Double your Producitivity with these Skills (no talent needed) | Philip Hofmacher | Skillshare

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Double your Producitivity with these Skills (no talent needed)

teacher avatar Philip Hofmacher, Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Being on Time

    • 3. Passion

    • 4. Being Teachable

    • 5. Doing Extras

    • 6. Being Prepared

    • 7. Sum-up of what we learned

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About This Class

Being productive is essential, but a lot of skills that could help us need a lot of talent. In this class I'm going to show you five skills that everyone can master without needing any talent. This means that we all should focus on improving these skills until we really master them.

I hope you enjoy my class and I can't wait the hear from you in the comments.

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Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT


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1. Intro: Hello, everybody. My name is Philip, and in this class I'm going teach you five skills, attitudes and things that you can learn without needing any talent. We all know we've tried to learn something, but we didn't felt that we have to write talent for this, to learn it in a short time, out of people only needed. Maybe, let's say, have an hour to master this like, let's say chocking. Some people can charge it in about one day. Others spent weeks and weeks and are not able to move the ball right. It's the same with, let's say, playing Beach Wible. Some people complained the sports within minutes because the blade out of sports like tennis of football before other ones who never played another ball game have a really hard time learning this. But in discuss, I'm going to teach you the five things that everyone can well, even master. Most of us already notice things, but we're not masters and his finks without having any talent. But there are things like your body language also going to teach you why you should always show up prepared and many, many other things I would like for you to join this class and as a project, try at least one off this five things going to teach you and tell me how you felt If it 2. Being on Time: the first thing we're going to focus on its being on time. This needs really no effort, luck, skill or anything. Being on time simply is something everyone can achieve just by wanting to achieve it. So imagine you have an appointment at sweet O Clock in the evening. And you know you need about 15 minutes to get there. If you get away 15 minutes before you should be there, maybe you will be on time. But it's not definitively if you need to be there to 100% at the time. Always go there simply five minutes ahead. This is very simple. Imagine you have a date with the most beautiful women in the world. And this is your first debt. I'm definitely for sure. You will be on time because you will go to so early that you will have to wait. 5 10 15 maybe even 20 minutes. But you don't want to risk not being on time 3. Passion: the next thing we're going to focus on. If the passion everyone can be passionate about something, being passionate about something don't need any lack of skill or talent, being passionate about something simply needs you to be motivated. You know, this type of guys that came into a room and the whole room is shining simply by them entering the room. These are the people who are really passionate about something in mention sales person. If the sense person enters the room, it really says, I laughs product. I buy it myself. This is awesome. This school, you're more willing to buy it. Then if someone else and Mr Woman says Here we have this new product, it's really cool, blah, blah, blah, blah. So always be as passionate about everything you can be. And believe me, if you're passionate about something, you will achieve more. So for you, go out, pick something. For example, a chop day. What you really passionate about and focus on this job. You will get this job and you will do creating it. I believe in you and you should believe in yourself too 4. Being Teachable: another were important. Think that needs zero talent and this one off. The most important things is being teachable off. Being coachable. Being coachable means that you are willing to listen to others and to learn from what they are telling you. Everyone. When someone is providing feedback to you, they are going to give something for you. All you have to do is pick this feet back up and converted into the best thing possible out off it. You can only learn from feedback. For sure, there's some kind of people who like to destroy with the feedback. It's okay for them. I don't know why they're doing this, but maybe they want to hurt you. Don't let yourself get hurt, but when someone else is providing your feet back, take this feet back and put it into your business. Your shop. Your project with every working on feedback is very, very important. A lot off Big companies spend a lot off money to get feedback, so if you get feedback, always use this feedback to adjust and to improve yourself. Being coachable also means that you should try to get coached by someone. It's very important for you to get out and find a mental and mentor, someone who's more experience than you in a field. Most of times a mentor is older than you, but it don't have to be like this. What's were important? This that this person has a kind off experience in the field. Let's say you are 50 years old and your play first time tennis on. Do you have your trainer and your training can be 20 years old, but he can be the one who's mentoring You was giving you advice, so mentoring don't always have to do with age. Most of the time, it does for sure, because older people have more experience. But it don't have to be always tried to find someone who can mentor you in different ways off life. Your father convenient, meant to your mother as well your friends, family, but also your colleagues at work. Even though professors at university everyone can be able to mental and also keep in mind, don't only take from a mental. Also, try yourself to find someone and mentor them to really, really create feeling to help someone achieve more 5. Doing Extras: next thing I want to talk about is doing something extra walking this so called extra mile . Let's say you're at work and your boss wants you to do this. Wouldn't it be awesome if you would say to him, Look, I've done this and have also provided this as an extra Let's say he wants you to go through all these documents and decide which of these documents he should take a look at and which of these documents he should not take a look. You can do some free extra for him. You can take the documents that he should take a look at and sort them according to the alphabet. Or according to date depends on whatever you're working on or whatever he's working on. So doing this little things extra helps you really much, and it doesn't need any talent or lack or whatever. Just always do what expected and deliver more than expected, because you will always beat this guy. Remember as oh, he's done more than I wanted, but it's so great. It's so cool. What I had done all that I wanted and this little faith extra. This is yeah, where were well good for you and a lot of people like this. They will remember you. You will always be the one who's delivering what's wanted. Blast this little thing extra. Try to be this person. This can help you. 6. Being Prepared: one more thing that needs zero talent, lack or anything like this is being prepared. Imagine going to a meeting and you're not prepared to enter the room. You sit there and the people start talking about it, talking about it and everyone's pretty arguments. And you're sitting there and you start to sweat and all your that goes through your mind is dammit, I'm not prepared. I hope I don't get asked. Anything is the same for school. Remember the time when you were back at school? Or maybe you are. It's cool, right? Not with university. It sit in the room on the teachers, checking home rocks and you haven't done your homework. So you're not prepared. It's always this sweaty feeling. Things like, Oh, I hope you don't picks me. I don't want this Being prepared. Helps a lot because if you show up prepared to make it where we're very good expression toe the other one showing them I'm here to contribute. I'm part of the team. I'm your player. I want to work with you. Always show up prepared. Don't miss a chance, not toe being prepared. Life is too short for you not to be prepared. 7. Sum-up of what we learned: Okay, so let's sum up what we have learned in this class. First we talked about being on time. Being on time is were important for all of us because no one likes it when we have to wait for someone else. So always when I say always, really mean always, always try to be on time. Next thing is the passion. Passion means loving some doing something, being emotional about something and show it what you love something next, fingers being coachable. Being coachable means listening to someone and learning from him, learning from what he has done and being able to collect the feet giving back another thing is doing something extra. Doing something extra always means we deliver 100% and at least 2% extra. So we always going to give more than expected from us. And the last thing is being prepared. Being prepared means that you come into the room and you at the moment at the best shape that you can be because you've done your homework and you're able to work this class. So I hope you like this class