Don't FEAR Adobe Illustrator! v1: The Shape Builder Tool | Tony Ross | Skillshare

Don't FEAR Adobe Illustrator! v1: The Shape Builder Tool

Tony Ross, tonyteach: keeping training simple…

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6 Videos (36m)
    • 00 welcome 720p

    • Create the Yin & Yang symbol

    • How to make a Chain Link

    • How to Create Linked Letters

    • Create a Set of Keys

    • Your project 720p


About This Class


Hey, this is Tony Ross from, and welcome to Don’t Fear Illustrator
A series of beginner-friendly exercises, tips, and tricks to get you more comfortable working with Adobe Illustrator.
In this first course, we are concentrating on the Shape Builder tool. We show you how you can create complex shapes and designs, all by using the basic shape tools and the Shape Builder tool.

If you are new to Illustrator, no worries, we walk you through each simple step. So, Don't FEAR Illustrator… take this course, and see how easy it can be :)





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Tony Ross

tonyteach: keeping training simple…

My name is Tony Ross, owner and creator of and I am an animator and software trainer, and I also like to dabble in music, and creative writing.

My specialty in software training, is taking complex applications, and breaking them down into simple steps that even a beginner, or novice can follow. With over a decade of experience, my tutorials have been featured on Creative Cow,, Toon Boom, GoMediazine, Infinite Skills, O'Reilly, and I am also ...

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