Dominating Ebay in 2016 - Complete Guide to Selling Like a Pro

Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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14 Videos (43m)
    • Promotional Video

    • Creating An eBay Account

    • Paypal

    • Wholesale Profits Introduction

    • Finding Products to Sell

    • Top sellers

    • Reputation

    • Add A Video To Your Listing

    • Creating A Kickass Ebay Listing

    • Making Sure You Get Paid

    • Shipping Tips And Tricks

    • Take Action

    • Contacting Buyers For Reviews

    • Keeping Their Contact Info


About This Class

In this course, Howard Lynch, eBay top seller during 3 years, will instruct you on how to sell successfully on Ebay. We'll cover every major trick in the book, and demonstrate on-screen.

Enroll now and let's conquer Ebay!

Take your time: set aside an hour to get the listing right. You'll get quicker with experience. Once you launch a listing it could get a bid right away, when a listing has a bid eBay will not allow any revisions to the original text. Spell check and get it right from the start!

Make it easy: List a product you are familiar with. If you carry a particular best seller in your retail store or business, list that item first.

Think Keywords! Buyers find your listing from the title you place online. Proper Keywords increase sales!

The anatomy of a listing

An eBay listing requires information about the item, you enter this information into the "Sell your item" form...

Using the eBay "sell your item" form will introduce you to all of the necessary steps required to list a single item on eBay. When you have mastered this method of getting product online via eBay you may be interested in third party applications which make this process much easier and repeatable. For now, lets look at the basics...

eBay helps you build your listing or auction for you step by step, from assigning categories to setting the price. Click on "Sell" to get the "Sell your item" form.

Category: you need to list your item in one of the 13,000 categories of goods listed on eBay, from musical instruments to concert tickets. Choosing the right category helps buyers find you. It can be difficult to choose the best categories for some items, but eBay's category selector in the "Sell your item" form can help. You can list your item in two categories if you like, but the cost of listing the item you wish to sell will double.

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Really helpful even if you're not interested in selling wholesale but are still interested in selling on ebay. Great way to get started!
Easy to follow, clear instructions and useful advice on making money through eBay.
great class!





Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results

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