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Double your sales - marketing blueprint for entrepreneurs

teacher avatar Marketing 6pack, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Double sales promo design 2 video

    • 2. Who are customers?

    • 3. Your ideal customer

    • 4. Identify yourself

    • 5. Create your marketing message

    • 6. 5 steps to positioning

    • 7. What is a lead magnet

    • 8. Create your lead magnet

    • 9. Lead magnet examples

    • 10. Create your tripwire

    • 11. Tripwire examples

    • 12. Create your core product

    • 13. Upsell

    • 14. Ads that don't work

    • 15. A compelling offer

    • 16. Call To Action

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About This Class

I ‘m challenging you to double your sales, no matter what business you own.

Are you up for it? If so, you won’t go at it alone.

I have a marketing strategy that can double leads, double sales and double profit.

  • I will show you the biggest marketing secret that a marketing plan cannot be without. You can create your own in an afternoon with this step-by-step market research guide.
  • You will exactly know who are your ideal customers, and how to create the perfect marketing message.
  • You will position your business to articulate your main benefits to your targeted customers, and set you apart from your competitor. You just have to answer 4 simple question and you will got the formula.
  • I will show you an easy sales funnel that can double your sales, if you integrate in your business. Copy and paste and use it with your products.
  • I will teach you one simple trick what you can use in your ads to get more visible and double your leads. This is a working formula that you can use over and over.
  • And we will talk about how to make the customer spend more that they originally wanted to. You just have to integrate this one simple step in the path to purchase.

Everybody who sells something, needs marketing. But not everybody knows how to do it. This course will teach you a basic marketing plan and every important elements of it. It's a step-by-step marketing strategy that can be implemented in any business - simple as a child can do it.

*Note that it's not a presentation of how to use marketing software or how to build a website. I am talking about the marketing fundamentals, pricing strategy and advertisement content writing. You can use your own website builder and autoresponder and build this knowledge in your business.

Meet Your Teacher

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Marketing 6pack

Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs



In my courses, I cover different marketing tools from content marketing, through sales funnels to social media advertising. They are easy to understand and integrate in your business.

