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Doodling Fun on your iPad - Enjoy Procreate Basic Tools and Gestures

teacher avatar Ulrike Text&Tulip, USE YOUR CREATIVE SUPERPOWER

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Hello Art Class

    • 2. Your Class Project

    • 3. Gather Inspiration

    • 4. Your Tools

    • 5. Set up Your Canvas

    • 6. From Inspiration To Sketch

    • 7. From Sketch To Comic

    • 8. How To Draw Funny Faces

    • 9. Brainstorm Your Headline

    • 10. Speech Bubble 1: Design Your Bubble

    • 11. Speech Bubble 2: Place Your Headline

    • 12. Share Your Art

    • 13. Say Hurray! - Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the inspiring world of Doodles in Procreate.

In this class, you will learn how to draw a fun and lovable doodling character from scratch to share with others - for example on Instagram. In no time you will be familiar with the basic tools and gestures of Procreate that will speed up your drawing, so you can fully delve into making your doodle art digitally.

All you need is your iPad and the Procreate App but you can also doodle along with pen and paper!

Let’s strengthen your doodling style and turn any object you like into a signature caricature that has your unique voice. In our example, we will draw sweet little doodle heroes - namely CLIMATE ACTION CUTIES. They are designed to inspire your followers towards more sustainable habits.

Maybe your doodle character encourages others to plant vegetables, or to eat healthy plant-based food, or your doodling is all about to save trees.  Whatever message you want to share on social media, like instagram, your drawing can make your message more powerful and memorable.

By the end of the class, your striking doodle character is ready to have a positive impact on the world -  on your website, social media, in your email signature or to decorate your work. 

Follow me on INSTAGRAM @textandtulip to see how a full series doodle character turned into a digital Christmas calendar. #textandtulip your Doodling posts so I can see them. 


Want to enjoy relaxing drawing videos with me on YouTube? YouTube - Text&Tulip Artstudio


Or get the latest GIFs I designed on: GIPHY Artist - TextandTulip


Can’t wait to meet you on Instagram, YouTube or as a GIF. ;)

************** DOODLE CLASS INDEX  ****************

With a series of small steps, I will guide you on the path from Inspiration to Creation - to fully enjoy drawing memorable doodle characters in Procreate.

 You will learn:

1. HOW TO GET INSPIRED: Gather information and inspiration for your own vegan doodles inspiration board, or use the Pinterest board I have created for you to explore! 

2. PROCREATE BASICS: Set up your canvas for social media; find the perfect brush set; organize your layers, learn smart gestures to support your workflow and learn how to create simple, beautiful tracings for your basic shape.

3. TRACE AND DRAW - TRANSFORM YOUR SKETCH INTO A SUPER CUTE CHARACTER: Turn your basic shape into a striking Climate Action Cutie by adding facial expressions, personal elements and catchy words.

If you need, I have added tracing sheets in the resources section to get you started!

4. SPEAK UP FOR CHANGE: Brainstorm with me around the perfect wording for your Cutie. Learn how to create different comic bubbles and elements and finally place your statement.

5. SAVE, EXPORT and SHARE: Get familiar with the easy ways to export your first Climate Action Cutie for your social media, your email signature or simply as a JPG.




Can’t wait to see you in class!




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ulrike Text&Tulip








my name is ULRIKE- Eureka from Text&Tulip. I am a digital Illustrator, handlettering artist, design thinker and early bird.


To confess, I am absolutely thrilled about PROCREATE!!! The freedom of having hundreds of brushes, textures and colours within my I-Pad definitely changed my life. Within my classes, I want to share this passion with you and give you fantastic examples to get the best out of your tools.


