Doodled Watercolor Wild Flowers

Ann Krier, Art for Everyone !

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6 Videos (15m)
    • Doodled Watercolored Wildflower & Hi

    • Wildflower Blobs

    • Wildflower Splatter

    • Wildflower Doodles

    • Wildflower Splatter Doodle

    • Wild Flower Project & Thanks


About This Class

Learn to create these fun, watercolor and doodled WILDflowers... Make a garden full in no time. Perfect for pretty little whimsical little cards, gift bags (just glue your work on a simple craft paper bag) or create a series to decorate your home.

Join me in this Doodled Watercolor Wildflower - Art for Everyone Class - today.

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Thank you ! Was a very fun class.
Fun, freeing class! Love the loose flowers and the inspiration to play! Thank you!
Such an easy and fun technique. I showed the final project to my family and they were super impressed and said it looked professional :)
Shelley Hitz

Artist, Illustrator, Author Coach





Ann Krier

Art for Everyone !

I am an artist and copy writer, a wife and a mom.

One of the most important goals for me, as an artist, has always been to create pieces that make happy people. More recently, I want to share not only my work, but teach others how to create color filled pieces that focus on favorites things, places or events. 

Some of my favorites are the beach and her creatures, friendly villages, funky flowers, creative animals and many other nature inspired subjects. I is my hope that these classes become one of your favorite things. I share my process with others in hopes that you all will find a project that inspires you to be creative - even if you don't think that you are !

I call my studio Whimsyville because it marries familiar subject matter with extensive mark making, doodling and layers of color. Nothing is 'pre planned' or for that matter even thought out. I sit down, I make a mess and Viola! Art! The process is exciting and joyful. I cannot always predict the outcome and that is the best part of the entire experience - you just can't plan whimsy.

I hope you join me in celebrating the "Art for Everyone series"  here on Skill Share.

And if you'd like to see more of my work, pop on over to my website =, follow me on Instagram @whimsyville, or check out the Etsy shop at whimsyville365 !

If there is any chance that my work evokes the same cheerful, bright, free from conformity happiness in you that it does in me, then I will have accomplished my goal. I do sincerely hope you find a smile in, or a connection to my pieces- and in taking my skillshare classes, you will share in the fun !