Domain Name and Web Hosting - What You Must Know Today | Pierre Benoit TASSE | Skillshare

Domain Name and Web Hosting - What You Must Know Today

Pierre Benoit TASSE, Technical Evangelist

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6 Videos (25m)
    • 01 - Introduction

    • 02 - Why a domain name?

    • 03 - What is a domain name?

    • 04 - How to buy a domain name?

    • 05 - About Webhosting

    • 06 - Lessons learned Domain name


About This Class


With this course, you will learn the basis of the domain and webhosting. the essential to begin with your business online if you are serious. You will know why you need a domain, what is really a domain, how to grap domains for cheap, and... some vital information about web hosting.

If you are really serious about working on the internet, you can not evolve without a domain name. This class will serve as preliminary to all the following classes related to internet (wordpress, joomla, ebay, etc)





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Pierre Benoit TASSE

Technical Evangelist


My name is Pierre. I am a billingual instructor (French; English)

I realized that I knew many things that could help my neighbor : professional experience, training, passion, research ...
I mostly understood that many could benefit from what I possess.
I have always enjoyed teaching ... and I taught since 2004.
I like Skillshare and Udemy because I can learn from others and share what I know.
My goal : Teaching New Skillshare Classes Daily!
I will be...

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