My mission: Let us discover skills for dig... See full profile

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1. Hello Art Class: Hello, out enthusiasts. My name is Rekha from Texan Tulip. I'm a full time out off the box thinker, calligraphy, artist, illustrator, happy anti and early bird. I truly believe in the superpower of art and the impact it can have on the way people think , feel and act. That's why I'm so excited to have you in my class. So to inspire you to feel the same, let's use our art for good and for fun. As we went to the new decade, we all experienced a new Rangers around climate change. Actually, it is more than just did change leaving. Scientists call it a climate crisis, but what can we do with our art in disarray? So I want to show you that fighting climate crisis can be inspiring as well as fun to do with climate action. Beauties, climate acting cuties are all reminder for taking on good climate habits, our cuties, our feelers. Funny and unpredictable. They take on a life off their own, so once you've created them, they want to pop up everywhere we start our first class of duties with plant based Q T power. Learn to speak truth with fruits. I will teach you how to create you unique fund and lovable signature character from scratch to share with others. We will use the iPad Theater pen and broke create app. Let's gather inspiration from all around at the market on a tree in your kitchen, ready to eat all on a Pinteresque spot. Next river. Dive into the procreate up. I will run you through the basic features and gestures that will save you tons off time and make your rope flow most. Mostly ever show you how to set up your canvas for Instagram. How to keep your lay aboard organized, find the right brushes, insert photos and, most importantly, that tracing is not cheating. It's a way off learning. In practice, we will focus on two key elements off our picture. First, the love of the character. And second, it's striking message in a comic style shouter bubble. In between both parts, we will have a break not only for little stretch and a cup of tea, but also for good old crazy brainstorming session. I didn't show you my message to come up with a bold headline for your execute e no ovaries . No prior knowledge is required it is for appropriate beginners as well as for those who just want to follow us along with pen and paper. If you are already familiar with procreative photo shop, I hope to give you some insights that are new to you as well as some drawing skills exercises. Don't worry if you absolutely knew to anything you will find tracing sheets in the resource is section discloses, simply made for all who want to create art with a bold message. It is a great class for all the influences out there who want to create an engaging instagram post. If you're free to use it for your social media account for male as a simple J peg or on any messenger, you can apply these skills toe any medium to draw on or be really radical and do it directly on a fruit. By the end of the class, you will be able to turn any fruit, vegetable and any object you want into a comic style caricature. You will be able to use different facial expressions and guidance. You will have an understanding how to use Pinteresque and procreate, how to think outside the box and most important, how to share your message with others. My promise to you No animals were harmed in making off this Regan character. Let us get ready to use our creative superpowers to encourage simple ways for healthier planet in Disagrees by plant based living. Can't wait to see you in class. 2. Your Class Project: to see your progress and to inspire your classmates. Please share two steps off your work. First, upload the picture off the Pinterest bought. You created your own or any other picture off your inspiration. Process maybe from your straw food market. Or if you made a Q T friend along the way, please show us even if he was irresistible and you ate him, whatever helps to get ready for the second part where we want to speak truth with fruits, upload your first climate action Qut, that represents the planet based Diet Challenge with a bold message. In addition to that, share the laugh and don't forget to encourage your classmates. Give them feedback in approach. Expect. Let's bundle all our creative energy to do something good. Happy to see you in class. 3. Gather Inspiration: they're turns off. Good resource is out there about what we can do to live more sustainably and one answer to the climate crisis. It's on our plate. So for this class, I want you to focus on pure goodness, fruits, all vegetables. Let's pick the best for our inspiration there two ways. Maybe you love apples as much as I do, and one is already in front off you. So the first way would be simply to take a picture and save it into your image gallery. You can also have a walk to the farmers market. All scroll through your photo gallery to watch out for fruits. Make sure that all your fights RJ pick a PNG as procreate can only open picture based files . The second way would be to have a massive feast on Pinterest for this class. I already prepared several reports to give you a quick spotlight on inspiring posts. The first board is separated into our two key elements. Fruits and the shot off bubble. Let's have a closer look at the fruits. Discover gorgeous images that are easy to trace. The outer shape appear clear. They have a plane wide, black or non distracting background and come mostly a singles. Wow, look at this fantastic apple. A really classic with its leave on the left. If you keep on scrolling on the knees, you will find similar pictures. Choose the one you fall in love with. Oh, safe them all. Let's return to our starting board. We open up our inspiration pins for the comics diet, shadow, bubble and honestly, they already look like fun. This board gives you an idea around basic shapes and elements for your bubbles like stars. Oh, clouds and thunder. If you scroll father down, you also see a certain kind off colors that were fabulous together. A strong red and an engaging yellow, a clear blue. Wow. Whatever takes your fancy markets and market in your memories, we will get back to it as we need it in the second part for class. And they are two more treats. I prepared for you. One is an inspiration. Board off quotes around foot. At the top of my list is Maria Internet. Let them eat cake or simply don't let him eat. Fake road place are an enormous way to create engaging posts. For example, this reinvention off the Nike logo and claim. Have a cup of tea