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Doing PhD? These Videos Will be Helpful

teacher avatar Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to get PhD Scholarship or Research Grant

    • 3. 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Potential PhD Supervisor

    • 4. 5 Things PhD Students Should do Early in their PhD

    • 5. 5 Things you should not say to your PhD Supervisor

    • 6. 5 Reasons Students Fail to Complete PhD

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About This Class

Doing PhD?These Videos will be helpful.


This class is designed for one who are thinking to start a PhD degree or have recently started one.


  • How to get scholarships and Research Grants for PhD studies
  • How to maintain a good relationship with PhD supervisor
  • What are the most important things PhD student should do early in their PhD
  • Learn some of the main reasons why students fail to complete their PhD

This class has a set of videos which will be helpful for students who are thinking to start a Phd degree are have recently started a doctorate program. These videos can be considered as getting started guide for PhD students. The videos cover some important topics related to doing PhD. The video will help research students by providing some information on how to get scholarships or research grants in Australia, Uk or US. The videos also shows what PhD students should be doing early in their career and how to have a good professional relationship with PhD supervisor.  

Video-1: This is an introductory video about this skillshare class titled “Doing phD? Watch these Videos”.

Video-2: Getting Started for PhD. How to find PhD Scholarships and Research Grants

In this video Dr. Tahir Yaqub explains how to get scholarships and research grants for PhD in Australia, and the US. Some government websites in Australia and in the United States have been mentioned in this video. Australian government website from where students should start their Phd journey is displayed and explained in detail. Some major funding agencies of the US are also shown in this video.  

Video-3: 5 Things to do early in Phd

As the name suggests this video explains what phd students should be doing early in their career. The first thing is the importance of a diary for PhD students. Students should start writing whatever they are doing during their Phd. As time passes there is a chance that they will lose record of the things they have done during their PhD. When they will start writing thesis, they will not be able to put the relevant information. A good diary is a physical hard cover diary which has more space for writing and small headers and footers.

The video also explains which research journals to focus for publishing research work during PhD. How to find those journals, how to check the quality of a research journal. Which impact factor range a phD student should target to get published.

The video also explains the importance of making the a comprehensive reference file also called bibtex file from the literature review till the end of the thesis.

This video explains the importance of Latex document preparation system and why PhD students should switch to latex software for writing their research papers and thesis. Latex produces the documents of exceptional professional quality and students should start learning latex early in their PhD. The video also explains how to find the top researchers in any research field. The video explains how to check the quality of research work by looking at the citations of a researcher or a potential Phd supervisor. 

Video-4: 5 things which you should not say to your PhD supervisor  

Maintaining  a good relationship with your Phd supervisor is critical for students to proceed in this important career episode of getting a Phd degree. This becomes more important if there is a language barrier between the student and the supervisor. This video explains few things which are crucial for an effective communication. By taking these few steps students can maintain a professional and long-lasting relationship with their phd supervisor. These are things like being respectful, having a can do attitude, and willing to read the research papers, make notes and discussing with the supervisor.

Video-5: 5 reasons why students fail to complete their PhD

This video will give students some idea on what a Phd program is all about. What are some of the main reasons students fail to complete their PhD. These are the students who have false and unrealistic expectations from themselves and from their supervisor. These type of students make huge expectations and think the supervisor will just one day distribute the PhD degree to them and they should just relax and enjoy time with their friends and family because they have the scholarships so no worries. This type of attitude is not good for a successful PhD. Also, some students are over-motivated and think they will do something so big that will change the whole world. They don't understand what is a Phd. There is a third category of PhD failures who get overwhelmed by the body of work already available. This normally happens when they are doing the literature review in the beginning of the first year of their PhD.