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1. Double sales promo design 2 video: Oh, marketings. Expect marketing one on one for start up, Entrepreneur. I'm Christina Routine a marketing consultant. I'm challenging you to double your sales in just five weeks. No matter what business you own, are you up for it? If so, you won't go at it alone. Here is what you will learn. I will show you the biggest marketing secret that a marketing plan cannot grieve without. You will position your business to articulate your main benefits to your targeted customer and set you apart from your competition. I will show you a new pricing strategy that can double your cells. If you integrate it in your business, I will teach you one simple trick that you can use in your ads to get more visibility and double your lead. And we will talk about how to make a customers spend more than they originally wanted. If you accept the tutorial on how to use WordPress or how to set up an auto responder account, this is not your pores. I will cover all the marketing tactics, how you can reach your business goals. But I won't show you how to be these marketing tools from scratch. If you go through one chapter in a day and spend another week to integrate it in your business. You will have a selling machine within five weeks. Are you ready for this challenge? See you inside. Marketing six back. 2. Who are customers?: who are your customers. Knowing your customers and what motivates them is the most important step to becoming successful. You have to know who are your targeted customers? What do they want? Where can you find them? This knowledge is the core off successful marketing and allows you to build the best strategies, reached the best conversion rates with your ads and sell easily. The more that you know about your potential customers, the more effective and less expensive your marketing will be. Selling to everyone equals selling to no one. The biggest mistake a new business owner can make is to believe that they simply sell a product and that everybody wants that product. If you think that everybody is your potential customers, I have bad news. At the end of the day, nobody is your potential customers. Advertising for everybody can be a huge waste off marketing dollars. You can fix this by narrowing down your audience. Let me give you an example. Imagine you are general with a small army. You want to take over a decent sized country. Well, you can't occupy the whole country with a small army, but you can take over a castle and once you occupy the castle, you can grow your army. With a bigger army, you can take control off a bigger and bigger area until eventually you can occupy the whole country, but only after you have occupied the castle. First, the same concept apply to marketing. You can't take over an entire market with a limited budget, but you can tackle a specific niche or perhaps a small geographic area, such as a neighborhood or town. Once you are well established in that niche, you can start to expand into new market niches and regions. So how do you figure it out? For debt niches, you use a technique called market segmentation. Market segmentation is the division off the market or population into subgroups with similar motivations. It is widely used for segmenting based on differences in geographical areas, personality demographics, techno graphics, Busia, graphics, gender and even product use. Before you start to sell, you have to know what your customers want. Where do they live? What kind of activities do they participate in, how they are female or mayors? Etcetera. All of these questions will influence what benefits matter to them and how to connect with them. It is a near certainty that there is a niche that wants to buy your product, but you have to find them first. Old fashioned marketers thought the bigger the group they advertised to, the better. Today, marketers know that the narrower the group, the better Let's say you sell a kitchen product really focused over middle aged woman. If you advertise on a general channel or TV, that's a broadcast ad. If you advertise on a channel focused on women, that's narrow casted. If you advertise to women who enjoy cooking, that's even better. And if you advertise for women in the forties who like to cook, that will bring you the best potential customers for your business. The ones were more likely to buy your specific product. Ask yourself or research the following. Is there a segment a group of customers based on a specific criteria who nobody served? It may be a category that you might not normally think off. Is this segment big enough to be able to make money by serving them? If you are local? Are they enough people from that niche to be able to make a full time job out off serving them. Is the problem big enough that many people are looking for solutions? Ask yourself what percentage off this segment would I have to serve to earn a profit table income? For example, If there are 1000 people in your area and you need 100 customers first, that's 10%. If you have competition for those 100 customers, you would need to work very hard to earn them. However, if there are 100,000 potential customers in your area and you need 250 put to purchase in order to earn a nice income, you need only 0.25% which is pretty Do able. How many other competitors currently work in your market area? How much competition do you have? How many others companies are around with similar services or products? What are some weaknesses in your competition services? Check their website. Take a look on yelp, Google and other review services. See what people are saying. Some examples off weaknesses could be bad. Customer service, expensive shipping lack off results, short or impractical business hours. Personality, poor facilities, locations, marketing capital offense. If you focus on two large audience, it would be too expensive to reach them all. The best marketing strategy a new business can find is to search, market and find a small niche that is unserved or even better, not served at all. Think about it. People want to feel like they are important. And if they are part of a group that is ignored, other businesses they will appreciate being recognized by yours and won't be facing a lot off competition in the process. Instead of trying to sell a very generate product to everybody, find a specialty is something that makes you different than other businesses. For example. Instead, off selling jewelry sell handmade jewelry, four weddings or dining services for couples, all the vacations for large families to space for older man, you can be a specific and targeted as you want. If it's something that you are good at, you can easily get targeted customers allowing you to build your brand. Customers were happily buy your products because you offer something especially for them. Your business is the answer today. Wishes and dreams. So where do you start? Find a segment that you like to work with, and it's easy and cheap to communicate with. If you are already have a contact list that makes communication that much easier, don't start it. A segment that is too far away from you or that takes a lot of money and effort to connect with. Is it scary? To lose some potential customers is the best thing. What can happen, I hear you asking, but if I focus on a niche, I restrict my customer base from one milion people to 1000. Yes, you have fever potential customers, but that's why it's easier to go after them and to make them buy from you. It's easier to catch a big fish in a small leg than catch a small fish in the ocean. And who wants the small fish right? Now that you know your small segment, you can advertise directly to them. Build your marketing approach around them, and you will spend less money to capture the attention with a higher percentage off sales, all because you offer