Doodle Art Meets Watercolor: Paint an Abstract Net Design | Keren Duchan | Skillshare

Doodle Art Meets Watercolor: Paint an Abstract Net Design

Keren Duchan, Doodler, Teacher

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11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Net Designs

    • 4. Watercolor Background

    • 5. Stained Glass

    • 6. Gradient

    • 7. Drops of Color

    • 8. Embellishments

    • 9. Bringing it All Together

    • 10. Troubleshooting

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we’ll draw a doodle art net design and add color using watercolor in several ways.

Painting these net designs gives you the opportunity to play around with your pens and paints, find color combinations that appeal to you, and gain better control and confidence with your line work and your paint brushes. 

This is a step-by-step actionable class. Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Draw different variations of the net design using a worksheet (provided in the class resources).
  2. Paint a watercolor background and draw a net design on top of it in black and in gold. 
  3. Draw the net design on watercolor paper and then add color in several methods:
    1. Stained glass
    2. Gradient
    3. Drops of color
  4. Draw different embellishments that can be added to the net designs
  5. Apply those embellishments to our paintings. 

I’ve included a troubleshooting lesson where I share tips for how you can deal with mistakes, and I’m always here to help out if you need me.

You can use these paintings to make greeting cards, frame them and decorate your home or print them onto products through websites like society6. Or you can do what I do and just make them for fun because they really are a lot of fun to paint.

This is a step-by-step class, and so it’s suitable for absolute beginners and for anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy making some doodle art. 

Let’s begin!