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Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. Introduction : If you are doing PhD, are thinking to start a PhD degree, then you will find these videos useful. Doing a postgraduate research is challenging, but most students who start Bs City, they are intelligent. They're hard working, and they are capable of facing this challenge. However, there are a few little things which can go wrong and which can desert in the los off time are even failure to complete. PH. I met these videos to give Ph. D students a clear picture of what a Ph. D program is auto pursued with this program. What dough at lean their carrier and hard to communicate with their super wise. I put some of these videos on Social Media Platform, and these videos got hundreds of likes and students ask questions and make comments about this but there. But I decided toe put these videos in a class on this skill share platform because I think that this is one of the best platforms for learning. So even more students will be able to get benefit and get some idea and get some better understanding of their PhD. So these are four videos. These videos are informal videos. They were recorded in four separate settings. But I hope that you will be able to get the idea the message which I want to look and way I have planned toe upload more videos because I think the topic is not yet complete. And if you guys have any questions, you can ask in the community tape off this class. And if I get enough questions, I will make a final video just answering those questions. So spare one hour in a distraction free environment and watch these videos to get most out of these videos. 2. How to get PhD Scholarship or Research Grant: this will do. I'm going to show you five websites to get beard, the scholarships and visas grounds. These websites are in us and Australia and most of this poor white funding to international students. Without further ado, let's get started, OK, since I live in Australia and I have a little bit story to tell you about this so therefore I start for our website, which is Australian Government website and this is called a study Australia door government issue. And this should be your starting point. If you are planning your admission in Australia for masters, PSD are even for bachelor degrees on the right hand side. If you see this logo and Australian government, you should be clear that this is an Australian government website. So this gives you a lot of information about Australia. For example, if you're bringing your Children for scholarships and funding opportunities and I'll show you in a minute. But the starting point should be your apply to study. And here is a chart here. This chart basically explains you everything about the admission process. So you choose to study in Australia, you have decided that you are starting in Australia, then you decide our institute, which you think that suitable for your department are your profession. Then after that, you check the entry requirements of the university are college because all colleges have different requirements are scored is not same. Other requirements are not saying some will accept your degrees. Some will not. Some will it reduced their degree a master degree toe, a certificate or diploma degree in Australia. I have seen this happening here that you have a master degree in Pakistan, India and China. But when you come to Australia, the considerate equivalent to our certificates diploma, so check don't requirements, then you apply for the course and then you received the offer letter. So this is the first step. And once you received offer letter than you might have toe summit through other documents and basically then you will get the most important document, which is the confirmation off enrollment, because this is the document on which your visa will be accepted. So you submit this to your consulate office in your country, and then you get the visa and come to Australia. So this chart explains everything about the admission process for every information about Australian government, our institutions, our immigration. I believe it's my first in opinion. I am not a janitor and I'm not the president native off anyone and this is not illegal. Otherwise, this is my personal opinion that you don't need any agent. You do not need any agent. I never concerted any agent and I got scholarships from Australian government for my master's for my PhD, and I never got any agent and my studies. While fully funded by Australian government as an international student, I did not have Australian citizenship, are even permanent residents. When I go to the Australian scholarships, that was all on my own and I started all these websites. I put some time and energy and effort, but I got it. So this is my advice to you guys that you probably don't need any Indian. But if you are decided to use the educational agent, are if your parent and while you do that, it will make a little bit process easier. But you have to pay the money. So on the left inside, you can see that there are education agents. If you click on decked, then you will see this page and on this page. If you click here, you will see few countries and in these countries, you will not see like my country. Pakistan is not here in the Eisner. China is not here. Why? Because although these countries send most students to Australian universities But these countries are not here. And the reason is that all these institutes they have the list off approved agents of their own. So every university has their own approved agents, educational agents. And let me show you the list off for you. NSW, which is my university. So I did not use any object. But this is the list. And this list is, ah, pretty much a comprehensive list because as you can see there a lot of pages and on these pages at their addresses, their phone numbers for all countries and for Australia, everything is mentioned here. So hopefully you will find someone from your own country in this list on this website. Our state, the second important type is this one or still in education. If you click here, if you click on these scholarships and you will see that these scholarships are for international students and as you can see this number is the huge number that animal government investment far on international scholarships. If you are a UK citizen and you're looking for US scholarship but a Pakistani student looking for us So you have to make sure that you're looking for international scholarships only because most of the scholarships are not international. They are for local students and this is hard to find. I personally got this international scholarship at their time. It was Car International Postgraduate Award. You can also get information about other things in Australia. Like, for example, Schooley. If you have a school going kids, you must have to give them a school education. The Children with school going, it must bore to us. Quote. So if you are a bomber scholarship, then, uh, when I was doing this that all your school fees were free. If you get a government scholarship, all your Children fees will be free. So this is another read one page of getting the scholarship, but there was You have to pay 8000 or 10,000. Whatever is the fees. So I think this website is fantastic. Source of information. No, this is another Australian program and I think this is the best and highest award in Australia, which is the and the World Leadership Program. And this program is on this website International education dot governor to you. This is for international students, so anybody can apply on this program. And this has the highest amount for a PhD, our master scholarships and executive programs and also the vocational training. So this this is for emerging leaders. So therefore, the call it as Andy World Leadership program and if you are, for example, working as a denier head of department in a university and because mostly they have already Ph. D. And they don't want another PSV, of course. So for this type of people, the program is executive program and which is, ah, continuous professional development program. And they can do some short courses, professional development courses in their own field of research. And they also have funding