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Doubling your B2B Sales. Creating and Winning Big Opportunities through Account Planning

Buildthepipe Business Advisors, e-learning that delivers results

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13 Videos (26m)
    • Account Planning is a critical part of the selling process

    • How to Target the right Clients

    • 4 Different Activities Account Planning Consists Of

    • Gaining Client Insights

    • Defining the Financial Growth Strategy

    • Understanding the competitive landscape

    • Analysis of the key decision makers (Power Mapping)

    • Types of Opportunities

    • Creating the Big Opportunities Plan

    • Defining an overall Action Plan

    • Living the Plan

    • Account Planning Sessions and Examples

    • Practical Exercise


About This Class

Account Planning is a critical part of the B2B selling process to be able to:

  • Understand your clients’ objectives and priorities.
  • Understand your positioning with your clients – your competitive positioning and the value you give to them.
  • Proactively identify areas of growth for your clients.
  • Identify innovative and big opportunities to help your clients achieve their objectives.
  • Set account growth strategies by creating and executing specific action plans.

The B2B Sales Blueprint is a holistic methodology for B2B selling, based on our extensive experience in closing big transformational deals. In this module, we will cover the Account Planning process of this methodology.





Buildthepipe Business Advisors

e-learning that delivers results

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