and take some time to get inspired. And if you get hungry on the way, don't miss to have some real food in between to get fully recharged. We need your full attention for the big thoughts that are waiting a hat. Our inspiration board around climate change. There is no Planet B or make our planet great again. These are all already existing and remarkable posts. Or look at this little Q t from Susie Hammer. This is exactly the way to go. Susie's globe is already in instagram size, and she already posted it on Instagram Hope. Brilliant. It will make a perfect friend toe all our upcoming cuties. One last bird for Mama. I really want you to have fun with it, but please be respectful off any copyrights ready to go digital. Let's get our power tools ready to go 4. Your Tools: for our set up. We need a positive mindset and the iPad with you procreate up or simply a piece of paper in the pants. I used the iPad six generation and the apple pencil of first generation. As this is the best compatible stylist for marvellous wrote flow. I have procreate 4.39 and I used the custom brushes that come within the app with a few modifications, I will show you later on. What else do we need? I would say heaps off fun, joy and an undeniable Yes. In your work, whatever lives in you will be in your drawings. So open up your windows, have a deep breath to get some oxygen in yourselves. Ready said go. 5. Set up Your Canvas: to be sustainable in our digital art. Bogus. Well, let's keep all fires lighthearted and lightweight. We will set up our cameras in a way that it is easy to share digitally but not suitable for print on paper. First opening procreate up in the gallery and hit the plus button in the upper right corner . You will see plenty off ready made canvases to choose from, but you can also create your own custom size canvas. It's at the very end off the list. Hit that button. Our climate Action Q T Lover 10 80 by 10 80 Instagram size at 150 dp i 72 dp I would be the basic resolution but can lead to problems if someone likes your drawing and wants to show it in a bigger size on the website, So then it might look a bit blurry for those who insist on printing. Please choose 300 GP I, but you might also want to change the size off your canvas. The pixel perfect 150 on the other hand, gives us the opportunity to have fun on 128 layers. If you want to push it that far. So now name your newly size canvas. It will be a part off your library afterwards, so choose something that's remarkable. Let's name murdered all surprise Climate Q t Fantastic. Let's press on Create and Magic Hour Qg canvas is ready to rock and roll. 6. From Inspiration To Sketch: Let's get familiar with the overall layout. Off procreate on the top menu bar, you see two squares on top of each other. Here are your layer options that that and lay a manual emerge. If you click on any part off your selected layer bar, you will know that they selected because it appears in blue. Another manual will pop up for modifications. At the top is rename. The first thing we need is a photo, often apple. So therefore, we name Delia alike Apple. So Well, then, to insert a photo via the little wrench on the top off the left side menu, the active menu will appear. And to insert something, make sure the plus appears in blue Circle. Now we take the options. Insert a photo and we will be lied to our photo gallery. Choose the photo you would like to trace later, and it will automatically appear on your canvas total. I simply decided to have the photo I took earlier for my apples to use them as the reference I want to have the photo underneath a new layer where I can draw on creating new Leah hit the plus bottom and name it Apple tracing Beautiful. Have a look at the right hand side off your selected layer beside the tick box. You see a letter by default. You should see letter end. So that represents the active blending mode off Yulia Tepid To open the Blend Month menu in the first slider, you can arrange the opacity to trace easily reduced your pass ity by moving the slider to the left until it's still good enough to see. And I choose from 43% swap to the apple tracing layer. What we need now, after we got paper and inspiration at Penn will be handy. Kept the brush I can in the main menu bar on the top, placed at the beginning off the right side menu. In my case, it already shows my sketching pen, the HB pencil with its move and soft lines. Look, there are a lot off options to customize your brush, but for now I will go with the default settings and just arranged the size off my brush. Therefore, I go to the slide bar on the left, and if you move the upper slider gently down, you provoke a slim align. Perfect. We already now soon in and let the fun begin. Just follow the outer shape off your apple with the apple pen as rough and as raw as you like. It is just a sketch and should help you to Rome up your wrist and to get into the flow. Try also the other one, and there's no need to make it a perfectly lifelike drawing if you don't want to. But it is good to have a reverence to not get lost. You never know what cute little details you might spot wire tracing. If you already de selected Apple photo layer to make it invisible. Fabulous. And there it is. Our first sketch is ready. Let's repeat what we learned so far with another tracing sketch. I still have those stunning pairs waiting to become our next models and, of course, recreate a new layer, and we have to name it. Let's say photo pass once we already be once more, hit a range to aet and insert a photo, have a straw in your photo library and select the one you like. It will welcome us on the or Kenna's. Now I would love to rotate the picture before I sketch, I tap the transform button, this little arrow on the top menu bar and the marking line will appear around my picture. Can you spot the green note on the top off my selection? This is the rotation note. Drag it to twist and turn the photograph around its own midpoint into the position you like . Oh, I'm fussy today. I do not want to be distracted by this bit often apple or the lemon. I simply want to have passed. So therefore, I have a special hack. Kept the ribbon next to the transform arrow and make sure in the menu below everything is set to FREEHAND. You can create a selection by repeating the shape exactly how you would roll normally. Just follow the pair and leave a bit of space beside. If you accidentally lift your pan wise electing, don't be afraid. Just place your pen down again and continue until the former's complete. Your selection will be automatically