for Master's and Ph. D. And this is a very good funding, as you can see here that not only the tuition fee but also the Stipe earned and some travel alongs and a lot of things. As you can see on this page, I think every year by mid November, their last it. So you have reply before November every year and in February are sometimes they announced the award, so keep an eye on this website is the competitive award. Not everybody can win this easily. But if you have a board academic record, if you have few publications, are If you are at a good post, you can you might be qualified you for this executive award. No CRD of global dot orc. So I think this is a website er used to call Newton's list as well. So this is one of the leading website which provides funding toe global scientists and innovators, fellowships, grants and training because I also belong to ah scientist organization when I was in Pakistan, so I wanted to highlight this website and this is this also provides the global funding. So not only the U. S institutions are US individuals, but it funds to the global community of scientists and innovators. So once you click on information for a war days on the left hand side, you will see this very important league before you receive your reward. And this is the link you have to click first. And when you click on this link, a pdf file will be opened. And on this pdf file is the most important information which you need. If you ever want to get funding from the U. S. Government and even if you're business, are if you're institute is in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, you can still get funding from US government. But what you need to do for that? You have to get this there D U N s number. So this is the data universal number system. So this is a number you have to get from this website and this is the station is absolutely free. You just have throughput wired certain information about your institute. For example, if you have an academy there, if you have a college or university, are a scientific institute. Are you are designing some innovative products, anything like that? So you have to register for this D. U. N s number first, and this is a complete process here, mentioned here that go to this website, you will find the link off the website, then you enter the information and there are certain other thing you have to do so all that information is provided here. So if you're institute doesn't have this number, so you can register and get a number and then you are eligible to apply for the funding and no coming back to our website on this website. There is also on the main page. If you go back toe this funding opportunities and on this main pitch there is a small filter here so you can search for different technologies for the the funding is available. For example, this nuclear security, higher education. If you are a higher education institute, you can get funding and energy and energy sector gets a lot of funding. For example, if you're working on a solar energy, our renewable energy. So if you were working in any of these sectors, you can get funding and in this we do at the end, I will also show you some of the things hope to find the recent projects on vision us go meet and other institutes. Other sponsors are giving the funny because you want to make sure that you know the latest state of the technology where you stand and where is the technology's going forward and what kind of funding you can get. So if I get time in this, would you are? Maybe in the next video, I will. I will show you some of the latest projects where people have got fundings and their details. What other titles off their products? What are the description of their projects? What are their stories? So all of these information, I will put in one of my reduce and make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon so you can get the notification whenever I post a new video. So you can see that if you're institute. If your organization falls into any of these categories and you need funding, you can apply for a U. S government. Funny. Just get your D. U. N s number and then apply for the for me. So this is a fantastic website, and I hope that you guys are smart. Now you will take from here. Know this is probably the most operative website in this video, which I'm going to show you. Grant, start golf. This is a U. S based website, and whenever you go to any website first I think you want toe. See, is the eligibility for the ground. Whether you are eligible are not. The starting point for this website would be on this second day of land grants and then second the grandes eligibility. So if weekly contact, as you can see here that mostly this these grants are available for state organization for government bodies of us. But if you go down, you can see here that there is a component off this which is foreign applicants. And there are certain requirements for foreign applicants, mostly text based requirements which you can easily fulfilled. And just look at this and what you will be applying for are the individual grants. So there are two kinds of grounds on this website. One is organizational grass and one is individual grounds. So for both of these grants, you have toe click here on the right hand side on register tab so fast you click on register and then register as an individual if you're a single person and if you are an organization. So I'm not sure whether this gives grant to the foreign organizations, but if you're a U. S based organization, you can apply ground. But in both cases, whether individual, our organization. You have to register first, so register on this website and then in orderto such for grants. There are two ways. First is the key word based search, so just type anything like for example, education Enter. So you will see all these grand speech are available for education sector and if you click on any of these pages, you will go to the ground opportunity page. And here you can see the details of the groundwater, the requirements. So every ground is different. Some grand donors are granted the ask you to sign a contract for certain amount of publications are for a certain amount off design, painter and or anything. So there is that there are separate websites who build with this type of technicalities are for to handle a ground application. On this, we will discuss in one of the future reduced. But you can see some information here on this website on on the ground page. Second matter to research is on the left insider learned grants and then grant programs. So on the on this page they also mentioned some of the other websites. So this information is available here. All these websites are in addition to what we're talking about in this video. So you can go on these websites and you can search on yourself if we're looking for some personal loans are for some personal grand benefits. So you can go on these websites and and look into these websites that what opportunities are available to you? So a lot of information on this website Grand start, go Very good website and another step for replicant is this applicant tab. If you just click on the steps so this will show you Ah, another page. And on this page, a lot of information is available or to get started hold to apply for the grand sent all the things and the last thing I want to show you about this website is that this website contains some of the largest sponsors in us and all those sponsors. If you look on their websites, you might get some more information and that is mentioned here if you go to learn grants and then grant making agencies. So if you click on grant making agencies so these are words, largest sponsors. So these are U. S based sponsors and they're not the only U. S largest sponsor, but maybe the world's largest sponsors These guys, all these Web sites, you can visit their websites and you can find some more opportunities on this on their own websites. For example, U. S Department of Energy is here. So I think that I know you have a lot of information about funding websites and you can just look on these and explore new funding for your future projects. No, this is the website of U. S Department of Energy Partners of showing this website to do is to give you an idea off what is going on in the scientific cutting