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Dog photography - Moody & Dramatic look in Adobe Lightroom

teacher avatar Martyna Nysk, Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My Photography Intro

    • 3. The editing process

    • 4. Final Project

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About This Class

Hello, dog photography lovers!

In this class, you will learn how to edit dog photography in adobe lightroom. I will show you how to achieve a nice dramatic, moody look (which is one of my favorite looks for dog photography). This class is for creative people who would like to learn something new about photo editing.

Meet Your Teacher

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Martyna Nysk





Hello, I'm Martyna!

I am full-time photographer & filmmaker currently based in Czech Republic.




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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is Martina, and I am full time photographer basing burnout. Today I will show you how to edit the pictures, another bill light from. So if you're kind of doing the photography and also beginner in photo anything. I believe this course is perfect for you because I will go step by step through a whole editing process and you will not miss any off important steps. How to get your pictures perfect. So let's get started. 2. My Photography Intro: 3. The editing process: Hello again. My name is Martina. And today I will show you how to edit. Picture off three cute husky puppies and modify it into a very nice, cool, dark, dramatic picture in other bill light. From every time when I start everything my pictures I am looking at the picture and I am thinking, What should I change to make this picture better? In this case, I don't like this three part, so I will remove it. And also, I don't like the fact that these are not in the center, so I will fix that as well. Let's click here and dragged this corner right here. Cool click. Done. As you can see, the small change make a huge difference for our photo. Now the picture looks much, much better when the poppies are in the center. Now we will remove this tree parts. So click here and let's pain the white color into an area which we want to remove from our father. Cool. And let's do the same here. You don't look bad, but I think I will move it here. The better result. Yeah, it looks much better. And I will do the same here Okay, Cool. I think we can lay maybe a little bit with this one to get the perfect replacement. Let's see what will happen if we'll move it to the left little bit. Okay? It's not what they like. So let's move it to the right. And now it looks much better. But maybe we can do it again. Let's see. Yeah, I think I will do this one again. Okay, It's the link up. And let's pain sit again. Okay? Cool. Now it looks much, much better. Okay, I think I'm done with this. So as you can see, um, sometimes to get the perfect results, you have to play a little bit with this clone and sheer. Okay, So I will show you the difference. This is before this. After says you can see once we deleted or not. But let's remove this unwanted parts from the picture. Now our eyes are focused on Lee on the docks. So this is what we all the time wanted. Every time when we have a dog pictures, we need toe. Um, let's say edit a edit this pictures in that way. So our eyes are focused only on the dogs Okay. Cool. So now let's play with exposure. Contrast highlights shadows, wides lacks texture, clarity. I'm being exposure and contrast. It's OK, so I will leave it. Zero highlights will move to the left. And like that, we will get more details. Cool shadows. We will move to the right. Maybe even a little bit more. All right. I will leave it. Zero black school moved to the right. Hey, texture, I will move to the right. A swell cool and clarity. I will move to the right as well, but just a little bit. Let's say Okay, this is enough. Cool. Okay, So, um, now we will be playing with this part. And this part is very important for us because we want to create the nice are dramatic. Look, So let's move these here and base up. Click here and move its ups and click here and movie up a swell. Okay, let's move this one up. And maybe this one just a little bit up a swell. Okay. Cool. I think this is what I was looking for. And, um, let's continue with colors. I kind of like colors from original pictures. I will skip this part Let's play with the situation now to get really dark and dramatic. Look, we will move greens to the left. This school, Um I don't like this orange and the local or here, so I will move yellow to the left. As you can see, it's affecting also the grass. But I don't mind. In this case, I kind of like it. So I will move even a little bit more. Okay, that's nice. And I will move orange color to the left us. Well, but I have to be careful with this one. Because as you can see, the dogs, they have orange color in their head so we can mess it up a little bit. So be careful with this one. I think minus five is okay. And now we will go to dominance. So I think we can move this orange to the right. Yep. Then we can feel to the right as well. Maybe even more than orange color. Too much. That's yeah. Okay. I like this yellow when it's more brighter and green will move to the rightist. Well, okay, Cool. And as you can see, the dogs, they have blue eyes. So let's move blow to the right as well. And like that ice will about. Hey, I really like this. Look already. Now we can play with colors which are affecting the highlights and shadows, I think, for highlights, we will choose yellow and yeah, let's leave it at five. And for shadows, we will choose Dark Blue, I think 10. It's perfect. Okay, great. So I really like the color. So really, I think it's really the look which I wanted whole time. So let's make this picture a little bit dramatic. Let's at the mosque. Okay. Here we will choose. Burn darkened, And let's create a Moskal over the puppies. Let's move it here. Who? The same things. We will leave as they are with exposure minus 13. Okay, so what we need right now is that we create that a mask around the poppies and we are the darkness in the corners. So it will give us Ah, nice there. Um, ethical. Cool. So what else we can do with this picture is that we can add some brightness right here. So let's click here. I will make my brush. Little, um, bigger hopes. Click here of my mistake. Okay, sorry. Okay, so let's click here and choose Dutch life and my brushes already begin up and let's paint the brightness here. Okay? I kind of looked this like this. Look already. And but as you can see, the brightness affected also heads off the puppies, which I don't like. So I will fix that and to make my life easier. Let's click here and this will show us which areas are affected by the brush. And as you can see, I will stride heads unaffected. So let's click. Here we race and let's raise the read Kohler, which means, um that we pain that with the brush area. And let's remove that from our poppies. - Okay , I think this is enough. And let's see how it looks like. Okay, cool. I really like that. Look already. Um, I think we are done. I am really satisfied with this edit. And I hope you have enjoyed this whole editing process and learn. And I hope that you learn something new, Uh, regarding a living. Another bill light room. I will show you before and after. This is before, and this is after. So, as you can see, we made a very huge change to this picture. And I really love that. I think, really, This is one of my favorite looks for dog photography, and I am looking forward to see your at it and see you in the next video. 4. Final Project: Hello again. It's time for your final project. Practice your editing skills. I will provide you three Earl Pictures, and you will have to edit them inaudible light room and follow anything process described in the previous video. If you have your own pictures, feel free to edit your pictures and use the living process to have a similar look. I am looking forward to seeing your results. Thank you for joining this costs.