located in a new layer. Now, as always, be tidy. We named the layer appropriate, and I call them Solo pass. Select the past by tapping again the arrow to find them as perfect spot Once it is selected , you just tap on screen and move around, or you can scale. It may be to 125%. As soon as you are happy with their day sit, Create a new layer and rename it. Call it maybe tracing solo pass. Now adjust your canvas and go back to the original pay layer to reduce your capacity. Make sure your Pettiness ready on check. If you are on your tracing layer to get started, who we are warmed up now, tracing is already so much easier. Follow the shape smoothly and easily and draw balls pass. Do them the honor and show their food personality. So watch out for shadows and interesting dots and look. Those shadows already look like parts off the world and this'll it'll. Grumpy one shows it first wrinkles Mawr, so play with it until you are fully satisfied. De Select the Foot Ralf and Tatar. Our second sketch is accomplished, but hope. Keep it clean if you accidentally draw on your canvas. The easiest way to erase is with a small gesture. Teplice two fingers at the same time on your screen to undo your last action and hold two fingers to undo multiple actions to redo, press and hold with three fingers. But you can also use the little return arrow at the left side. Wow. This'll was a lot to take in. I I applaud you for finishing this lesson and see you in the next. 7. From Sketch To Comic: Let's go from sketch to comic. Now that we got our solar pass ready, we need the right brush to trace them into a comic style wave. Kept the brush Aiken on the main menu bar to have a look into your brush library. I decided to go with the text and toilet brush, which is not so difficult to create as it is the regular calligraphy brush that comes within the app. All I customized s streamline it is set to 75% streamlines that to 100%. Will even any shakes or wobbles within my line work, but it can look quite stiff, so to have a natural touch, I prefer to keep 25% off human messiness. So watch out for your trace in pairs and create a layer above. Kept the little plus on the upper right off the layer menu and make the sketch invisible. It's time to get familiar with your brush or look what a beauty. Just try to play with the pressure sensitivity. Use less pressure for slimmer up strokes and gently increase the pressure for your down strokes. And that's pretty much the easiest calligraphy exercise you can do every day to warm a purist, reduce the brush size and follow me along a second exercise. We just repeat loops in a row to get you into the flow, but also to train your skill to provoke a different with off your stroke. Just rally with the pressure you put on your canvas with the apple pan. Artist pendants just amazing, and it is so sensitive. It's simply a joy to work with. As you can see their little shakes in my line work because I allow streamline just to even up to 75%. It just needs some more warmups until my strokes are great and look, all those seems like one. Take videos you see with people drawing at once a perfect line, be assured, dated a lot off practice, go to the layer menu and hit clear in the sidebar. To erase our exercise, we need a clean canvas to play with a second brush I love. It's the fussy X Lina, and as the name says, the outer shape off this outstanding brush is rough and it's raw, and it has a certain character that goes well with a comics. I because it is so lively and also a bit childish. I love it, but let's jump to a new clean canvas for the last brush. I want to share with you as simple outline. There's no pressure sensitivity. There's no fading at the end off the line. It is clean in its out of shape and, for my perspective, pretty much boring. But sometimes you just need a clean outline. So this is the way to go now. Delete all our exercise layers. Choose your favorite brush. You want to draw your comment with and real ready to go. Look, the beauty off a comic side outline is that it can already show your personality if you can go with any kind. But I prefer the calligraphy style as I love how the with change with the way I draw and I will stick to my Texan Tula purity brush. I create a new layer above the solo pair, sketch and all. How exciting. Now it's time for the really good stuff. So bring your canvas into place and check how the stroke appears on the canvas. Maybe adjust the size if you need to, and now simply follow the line off your sketch underneath. The more exercise you did before, the more solid your lines will appear. And please be patient. This is just the first tracing. Oh, no. So take your time. And if you're ready with your first comic start reference, make your basic sketch invisible and create a new layer above. So for the next tracing, I also adjust the brush size as I want to go with a slimmer line. Now reduce the opacity off your reference and start to trace again. The tricky part with a slim line is that it doesn't allow you any shaky hand. I probably had too much or too less coffee, so simply practice as long as you need. Meanwhile, I would say deejay play music for the art class Now give you a pairs arrest. We de select all sketches and drawings around our pears and return back to our apples. Repeat everything you learned so far. So get your things ready for tracing and then simply go with the flow. The more you trade your drawing muscle, the more the shape will have your signature. Yep, Sorry, class. You can't avoid style. Also feel free to add something which was not in your original photograph, and this will also be just a sketch. So I stick to my Q T brush and I at Alief with little Wayne's inside. This can be still pretty rough, so keep in mind, it is still a sketch, and there's no need to play hard on that. And normally I don't do the detour with the HP pencil. Maybe just because I love my q t brush so much we named the Layoff this get and, of course, and it is not our final yet. Create a new layer above Wade used capacity and start to trace again. If you like to have a perfect straight line, Procreate comes with a smart gesture. Just draw your line and instead off lifting your pen. Remain it for a little second quick shape will evoke and turn your line into a perfect straight line. So it's up to you when to go perfect. And when it's better to show character, take your time to tweak the shape as much as you like until you're happy with your final basic shape. So all right, let's leave it for now, as they are much more funny things I want to show you Ah, but maybe, oh