edge area. So here you can see some of the success stories off people who have got funding for their projects. So on this website, I would like to highlight only few things. So in program step, if you go down here small business innovation and transfer of technology. So if you click on this link and then you goto this success stories, so click on success stories. So then you will get a list off projects who are able to get the funding just read through these projects and see that what is going on in the scientific community and for example, in nuclear physics, for example, there's a big funding for nuclear physics, which is very rare to find nobody's because people say that fidgety, is there too much entered ones of engineering? So but this website also has a lot of information for other fields as well. The second thing I would like to show you is in this news section. Scientific highlights, if quickly concern difficult lights. No, these are some of the other highlights off different projects. So, as you can see there, dear Lord, off pages, so you can browse through all these as well. And you can also filter it from here, filter by the program. And here you can see that there Lord off areas so you can filter from here and you can see what is going on and what projects Ah, different organization and different people are getting funding. So this is the purpose of this website to give you an idea of what projects are going on. So if you live in us, you can use this website to get funding and if you live outside us, you can still get a lot of ideas from this website 3. 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Potential PhD Supervisor: when choosing a PhD supervisor. This is how it normally works. You send requests toe few off the professors who might have funding Most of them do not reply. Certainly, to get a response from one of those, you become so grateful and so excited there to immediately make a decision to join their professor. This quick decision could be a recipe of disaster, and you could destroy your whole career because funding is not the only thing you should be looking for in this video. I'm going to show you five critical questions, which you must ask your PhD supervisor before accepting his are supervision. So let's get started after a short break. Hello and welcome to my channel. My name is start here, and if this is your first time, please hit the subscribe button and also the notification belt. Get notified whenever I post a new video on this journal every Tuesday and Friday. For those who do not have time to watch full video, I have put these questions here. You can read these questions, and you are welcome to skip this video. But for some serious students who want to learn more about this, please watch full video? No. Before we talk about these five questions, there are two exemptions and three important things you should understand. And then we will talk about these five questions. What are my two exemptions? The first exemption is that you are on a scholarship because, in my opinion, PhD must be on a scholarship. If you do not get a scholarship, don't do Ph. D. And the second exemption is that you know how many publications you are expected tohave by the end of your candidate. This information is available on University's website. Some universities require only three conference paper somewhere new three confidence and one journal, and some universities their donor demand any publication. So these other two exemptions? No, there are three important things which you must consider before asking these questions. The first thing is that you are a valuable commodity for the university. You are an important, valuable person as a PhD student for their supervisor and for the university. So don't just be grateful that someone has accepted you because their supervisor might be more interested in getting you than what you are because you will be doing the hard work to put his name on your publications. You will be doing publications that will rent there to university. So don't under evaluate yourself. You are valuable for the professor. You are valuable for the university. This is fasting. If you don't understand this, you might not be able to even ask any question. Second important thing is that these questions are not to be asked in an email. These questions must be asked in a meeting. In a sitting with the supervisor, you have to arrange it and by looking in the eyes, but politely and professionally. And the third important thing you should understand is that you are not judging the person as a researcher on it, the supervisor, because you are just a newbie in the complex world of academia, what you are looking for is just whether that person is a good fit for you are not. You are not in a position to judge anyone, whether he or she is a good or a bad professor. So these are the three important things you should keep in your mind before asking these questions. No, I will be using words for assuming a mill supervisor because it's hard to say he has she other times, but otherwise it could be a female as well. No, let's talk about the questions now. The first question is, Do you have plans to leave this university within next few years? This is very important for gold students who have planned a particular supervisor because they want to do research in a particle er field of science and normally in any rusty. Every professor has a specialization in one field. So if you are only interested in that field and the supervisor goes away, then you will be in trouble because the new person which will be assigned to you as your supervisor, will not be knowledgeable in that particular field. This problem will eventually be sold Somehow. There are techniques and strategies you can do for to attack of this situation, but it will waste your time. And it is good to ask this because he might not have any plans and you will be in a peace of mind. And I have seen many students who got this problem. No, you have to accept whoever university assigns to you. So this is worth wasp. Well, the second question is how the authorship off publications will work. There are few things to understand here. No dinner, only few countries and universities where there is a corner of conduct. Normally, this is done with you and your supervisor. You negotiate with your supervisor and decide who will be the first daughter who will be the second order and sore. Another important thing is sometimes in a university there are large groups. You also support research, work off other groups. You spend some time working with them. Other than your supervisor in their situation, what will happen whether they will put your name on their publications are not what is going on in the university. So you have to discuss this with your supervisor. What is the practice going on? Are there many groups we have toe collaborate and hold up publications? Authorship will work. Now. The question is, would you be able tow Send me toe conferences where my paper has been accepted at least once a year? No, this is very important. No, I am not a big fan off conference papers, and I have mentioned this in my other videos that if you can award publishing a conference paper, that is good. Always focus on a general. If you think that you can publish in a journal paper because conference papers are worthless, they will not add value to your resume. But there are few students so are not able to publish in journals. And if your university only requires three conference papers and you should be focusing on conferences as well. So this is the foster reason for confidence people. There is another reason for publishing in conferences, which I have already mentioned somewhere else in my videos, and that is networking. And when you submit to a conference paper and the your paper is accepted that it is very important that you attended conference and this news some pointing travel grants, some living expenses and only your supervisor are your university can support you because you are a student. You are not making a lot of money to support your travel. So therefore, this is very, very important that your supervisor is willing to send you in the conferences because you have to network with other researchers in orderto get your potential interviewers in other university for your job opportunities, your terrier development. So this is what you should be focusing on during these five years, hard to network with other people in the academia and hopefully get some job after you completed your PhD. So I always try to attend a conference at least once or twice a year. And therefore, this question is very important to ask in the beginning, because if he er she makes a commitment, then he will definitely try toe fulfill that commitment later on. And you will be happy. No. The fourth question is, do you consider yourself Ah, hands on our hands off supervisor. No. Hands on supervisor are those supervisors who are very actively involved in activities. He will be on your shoulder on the time pushing you to do experiments to get some reserves will always be having discussions with you Easily accessible in the lab video. So this is hands on, hands off. He is a person mostly stays in his room. You will not see him. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months. He will give you a free hand. Whatever you know, even show you. This is the lab. And then you and your PhD. No. This type of person is not always Baird. This type of person, sometimes source you. But if you are a mummy dirty time student who needs step by step instructions all the way who was dependent on tutors during his hs er a level who was dependent on teachers for instructions all his life? Then this supervisor is not for you. If you are self discipline, if you have strong research links with other researchers in the community, then this supervisor will be fine. Even better for you. So this deserves a separate video, and I will make some time. But this is the important question. Toe ask. No, The last question how many PhD students you have supervised who also have completed PhD. This is very critical question and the most important question to ask why this question is important because this question is there Deal breaker. If the person says to you, I don't have any student who have completed the PhD then my Royces, stay of it. Full stop. You don't want to be a practice ground for that person. Now you might ask a question that if nobody joins him as appears distorted and then whole, he will get experience. Well, the answer is that there are some full people who will never ask this question. There exists a bigger fool than you in this world. Actually, there exists a bigger fool, then any fool. So therefore, don't worry about this. This is none of your business. But Mayer Weiss is that you should not be the first to join this kind of supervisor. There are a lot of issues supervising appeared the student, and until someone has some experience, you should stay of it. Know if the every duration are for his Ph. D. Students is very long. They complete PhD in seven years, for example. Then there would be some other reasons. And you have to dig deeper to try to understand, because there are not many options for supervisors for you know, the last thing I would like Toa mention is that even if you get the best supervisor, there is no guarantee that you will complete the PhD. Nearly half of the students Jane, their supervisor in the hope that they will complete their PhD because their expectations were sometimes very high. So therefore, this video waas only to help you decide your piousness over wiser. So I hope that you like this video. If so, please give it a thumbs up. Thanks for watching and see you next time 4. 5 Things PhD Students Should do Early in their PhD: in this we do. I will explain five things that appeared. The student must start as soon as possible when they start their PhD. So let's get started. Let's start discussing What are those five things which appeared The student must start. So these things are listed already on this board, as you can see. But these things needs a little bit of explanation. So the first thing is, by your dieting, Melissa, diarrhea means Ah, hardcover like leather are plastic bonded diet, which has a maximum page available for writing, not very wide headers and footers. Why you need a dieting you can use a copy are more pair, someone might ask. But the thing is that the look and feel of a diet e is different than a note burner Copia register. And you better know that most of these nor pairs and copy they end up mostly industrialists while your diaries. If you look on your previous dirigible notice there, those diaries are still hanging around in your home somewhere, so that is a kind of permanent record. You don't need Internet toe access. The information you have I used to diaries One is a large diary and one is a smart diet, not very small it. So it's a hang size diary. So these diaries, when you put everything on these data, so don't be too selected. You have to make only one decision whether this information is related to your PhD. If the answer is yes, you put on the dieting because if you are to selected whether I should put this are not, then this diary will become useless because there are little things which you will need when you start writing. Your thesis are virtually when you start thinking about what you have done in the past and these little things, this little success with you having during your PhD will encourage you to keep going. Otherwise, you will not have some very big achievements each and every day. These are the little things ritual pile up and you will end up having appears degree no coming to the second point. The second point is start using latex politic is a typesetting sort were and I have said enough on my YouTube general about politic, and it's not only because I teach let tick and I have courses of or relating, and I want you to buy my courses you don't have to buy. My course is the only benefit you get from buying a courses that you will get all the information at one place. Otherwise, I explained each of everything on my YouTube videos, so you don't have to worry about that while it is important because let it is the only software which gives you professional quarter when it comes to writing something, writing a research paper, writing your thesis on its way save you hundreds of hours if you learn later. And this is the only problem with later that there is a learning car. In war, you have to learn it. But once you have got a template, really for your thesis, then you don't have to worry about anything. It will take care of all your section numbers, your table number, your images, your references, whatever you want. Toe refer to construct a reporter there and it would give everything tied up and in a professional manner and the force in later. They're wonderful. You cannot have these phones in work and in what you can. Kennedy one handle pictures. If you put an image there, then retain something, your image will change. And if you open your document with 10 or 20 images, it will take maybe five minutes to open. A document can say a lot of ordinator, but this is enough for you that you must start using related. If you are serious about having a professional styler documentation in your piece decay. No, the third thing is making a foil off your references. So in the first year of your PhD and also when you're writing the paper are you are tryingto find out other people's reset work. You will be reading a lot of papers and once you read those paper, what you should do is you should immediately try to capture the reference of that paper into a fight and that find this card big tech five. And I am talking with reference to the analytic that I'm assuming that your Uzi let extort were so in this big fight, you may put the reference off every paper which you have read during your literature. You are literal and this will be a huge fight. Maybe 2000 lines and no, I will jump on my computer and I will show you what? I mean by capturing the reference off Any research people? And if you're using for example, I Tripoli exploded Abyss, This is one of my papers. And if you want the citation of this paper, I mean the big entry for this papers with what you need to do, there's a row here which says don't lower citations. If you click on this aero, it will ask toe which form a tree want. So if you are using, let take You really slept this big And after that you just press download and you will get this fight. No, you can just copy this from here like