Doodling on Watercolor Abstract | Zainab Mohamad Ali | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Daily Doodling - on Watercolor Abstracts -

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Warm Up Exercise

    • 4. Abstract No. 1

    • 5. Abstract No. 2

    • 6. Abstract No. 3

    • 7. Recap & Thank You !

    • 8. Get Creative


About This Class


Welcome to another session of my Daily Doodling Class and this time we are going to paint some abstracts with watercolor first and once they are dried, we will be doodling with our pens.

Again, you can use whatever supplies you have in hand, doesn’t matter if it’s the cheapest watercolor set, brushes or pens you own. I will show you the basics in the SUPPLIES video.

This is a good class for beginners and just like my first Daily Doodling class, this class still requires no skills! Like I have said before: don’t worry if you can’t even draw a stick figure as doodling is not only for artist but rather for everyone!

So, let me guide you through the process...


1. Daily Doodling - on Watercolor Abstracts -: welcome to another session off my daily to dealing class. Hi, my name is saying and this time we're going toe pen some abstracts with watercolor first, and once they are dried, we will be doodling with our pens again. You can use what I was supplies you have off the level doesn't make if it is the cheapest what the color said. Oh, brushes. Oh, pens. I will show you the basics in the supplies video later. This is a good class for beginners. And just like my first daily doodling class, this class still requires no skills. But I have said before, don't worry. If you can't even draw a stick figure as doodling. It's not only for artists, but rather for everyone. So let me get you through the whole process. See your letter in class. 2. Supplies: Let's look at the supplies that we will be using for this class. First papers try to use 300 dream or £140. What color paper if you have available. If you don't have you, can you sketch book but with ticker pepper that can withstand some water? Try not to use too much water when using schedule. Because most cash book has quite a thin pepper for brushes, any type will do. I'm using bigger ones like number 10 0 number 12 pallets or your color one or two just off water. What the color any type will do does admit that I like to put a baking cut behind the paper that I'm painting when using a schedule. This way, the other unused pages won't be wet. Cost schedule papers are always much more Athena and always off course. Try to control the amount of what they use. That's it 3. Warm Up Exercise: this begin with a woman up exercise. We'll get similar rights with the watercolor we use and depends. Start by drawing circles off. Mixed colors can be any. Mix off your favorite colors. Start bending circles. It's some contrasting colors. Doesn't matter how many colors you mix. Notice. I don't use too much water here because my sketchbook paper it's not that thick pin as many circuses you light after always for warming. I spent a six year to shorten the time off the video. Now for different ships, some squares in triangles through the same process. It's contrasting colors. I don't have to be a perfect square or triangle is just a representation off the ships. Oops, sorry that my triangles are out off site, but you get the idea. It's the same blend with some more colors. You will see how it looks in the end. OK, it's done. I might. Triangles opened three triangles and three squeals. You can pin a few more bigas a few line and do more practicing on using your pen. Now we wait for you to Dreyfuss. Now I'm growing. Teach Italy for some parts, but feel free to use your pen begins with a drawing flowers. Any flowers can do. Don't have to be any specific ones as long as they have different shapes and petals. This is supposed to be a rose. If you have some flowers in mind, you can draw it also. But that's for me. I just draw any flowers that looks like a flower. And I presumed you see some sort of to lead. Maybe. And you can get details like some stems and leaves. And now, for the last flow, this one will be Odendaal alliance. Okay, Next will be some treaties. Same concept any type will do. Some can be on imaginary trees. Any kind that you like or you wanted it to be in every tree, have a trial and some Brancheau's you and they. And this is supposed to be something like a whipping. Well, cocoa can be a coconut palm, and I think this one is supposed to be the three off life. And now for the last one. I just drew a circle around it. This looks like a fan. Oh, Windmill, Do not get some less to the outside to have some fun in the tree. And now for some cat faces. It's always fun to draw kit faces. You can have different kind of fast, different shapes, different smile. It's some stripes off some character. I don't have to be a perfect at first because this is just doodling. It's some smiles. Nothing can go rule. Whatever you draw, every single face will get cuter each time you can get the ball tie. A handsome in the squarish face, he looks quite happy. In the last one, I put a crown on her and she is a princess Kitty. There she goes. She's happy now in some whiskers, endlessly for our squares and triangles. I just simply draw some ships, whatever it is from flower leaves, question mark trees and just some random design. 