them something that they really want and need. Rule number one for aware selected audience The audience has to be large enough to generate a good profit, but small enough to advertise to on a regular basis at a reason able cost 3. Your ideal customer: the idea Customer image. One method of defining your idea customers and is to create an imaginary character that represents that customer called the Persona. Think about where they shop, what their rear, their family, etcetera. Here are some of the most helpful areas to think about when developing a buyer. Persona demographics. The background of this persona or demographics is the basic information about your idea customers. This normally includes facts like age, gender, Maria status, geographic location, education, carrier, information, income, etcetera because you have your marketing database and start making one. If you don't already have one or Google Analytics, you already have a lot of this information. Combine it with some basic research, and you can complete a fairly accurate background for your target persona. Is Jenner important here? What age group does your idea customer fall into? What annual salary do they earn? What kind of education's do they have Environmental? Very today, live country, cities, suburbs. What language do they speak? What is their nationality or cultural background? What payment methods do they have available to them? What modes of transportation do they normally use? Once you have through about this areas and have returned some notes on each. You can then move on to writing up your final buyer person a profile. What do they want? How do you know what to write in your advertisement? If you know what is in their mind, what are they? Problems? They fears the motivation and their dreams. The answer will be obvious. You know which words that will impact them. Which pictures and colors grabbed the attention. What problem causes the heart to jump? Determining the hopes and dreams for your buyer persona and the things that this person wants or needs both personally and professionally allows you to create more targeted content. It may even help you recognize additional products or services that could be developed as you identify gaps in your current offering. Likewise, when you understand the fears of your persona, you are in a better position to empathize with them. By being able to relate those fears, you can craft messages intended to animate this fear and may even develop a stronger, deeper emotional connection. So how you can learn what hopes, dreams and fear drive your target customer. One way to learn this information is with a survey. Surveys are great rain forced to finding external fears. Why observations from your sale team, as well as their responses in industry forums and social media can offer valuable inside into those concerts that potential customers may not be sharing verbally. What should you ask? What do they want? What do they need? What kind off products items do they about previously? What are they? Favorite shops? What kind of size do they visit online? What media channels do they consume? What kind off abs do they use on their phone or tablet? What are they goes? What is their biggest fear? What results do they accept? If you know the main problem of your targeted audience and you start to talk about that and the solution to that problem in your promotions, then the price won't be important for your target audience anymore. You can start to slowly increase your prices and generate more leads at the same time. What motivates them just because you know what they want doesn't mean you know what motivates them when it comes to marketing, the why is perhaps the single biggest harder at once you leap it. The finish line is in sight below are just a few examples off. What motivates different people. Having more money, having more time for families or hobbies, being secure or providing security for the family. Getting more dates, attracting more guys or girls being healthier, being happier, being successful, marketing capital offense, talking about your company and the list of your products and services instead of talking about how it helps to the customer. 4. Identify yourself: Now we're gonna talk about how you position yourself and your product. First, you have to identify yourself. You can be successful in every business at a certain level, which is determined by how well you distinguish yourself from your competition. How do you want a customer to feel when they think about your company? What words should come to their mind? What emotions should they feel? What differences do you want them to see between you and your competitors? Now, for the tougher question. What is the reality? What is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about you? If you would ask them to name the differences between you and your competitors, what would they answer? Positioning is the tea to answering these questions correctly. If you don't position yourself in the market, your competitor a real and you usually won't like how they position you. Most small businesses don't position themselves. They see themselves as restaurant owners, carpet stores, software engineers or they see themselves as the best in something or the cheapest or the longest in business. This is not enough for positioning. If you position your business well, this will help you make effective decisions to help different eight Your brand. Attract your target customer and win market share from your competition. No other marketing toe can give you better results than positioning. However, it is also often the most difficult tool to use because you have to look at your company through your customers eyes. It's about being bored, showing and proving how you're different. If customers can't see the differences between you and your competitors, you are effectively invisible. However, when your customers identify with your business and see how you stand out from the crowd, you will experience a waste air a off associated benefits, including repeated business word off miles promotion from your customers, which can which can lower your marketing costs. Improved business profile and trust level online. The ability to bring in new customers easily effective advertising messages charge optimal prices for your services. You don't have to lower your prices ever again. Know that your kinds won't think about going to your competitors 5. Create your marketing message: create your positioning statement. In other words, your marketing message. This is the most fun part of a marketing plan. In my opinion, a positioning statement or marketing message not only tells your customers what you offer but also inspires them to buy from you. It says the most about your company in the least time. The brand positioning statement is different from taglines or slogans, where taglines and slogans are the convincing language off advertising reaching out to a target audience. Positioning statements are primary for internal use. Positioning statements guide the key marketing and advertising decisions that positively impact the customer's perception off your brand. The Positioning statement, which becomes the basics for your subsequent advertising and communication initative Z first identifies who the company is and what is it stand for. From that point, it identifies the target customer what their needs are and then states how those specific needs will be addressed by the brand. The positioning statement than transactions to a statement off distinction that says the brand. Apart from the competition, the four steps to creating a positioning statements or identify target customers draft a conscious summary that describes the demographic primary attitudes, sensibilities and taste that your brandis targeting. Based on the findings off the previous steps, they find the