this, Poppy. And no, I opened my reference find which is teases door big. And in this file at the end, I can Just after this bracket, I can taste that entry. Very simple. So this givers, normally we don't want and similarly this do I to just let all these and believe this and know this entry is ready for you. If you don't need this I s s and number most probably. So just leave this as well and no, your entry for this conference paper is really so This is all. You start increasing on this while every paper which you want to include in your thesis are in your research paper. You just download the citation and put in this door be fight. And then I will explain you how to use this file in your thesis. Actually, I have already made a video of which I will put a link here. You can watch that. Would you hope to use this bibliography? This is another very popular database which is called proquest. And on this data based downloading, the citation is very easy. If you want Citation off this paper, let's say you just look on the left hand side on this box and on the right inside, you just click on the site. And when you click on site, it will show you this dialog box you can state of a copy from this and paste into your big fight are you can also download and you can send the image. So there are a lot of file formats available here, but we need this big tech. So downloading the citation from proquest is extremely easy. And here is another database web of size. You can also don't load the citations from this database. For example, you want citation for this paper just like this paper, and then you export to other file for mates and in this way, for May, you just have to select whether you want author title, including the abstract. Most of the time, we don't need the abstract just author title and source leak on debt and select the file for make their other file formats available. But we need to take, and then you just a click export, and it will ask you to save the file and you just save the file. I have already saved this file, so I just can sell this close this from here. And when you open that file, which we just downloaded, you will get this citation. And again, you can copy this and paste into your big tech file just at the end of this. So the thing to note here is that every database has a little bit different way off providing you with the facility to download the citations. You have to understand that, but all database they have this you are able to download the citations from every database ? No, The fourth important thing is try to find out the top researchers in the field of your research. So why this is so important? This is important because if you are not aware of the cutting edge technology, if you are not aware of the frontier Abd ar technology in your field of research you will not be doing a PhD because the piece de means that you are fully knowledgeable in that particular subject area. So if you don't know who is working at who is leading the research in that field, then hope you know that what is going on and what will you do? Your PhD. So this is very important and you can get help from your supervisor. He will know many people who are leading in your field, but you can also such online, and I'm going to show you how you can judge the value off a person with a perspective for research. It doesn't mean that he is not a good teacher. If he is not a good researcher, doesn't really is not a good professional. If he is not a researcher, what I am trying to explain here is there hope to evaluate the body off research a person has done previously in his are carry. So I will again jump on my computer. I assure you, I hope you find whole valuable. Our whole high quality research work is the letter C. I type my PhD supervisors name and then the keywords citations in Google and such for this , and then I will get this result. So this is the name of my PhD supervisor and then Google Scholar citations. If you click on that, you will get a record off all the citations. Ah, this person has. So, for example, my supervisor has 1683 citations in all of his carrier. And these air some of the citations in recent years, which are very good because having a couple of 100 citations is considered very good in order to survive in an academic carrier. And, uh, this person has nearly 2000 citations, and you can also see the great of the citations are roughly constant, are increasing or decreasing. So, no, I will show you one person who is leading in our field of robotics in the world. So this guy's Sebastian Thrun. And if you look at his citations, you will see that he has 19 9000 citations since 2014. 38,000 citations, which is a very big number. But in this way you can easily find who is the leading researcher in your field and know The final thing is, you have to find out the top journalists in your field of research not only the top journalists, but also the generals in which you can publish something. So what I suggest is what I do, because on my smart diary, I have made a pitch on that page. I have selected maybe 15 to 20 Genest, which have impact factors from point to to fight. So this is a good range, which I think that good research, Good Ph. D. Students should be able to publish some publications in this type of journalists from point to so five. So I remember one thing. Our conferences, the conference ho valuable it might be. It has zero. What it will give you zero benefit in your academic positions when you will apply for a professor position are lecture position. A conference paper will give you zero value And this was a mistake, which I did during my PhD because at that time there was a hyper publishing united Billy conferences and out of my 11 publications, 10 of those publications were in our triple conferences. So this was wrong. I should have focused on journals. So therefore, I'm telling you this information that from the very early in your career you should focus on publishing general papers and the value should a protease that you make a list of papers and index list. You're collector 15 to 20 genders, which have impact factors from point to five. And then you try to read those papers, papers from those generals as much as possible and just read, read, read and what I will come that when you will feel that you are absolutely, really to publish a paper in the journal, you will know how the people do experimentation. You will know what our different sections of a journal paper and then you will be able to publish a journal so always focus on general papers and never, ever focused on any conference. But at the same time, we need to publish something in the conference is for few reasons. So one of the reason is that where you go to a conference, you meet other people, and this interaction collaboration is very important in the research. So therefore, if you are starting an experiment, your initial results you should go for a conference paper. You can publish it, but did result are detailed analysis are detail, experimentation, all of his focused on a journal. So try from a general with impact factor like point to and then later on, you can have other journals like 123 impact factor. This impact factor changes every year. So what I do is on my daddy. I have three years off impact factor, and I will show you may be a gleam image of their diary. And you can notice here that some journalists they are going up on some journals are oscillating. Some are going back. So the best chance for you to published in a journal, which has a oscillating impact factor, which goes up and down, up and down because it means they're their editorial board, is a little bit flexible, and you might be able to publish a paper in the Journal 5. 