Doodling Solves Problems. Engage your right brain to help your left brain solve problems. Scroll.

Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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3 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Demonstration of drawing on Adobe Illustrator

    • Lesson 2: Hand-drawn demonstration


About This Class

Doodling Solves Problems. Engage your right brain to help your left brain solve problems. Scroll.

The left side of your brain triggers logical responses.  This is where math, science, language, and analytic thought live.

The right side of your brain sparks creativity, art, music, and intuition.

When your brain is processing how to solve a problem, or needs to analyze data, it’s the left side that kicks into action looking for a logical answer.

But how many times have you tried to solve a problem that appears to either have no solution or you are having a difficult time finding resolve for the problem?

These are the times that you need to rest the left side of your brain + activate your creative right side to help solve the problem.

A simple and constructive creative activity is to doodle (draw).

This class teaches this specific drawing that engages creativity in a familiar repetition that will awaken the right side of your brain in a way that will help the left side, the problem solving side, continue to work on the solution or analyze data while you doodle.

This scroll pattern is a simple design that anyone can do.  You don’t need to be an artist or designer to learn how to create this drawing.  The instructions in class are clear and concise.  You’ll be recreating this doodle in less that 10 minutes.  

Lesson 1 shows you the mechanics of the drawing on Adobe Illustrator, the how-to draw the doodle.  You won’t need Adobe Illustrator, I merely used it as demonstration.  
Lesson 2 shows you how-to hand draw the doodle.  There is no audio in lesson 2 because I want to you focus on the visual mechanics of the doodle.  

This drawing specifically trains the spatial reasoning part of your brain that is responsible for organizing data. Whether to know it or not, you analyze data all the time.  This class helps train your brain efficiently + creatively so that you can become more proficient in problem solving on a subconscious level.

This spatial drawing benefits everyone who wants to work on problem solving in a creative way.  By consciously resting your analytical thoughts + replacing logical function with a simple + enjoyable task, your mind opens to new solutions generated by the artistic activity of doodling.

Please join me in this class + learn a simple doodling technique that will help the problem solving left side of your brain by activating the creative right side.  And please sign up on for creative news.






Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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