Doll Making 101: Gathering Tools For Beginner

Mary Konovalova, Crafty Dwarf - toy maker and tankard clinker

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10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. On This Course and Me

    • 2. On Your Project: Building Workspace

    • 3. Tools For Sketching

    • 4. Tools For Sculpting

    • 5. Tools for Working With Fabric And Stuffing

    • 6. Tools For Teddy Making

    • 7. Tools For Painting, Toning and Finishing

    • 8. Gathering & Shopping

    • 9. Admiring

    • 10. Final Thoughts


Project Description

Your Dollmaking Nest In One Day

Set everything right to start doll making in just a day!

You're going to make some easy steps to create your workspace and before you know it - bang! - you're ready to go. 

Step 1: decide on materials you're going to work with

Step 2: watch all the videos related to your materials and doll/toy making activities

Step 3: gather all the tools you can use for free

Step 4: craft all the tools you can

Step 5: go shopping in your favourite way

Final step: Admire!

That's it - a few hour's work and a years-long fun! 

Use following shopping list to check if you have everything you'll need. It has two sections: "I have already" and "I need to buy". Feel free to delete all unused items and move other between these two sections. You can also check off all the stuff you've got using checkboxes I've made for each item.

You can print your shopping list or go green and use digital version.

After finishing your project please upload some pics of your workspace and/or toolbox. That's it!

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