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Dog photography - Adobe Photoshop homemade studio edit

teacher avatar Martyna Nysk, Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Editing process in Adobe Photoshop CC

    • 3. Final Project

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About This Class


In this class I will show you how you can edit pictures from homemade studio and how to make them look like from professional photography studio!

If you like challenges with homemade studios, this class is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

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Martyna Nysk





Hello, I'm Martyna!

I am full-time photographer & filmmaker currently based in Czech Republic.




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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is Martina, and I'm full time photographer from Chicken Public. Today's video is for end up photography lovers and also for the refers full of challenges. We've homemade deals. So we were one of those for the Ripper's. Most probably, You know that having family homemade studio is just not so easy as it looks like. And let's be honest, most of those pictures just don't look like from professional photography studio at all. But today I'm going to show you how to edit those pictures and other people to shop CC and how to make them look like from professional. So basically, I will show you how to make base from base. If you would like to learn how to any pictures like that in other people, the ship cc just move onto the next video and have fun 2. Editing process in Adobe Photoshop CC: again. Thank you for joining this class today. We have very interesting to think we cheese for dinner today. I'm going to show you how to edit pictures and how to make them look like from professional photography studio in and the beef with the Shop CC. So if you are the photographer and you would like to take pictures of dogs at your apartment or any kind of building and you don't have professional studio, but you have some kind of home, it's toe there. It's fully okay because we can fix it in under before their ship. So let's play around with this picture and you will see how easily you can fix this mess and how you can create from this very beautiful picture, which looks like from professional. So let's start with making the applicator off this ground, So click here and pick a in the layer. Once behalf the ground copy, we can click here. It's a lot of doors, and what we will do right now is that we will create the line or draw a line around the block and like that will make selection off the door. So let's do it right now. So as you can see now, we have this election, uh, with the dog inside. But what we want here is the selection with the background around the dog. So right, click here and select universe and we've got. Now we have this election off the background around the dog. Now we will apply a field there. Blur got jungle er, and the area which is selected right now will be blurred. Depends on the radius, which we choose. I think DC's perfect. Okay, let's apply in the filter. And now it looks OK, That's official leg this election and what we'll do right now is that will fix this part of the picture. So click here. It's a newly yes, and we will paint the pink color here so we will not have this. Well, thats part off your home or whatever it ISS. So let's, uh, let's click here. It's a brush and just hold option key. And like that, we will simple a caller which we want to use us our painting or our brush. Okay, make it a little bit bigger. And change of velocity. 100 float. 100 as well. Now we can painter aunt with her brush. Okay, I think it's perfect. No way will, um, use the same technique. And we will paint around the dog over thes part ages. Which work rate that when we use the the store. Okay, so just simple cooler. And I think we can change a positive room. 15. So we told being not so, um, it will be not changing so dramatically when we will paint around the dog. Okay, so let's start with finding and it's okay if you will a paint also on the dog because I will show you how to fix it. I am just sampling the colors and then I am painting around the color. Okay. Like that. We can Spain also a little bit here. OK, but for now, I think basis. So how we can fix this click here and make sure you have a brush tool and then you change active alert Black change the opacity to 100. And now you can pain the areas which you want to recover from. Um, let's say, previous state. So this is the way how you can work with any kind of liar in non destructive way So any time if you want to change something, you can get back and change it. So, for example, you found Well, um, remove these. My mistake. I will just change the color toe white again, and I will paint it again. So now I am removing the color from the parts of the picture, which I want tohave very sharp and without, uh, squealer. Okay, I think it's perfect. But sometimes if I want to check if I didn't miss something, I will just pick here and back here and back. So, like that, I am sure that I didn't miss any steps. Okay, Perfect. So now what people dough is that we will handle this mess here. So I think we can do the same technique. Or we can use different one Salonika, for example, clan in tow. So click here and then again holds option key. Click here and just being here Cool the same. So this tells on one of the techniques which you can use toe cologne the part off one picture and pasted toe another part of the picture. Okay, Now we will handle based. I created another layer and I will use the technique which we used some time ago. So just come Option and creek too much the color. And let's paint it here and here. Here. Maybe we don't be okay. And to make it look really speak, let's change a person. Well, it's saying 66. Yep. It looks pretty cool. I say that we stained a little a little, Um, it's part here. So it's