market. The idea off relevance must be established in the mind off the target audience. The data collected up to this point should have relegated a niche for you to occupy. Choose the exact right words to define it. Make a promise. Take full ownership off the most emotionally or rationally compelling benefit your brand provides to the target customer base. Present evidence or reason to believe. Collect evidence that proves your brand delivers on its promise to meet the ones and needs off the target audience. If you can't provide evidence to support a promise you can reliably keep your marketing positioning, statement becomes a little more than empty words. Once you have completed these four steps and all the research above, you are ready to draft the positioning statements. Begin with the following formula and edit down to the simplest, most consist statement that maintains the full meaning in each of the categories. Try to be as granular and specific as possible. Four. And put your target customer who that put your statement off need and want the product or brand name. It's your products or brand name is a product category that which statement of benefits, unlike competitors, are product brand statement of distinction. Compose it. Try different words that you can use to position yourself. Try addict. Some birds and the leading others build a strong sentence that tell people who you are, what benefits you can provide them and what sets you apart from your competition. This may take a number off alterations before you find the right verdict for you right on your ideas. Say them out loud. Bonds them off a few people and ask them what it means to them when they hear it. Don't try to make it funny or overly informative. You are not here to entertain people. You are here to grab their attention. It should be simple and powerful. More than anything, it should be a description that everybody understands. Here is the primary marketing message you have to communicate to your target market in order to position yourself once you figure it out. This marketing message. Use this in your company's introduction in your office on your flyers in your videos on your business guards website in your offers in your catalog in every email that you sent to clients on marketing materials, T shirts, cards, the more people see it, the more day we remember it. 6. 5 steps to positioning: Let's talk about why I think that's more market positioning so you can create your positioning statement easier or your marketing message. First, determine your current position. The term mining your existing market position is every bit as vital as any competitors analysis. That's because you have to understand your own market position to be able to properly compete for your share. Answer the following questions and it's very important. Who are you as a brand, and what do you stand for? The most unique attributes off a business were set you apart from the competition. But establishing differences or uniqueness is not all there is to an effective positioning strategy. Distinction off those attributes and values that only your company can provide to your customers also needs to be established. So does attraction, which can be expressed in terms off attributes and values that the target customer bills there is generally wants or needs. Second question. Who are your target customers, and what do they want or need? The difference, distinction and attraction determined. You can then shift the focus outward to determine which customers your company best serves . Those customers We represent the market segment, your final market position will be set up to serve 1/3 question. How will you reliably meet those needs? Great brands understand that it simply isn't possible to please all people in all ways all the time. Instead, they rely on a clearly defined market segment where they can serve the customer base more meaningful. E because off their unique attributes, the fourth question is. Who are your competitors and what do you do differently? Trying to slot your company into a market position already occupied by a competitors? And there's a tough up here better. It's also a bad idea to leverage another brand by likening yours to it. Imitation, maybe the highest form of flattery. But in business, flattering the competition too much can weaken your brand Justus easily as you can strengthen it. Address those questions for yourself and right answers down so they can be referenced or revisited later. Develop a unique positioning idea. With all the analytical data in your hand, you should have a better idea off who you are, who you are not and who your best audiences. It's time to make a statement about those facts. Once the idea market position is identified, the goal is to create a unique impression in the mind off customers that associates something specific and desirable about your brand that is district from the other competitors in the space. With all this information in hand, you should be able to clearly and specifically state who you are as a company who you are not, what problems exist in the market, how you solve those problems and how you get her to the customer base that will benefit from the solution you offer. Will you need to translate website copy into other languages to serve the most promising market segments. For example, these facts from the basics off the market positioning statement it's now time to drop the former statement about those facts. Compare and contrast to identify your own uniqueness. Differences between your own messaging strategy and communication channels are those of your competitors reveal opening in the market that you're positioning Message should be addressed. Now gather together your company's version off the same set off information that you start us from the competitor and a leases and the competitors positioning and Elise is how the two data sets up for comparison. It should become pretty evident where your market positioning strategy should place it. Focus. Market positions that allow you to take full ownership off a niche are rare, but value able competitors er analyzes, Investigating and analyzing the competitors helps to determine the strength and weaknesses off your own business. Measured against the competition, understanding the differences between a business and its competitors is central to finding gaps in the market that can be feared. Next. You want to conduct a soft competitors, and Elise is to understand who they are, what strategies their use or they have planned, how they may react to your strategy, action and how your action may influence the behaviour to your advantage. Some of the data you will need is easy to find. Some will take time and afford together and analyze as long as you understand that this process will in aid the development off your own marketing strategies and help locate needs in the market that you are being met than maintaining the motivation to see the process through shouldn't be a problem. A thorough competitors and Elise is can be broken down into four sub categories. Competitor objective it is These aren't necessarily financial objective. It ease and may instead relate to market share or growth rate. If you can pinpoint one or two Krusa objectivity such a short time revenue VI ous investing in a research and development or whether they are investing in translation software to serve international market segment, then you can act and react accordingly. Competitors Assumptions General and typically unqualified data that may include past experience, market trends and regional cultural factors should be noted for reference against the rest of the data competitors strategy. This is probably the most difficult information to uncover, but also the most useful check press releases White papers shall for their reports, promotional campaigns, matters and hiring