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Doodle Play: Basics for Creative Characters

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Muti-faces Monster

    • 3. Hole Monster

    • 4. Liquid Monster

    • 5. Assembled Monster

    • 6. Replacement Monster

    • 7. Island Monster

    • 8. Totem Monster

    • 9. Final

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About This Class


We are going to learn some character doodle prompts, that can easily inspire you to generate creative ideas for your next illustration.

For each prompt, there are several directions that you can play with your creativity, and make them become your unique ideas.

It will be fun to play with these ideas.
So, let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Intro: tells his place, not going toe to toe problems educating you get really creative ideas for your nation. Illustration. The only tool you need a black pen, you can finish your toes. You can't you create. You make that because you're you. It will be fun to play with its, so let's get started. 2. Muti-faces Monster: the 1st 1 we will play with you the multi faces monster. It means we give one kilter many faces who make you special. This allocators we might have a drone. We can notice that Leo have many faces, the interesting part of the side years that t for the faces and representative for the meanings. They could also interact with each other to form a story. The face itself is also an attractive element, so multi faces character could be an attractive topic off one drawing. Now let's see how to draw a multi faces master. In the first step. We only drawer different faces. They could have never in facial expressions. They could also be faces off different animals there. Directions could also be different these differences and stimulate our imagination. We can finish our characters creatively according to least differences in the sector. Snip. We connect faces as the whole kilter. We could connect them with Stephen body parts in different parents. These faces were also interacted with trouble, such as the example in this page. Play the star between the mouth off these two moms. One tip for making you want Carrie to look better is that you can keeps to each in the type of pattern you use while drawing. Basically, they are three types of patients whose you are taught Payton Mind fainting. There's ship created that the painting is made of. That's life in the inmate of lice shift hating Meadows ships. After we have drawn one pattern for one region, we better you Stephen type of pattern for it's Never really Region lays also analogy tive for making your character look better in these page. They are two kinds of pattern. Why is pattern with a white background and the black line foreground? The other is a Peyton with blessed background and the white line for world. If we keep switching these two kinds of pattern while joining, we can make our current to Ruth batter. Now we have no about least kind of judo. You can start to draw you in the shade 3. Hole Monster: The second kind of judo we will play with is the hold monster. It means that one Cato is made by many holes and the sound of its body part I, inside Lee's holds least allocators do in my drawer with the idea Home master we can see Les are many holds all these characters. They are also many objects are inside Lee's hose. The interesting part of this idea is bad. We can design the out trays means I holds of one character. We can also designed the relationship between the objects inside holds and the outlook of one character, this kind of relationship. And for a special story, we will understand how toe play with these details later. Now let's first see how to do the least kind of culture. The 1st 1 is to grow many hosts with subjects inside. The subjects can be body parts of one character. It's not your hands, legs or ahead. They can also be facial features. Satchels eyes the nose in their mouth. You can also true sound checks you like in Saturday's holds. You also take rate the border off its holds and the mega land okay, even more beautiful the second step is to connect. Lease hoped you'd like some help on this page. You can see Lee are many small ships around the holds layout room one by one and we can think what on this character will be while during them these snow ships connect with each other in the foreign object. In this example, the other local police character is there some way we could also these under relationship between inside and outside. In this example, they is a movie inside one home. But the outlook of this character is there some it might re Britain that the true personality of this character is very different from how it looks. Wanting for way to do the AL curator better is that we can keep the painting on snow ships simple. In this way, we can make whether we have drawing inside house more clear. In this example, I only trust Modise on small ships or fueling with so black. And now that he be is that we can make the ship of host meaningful your basics Temple, The ship of one hold looks like a mouse. We could also use key hoat or any other kinds of hosts. You can fight now. We have no about this kind of Bhutto. You can start to draw, you initiate. 