time for keep it clean. Break heaven. Look at our layers. We got so caught up in drawing that we almost forgot to keep our layer board organized. We traced apple and pears, so let's group the layers which belong to each other, kept the first layer off the pair, and it will appear in the clear blue at an additional layer to your selection by just swiping the layer you want to the right. This will now appear in a lighter blue on the very top off the overall layer menu. You will see group text that, and the new group will be automatically created. We name your group and I will go with pairs or now do the same with the apples. Select all hate. Group the name and call them apple. Oh, now I'm extra tidy and check also the name off the layers inside my actual group. The basic is called Apple tracing. So let's follow that and I call the second Layer Apple sketch calligraphy, and I will find off a poor outline calligraphy. You can close and unfold the whole group by just stepping on this little arrow next to the tick box, so that's much better now. So you did a fabulous job and, as promised, the easiest and maybe the most satisfying part. At the end of this lesson, we work with a tracing sheet from the project section. So for that we create a new layer. And I hope you downloaded all the tracing sheets into your photo gallery because now we import the shape tracing shape peck from the photo gallery, and it will appear on our canvas selectors shape you like. And as you might know, by now, I love apples. So I assume into that part off my tray. Sick shit. Now create a new layer for your tracing. Also check if you got the right brush in the right size. Just have a try. And maybe I like to go with draft percent. Now for the outline, Dad looks much better and I bring my cameras into place. And before I can start, I reduce de opacity. Wow! Now we came so far, so just embrace how easy it is to trace this fine looking model. And I believe you to our deejay. Ready. So we select a photo Leah and total beautiful. I'm absolutely in love with that boy 8. How To Draw Funny Faces: Once you're happy with the basic shape, it's time to kiss your Q T life with eyes, mouth and a few little personal adults. So let's draw three different expressions, and at the end you choose the one you want to go with to keep our workspace organized. It's always let's open up three new layers to do so. Of course, we hit the create button on the top right corner, the shape like plus and let's name them after the expressions we want to draw. At first, I would like to draw a sweet girl. The 2nd 1 should be a funny boy and at last, but at least an awkward friends. Beautiful. So now go to the first layer to our sweet girl. Make sure that your color is said to black and choose their calligraphy brush We used before with the same size as you used for the outline. And for a detail. We might choose a smaller brush size later, but now let's go sweet. All right, let's zoom in. And for our cuties, we will just stick to eyes and mouth to get expressions and sweetness is often associated with round shapes and off course. with puppy eyes. So let's draw a circle and leave some reflection spots where the light might in her eyes. To do so, we used E g. Raise a tool. I would use the brush size off the razor and repeat that on both sides off your Q T. Let's go a bit closer and switch from eraser to pen tool and adjust the size off the calligraphy brush to a smaller size with which you could draw more details at some little correlation stood right and also to left. Oh, beautiful. Oh, come on. So whenever you feel like this, you're absolutely on the right train. Now he is the splash lack. If you want to have your cuties with exact the same eye on both sides for 80 new layer and simply draw the first I for a perfectly round shape, draw a circle freehand and had your apple pan on the cameras. After moment, quick shape will automatically snap your shape into a perfectly ellipses or circles. Now direct the color button into the blank spot, and your circle will be filled with black if you like. Erase now the parts which should show the reflection and This is how the magic happens. Kept his election tour of the little S in the main interface bar and make sure it is said to freehand mode. Now circle around D I. You want to duplicate, pressed, duplicate in the lower middle block and then have a look inside Julia menu the duplicated. I will appear on a new layer, kept the select arrow and now choose flip horizontally in the bottom and new Ready? Good. So now you can move the second I to its new position. If he's elect both layers, we can easily move around both eyes at the same time. And as thes are, caricatures were free to set the eyes our part and maybe also a bit further down, then expected now beauty, What's wrong? Why do you give me that look? Ah, you don't like how your right eye looks okay? I agree. So you can also just select one eye and move it around until he is happy. Good to go. So now check the layer and merged into eyes into one layer. Remind yourself to keep the layers organized and let's name these two sweet girl eyes. Next, the math. So open up a new layer because this will make the adjustments within your first sweet expression much easier, and the basic shape will be a stretch. W with a little you under knees in the middle. See? It's so easy to create a smiling Q T with a little open mouth, so leave a bit off white space to represent her in her mouth. Oh, hello, beauty. So move around eyes and mouth until you're happy with very sick. And of course it's a girl. So let's give her the lashes on both sides and maybe for some executed. Qd nous little freckles on the knees of eyes. Oh, how lovely! Welcome. So be extract Heidi with our little girl. And if you spot little ink trips on your canvas, just erase them. And once we're here, let's name also Delius. This'll is this week your mouth. One more special. Heck, if you're not sure what you want to adjust later, don't merged layers. Instead, group. So select all three layers, hit the group button and don't forget to name the group, so it's so much easier to find the elements. Let's call it sweet girl face to move on to our next expression. Make the sweet Girl invisible by de selecting the tick box next to the group. Name all the name off the layer if you just have one. And now let's go to Funny Boy. Let's repeat what we learned so far for the boy's expression, you can choose simple dots, all a little look to the left recreated plus a really broad smile and he will be good to go . Oh, let's make him nice