Domain Name Lab: The Ultimate Guide on selecting a Perfect Domain Name for your Website

Siddharth S., Entrepreneur and Passive Income Enthusiast

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10 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction

    • Expired Domain Names Explained

    • Expired Domain Names Continued

    • Metrics of a Perfct Domain Name

    • Backlinks and Trust Flow

    • Brand New Domain Names

    • Your Project

    • Quick Tips

    • Fun Facts About Domains

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this course, we shall understand all the factors that are involved with selecting a perfect domain name for your website. Most of the times, the process of selecting a Domain name is one of the most ignored concept by Beginners in this industry.

We shall understand the overall conditions that must be fulfilled before actually buying a domain. You will also learn to look out for certain conditions that may totally wreck your project.

So, go ahead and enroll into this class.

You will learn all there is to properly select an appropriate domain name for your website.

Will be looking forward for your success.

Francis Spartacus

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Very Helpful information, this will definitely help me a lot for deciding the best domain name for my website.
Gautam Goswami

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Siddharth S.

Entrepreneur and Passive Income Enthusiast

Siddharth started as a self-made Entrepreneur in Amazon Kindle and FBA program. He dived into the internet marketing arena at a very young age of 16 years and he stats that, He has been in love with this world ever since. He gradually developed his online empire in all directions and helped hundreds realize their dreams of starting an online business.

He has always been a fan of Passive Income Sources. He has been developing his own strategies and methods in order to keep up with the competition prevailing right now in the internet marketing world.

He has been in this field for the past 7 years learning, practicing and fine tuning his methods of business. Although he isn't professionally a teacher, hundreds of people who approach him for advice have been stating that he really made a change in their lives. His no nonsense, filler-free, to-the-point style of teaching made people understand even the most complicated things easily.

He guides aspiring entrepreneurs and inspires them to work until the Expensive becomes Cheap.