Doing Drawing: Draw Like You Never Have Before

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Doing Drawing Intro

    • 2. Your Greatest Drawing Discovery

    • 3. Gaining Skills In Drawing

    • 4. Creativity In Drawing Is #1

    • 5. Pencil Paint And Digital

    • 6. Prep-Work For Next Class

    • 7. Daily POWER DRAWING


Project Description


Draw It, Paint It, Digitize It, Post It


What could be more simple than drawing? We already write our names so all we need is to expand and develop that hand-eye coordination. Your project is to show me and your classmates your efforts toward this development.

One of the hardest things to do is show our work! I know as I used to hide it away. Then one day my Dentist saw a painting and he offered to buy it. This did help me and gave me some confidence. Our postings are a safe place for you to be seen and where we all can help and encourage each other along the way.

So be brave and post away. We have 4 more classes and I am working on the next one right now so let me know what you would like to draw. I have kept the requests from all the students who responded in our discussion blog and will be including some flying leaves, 3-D cats, misty mountains (maybe in graphite and charcoal), 3-D rocks and a special "Space Adventure".

Get your requests in because you really will be able to draw anything if you follow this 5 series 'Doing Drawing'course.


Every student is encouraged to share their assignment: Pictures of their Drawing Exercises and The Quick Splash Project of their choice.

Student Projects

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Ron Mulvey✏️
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