4. Abstract No. 1: Let's begin our first substrate using a bigger brush. Number 10 or 12 makes the fuel off whatever colors you light and start venting randomly. I don't have to be a fixed shape or fix places. Most specifications here. I just feel up the paper with colors because this is supposed to be an abstract, so all kinds of ships will do. You can even layer some darker or more contrasting colors on the first layer. Keep on adding until you're satisfied with what you are going for. No, it's some black here and day. Then I washed off with water, so it looks like some shed oif. It always stand now. We let it dry completely before we start. Our doodle doodling begins here. I'm using a pen with 0.5 tip, but you can use whatever size you have here. I draw what I see in ish color ship. Imagine what the ship present. This look like the kit ship. So I drew a kit. It's lying down napping and it tell him, and this one, too looks like a kid told me, especially the first spot. So I drew another kid, the body and the hand and a tail down here. And I guess this one can be another kid if the fuzzy chicks on the year and this part looks like the leg, the body and we at the tail and let the rest be cushions and pillows. Since they're napping, pillow here and day, I enjoy watching you. It ends very soon in some blankets. Fluffy blankets. This continued. Draw whatever you see, whatever you like here look like flowers. So it's a flower pillow, some more pillow. We've polka dots and some fools. You can get some patterns on your pillow so it wouldn't look so plain and simple. You can. It's a basket weave designed and some dots. Tow it on anything that comes to your mind. As for the cup, it drew some little hearts on it seems the cup it is being color in some scraps for this public it some on the body, and I guess this is Patrick it. So I drew some pictures on his body and on the tails, and it's done. This is a second Bush in no, I Now I'm drawing the fun without following any ships. Now I'm drawing digitally here, but feel free to use. So pens this way. It's small easier for you to see, so my drawings would be covered by my hands. Then I picked up this proper shape and give it a spiral and pick up the rest of the ship and toe a flower here and there. And here is a detectors and some leave. So this is a botanical picture, some random pattern it on some more leaves and Berries, some details for the fun and leave and some trees on the big ground and the red poppy. Since this is a red color ship in some stay names and some lessee designs around this spiral rose, I guess since this little botanical tudo I dragon flying and lastly, a snail. So is complete now. And we have two more examples here. Yes, some random designs and patterns enjoy 5. Abstract No. 2: notice. Look at abstract number two, still using a bigger brush and what the color bit. But start mixing whatever colors you lying Penn with enough water, so it's much more easier for the colors to mix. Pin some sports with a different color, or the first color is still wet. Continue same process with different colors. It's a red spots here and orange here that the Carless meat fish other so they will run into one another your small waters. Or you wouldn't have any harsh lines between different colors. Now I'm Indy, aiding some olive green. Play around with the colors. Don't be afraid off turning muddy or ugly. Like I said before, it's on substrate. Continue to You are satisfied with the blends and the colors off course. There's no special techniques here. The key is to use enough water so the colors will blend in tow. Issue. Yeah, I like to just use water to bring out the outer colors toe fit into the background so it looks like there's a hello glowing outside off my abstract. Now I get some different color sports for some contrasts, and we let it Dreyfus know what your brush with some colors and kept its or tiny spots will split around. Just stick the brush with your fingers or tape the brush on your finger. You can get us many colors you like. I think I ate it two or tree colors here? Not too sure. Then, using my brush with another color, I used a day being motion toe. Create something like a teardrop people. Now we let it dry our first doodle. I'm doodling digitally here again, so my head wouldn't be covering what I'm drawing. Let's draw some trees. I'm going according toe the different color Shets here. It's a block off for us. You with few trees here and day and remember toe draw the three trans at the bottom in the ground. No, it's done now. Another bush in. I'm drawing a flower here Site. View off the flower and stay name. I do some flowers following the color ships and some round flower here and stay name. It's some details you starship. Nothing fancy. Just draw whatever you feel like to draw, and I'm drawing the leaves without following any color ships in these flowers to on their own, not following any ships off any color, so you can always drove out following any off the color ships in another example, without following a color. The ship off any color? No. I outlined the red teardrops ship and some brunch onto them, making them moral standing, and it's some leaves and it's