up. Mama's calling Yamamah. What you say? Yes, we keep our layer boards organized. Yes, we rename them. Yes, we do. So, yes, we're good girls and both. Yes, Mama. And we won't forget to group them. And also to name the group. Yes. Now let's see how quadri can go this time. Try a little help. I hope you already downloaded. All J picks from the resource is section into your photo gallery. So now just kept at at photo and selective faces sheet and it will open up in your Kendall's beautiful to play with it. Just bring the tracing sheet on the knees, your basic shape and now take your time and have a look around and also try different combinations off them to find the most inspiring Buchwald fellow face. Now it's elective face you love and off course, duplicated on a new layer beautiful, and now you just can assume it up to bring it into its right position, have a look at your layers and organized them and maybe created group called a quad friend face. That's good. Now you already so reduced your capacity off the layer with your tracing face. Switch to the layer above and make sure your brush is set the same as always and start to enjoy the tracing process. And I leave it to you now so refined until you're happy with how it looks. - So the last part is to dress them up. Let's make our cuties even more personal and that maybe he's a little dots under the eyes. Is garbage of is a winter apple or sunglasses? Glasses for banana? You can go wild, and I want you to have it easy. So if you like, just use the tracing cheat from the resource is actually for my little friend. I create a new layer in his group, and I just give him a sweet little cheeks and dotted line should be perfect. It should already show his character. Wow, I'm so excited to see how your first Q T looks, and then let's take them all to the next level. Let them speak. Can't wait to see you in a brainstorming lesson. 9. Brainstorm Your Headline: welcome to our little brainstorming session. We start off line first to get you familiar with my method to narrow our idea around a bold headline for our Apple based execute E. I would suggest to focus on four major inspiration points. So first, have a space where you can write down all things that come to mind around the opposite. That we have the counterpart off plant based food. Let's just say meat our third element as we need a message for climate action cuties is off course climate change. And last but not least, let's think about quotes around foot. You can post your screen now and go crazy without my influence. So every thought is allowed. There's no limit. Kobold be funny. Be crazy or keep on watching. It's your choice. First, let's have a look at the apple If you dive deep into our own history. The first thing that might pop up is Adam and Eve, and if you consider a Sunday afternoon with a coffee table on apple pie might appear on if I actually leave the apple and think beyond, I might come up with the Big Apple. Ah, that's even better on the other side. Meat is simply the opposite off an apple, and it is animal based food. Let's have this thought a bit off space. So animal based food I got attracted by that little phrase if this is animal based. My apple, on the other hand, is simply plant based and compared to meat based food. And Apple is also the better choice for our planet. So, actually so, actually, we have a planet and plant, so we have more a planet based diet that's cool. And I love those breaking up thoughts where you just widened the perspective where you do not know where. One idea just links into the other. So let's keep that as we're now so deep into food. Let think about quotes as I showed you earlier in the Pinterest lesson. I'm a fan off Maria Internet when it comes to that, so let them eat cake. With a little twist, we can easily turn the cake into fake Appropriate would be say, don't let them eat fake. And what about this good old saying And apple? They keeps la la la whatever you like away. So imagine the superpower off days. Little Apple Can he actually keep the climate? Crisis away would be fabulous. And if you absolutely run out off any ideas around this browsing the Internet all take a good old fashioned quotation book like this Oxford Dictionary, who I love old books. It's a joy to feel the texture off paper and story, and there's also another classic for quotations. And if he did like more support around climate change, they might get out off date so we might get the spark off this little amazing human. And what was one off the climate action claims? No one is too small. Oh, how beautiful would not be for little up, but also a thing about words like for test. And of course, we have to take action so you can be part off the solution, but only if you spell it right. We also have to act. So now we're just running out of time, and you can address this kind of urgency in multiple ways, like greet us that our house is on fire. So let's just write that down and it opens up new ways off thinking and you see, with never ring those four key elements, we actually broaden our perspective. There are three more. Resource is in the Internet. I would like to share with your form or inspiration off course, used to Pinterest sport recreated, but the's are bit different. So let's turn the page that my first recommendation to you is thes hours dot com. It is an amazing page, as I can browse similar tameness Lee the word It's synonyms, and it's an Tinners likewise for Apple. But it's not only the synonym for Apple, I can also brought through the synonyms off this initiatives. So how good is that? And see at the end, I end with fifties, even thriving towards more complexity. I would go to Leo. Don't hog. It shows me to which words Apple is related and even wrote groups around Apple so that we have something like apple blossom and even purse pentti pepper core. But that's quite nice. So can my little apple vida cough the solution? So at the end, scroll downwards to get inspired and it also leads me to the Big Apple. So just let's say hello to the sculpture head office. Why we're here to dive into quotations. Three can have a look at good reads dot com week. Our Albert got the long story to tell. Okay, the more off snow White is never apples for No, that would be quite the opposite. Off all message. Let's look further down. Oh, Luther. Even if I knew tomorrow my world would go to pieces, I would stay. Plant my apple tree. Yes, I'm with you. And last but not leads. If you need a punchline, check. Best slogans start to come. You can find big words and big thoughts off human mankind. You