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Dog Photography - Wolfdog Moody Edit in Lightroom

teacher avatar Martyna Nysk, Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Final Project

    • 3. Editingprocess trimversion

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About This Class

Hello everyone!

In this class I will show you how to create very moody and dramatic look in Adobe Lightroom.

If you are a dog photography lover and you prefer more darker style of editing, this class can help you learn something new about editing in Adobe Lightroom.

Enjoy the class!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Martyna Nysk





Hello, I'm Martyna!

I am full-time photographer & filmmaker currently based in Czech Republic.




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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Martina, and I am full time for the graphic currently based in Czech Republic. Today I'm going to show you how to create very money and dramatically looking at a bill. I trump so with the guy. I'm going to show you how to create this awesome look from this picture. If you would like to learn how to edit pictures like that, another bill, I true, Just move onto the next video and have fun. 2. Final Project: Hello again. Thank you for joining this class. I hope that you've enjoyed my editing process. Your final project will be focused on what you have learned in this class. So I will give you a raw file off the same picture and you will have to edit it according to the previous video. How family For anything. And I'm looking forward to see your results. 3. Editingprocess trimversion: hi guys today will add it. Picture off this beautiful, cheaper so I can duck and I am going to show you how to make very moody and dramatic look in a real I trim, so we'll start playing with this part. I think exposure is okay, so let's leave it at zero. We'll play with contrast, but a little bit later. But we want to use thes to make our own trust bath. We will use tone curbs, but I'm showing homecoming. Nobody will be blinker. So now let's highlights to the left. Yeah, I think like that. It's perfect. And as you can see like that, we have more details on our dog. Let's move shadows to the right. Great whites are okay. Blacks are OK as well. Now let's go to the texture. Let's move it to the right. Great. And let's move clarity to the right as well. Okay, I think the basics are okay right now. So let's move to the don't work. And here way won't create our from trust. So it will be up perfect. No click here and run this down. I like toe four, um, shadows to the black cars and like that. We were achieving, like, supermodel. So it system. Let's do it. Like, right now. Okay, let's move her. But I think we can have more contrast. So, cakes, you just drink this. Okay? So I won't play a little bit with this, um, points which I create created in this tone curve to achieve the look which I'm looking for . Okay. I think that's you. So you can see with Isam tool, you can play around and you can create contrast meat you like. And I think this is the better way than this one. Because you can you can just play around through the different parts of your picture. That's fine with the local. Let's go for their collars. And I think this part it's OK not to change anything. Let's, uh, move orange to the right because I like that foreign cheering here, So I would like to have it more visible. I think like that. It's okay. Lets me feel to the left. Perfect. And let's move green to the left. Us. Well, you and let's use blue toe the left us. Well, okay. I think saturation is done. Now let's go to the minutes Let's move Fred to the right orange. I think we can make it a little bit more darker. Perfect. Your room's right and Green moved to do it. Perfect. I think weekend was going to the right. Yeah, yeah. So as you can see, um, now how very nice Do. And, um, now we'll go to the highlights and shadows. And in this part we are much say, I think colors to our highlights or shadows. So for highlights, I think we can chew some being between you and breast. And that's over here. Five. It's too much, Corp and let's maybe choose more young people are anything that's pretty nice. And first show Silas your something between light drew and darker blue. So I think this one let's on this color to our picture. FDA based looks just amazing. So this before and this is after. So as you can see, we're just a few steps here and playing with those colors we achieved a huge change and I really love that. Okay, Perfect. So now what? We can do East create peace circle here way have to choose. As you can see, the darkness is inside of the circle, but we want to have darkness outside of the circle. So what we can do is just click here and darkness will be outside circle. Okay, But I want to have more dramatically. So let's, uh more shadows implants, exposure like that. Yeah, All stone. But let's made a circle, including bigger. Great. That's pretty. Already he'd done Okay. Perfect. Now, what we can do is to create a little bit lighter background here. So click here. Make sure you have, um, don't wife them. And let's just pain here. Um, the lightness. Let's see. It's okay if we will affect the dog because I will show you how toe recover the previous state of the picture. Okay, let's make it a little bit more right there. Okay? I think 45 looks pretty good. OK? And now, as you So I affected the dog for here. So I will believe that now is this way. How to make that happen. It's just like here and right now we will see which areas were affected. So if we want to dirty the brush, just click here and remove effective areas from our picture. Okay? I think we're done so Let's see our final perfect. I love that. So click. OK, and now what we can do is, um, took out his eyes. So click here, create a small circle share and let's choose highlights even more. And he's done sure again. Chair right, clean and lubricate. It was just moving through second I enough when they saw they don't more darker so we can other more exploiter to make it lighter. Okay, even a little bit more. Okay, I think that looks perfect. So that's amount. And as you can see the eyes about perfect. So the us that maybe which we can do. We used to play with, um, shows and highlights. And let's start with the highlights. So what I like to do we stow, really don't click here, make sure you don't write them a smaller brush and then she's just paint on the picture. And I like to just create highlights on the dock Way could even have that I don't be more highlights. Toe Duck's price. I think we're done with the highlights that will do the shadows, so click here and changing toe burn darkened and let's just do the same. It's just paint around in the area, which we think it will look good, including me. More shadows on them. Okay, you're okay. I think that looks pretty cool already. So let's click OK or done. Let's go out. And as you can see, we've added the highlights and shadows of the dog. So it's your before and after. So, like that, our dog just out from the picture. E think we can even add more darkness here. So let's click here. Create a big circle again. Make sure that you have effect burned our 10th and again that's clicking. Avert. It's my more shadows. More darkness. It's too much. My choice have been slow, so I have to wait. Feel like Bill? Be a quiet. Okay, that's pretty cool, but I will make them bigger. I think this picture is already very nice and deep looks just perfect. But what I like to do to achieve the best Look, I'm going back to these curves, and I'm going to play a meat to see. I wouldn't make it better because, as you can see just a small change, it's going to affect our picture along. So let's player between these curves and like thes shadow effect on our, um, let's say darkness says You can see we have the black color here and what I'm going to do. I'm applying that same or shadow to that and like that, this picture is more moody and dramatic. So I think I will leave it like that because I really like that. But I think what we can do it's just about this head of gold, but more so. Let's create this just really, um, circle here, moving to the head and shoes. Okay, lets wait for alleged from live. You can see here it's ones applying effect it a little bit bigger, leaving changing a few team. Let's see perfect hopes change something, so that's true with and change it to zero. So, as you can see, you know, my true is pretty slow. So the changes are applying slowly, so I have to fight that people. But I think we're that I think this is the final hour picture, and I love that so this before, and this is out there and everything we need in the White Room with, I don't know, maybe 10 minutes. So I think that's pretty cool. And you can use thes movie effect to any of your pictures. But remember that every picture is different. So you have to play with the course and, um, been to curb. So I think what? This picture? We are done. Thank you for joining these course. And I hope you like it. I hope they do learn something. You and see you in today's video.