done, and this is the last one. Start by picking up all the red teardrops like, outlined in and outlined all the color ships accordingly. Don't have to be to accurate just roughly whatever you can see and draw with something like a Jacob line. Give more character, then just at some random lines inside ish color. Continue drawing lines. I'm drawing every part of it old the color ships with blinds and circus on some sports randomly in some details on the teardrop. And now it's done. And now a simple Bush outlined the teardrops raw scallop outlined for the whole efs Red. It's, um, Cipel's and a stop. It's some shits and small details on the body. There you have a raspberry, perhaps 6. Abstract No. 3: no for the last cup strip. That's right. Number three. I have colored this beforehand and now toe at the speckles. First, I covered the sites in upper part because I wondered part to remain. Why can Kabul before pepper tissue anything, then using the same brush technique has an extra element to type a few different color spots. Now it's done in in trifles for the first dude. Oh, I'm doing some spirals. I draw the outline following the color shape and aiding spirals within. I don't have to think too much of the shape. Just draw us your wish, mixing some smaller spirals in between the larger ones draw to you all the talent parts a covered with spirals. I don't have to be around. Spirals can be out off ship so it will have more characters. It's very fun to draw spirals, and it's easy. I don't have to think too much. Continue drawing almost done bit more than light about you. Now I do the upper part with a different baker, this moving up and down with some big head, something like mushrooms sprouting up and down with the stocks. This continued until the whole MySpace is covered with your design. You can also draw. Fill it halfway in leaf. The other part. Blend it some other things. There it's up to you. Then it's some small spirals inside the big head mushroom full some details. You can also do it randomly or Kabul everything. Now it's done. And for the next one, this is I fill it up with daisies, some full daisy, some half daisies, some following the color ships in some. No, just doodle away with us many days. Jesus, you lying. You don't have to feel until too much. Then you can get some random designs in between the empty space in a huge heart completely , or you can draw any other things. Now it's done. Let's look at the next one under the sea. I'm using a final line here because the patterns here are more delicate. These are corals under the seat and some blue petals, underwater plants and some more kouros here. I don't know the name off the water plan, the sea plan or the corals, because these are all this amid belief ones in some random design specter here and there, and disease some rocks on the CeBIT or maybe some debt kouros and see we. And here's some skills equal BUE fish and some beans in some underwater leaves on some underwater plans and more co rose, you and day and see weeks. You just throw whatever you see and some more PayPal's here and there. I don't know what disease, maybe some shell mullah sticking to the rocks. Some more corals here around blocks off, uh, Cole rules and maybe some see funds for the upper part. She looks so beautiful. You can get us many us, you light. And sometimes we get more details. You can live it Us. It is for now. Or you can it details like I get some round spots on the round block off corals here Looks like eyes and I ducked and the vines bin's off the see we looks more contrast stinkin. Can it any details? If you like, you can always check back and see whether unit at more details, right? The lives here it more venz and down here, below the red koro it's some shit's. It looks more contrasting. Oh, you can live it. Us. It is. It's up to you. There's no right or wrong in some duck ships here on the left side, off the abstract that looks like quite fill up and little detail to the fiend. So no is done Congratulate. 7. Recap & Thank You !: three kids and thank you This week it we begin with the warm up exercise we drew some simple do does on some simple what color abstract that we have spent it from botanicals to get Face us. Then we are ready for the trust. We spent the three what the color abstracts with different approach. We learned that with only one abstract, we can have endless possibilities depending those abstracts and doodle beyond them. Imagine the image behind each one off them. Don't worry, you will never go wrong. In fact, you'll be amazed at the results in the end. So thank you for sticking around and completed my class. Hope to see you in my next class. 8. Get Creative: Let's get creative for the class project. Pin some colorful abstracts with your favorite colors. No idea. No problem. Just copy mine and start your do does. It always helps to start with what you see or what you are thinking. Always remember you don't have to draw within the color ships or you can even totally avoid following the ships. Just throw away and have fun. Do share your project in the gallery for all to see and be proud off your creations If you share on Instagram to take me at really what the color Thank you and hope to see you in another off my daily doodling class Bye for now.