practices for deeper inside into direction. The competition is moving compa teeter capabilities. The answer to the above three question should outline a story off what the competitors capabilities are. That information should inform the understanding off where the strength and weaknesses lie , which will help you direct your focus to very your efforts will be the most effective. At the end of the market positioning process Competitors Positioning analyzes a supporting tool to the competent. ER analyzes competitors, positioning, analyzes, identifying the conditions off the market that influence how much power competitors are available to exercise. Michael Porter, off Harvard Business School says that there are five forces to competitive position and alleys is that determine the competitive intensity and appeal of the market and point to the place where power lies in any business situation. Porter's five forces are supplier power. How easy is it for suppliers to rice prices, the number of suppliers, the uniqueness off their products or services, the relative size and strength in the market and the cost off? Switching between suppliers? All factors into this answer. Buyer power. How easy is it for buyers to drive prices down? The number of buyers in the market, the importance off the patronage to the supplier and the buyers cost off. Switching between suppliers can be all relevant. Suppliers with a handful off powerful buyers are usually vulnerable to the terms buyer want to set competitive reverie. How many competitors exist in the given market? The more competitors they are offering similar products or services, the less attractive the market is. Threat off substitution. How maney similar products exist in the market where a large number off similar product exists. The likelihood off people changing brand based on prices high suppliers have less power in saturated market, so those markets are less attractive. Threat off New Entry How profit table is the market? More profitable market attract newcomers, which eats away at profitability over time unless there are Berries to entry, such as economies, off scale regulatory requirements and so on the competitors. Positioning analyzes will help you understand the factors that influence profitability in the market where you wish to compete. The resulting data set will also help informed decision concerning whatever to enter a specific industry or not, whether to increase capacity in a specific industry and how to go about developing competitive strategies. 7. What is a lead magnet: email is a very personal thing. People aren't simply going to give you your email address without a good incentive. Even if they like your brand, it's your job to give them a compelling reason to do so. When attracting a girl or a guy, you have to make a good first impression. The same rule applies with your customer. When you are dating, you get in shape, dressed nice and smile. In business, you create an irresistible lead magnet. Elite Magnet is how you create an unforgettable first impression for your potential customer. With the right lead magnet, you are empowered to attract as many idea customers as you can handle. You can only make a first impression once, and you want to first impression to blow people's mind. The lead magnet is the entrance into your marketing funeral and therefore provides the highest leverage point. The bigger the positive impact of your lead magnets, the better push you have given the prospect down yourselves. Funeral the goal off the lead magnet. It's simple. Convert traffic into leads to generate leads for yourselves. Funeral lead magnets don't make money directly, however, they do create the first impression with a customer and gather the most valuable information from a lead digital marketer. That comes, says the lead magnet is an irresistible bribe that gives the specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information, usually an email address. The technology is simple. Any decent email software can be the form where contact information can be entered and safe for your follow up marketing. You don't want the magnet to be attractive to everyone. Just your idea. Customers. Sure, you could give a free e book for anyone who joins your list, but how Maney off them will want to buy your product. You only want to focus on your target group because they have to be interested in your offer. Which ties to the lead magnet offer something that clearly leads to your product. Lead magnets work best if they are relevant to your offer. Cover an ultra specific topic. Deliver high value and they're easy to consume. How to structure the offer? The headline. Craft a benefit oriented headline. Tell them why they should be important to them. Promise what they will get when they subscribe. Connect why you created this and for home que points, issues and solutions could be in bullet points. Call to action what they should do next. Don't ask them to feel into many fields. In most cases, just providing an email addresses enough this entire sexual vehicle deeper into the ideas and walk you through the creation of your own lead magnet. 8. Create your lead magnet: Step two. Create the content. Here are some tips how to create your lead bag met first, keep it simple. Lead magnets that are too long or too complicated. Do not work well anymore. If your customer doesn't understand what you are saying, they won't be able to appreciate it. Keep it simple. Consists and packed with value. Focus on your strengths. If you're a good writer, go ahead and write any book or how to guide. If you are better on camera, create a video. If you're shy on camera, put together a pre recorded webinar. The options are endless. Choose what best fits your style and skills fares. Delivery courses that last five weeks, four weeks, etcetera are not more successful. Lead magnets. People tend to want instant gratification. Your prospect. Want to solve a problem immediately, so choose affairs. Delivery method. What if you don't have the tools or you are not creative enough to create a lead mag? Net Cat one. Roar on lead pages that net Share some great ideas for lead magnets. If you don't have an idea how to create one turn your best block post into a Pdf download is your most valuable content already published on your block. If so, then you are just a quick copy and paste and PdF export away from Elite Magnet. It's that easy to turn your best block post into a valuable E book that you can use to grow your email list. Read your block post out loud. Who says that lead magnets can be audiophiles? Not everyone likes or has time to read. Some prospects prefer all the off ice that they can listen in their carver driving. Give away a chapter of your book or video series. How can be a lead magnet more relevant to the offer if it's part off the offer? Ideally, your lead magnet should help pre sell whatever product or service you will eventually ask your subscriber to buy. For an outdoor that might be a chapter of your book. For a graphic designer, it might be a website template for a business consultant. It could be a first model off your own line course. For a real estate agent, it might be a quickly stuff properties the point. If you give away a preview off your product, you are giving your subscribers a free sample so your subscribers can experience firsthand what you have to offer. Pro tip. When you give away a preview off your product like a chapter of your book, be sure to add the court to actually to your lead magnet that directs your subscribers to where they can, either by the full products they are previewing or by your other products. Give away your own personal routine. We all have routines. If you find the routine that your potential customers may find where you able you can give away a pdf document off your routine as a lead magnet. These routines my include your