. Always make it in good habits. I am your war as you. So you. So that's all your stitches can sit in on your walk. Leave flats. This is in front on this is the buck. I use it black trip so that you can see what are suing when you're suing. Always make sure you use a much in treat it like how much is your fabric? So the south pockets 15. Sewing Fly and Zipper: so the next. So now we're gonna do is too. So our people fly. We're gonna dry side to right side for the front Trousers were lined them from the crash. You measure two inches. Reports like this making market day or you make it not Then, from that point where we made in notary Mark measure another two inches. That's up to here. So what we're gonna do is so we're gonna so from here, where we much the force two inches to the second site, where we much the 2nd 2 inches we're gonna use impermanent. So in Stitch gonna stitch using our half an inch. See, Malone's So we'll stick a permanent stitch, their one also in here yet And then So from the flags, tensions down. So where we just were gonna so so from the waist to this end, what would be so would a temporary stitch who used business teach boat impermanence teach from here to here? I'm here. Well, don't leave it. So that's the next thing we're gonna do because we want to touch. I was You got a notch or use your tele stop the drug in line. Whatever I spoke to before you to do so. Now we're gonna so a temporary stitch from the Wiest. True, the point where we must two inches the two inches come on in speech and they would leave is the other side open from now. So I'm gonna increase my t o change toe stitches, which would stitch from here to here, here and in our about stitch at this point. So that's it's him so needs This is what it looks like, right? This crutch to leave flats, I will have to just much I have to match it. Our approach here. Be careful that I don't cut into your stitches. Okay, Now we're gonna open up this a powerful extension like this, and they will put has it the old So this is right side felt me. No de Tzipora extension. This is Osik. I've been a Tony's right side facing right site, and I'm gonna be sewing it on my left hand side on the site. It's visit mean eyes on my right side. But when I told you, run is gonna be on the left side. I'm gonna leave this stop isn't going to the band, so I'm gonna visit this week and then put the zip site on top off that's right side of his in right side. And then I'm gonna pin it all the way in the middle off visit by extension, all the way down china linings to the streets. So now I'm going to Seoul and this site from the top, or do it to the end. I'm just know soon on the zipper fly extension. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna include our trust early yet. What a flip it over like this. So that we're just going on the extension and I'm gonna change my foot to the people foot I'm gonna be is the per foot shark changed my superfoods, So I'm gonna soft each gonna. So on the right side, from the top to the bottom of the zipper fly, it's station have soon from the top. I'm not going to remove the pains and then our Tom Tony over like this. I'm gonna be suing on the edge off the fabric. We've turned it over. So you know So on the edge of this public very close, Teoh. So at some on the edge off this fabric, this is still on the extension. I haven't sold anything on our trust yet. This is all one site. The next thing now is to attach the zipper owned the over fly extension. That's the other one like this. So all I did was flip it over, Let it lay flat on this one on the left hand side. So below £50. I'm still sewing on the extension. I still haven't sold anything on our trouser yet. I'm gonna turn around. And then I saw that site on the second side of the extension Still using life Zipper foods . Absolute. On the second sight. Okay, so now I'm gonna tone on the right side. So this is now the right side facing off. I'm gonna foot pains. Just hold it in place. You know, the coastline you normally see on trousers in front, off zipper fly trousers. So we're gonna dry cough, You know, the metal at the bottom of your zipper. Try and avoid it so it doesn't break your needle. So I'm gonna have a guide. Is always good to do a backpack here. If you have a home sewing machine has is exact, you can use the smallest Zack to sort to enforce this part because you're gonna be using party, not zipping up, zipping down when it's so now. And then I'm gonna back stitch here and then follow the cough. That's only front. I call it an AK I saw on the front. They found back on the crutch. So now we're gonna take out our basting stitches to review a zebra. So I'm gonna take out the best in stitches, and then you can open your zip. I have moved to temporary stitches from the zipper fly extension. And then So this is what we have got the seat. You can sit down. Yeah. See, this is one I'm not gonna lie you need so that can leave flats. I'm. Then I want you. I'll is You're setting your stitches, and then you trouser becomes very flats. Always from a good so inhabit off Ione One soon makes you walk to come out Nita some better . So the next thing we're gonna do now is to showing the zipper facing. This is this is a partisan. We're gonna saw it on the opposite side. Assuming the Zika and the site as our left side. We're going to do in the facing on the opposite side where you were you trousers on you simple. It's gonna be shoot. So it's gonna be on this side the