5 Things you should not say to your PhD Supervisor: one of the most important thing during your PhD is your relationship with your Ph. D. Supervisor. In this video, I'm going to highlight five key mistakes, which students mostly do while communicating with their PhD supervisor. So the first thing is never say anything disrespectful to your PST supervisor. This looks very straightforward, and mostly this mistake happens unintentionally. I'm making this video in Australia, and Australia is a multicultural society, and there is that Marty cultural aspect, which I want to highlight here. So let's say you are doing PhD in Australia and you're not a native English speaker. So when you try to communicate with your supervisor in an email, our direct communication, the selection of words is very important. So in particular when you're writing and e may toe text can communicate the correct tool if you are not paying attention. So if you are good at communication and you pay attention while writing emails, that is fine and both formerly you will not do this mistake. And the second thing is there are some cultural issues. For example, sorry is a word of respect all around the globe, but in Australia, Australian prefer to call with the first name. So if you call your supervisor, sir, it might look a bit stiff, but if you got it again and again But he might feel uncomfortable while talking to you. I'm not saying that. Sorry is a word off disrespect. I'm just saying that you should understand the culture. And the point is that you can it assume that the people you are encountering this share your core values? No. The second point is you should never say it cannot be done. This is wrong for many reasons. First off, all discipline. This statement is applicable toe to different situations. One is there. This cannot be done within the time frame. The second is there. This cannot be done. In an absolute sense, you should not say this in any of these situations, because in PhD there are deadlines. You have to face those deadlines and you have to meet those deadlines. You cannot say this cannot be done because he actually is not a self paced program. And the people who believe it is a self paced program. They become more and more passing more and more lazy as the time goes by and they never finish their PhD. So, supervisor, I would be worried about you if you say this can be done. And the second thing is debt. For example, a supervisor stays that you complete this task by that time and you cannot finish it. You know that you won't be able to finish it. So what? You should do it. You should think in your mind that I would be able to finish at least 80% of this task. So you should, sir, to your supervisor. I'm confident that I will finish 80%. So this is not that Yes. This is not a no. But this is a good statement. No, Let's take another example. Let us say that your supervisor asked you to try a new experiment and you say no. No, it cannot be done. You are not in a position to say that because you have not tried. You have not tested. So how can you sort say they're distended? We're done. And the second important thing is this will not preserve your feeling off competence. We want to preserve your feeling of competence. You should feel competent about you that you can do your can do attitude is very good. And we also want your supervisor to believe in you that you can do this. So this is also wrong. In many ways, they're it cannot be done. No. The third important thing is that you should never, ever tell your supervisor about your personal matters about your family problems, about your problems with your partner about your about your financial issues. Because telling someone about your personal problems is always considered as a weakness, you should realize that your relationship with your supervisor is purely professional. At the very least, What the supervisor will do is that he or she will never recommend you for any opportunity because he or she will think There you are emotionally a weak system. So this is not a good thing. No, The fourth important thing is prostitution can come when your supervisor asks you about something. Do you know this, for example? I give you control, engineering, engineering example There. If your supervisor asked you, Do you know Matt Leg? Medlab is a common software, and you think in your mind if you say no what the supervisor will think about you there. This guy doesn't know you want this very common software, this approach you feel in your mind and then you say Yes, I know this while Actually, you don't know that. So this is absolutely wrong. And this problem can lead to a very complex problems later on. This looks very simple, but it is not. There are few things a few issues in related to this. The first issue is that you're super wiser. Will know. Expect that you no matter. And he might ask you to do something on. No, you have to learn first and then do that. And you won't be ever toe deliver within a specific time, which is in the mind of your supervisor. And no, he will become passive because he will think that you are not really passionate about your PhD. So this is the least important thing that you will not fulfill his our expectations. The most important thing is if you say something like that, you will lose the honesty. Fruit and honesty doesn't matter in any relationship. No, actually you like to your supervisor and it will shake your integrity because eventually he has she will know that you don't know Matt like you don't know this thing. Whatever the thing is, so therefore be honest. Be straightforward up front. What? You know what you don't know. You can tell your supervisor. For example. I don't know matter, because I work in silence, which is a very close s software to mark 11. You can do almost everything in silence, which is open source off. So say something like that. No. The last thing. The first thing when you start your PhD, the supervisor most poorly will give you a paper to read our something to read. And then you start reading and then you read one paper to papers, 10 papers and you don't understand and you don't understand. And you don't tell your supervisor that you don't understand anything of these papers. A state will come when you will get frustrated on November. Supervisor stays to you. Read distinct. You're say reading is not very helpful on the reading is useless. I couldn't get anything out of this. Really? No. This is probably the most serious thing You will ever see it to your supervisor. Listen, guys, PhD is all about reading. And if you become allergic to reading at some point and you express district's your supervisor, then you should not be doing your PhD full stop Because Ph. D. Is all about reading. Reading is the blood and oxygen off your PhD. And if you should read, you should willing to read in one of my previous videos. That explained the importance of reading that if you are trying to publish your paper in a journal, you must read, read, read a stays will come when you will feel that you are no readyto published in their journal. So I will put a link here off the video so you can wash that. We do. So this is the most important thing you should a wired saying to your super wiser, because this is one of the key things about the students who never finished their PhD super wiser. Give them something to read, and they come back without reading. So the sorting to do at this point is, if your supervisor gives you something to read, you read it. Whatever you understand, you make lords and then north means that you make north on your dieting and then you go back into the next meeting. You explain to your supervisor. Whatever you understood out of the paper, that is the best approach. He will feel the motivation. He will feel your fashion, although you didn't understand that correctly. But that is one of the best thing you can ever do to impress your supervisor, to read something to make north and to discuss with your supervisor what you understand. So I hope that you will take care off about these few mystics and you will be careful what you say, What not to say. And I would like to see your comment. So please comment in this video. If you have any question, I answer all the questions on my videos. So if you have any questions or any calmer police put in their description. 6. 