eating habits, your exercise regimen, you're sleeping. Schedule your productivity habits, your best place from your business playbook, your marketing schedule, your blogging routine, your vacation habits and even your own personal shortcuts. Providing potential customers with what they can consider pro tips helps build your creditability and provides them with something off real value. For example, if you're a mecca nick, your personal shortcut might include the fastest way to change your own oil or the fastest way to tune up your engine. Turn your best content into infographics. People love infographics, even if you are not a designer. You can still turn your best content into infographics with the right APS. It could be cumber picked a chart of engaged or some other abs that work best for you. Give away your slide decks off your last presentation. If you're a speaker or you have given presentations in the past, then olds are you have a couple slide decks pull over points or Keano's presentations stashed away on your hard drive. Now, assuming you have the rights to your particular presentation, you can easily give away the slide deck as a lead magnet. Note. If you hosted the event yourself, you likely have the rights to use it. If you sponsored an event or you were against Speaker, you may need to ask permission. Your top 10 frequently asked questions. Hint. Respond to objections. As a business owner, you likely know what questions your clients will ask. Simply put together your list off top 10 frequently asked questions and turn it into a Pdf figure. Answers pro tip. The best frequently asked questions. Handle the objections that your clients may have been. They consider buying your particulary product or service. Make sure you address these objections in your fact so you can respond to the concerts 9. Lead magnet examples: market thinks they expect the best lead magnets. Checklists, instead of providing a lot off detailed information, make it short and relevant checklists are a great, weird way to do that. Try providing a checklist off things people should not forget when trying to accomplish a task. They have people stay focused and make sure they don't miss any steps. G cheats a cheat. She generally provides a shortcut to solving a problem. Your subscribers get a step by step process to reach their goal fest and David out any complications. Cheat sheets are typically a quick solution for a specific problem. They're straightforward, brief and easy to digest. Swipe File. A swipe fire Serve as a quick resource for someone looking for fast solutions. Whether it's ready to go building blocks for a webpage or proven subject. Times for an email campaign took it. People tend to want to emulate the best your audience wants to know what to the pros are using. This makes talk. It's very popular. Read mag Net work. Shit. A worksheet is a great solution to help people to complete a specific exercise or figure out something customers love simple things that save them time and money and then easy to use Worksheets can be a great incentive for them. Gated content People love that feeling of being in the known and having information that most people don't get it. Content is simply a block posts or part of a block post that is hidden from the public. Readers can get it after opting in Totori Azaz tutorial. Lead magnets teach readers how to do one specific task with step by step instructions. E book E books were great lead Magnus in the past, but now they don't convert that well. They're usually too long and too time consuming to read dry, offering a checklist or cheat cheat instead. Infographics. We all know that infographics are a great wear to get attention and share information in social media. But did you know that they're also greatly magnets? Many people need to visualize a concept before they can fully understand it. So instead of writing it down and give readers a bunch off text information illustrated and create a much shorter, faster way to consume content. Educational video videos not only include a visual component, but they have audio as well. Plus, you can show your personality, introduce your team or present real people giving testimonials in front, off camera webinar like video and audio lead magnets. Webinar are also high conversion rates. They are even more irresistible than a video because they have another component urgency since live webinars only awkward, specific times they play on the fear off, missing out email course. It's relatively easy to put together an email Siri's, because you really don't have to do anything fancy. Simply write a few emails and put them together in an auto responder. The best part about email courses that they can convert prospects into customers. Squeeze a quiz is the most entertaining lead magnets, and that's why it's convert so well. Challenge. Usually fitness brands and brands focused on a healthy eating offer up challenge, and, because they convert so well, other businesses can tried out to a challenge. Can be built around were too early. Any business model. Facebook group inviting people to join a private Facebook group shows that people really do value communities and belonging free trial. If you ever shopped around for a nap or software tool, you've probably seen atones off thes lead magnets. Most retail companies we have a call to action to sign up for a free trial or demo. That's how they get your email address coupon. The coupon works really well, then generating leads because most people like to cash deer's. Your brand should give those people what they are looking for in exchange for their email address. Case studies. People love to read case studies this type off lead mag networks effectively because they demonstrate to your prospects that you have solved the problem similar to their own and that you can have solved theirs as well. 10. Create your tripwire: Let's talk about the first product. Type the starter product. If you understand and execute on this step, you will be ahead off most of your competitors. When you turn a lead to a paid customer, your first goal is to increase the number of customers. This means that instead off, asking someone to invest in your more expensive product or service is first up, you are able to repackage parts of your most expensive items based on a certain, more detailed solution. Innovated, delivers value also teases what else in a store if someone chooses to buy more from you. The starter products or trip wire is an offer made to those who have showed interest through the hoop product. The starter product is an arrest is able super low ticket offer, usually between $1.20 dollars, that exist for one reason on Lee to convert prospects into buyers. The goal of the starter product is to make the custody first step and open their violet. The conversion off a prospect to a customer, even for $1 is magical. Once elite converts to a customer, the relationship changed. It's much easier to sell more and higher price products to an existing customer than it is to a lead or prospect because they guard is down. They already experienced your value firsthand and have four less forms. When people who are completely new to your product, the key is to make a starter product that leads are unable to resist. The lower the prices, the more irresistible your trip wire will be. But you don't want to present it as cheap. Instead, you want to make it clear that you are giving them an incredibly value deal that they would be silly to pass up. If the perceived value off your starter product isn't higher than your price, your leads won't be interested. The intention off every trip wire is to introduce customers to a bigger offer and intends them to seek more from you. To that end, they should logically lead to a core product off yours that you wish to upset to the customer. Many successful marketers offer a deal on the Upsell when the customer is purchasing the starter product, a striking where the Valenti's open technique your goal is not to make a profit from your starter product, but rather to dramatically increase your customer base and cover all of your lead generation expenses. Ideas include Webinars, something physical that you mail out or even a personal consultation. Companies who offer a great deal, such as five Children books for 3 95 to entice you into signing up with their subscription program are a great example off trip wires at work now that the idea is not necessarily to make any profit. In fact, many starter products that sold at LOS in order to bring in the customer don't just stop at one outline all the different topics your list may be interested in, and then start creating starter products for each of these. 