opposite site, someone else. So it's in like this said just justice. The extension on defacing together is not gonna be soon into the trouser leg. Like from here, only we down here. So I just need you need now and in one suits also visible flight facing. So this is what it looks like so messy in here to be sitting behind the seat so that we use people is not to your skin, as you can see. See, next we need to Do you have your doubts, 50 your sense of our leading that face. He seemed to mark 16. Sewing Outseam: way and then the back on top rights are busy, right? Sites. I know it's, uh, have interesting Malone's We're gonna So the at scene from the waist down to the ankle on both sides match much is very important to make sure watching much is. So now I'm gonna be using have feasting on Lawrence 18 shooting outside trousers. Just make sure lines and slave flats I am not so in what you're So you're checking your smoothie needs. You're taking what you're doing, Mickey Show you're doing the right thing and then trying to sue by Europeans. Take them out before you get a side of as to using Have th see my walls after story in the Outzen. I'm gonna go on trust my seems open and then not so the incident. That's what first since open. Sadly, your first My seems not born after two compressing the vote for us so that I can use Let's a little place my out scene I just stitched wolf President Do the same for the other leg 17. Sewing Inseam: the theme next I'm going to do now is too much are insane. Translate stickin ship. Same night. We need to now. So our insane I'm gonna tone tell you remember what it was who left two inches at the crotch and I said I was gonna show you what to do. Okay, so the reason why we left it is to be able to so are insane. You take the front crouch, I touch you to the buck you much it. I will be all the way down to two inches we left. This is why we left it. So don't be able to. So I think Tom back approach the incident. You watch it together like this. What's he going to be using Havinsome alone's? You know, that must have inches. And then you much your legs. Make sure you straight in them so that you do know having to set leg. Because if you do not stretch in, your child is gonna be twisted and you don't want that. So now I'm gonna much the first on the back crouch and then also all the week down. And how much your I'm not going to sue the unseen of our trousers have c using half an inch swing allowance the way the other site. Well, you see way. 18. Sewing Back Crotch: So after so in the insane Next thing I'm gonna do now is to so the center back. So what we're gonna do now is much up the crutch, the front crutch and the back watch. Make sure the match up like this much to center friends, crutch under center, book coach together like this. And then no one knows. So a center back come much much is is my note much name foldaway to the top. You can see. Just make sure the airline properly. So I'm gonna start sewing from Remember when we during this center front when we're preparing to fix our zip? We did it two inches common in stitch at the crotch points a dissenter phones. That's what we're going to sue for. And it was so from there, all the way. All the way to the SingTel book. So this is the back much extension soon 19. Sewing Curved Waistband: so our size almost finished. I have done a temporary speech talk. I talked to hold the rockets to the trousers. So we have done our hookahs. Don't as zipper fly. I talked to shoot Well, so now out scene on our incision. And then I've also gone ahead and I'm getting a finishing to the inside of the trusses. So if you have a overlook, use you overlook to search you're Plaza. So as you can see a lot my out Since President open Andi over lots them. You can also use it. Thinking show to do the finishing off Your Trans is So this is what's this is a buck. So why not the centre front all the way. Did you send him back? The next thing we need to do is to attach waistband. Once you attach, you always want there. You, him your trousers. It's ready. So this is our respond. Would really called whispered for trousers. And then this is the back I caught two. I've interface them as well. This is for the back one for the outer. Back on one for Dina. So I did the same for the front. The front I called Four pieces. Two pieces for one side off the leg to pieces for the oversight off the lake. This one guys longer is for the center. From where we have extension, I left. How are you? See Malone's So I'm gonna touch the back on the front, Off the back together. The back on the front, off the waste burned for the centre front. The same thing for dissent from the one would be Z by extension. So what we're gonna do now? You're going to see my loans? Bright side, Fizzy rights, right? Touch them together. What's I sued like this? Our openings or Tony told it. And then you have the insight on the outside. So this is when we attached to the back. So have you seen my allowance? Right side to right side. This is the back we spend. We're gonna touch each together. So this is the front Will do the same for dissent forms. Right? Site facing broadside fight using half on ABC. Minoans. Okay, so what? Do the same for this as well, Right? Side facing run inside. So, after sowing, we're gonna open them off. Did you have a site like this under like this This and they were using havinsome allowance . We're gonna attach the studies on this duties and that's always I wouldn't want sweet