can also have a look at quotes around climate change. And if you're just at funny at the end, you might just get a different result or just a different different idea for the next steps . I'm with this Jupiter. Have a look at those amazing posters. So whatever it takes to get you into big words, just be careful and respect the copyrights. I can already hear Mama ringing. Don't be banana. Respect the copy rise. Look, it will have us all in the long run. So now just relax. Have a good cut off t or, in my case, a cup off coffee and get inspired if you like used the brainstorming templates I created for you. It's also in the resource of section. Remember Simplest key. Keep it short, Keep it remarkable. And I'm so curious to see what your bold message will be now enjoy. Have fun, create and shake it up. 10. Speech Bubble 1: Design Your Bubble: Hello and welcome back to procreate. I hope you are all well prepared with your headline and greetings also from my little awkward fellow with whom I'm totally in love as you can see up in our layer menu. He already got his own layer well done in this lesson ahead, fever prepared a speech bubble. I want to show you three different ways to approach that goal. We will create a bubble using a special fund, so I call this layer in front my bubble of by text. We are also going to trace a pre designed bubble from our resource is section. This would be the layer for the bubble of by tracing, and finally, we just have a free style session. So let's start with our bubble by text. Go onto that layer and kept a little wrench on the top menu bar. Make sure it is selected and tech onto a text. I'm already equipped with a free bubble fund from the Internet, which gives me plenty off variations off bubbles round at G. I like the bubble that shows up with the letter E. This is the last one in the design adjustments I can pre arranged the size. Therefore, tap on edit style on the right side. And then let's make it extra huge back on our canvas. I can finally arrange the size using the select arrow to keep the proportion. Make sure it is said to uniform and scale it up. Once you like it, keep it and move on. Oh, Allah off course. If I add a text, a new layer will be automatically created. So don't get distracted, Meggett Invisible and select bubble by tracing you get right. What's happening Next? Step inside photo and take from our photo gallery. The pre designed bubble boom. There it is. Looks fabulous. So what's coming next? Yes, guessed right. Reduced capacity. And I think also make our little friend invisible. Now create a new layer to do the tracing on. And please don't forget to name it. Now check your colors, Onda. Also check your brush and make sure you have the right brush size. And now yes, the best part. Just dive into the process off, creating beautiful lines for your even more marvelous outline. Meanwhile, deejay music for the art class Ready ? Fabulous. But how do we get the red shadow. Walk on the knee stunt easy. Just duplicate the layer off your traced bubble. Now select the one underneath and swipe gently to the right. Now you Leah is set on alpha lock, which means only the parts you drew on the layer will be affected by the actions you do next. I want to change the color, so I kept on the filth color dot Select a bright, stunning red Andi. I go back to the selected layer and kept in the special man. Uba. Few layer total beautiful. Only this bubble is now read. Step on the select arrow to move the red bubbles lightly to the right and slide. Leave it downwards. In my original Freedy sign, I also see those clouds, but instead off clouds. I simply want to go with little action lines, but I should be black. One more smart thing and procreate is once you are in the color. Settings tap two times in the area close to black, and the color selection will snap into fuel plaque. How good is that? And it works for wide. Likewise, so now just play with the lines finally merged. The two bubble traced layers brilliance. Now you can arrange the size off your new shoutout bubble, and when you're happy, just also bring your acquired friend back into the games. Have fun and give both off them the best, possibly spot on your canvas. But before we go freestyle, let's keep it clean. Renamed the layer with the bubble be created for the fund bubble by text and ability. Abdullah. Now it's time to go freestyle. So take your favorite brush and off you go. What were you like? Maybe we can have, um, cloud at first. That's easy. Great. I think our little apple should have a thought and to get a precise round shape for the thoughts, I let procreate do the work, as I showed you before. So I draw a simple circle, and I just remain on the canvas until quick shape automatically snaps in. Beautiful. What's next? Maybe as six x speech mob. But this can be a bit challenging, so please use all the muscles we train so far. Draw and trace as much as you like until you're happy. Happiness is the goal, and a razor is your friend. Let the music play for your final tracing you might want to work with, not lines. So draw a line and keep your pen on the Kendra's unto procreate evokes the snap, and your line will be perfectly straight. - If you are not happy with certain parts off the lines and where they meet each other, just take the razor and you can also have a certain erase up rush. To do that, I choose the boring, but where we precise outline brush to do the cleaner, brilliant Zo, and that's all right. Now let's repeat also how to do the red shadow. Do you remember? Yes. Duplicate the layer with the object you want to have a shadow with. Select the one that is underneath ends wife gently to the right, so the layer is set in a flock. Choose the color. Go to fill layer and take the shadow into its right position. Sabulis one Optimal head at the end we have seen on Pinterest speech bubble with those comics die adults around. Do we remember? Lucky enough, I have a brush from this cola brown with those solid thoughts, so let's see how this works. Make sure your color is said to black and now again be free and wild and play around and simply raise those parts that are overlapping. Oh, who? Congratulations. You must a three different race. Very well done. Now choose the one you love for your very last. See you. 11. Speech Bubble 2: Place Your Headline: Wow, Here we are on Lee. One more lesson to go. You hopefully have your Q t Onda comic style speech bubble on your canvas. Now the background needs our attention by default. It is always said to white tep on background to open up the background color