11. Tripwire examples: creating your trip wire. Remember, this is a low ticket item that gives great value and solves a very specific problem for your prospect. This means that in order to create a successful trip wire, you need to get very specific about what kinds off problem your idea customer may have. I don't think only about one. Outline all of the different topics your list may be interested in, and then start creating trip wires for each of these. As your trip fire ties into your lead magnet, be sure that you create at least one trip fire for every leave magnet you have. Barbro follow CEO Off Impact. An online marketer collected four trip wire offers and how to create them. Physical premium physical products may great trip wire offers. Ideally, you want to offer a locust item that highly desirable by your buyer persona. Small gadgets type products are great because they are affordable to produce and ship. It defeats the purpose. If you can't price your trip, fire offer aggressively. Low Square is a great example of a physical product. Trip wire with square businesses can get a physical credit card reader for free, but to actually run transactions, you must sign up for its services. Another example is this box off free snags Bars from Thrive Market The six back off bars is yours free to enjoy. You just have to pay shipping and handling. As you can see, the trip wire offer doesn't have to be expensive to create. It all comes down to understanding your buyer persona and knowing what they find. Where you able small but critical, a clever way to quickly gain new customers if to offer something small but critical to what your buyer person is trying to accomplish. The classic example is Mr Print. How they dominate the printing industry by winning over a large portion of new business owners and aspiring an tra preneurs. They accomplish this by providing the small but critical thing their market needs. Cheap business cards. Their customers don't need to print massive banners or fancy brochures. At first, they just need some affordable business cards to get started off course. Mr. Print upsets premium versions off their business cards during the design and check out process. But the primary goal is getting the maximum amount off customers right from the start, when their customers do need more printing services later. Which company do you think they will consider? First, exactly. Book. Publishing a book adds instant credibility to you and your brand. Not only does it give you an opportunity to show people that you know what you are talking about, it opens up a wide range of new business opportunities. The key to using a book as an effective trip fire offer is to publish a physical book, although e books are more expected than they were in the past. The market steel places higher value off physical books, plus mailing a physical book to your customer requires you to have their physical address information that might come in handy later. Ah, popular strategy is to offer your book for free, but the customer pays for the shipping. Like the motivation Manifest told us here, however, you don't have to use free plus shipping model if you don't want to, rather than give it away. Ryan Days off Digital Marketer Has you purchased his book at a special low price paid webinars. Most webinars are free to attend with an up sell at the end. With paid webinars, however, your customers pay to attend in the first place. Paid webinars aren't as common as the other trip wire offers, but they can be very effective for covering the cost of your customer acquisition. If you choose to use a paid webinar, it's best to call it something else to increase the value proposition. Most webinars are free these days, and people accept to be sold, enduring them, so this may not be the best approach. When you are putting a price tag on it, consider using a term like training, boot, camp course or seminar. 12. Create your core product: your second product level is your core product. Your core product is your flexi product. There is an increase in sales in those companies who offer the WHO product, and the starter product increased off those who offered only a core product. Your customer already saw your marketing message several times in your ad. What they re gone. They probably downloaded or ordered your who product and may be tried out your starter product. This is how the past to the big profits starts, and once they are already saw you and may be tried out your product, they will buy your core offer. Offering a core product to called Prospects is challenging, and most businesses don't grow very quickly with this approach. However, with the addition off who product and starter offer, selling is going to be much easier. It's always easier to sell a less expensive thing and come up with the bigger offer than selling expensive offer est first sight. This is why it's critical to over deliver with the WHO product and the starter product. The core product is something you are proud off. This is what my company does. Try to find a product which is easy to sell. People need it, and it's good enough to serve them 13. Upsell: Let's talk about a profit generator strategy. Both the Upsell and Cross They'll have one primary goal to increase the average transaction value off your customers. It's typically used to immediately rise the average transaction value resulting in. Immediate are why Barbara Follow says on impact bond dot com Why Medical businesses are focused on a single offer. Smart and insanely profitable businesses are creating multiple offers to maximize their profit for customers. For example, let's say you have $100 offer that you've sold 400 customers. That's a total revenue off 10,000. You might not realize it, but roughly 30% off those 100 customers likely would have bought a 300 offer immediately following the purchase off the first offer. That's an additional 9000 off revenue, nearly double the amount off revenue generated from each customer. That's the power only thing off. Upsell J. Abraham's business growth method is to increase the average transaction value per customer . An upset or across sir do just that. Most businesses don't have starter products, and they don't have obsolete offers. The only thing they do is they're selling their core product and make a living on its profit. This is why they struggle and you want. Magnanimous makes almost no money on the hamburger. Well, technically, they make about 18 cents profit, since they spend about $1.91 to acquire a new customer. The hamburger is the core offer, but is the fry and so the upset that make their additional $1.14 profit an upset can be a better or more detailed version off the product. Or it can be longer guarantee or a package off other products and services across the product could be any other offer of yours that's ties involving your core product, but you can so remember kids, if you says services or products in book for better price value. Membership offers are good to consider because they're generate monthly income from