5 Reasons Students Fail to Complete PhD: every day. Students are starting pft other on the world, but a lot of them will never finish it. And in this video, I'll show you the five men reasons. Students quit and never complete their PhD. So let's get started, please. Northern. This video is not a de motivating with you, and the light number of students who start a PhD also finish it. Normally. For students, it is difficult to get an otherwise. Whether PhD is good for them. Are there good for BST? And this question is hard. Want, sir and student Shoot 600 wise before the start PhD from people who they trust because voters are embarking on a carrier which will consume a big part of the life. And most of the story they assumed that the idea is good, and having Doctor didn't name is a big deal. So this is a short video on which may help some new students in some way but forwarding a bigger picture. And I would like to see your comments and my Tamika detained video. However, the purpose of this video is that out of these five reasons, 1st 3 cans can be prevented and we should guide. The students were stuck due to these three reasons and make a difference. But for the last two reasons, there were different. And those students do not deserve getting appears. So let's talk about the first reason. Most of the time when students started PSD. They're highly motivated. They have big goals. They think they have become somewhat special just by starting their PhD. They're pumped up. They think that they are someone who is very special. They got this scholarship, the gorgeous Ph. D. Position out of the thousands of other students, and they must do something very big. They can't do something very big, and they must do something very big, which should change. The whole world holds science and technology or whatever their field. So they are so pumped up. More division, up to an extent is good for doing PST. But this over motivation is not. And this over motivation is. Do you not understanding what actually the Ph. D. Is and they think that there are good results in their adjusting. Their A level are in the bachelor degree, so they must do something very big and they can do it on the matter of the fact is that still, they need to learn a lot of things on this getting high school and in specially a rightist deliver. This means nothing so far be hdr for even getting a job. In advanced countries, this means nothing. Degree 99% of the time your degree does not count are even if it goes is if you can get 33% of the time. And the rest of the tutor are your personal attributes and your communication skills. And most cases they're Bester degree is they will not relevant to their PhD. And this you realize this no coming to the second reason which is misunderstanding the rule of the PSD supervisor and their expectations are very high. Most of us think of a supervisor, the person for best. If your speech did Aggies here, she will place them in the room next to his or her room for the next four years will make them from time to time. Hand over, tow them. Some person pieces of their degree vision they will just put together like a jigsaw on their period of degree will be really and on their part where they do. They enjoy their time with their family with their friends because they're plenty of free time. They don't care about anything because dating their supervisor were taken off all the things. And after four years, somehow they will become doctor. After some time, he realized they start to realize that the Guardians is little. The work is hard, and expectations off their supervisor from then from them are even higher than their expectations from their supervisor. Then they start feeling the stress and then mental issues then start developing some mental issues. Then they start talking about, you know, choice of supervisor is very important for a PST. You you will see them talking like this, and after a few more months they will say, You know what? I want to do something which I am passionate about. Actually, they were very passionate about their PhD, but the didn't realize what the PhD is hope to proceed hard to handle this important career appeaser. So then, after some time, they just quit. And don't get me wrong that selecting a proper supervisor injury off interest is another important team. But that is less important than making too much expectations from your super wise? No, the third reason, which I call it lost in the literature review. So what happens is, during the first year, Supervisor says to them, You have to do a literature review of the review off the research papers in your area of research, and they start looking for papers. Every tighter looks good. Every title, every heading looks relevant to their subject, and they start selecting some papers. Then they start to focus on a small area. They reach the more paper than they realize the restaurant references in the papers. Then they start reading those references. And with the president of time, the pile of paper grows and grows and grows, and they are completely lost. They have no idea what to do, where to go. Everything looks so relevant, so good. Every graph is appealing. Every experiment is the attracting. So they're lost in Delhi, a teacher view, and after one year they just give up. The fourth reason is which I call gambling Onda, and you will think what the gambling has to do with Ph. D. But actually, this gambling happens entire world countries, so card Third World, you might every notch. But so what happens Didi's Because your PSD can give you ah, promotion If you are a lecture. If you do PST you can pour water to associate professor are something that there. So there are a group of people who know that Ph. D is not for them. They're not for PhD. They won't be able to complete Ph. D, but began. But do you think? OK, let's try. Let's enrolling appears deprogram. If we do, we will become associate professor some more money, but didn't know that they are there. Lecturer, they're even not doing the lecture ship properly. But they just gamble and and some might think they don't give. You will put some other work together and compile the pieces. But unfortunately for them with modern tools, this is not gonna happen. The copyright infringements are very easy to detect with more than tools on. This also needs in a separate video, which I will make some time so they never complete. They never able to complete their PhD. So this is the fourth reason No, the recommendation for there is. Instead of doing this, they should have invested some time in proper carrier development are even in carriers, change activities? No, the fifth reason that happened in advanced countries. So therefore, I put these two specific reasons. One is for the third World countries. And the last reason is for the at once countries why this is for their wants countries because itwas countries One thing is that there are a lot off fundings available, like in Australia, where I live. There is a huge amount of funding years defending available. But this funding is for local students only. No international students can apply. So this funding is for local students. But unfortunately, the local people here they don't give much credit to purity. They think be it's useless so they don't participate in those funding opportunities. But some people know this. Do you know this fact? And these are the table people who I call them scary and students the adopt students ship as their carrier. So what did they do? They know how to get funding the know how great application they know how to communicate. Their communication skills are very good. And get this fundings. They start Ph. D. After 4 4.5 years, they quit. They go to other university start in a different subject and never complete their PhD because once they complete, they become ineligible for any further funding. This is the requirement that the student should not have a PhD degree before, so they do it like this. So why they do this? There are a few reasons Number one God put her jobs, that vidi difficult in here long working hours and some people don't want to work too long lowers. They hit these 9 to 5 jobs, which actually end up 9 to 7727 actually, so they don't want to do that. They enjoy the easy life start. They were part time. They get student for benefits from government because we don't have concession of those things. They also get some benefits, like Social Security benefits. So they enjoyed their light time with their friends and family, and they never completed their PhD. So these carriers students are a special type of killer nature, which only exists in advanced countries on don't expect too much from yourself. Don't expect too much from your supervisor, and don't think that every paper is a relevant. You try to figure out this paper you should read on which paper you should never read, never, ever