4. Liquid Monster: Now we are going to play with another kind of judo. Huji is legally the monster it makes that parts of a character spot is decreed, least allocators. With my drone witness prompt, we can notice that layer heads are all liquid. The interesting part of this ideas, that liquid itself. We resent a desire of one character. The physical body of one person might be fixed in the one place beautiful. Some reason such a speedy work by the hazel her mind can fly out of with the party and together temporary refuted the league great itself. We resent the might of one character contrast to its party. It is the true wish of one person. Layer my knee plenty ways to play with this idea. For now, they see how to do those kind of characters step by step. The first step is usually quick to head in a whale. This day, Pretty comes from the legal aid might come from the backs of pipe, a door or any place you came aging. For now we don't have to think about Bartoli steak resource might be. We will take a it later. We also to the face someone dickweed. It's facial expression can stimulate our imagination for a story. The second step is to draw a target. Will a liquid goes to leaders in police page? It is a couple coffee Is Mary presented a wish together? Relax in the take a rest because the company cos a place to hold it. So I also drew a hand with need any step Lee. I number two examples into the right path and corner with this page for the left one. The liquidity they report into a smile face and that is avoiding angry face. It might be represent light. We can focus on the good wheel in our life for the right one. Love Fryman. Look down to a flower. The framing might represent people who achieved great success, and the leadoff row is the tiny happiness already life. It is a great to achieve the gold off your life. But it is also greater to enjoy this most things having the validated life. That's what this charity wants to come way. So for now we can see how to use this kind of character to tell a story. The final step is draw anything you want, satchels hands, legs and lower body. You could also decorated the source where the leaf it comes from. This kind of immigration could represent a feeling awfully scare. It'd in the left example play the windmill. It represents a pressure might of this character, in the right example, plays a poor face, insider packs and a happy faces. Us. Giving fried These two examples pose show how to express the feeling off characters wanted to drill your character batteries that we can design the difference between will review the Count's front and goes to in league Simple this page. We'll illegally that comes from its main or suit. It represents. This character is a former occasion and the will the Lakers. Because two is a cup of coffee, it really resent a wish to get the rest. The contrast between Siris in the relax and atmosphere can make a good story, and nothing attempt off these pages that will a liquid accounts from the board face and the liquid itself with the happy face. It is an emotional contrast and makes a drama for your joy. Now we have no about this kind of judo. You can start to draw your own in the sharing 5. Assembled Monster: For this new section, we are going to play with another kind of Bhutto which is assembled and monster. It means that we use many different ships to a simple clarity. These allocators we might draw, which leads prompt. We can notes that they are all made by the combination with different ships. The interesting part of the side he is back. If you will live into the type of ships we can use in the beginning, then we do the With these ships, we can get stopped writing results, police kind of restriction. I always think about creating that He doesn't count from freedom it Elvin Council, along with interesting restriction. So we'll we'll restrict the battleships we can use for totaling caters. We can't pay the opportunity to have more creative carriages res out to include all these kinds of characters. They are several kinds of ships we can use. The 1st 1 is the pacing 30 AM entry, such as a circle, a rectangle or a triangle. Another one. The ships of vegetable. Such a smashing P banana lemon fo cord. Creditable hazing power in the special ships who she is good for two darling and unique character. The third wise the shape of human body parts such as lakes years. Nobody hence in their mouth, the ships of human body parts are often attractive to human being, so lay also a good choice for two doling catered. Now finalize Allison. Those ships you can think about such a thing lies, hardships or water travel ships you can combat these ships to for character. In this example, this character uses three kinds of ships. The Martian ships are for the years. The lemon ships are for the path and the circle south for legs, the nose and the tail path. Younis example is a character also uses three kinds of chips. The other ships are for its head and legs. The Circle ships are for its party of its mouth, and the thing likes outfall its tail. Part Lasix Temple. This character's new uses three kinds of the