the same customer. What could you be offering as an upset or cross sell? What could you bundle with your core product? How can you incorporate a subscription or membership site into your business more than 14. Ads that don't work: Let's see some examples. What don't work? Business owners sometimes think this ed didn't generate any sales, but at least it build up our name in the marketplace. In my opinion, this ad is unsuccessful and Addis successful. When it makes money, if it builds your brand, that's a great side effect. But the main reason to pay and create and run an ad campaign is to get new customers and say, your product mistake one. A list of your services is not an ad marketing capital offense. Simply listing your products or services is not an ad mistake to your business. Name is not an ad building a bread with image ads where you simply advertise your name like Coca Cola or mercy That's does is the preview age of big companies. You as a small company with limited budget, just can't do it. Look at your ad. If it has your company's name in the headline, you are doing it wrong. Readers ultimately don't care about your name. They don't care if they buy a load of bricks from you or from another company. They don't spend time whether to enroll your language school or another. They don't care about your brand. They care about themselves and how they can benefit from your services. Marketing Capital offense if your ad is your brand or your company's name. Mistake number three. The ad is about you. I understand that you spent most of your time building your company, but the reader doesn't care. They care about how your company can solve the problems, how it can help them achieve their goals and how your products or services will benefit them. Napoleon on Hell has an example about an old lady who comes into a store to buy a heater. The salesman started to talk about the size of the heaters. How powerful our day, what kind of technology they used etcetera, when the old lady asked back, I don't understand anything about that. Can you show me a heater that will keep me warm? Marketing capital offense, Talking about your company instead of the customer 15. A compelling offer: Now you have to give them your compelling offer, listing the benefits of your product. That was a good tactic in the nineties when nobody did it, but everybody does it nowadays. Now you need more to build the desire in your target all the ends. You have to show them the horrible have first, how bad their life without your product, people will buy your product if you can move them from a has states to a desired heaven state. In the health state, the customer is this content. In some way they might be in pain board, frightened or frustrated for any numbers off other reasons. In the heaven state, they life is better. They are free off pain, entertained or unafraid off what previously bothered them. Good marketing copy Writing simply articulates the move from the health stage to the heavens. Stage. People don't buy your product or service. They buy outcomes. They buy access to have, um, a great offer. We show customers where they are now without your product, how frustrated they are, how unhappy their life is and January move them to a desired heaven state. Most businesses that fail particulary at start up or when entering new markets to do so. Because either they're failed to offered a desired after stage, they are afraid that the offer will be too good to be true or they failed to articulate the movement from the help to the heaven. The marketing communication is not good. The four questions for a Clear heaven hell, before you create another offer or ed go through this exercise, ask yourself these four questions. What does the prospect have in their House? State? What does the prospect have in their heavens State? How does the prospect feel in the head of state? How does the prospect feel in the heavens State? What is an average day like for your prospect in the House state? What is an average day like for your prospect in the Heavens State? What is your prospects? Status in the House state? What is your prospects? Status in the heavens state, for example, we've done some consulting for a company that offers afternoon agility for hyperactive kids . It's basically an inside and outside playground where kids do different activities, games or tests to complete. But it does so much then that having a hyper kid or more who were still running and playing in the house after a long day. When you try to relax, can be hard. Parents become overwhelming and frustrated customers who arrowed a kids to the ability are transformed from having an excited running kid to having a calm kid who focuses on his homework and evening tasks from feeling frustrated and tired, too confident and fresh with some free time. They can spend with themselves from having an average day with running and cleaning after the kids to having an average day when the kids do their homework, eat dinner bath and go to sleep from a status off unappreciated as a mother to a supermom average marketers only articulate what the customers will have if they purchase the product or service. Great marketers speak how the customers will feel how their average day will change and how their starters will elevate with this simple four question. Haven't Hagrid any half decent copy writer will be able to create a marketing message that have an impact. The marketing copy rights itself, now that you are clear on the before and after having a hyperactive kid, is no more a chaos at home. Say goodbye to exhausted evening activities with your hyper kid and say hello to a calm, quiet night. You will feel like mother off the year as your kid right there. Homework, either dinner and go to bed like angels. Do you see how this copy clearly articulates how the product will move the mom from the House? State off Stress and unhappiness to Heather dispense state of joy and happiness with the kids. It's powerful. How much can you charge? What is the distance between the head of state and the heaven state? The distance is called value. Want to charge more for your products and services? Create a greater distance between the hell and the heaven stage, either creating a better product or service a better offer or articulating the movement from heaven to hell. Differently or, more clearly, better marketing. Get clear on your hell and heaven. If you are not able to clearly articulate how you can take your prospect from the House state to a desire to heaven state, your advertisements will be boring and will have no impact on prospects. In the next lecture. Let's talk about the call to action 16. Call To Action: now finally, make sure you include a call to action to take the desire and turn it into an action. What do you want users to do once they get to your website? Some common examples of a call to action include by online. Call us Now apply online. Get a free, no obligation quote. Visit the store today and have 20% off. Don't just tell your potential customers about what your company has to offer. Encourage them to take action. Clearly tell them what you want them to do. Whether it's click on your ad, order your product. Come to your store, subscribe to your service, etcetera. The call to action can take many forms, even for one business. Full number, email store, address, website address, fax number. If you have to choose from different calls to action, try to use only one. The more options you give them to contact you, the less likely they will choose one. It can also create confusion, select use, exciting words and perceptive language. To give that extra push, you've captured the attention, build up their interest and created desire. Now seal the deal. Get out the pet off paper and some pens and have funded it. I'm sure you will start coming up with brilliant ideas right off the bat.