just you movie, Okay. Perfect. Yes. So I think the background part is done. I think it looks very nice already. So I will just group it. So hold shift and click here and then click here. And this is the group which I will name by ground. Okay, So if you want to see the changes what we've made already, you can just click here and again. Oh, and as you can see, I see here that we still have some brush here, so we can also easily fixed up. Just come here. Black car 101 100 lives just fainted again. Okay. Here. A chip. Yep. I think now it looks perfect. Okay, so right now I think the ground is okay. It's done. But I would like to play with the dog and with the highlights and the shadows on the dock. So let's create new, Um, folder and that's name it book, for example. And let's click here and here and let's drag this up now click comment. Hey, and change a positive 20 and 20. And now what we will do is that people pain they've here and here and like, Well, if you see the highlights on the door, but I'm usually doing I am like painting on Don's highlights. So if they will like about, so make sure you have wanted a typical are and let's let's play around. Okay, so as you can see, I see right here. So I am just anything on those highlights. Or if I want some part off the dock, to be lighter, I'm just painting their thesis. The song brush. Okay, perfect. And if we want to have it more lighter, we can just move these up. Or if we want our, um, our brush to be more darker, way can just move it. So this is how we can, how we can play with these curves. It's like very powerful tool, Let's say, and I want a Oh, let's say like this. Okay, so now we will play with shadows and I only use the same technique. I will just move this down, command I and let's do the same. I had any lying during close on this dock, so I want them out. Okay. - And for example, if you want to remove this, just change the color again and you can change a busty to the friend number. And just like that, people removed. What do? So it's super easy to use you. You just need toe play around a little bit and get used to it. But once you will use today still, I think it's like one of the most powerful tools in there before the shop. For let's say, even the retouching for you know, colors, shadows highlights. But they're it's all. It's also good for retouching, so lay around. It's worth it. Okay, so I think it should be okay. So let's see the result. Yeah, so you can see how much the dog out from the picture. Once we did the school shadows and highlights change. It's like before this picture was like Super five, and now it's like, wow, you know. And that's why I love for the chef. Okay, so, um, I think this is okay. And what we can do here is like, um correcting this eyes little bit because I don't know. I don't like how it looks. So create new layer and we will use the clones. So again, hold option key. Click on the part which you want toe clone, and then just paint. Ain't it on your Sure? Okay, I think it's great. But to make it look more realistic, we will change the opacity to 59. OK, so as you can see, still, the changes better. Huge. But it's not. So, um, it's more like let's a realistic than if it would if this'll opacity would be at 100%. So the same thing I will do here on this side, I will just simple. I don't know this this part and then I will just painted here. Now I must Here would make again here. Hey, I didn't like you've been this, so just just simply paint around no back. So if you want Oh, I think this this is too much. So if we want to move back just hit comment NZ. Okay. Okay. Let's do the same. Okay, maybe even this part because it's working on my nerves. Okay. And I will do the same rule. Change the opacity to okay. 69 school, Smith. As you can see, it's like a huge difference. We can even maybe work on this partly a little bit more. OK, now it looks much further. This is before, and this is after, and this is before, and this is so, um, another thing which we can do is to make this part more lighter. So click here. Here, move it up. Command e and click on the brush. Yeah, Opacity in Florence school. So let's just make it more brighter, See? Yep. It looks much better right now. Domain. These parts heart old. Sort of a little bit brighter. Haley. How it looks like Yeah, it looks much, much better. I think we can even change a little bit more. Let's move, Ferocity. I don't 15 and little more realistic time before thats one. OK, So as you can see, you need to play a little bit to get the results which you want tohave. But it's all the same. The same technique. So if you want the perfect Charlie 100% perfect picture, you will play around like I don't know, one hour or something. But for this course, I think that's enough. I just wanted to show you how to make very nice picture from from this. It's a group it and I won't show you. So how to make base from this? So as you can see, it's like, Well, it's a huge change and you know it well, it's not like Super Heart is just few steps and repeating steps. So I think it's not so hard to do even for beginners. And if you will follow step by step, how to do it and they will play a little bit more with the details and everything off course. I think your pictures will be very awesome. So, yeah, I think it looks very cool. Already off course, I will play with the details more, Um, after the course about or course per versus. I think that's enough. So thank you for watching. And I hope that you learn something new and that you've enjoyed my class seal in the next review. Bye bye. 3. Final Project: Hello again. Thank you for joining this class. I hope that you learn something about anything in the people. The Ship cc. And now it's time for you to have fun as well. So I'll give you three fires off the same dogs. Same for the shoot. And he will have to edit them according to the previous video. So I wish you luck. Don't forget to have fun and I am looking forward to see your results My mind.