settings. I want to have a striking yellow the same I saw on my Pinterest bubble board. So move the cursor inside the inner circle in the yellow area to spot the best one Done My duty already got a white filling. So now the bubble needs to have to say to do so, I simply select the layer which is off course easier to find if it got a proper name And now I simply drag and drop slide into my bubble Oh, look how beautiful he is now, my friend, what do you have to say if me told me? Okay, we're getting serious. Create layer for your text and place it on top off your bubble layer named this layer and then move to the main menu bar where you can add text, step a text and depending on your preferences, you can go with any front you like but I like to have is something which has already comic feeling. In my case, I choose the free phone fingers now. I switched to the color settings and my textbook at an alarming Rhett. After that eyes which back to my keyboard to type in. The headline now made me appropriate supports general settings for the Kern ing and the spacing off your text. I would like to have less space between the lines, so I simply reduce the percentage off the leading off course. Feel free to play with that until yes, until you are happy. Arranged your headline inside the bubble, and you can still narrow the with off this election frame to move it a bit more easier. Um, I think it could be a bit more dynamic and not that straight. So I kept the select arrow and give the text precision a little twist, and I will, at some exclamation marks to get the headline right and into the right position might take a while. Be better. Ask our VJ to turn up the music. Let's give this striking headline a striking shadow. I hope you still remember how to do that so simply duplicate the text layer, said the layer underneath in Tau Alpha lock and changed the color for now into black. Now move the shadow in its position. Happy with rates. It's then merge both layers by squeezing them together in the layer bomb in you. The twist in our heading is to cross out the M. So now that shadow and text emerged, I can cut out the M with the free hand selection tool I attempt to placate. And now the anvil appear on its own layer. I go back to the full text layer and even there many different ways to get rid off the double M. I simply raise it neither. He always says, Eat me how beautiful our little friend is. Let's make the solo invisible again. Kept this elect arrow and twist and turn it into its final position. This also can take ages. Yeah, yeah, Now I'm happy with how it looks. I need a new layer above to do the crossing. I will do this with the HB pen to have a sketchy look, and as a color, I choose a striking green experiment with a crossing until you're absolutely satisfied. Now, as always you can. You Mama's a organize your layers, Name them and group them very well done. Good job. What else do we need? Maybe my apple should get a bit off color. And maybe in his leaf I create a new layer on top off the group. And now I feel it by hand to keep this hand drawn. Kids die feeling for the color. I choose a striking green for the upper half off the leaf and I take a darker variation off the green for the part that might be less exposed to the sun. To see the rain's off my leave, I will erase with the same brush I drew with. So with the HB pencil, I would use the brush size of it to work more precisely, but to keep it still a bit edgy. No. Hello, my gorgeous friend. So tell me, what else do you need? Have a good headline with a beautiful leave. But maybe we take the red can have a little blush on the cheek now Create a new layer but don't forget to keep them all organized. This is our leaf In this video of last check your pen and check also the color. And now we are ready to go. The more you repeat the drawing At one spot off course, the more saturated red will be so consider. If you like to have some highlights on her cheeks, simply drop it less more. Look at him now. The second cheek. Oh, how sweet. Oh, my gosh! Cover E. I think you are absolutely stunning and ready to rock the world. 12. Share Your Art: finale to share your final acting. Q T. Make sure it gets a remarkable name. Just stepped onto untitled artwork and it's some nail. Plus, your keyboard will pop up. You have now the option to type in a name. Your luck. Be creative but also been organized. C A C Climate action Q G plus, let's say, Apple plus beat me so this would be my way to go. Well, you would say No, that's not very creative. So leave a comment. If you have a better idea, open your action. Q T file in procreate. Hit the range on the Toughman, Uba and tip on share. You can either share image all the layers. Today we just stick to an image simply a J pic. I tap on that and I get multiple options to export. Mike UT. Let's see how mailbox our Q T will be automatically attached, and it's just on us to send him out with a nice message. Maybe you are on a 30 day reading challenge with a friend, so just send him your planet based executing, ready sent go Woo hoo! You can also save the image inside your image gallery so go on share and simply hit Jay Pek . And now choose seIf image in the top down menu. If you open up your photo gallery, your Q T is already rating for you to send him out into the Big Big World. So let's have a look. Ah, there he is. So don't let him way too long. Share him on your social media account because you get the perfect size for Instagram. And, of course, he also loves to travel via WhatsApp Telegram or on Facebook. And now it's time for all of us to say who a. 13. Say Hurray! - Final Thoughts: Okay, I applaud you. You did a great job. I can't wait to see your final results on the discussion board. I hope you had fun and feel inspired to create more sparkling inspirations for healthy habits. Your creative muscles should be now ready to gather informations to create a printer sport , to use brainstorming within your creative process and to use procreate, essential tools, gestures and set up, you could also call yourself now king or queen off tracing and be able to turn any shape into your unique signature can. Finally, you know how to record your Q t with both message, so to share within your Lambert Instagram Facebook. What's up? Oh, I hope this class stacked up your creative superpowers to encourage simple race for healthier planet Indus Aries by plant based Please don't forget to leave a positive review for this class to make it easier for others to find it on skilled share. See you next time and now go out and save the planet Jews