now and then will not touch. I was of some the back have a touch put pieces together. It's using half on NC Malone's I have notched. So that's two l Nibali to leave flats. So the next thing I'm gonna do now is to on the stitch all the same allowance on the inner parts On As you can see, this is this is this is it trousers? This is what we're gonna fix abound on. So this is the inner pat. So we're gonna put all the similar on the side by on the stitching to enable each truly very flat as you're suing, Just make sure you check in that you are on the way. So you see, it's all lane flats, So I'm going to saw the center front waistband using half on east watch. And be careful not to cut into your stitches on on. Then I'm gonna flip it over. Do exactly why Beautiful way or the similar spacing the inner parts. So what? Finish one? I am incidently can be really flats. Okay, so do the same thing for the next one. This is the next one. So what happened? Easy. Starting over on the beach. Think back, Respond. We're gonna attach center phones using half inch seam allowance to its and then we're touched. The other piece using happen in similar ones as well. Once up, don't. This will go to the table. And I am. What did you study? Says we're way. So now we're attached back. Respond to our front. We spent This is our called police band. So now we're gonna go on my own, presage flus and then we'll be ready to attach a response. Your presence. 20. Attaching Waistband to Trousers: soon our called whisper And now this is what it it's like to know proceeds and then first open no seams so that it can be really flats Just I am the whisper And so just you know, user, I owned food in half inch seen allowance So this is the inner part Off the whisper aren't is the inner pat and is the out of that was the whispered when I touched you respond true off Jesus and so so right sides facing right sides So there's the back of our trousers and there's a whispered So open it up like this So right side facing right sites So this these are back and then much you're much is And then I just gonna pin it round using half inch soon A lot, Yeah So what might you this edge to discourage And then this edge to this itch like this pinion don don't surround beating each round, go to the cremation and so it around lots of Sony drunk. It's gonna be at this. I don't like this. So this Connors we left happen in Similares, so we're gonna forded that this and so they have inch similar ones are left silicon flush to this age and they will turn it over. Will do the same for you. I'm sure you don't get to swim. Mission. So now we should just go So he doesn't have HC melons, which just go so round, round from this age. So I'm gonna leave just like I said half an inch. See, Malone's at the edge. So I'm gonna take it from from the beginning, and I will. So round, usually half inch seem allows. After selling your front around, then the next thing we're gonna do now is to do the corners put on us. I'm gonna fold it like this like this, using our half NC Malone's I'm gonna sue from here up here and then alternates. It's already like last. You can't just treat meets its What's out the corners? They told me throughout. So we'll turn the other corner the other. This is the age. This is the older end. Tony. Flip it like this. Okay. And then we'll saw using Allah. See my loans Also, from here to the top, it's cut to the corners, they turn it over and then just look for something that is not very shop so that you don't hear you travels. So this is what it looks like. This is the buck. This is a front. So the next thing we're gonna do now is to put the insight off the wisdom and insight. I own your trousers, let this office up, and then this would be on top like this. We're going to design on the right side, and we're gonna be sowing in the teach. This is the same already half. So we're gonna so on top inside this ditch Michaux d apple, it's and a you pink. So we're gonna sue around from will start from the beginning around all around we get to the end from from the beginning off off the center front I'm gonna show it around and I'm gonna be soaring in the right side Theo burned to be trousers. So this is the inner. This is the inner part of the trousers, So the ban has been stitched in and out. So the next thing we need to do now is to take your length measurements so that you can him the bottom of your transfers. My lens measurement is 40 to 45. So I would take the measurements. I lost 42.5. This'd already searched. Have overlooked the bottom. So all I need to do nice food. And then so you can use blinds teach. Well, you use your Nomar streets speech. I'm gonna on it in place. I have a guide to follow. When him in the trances, you do the same for the other leg. Just me. Surely much. And here we owe the summation him our presence and they fix what kind of guy and then we don't arcas us will be ready. I'm sewing on the inside, and I saw him close to where as such. I think so. This is our finished products with Donna pockets down the zipper fly. We don't get called to respond. We've hint our chances. Just your perfect pattern. And so your trousers please post your walk. I would love to see your finished products 21. Conclusion: Thank you so much for watching. Please Post, you have drafted patterns and finish trousers on the course speech. I would love to see them. Thank you once again for in Really? I hope you enjoy the class. See you in another cause. Take a place, Theo.