shapes, while the trouble shaped our forwards Lakes Lake Shipping florets head. There, the thing goes out for its body. One keeping that it will be better if you use more than three kinds of ships for your characters. Now we have no job out of this kind of Trudeau. You can start to draw your own in shade 6. Replacement Monster: in this new section, we move on to the replacement monsters. He admits that real press parts of territory, sparking with some objects, such as the league's import in the left side. Please Page, it's here to replace buying umbrella. It's right eyes replaced by a running club. His body is replaced by last seen, and it's left like replaced by angry league's improbable. The right side is also in the same situation. His eyes were replaced by your house. Yes, a year is replaced by a Bednar. Its mouth was replaced by a road. It's flash is replaced by a car, and its body is replaced by many pairs of leaks. The interesting part of these replacement idea is that the meaning of a jest characters body can stimulate our imagination. We can make a stories. According to Lim. No basic way to do with all this kind of character is the association This learn how to do it by symptoms. In the example, it's page were first ritual Rendon shipping like, No, we find like I'm part of the ship. Make us think about a umbrella. So we drew an umbrella on it because of the umbrella we think about the rain, so we have its right eye. It's a running club. When we think about the seat you to read, these mostly oppose working, so we like a party of this character pickle asi. Finally, we think about anger because oversee and a little 11 like it to be angry. Hathor figure out objects one after another by association become the unique character in this way. Let's see another example. We also true Rendon ship in the beginning, The way fight night. I'm part of these ship. Make us think about a house. So we drew a house on it because of the house. We think about a pendant so related a year to be a painter. Then the house also make us think about the road and the road to make us think about a car . So we let in the mouse through your road and Elop Lash took your car. Finally, because of the road, we think about pedestrians. So we little remaining parts of this character. Toby, the legs of meat. Pedestrians. By the way over association, we can do the and unique cater. Now we have no all about at least kind of judo. You can start to draw your own initiated 7. Island Monster: another way to do the creative. Cater this island monster. It means that we make an island tango curator the main idea. But this type of Trudeau's said the body parts of one carriages become the landscape overnight, the interesting part of these ideas that we can make up ways of life. Also sure. Hi lanes. Why is simple this message? We don't have to limit our result it with island. Now let's see some examples for inspire ation in missing simple the face of luck. Ureter, he tells the mountain, and these hands are repeated and combined yourself Wayne its legs. Also, because the breach the cursing a river and not like symbol in these patients that the handover this carriage becomes the tree and it's leg becomes the waterfall. It's another hand is stretching out over house only sided. I want him for you to do it all this kind of character patterns that we can make like you're during Dexter, with some objects, such as the example of this page. One hand of this character is waving off lake, and the other hand is occasional boat and the leg stand on a boat. This funding parts off the alto with subjects. So the personality of this charity become own vivid in this way. Now we have no about this kind of judo. You can start to draw your Romansh age. 8. Totem Monster: the less kind of truth off this crisis potent judo. We are going to try to useless townships who make different characters and arrange laying its red line just like a total Lee Saleh curator's. We might draw with this. Prompt us. We can notice they are three characters. Forage Total and the Leo have similar ships. The interesting part of this idea is that we can surprise ourselves by making different Decatur's from the same ship. Then our imagination can be suspended. In this way. The repetitive nous off similar ships also contribute beauty to our drawing. The total, like Campbell's Asia, is accused one toe make out, drawing attractive. Now let's see how to doodle this kind of cager, the first able to draw three. I can veto ships. The second step is that we put that I say the different places on these ships basic and stimulate our imagination to figure out a different characters. Finally, we can finish al computers. I join the rest of Les bodies. Now we have no about this kind of judo. You can start to draw your and shade 9. Final: thank you for a Guinness Crest project to choose one kind of do you like and enjoy it. You could also draw many of Glenn and keep updating your project. I mean, there's to see your dressing project so pins shade after you have finished it. And if you feel classes helpful for you, I'll be very grateful if you can leave your review to me and feel free to a same question, seeing this time by