Doodle Time! Make Your Own DIY Coloring Book Page for Watercolors | Jennifer Coyle | Skillshare

Doodle Time! Make Your Own DIY Coloring Book Page for Watercolors

Jennifer Coyle, Skillshare Teacher, Designer, Illustrator

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3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Draw your coloring book page

    • 2. Digitize and vectorize your work

    • 3. Print it out and color with watercolor!


About This Class

Create your own coloring book pages for watercolor, colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc. In this quick class you'll learn how to design your own coloring book page in any style you want.

If you're stuck on what to draw, try hand lettering your name and drawing doodled designs around it!

You don't have to be an artist to make your own coloring book page! It's something fun to do to get you outside of your comfort zone.





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Jennifer Coyle

Skillshare Teacher, Designer, Illustrator

I'm Jenn Coyle, a Philadelphia-based UI/UX designer, illustrator, and blogger. ENFJ.

I live for funky-cute illustration styles and have a passion for typography. Follow along with my tutorials on to learn about digital illustration, or take my Skillshare classes.

Fun facts: I have a degree in Interior Design; I don't use it. I'm mildly allergic to peanuts. I play the ukulele. Fueled by burritos. I've watched The Office at least 4x through. Things that rock my socks...

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