Dog Language and Tricks | Fedra Dirani | Skillshare
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15 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • Dog Language

    • Pacification signals

    • How to become a guide for your dog?

    • Mental activity game

    • Bark

    • Spin

    • Slalom

    • Wall jump

    • Wheel

    • Do Down

    • Jump

    • The dog recall

    • The Walk in 4 steps

    • Dog Bites


About This Class


In this course, you will learn how to understand your dog body language. Understandig the way your dog communicates, is really important to help you understand better his state of mind, his energy and create a relayioship with him.  

In order to do this, it is necessary to understand some aspects of communication between human and dogs.

So at the beginning of the course, you will learn to understand the main dog moods through the analysation of dog body language.

Analysing different body parts of dogs, we will show you the correct and incorrect approach.

In addiction to this, you will learn how to teach your dog many new games.

It' s a useful video tutorial made for the owner who wants to teach his dog something very special.

First of all, you have to remember an important thing : the only way a dog will learn with happiness is to make the learning funny.

It's kind of Dog Tricks Academy and you will also have the possibility to teach your dog some basic exercizes of obedience ( down, walk etc.) and some other else of agility sport.

The videos are subtitled and a voice will guide you all along the course ,so you will be able to read and listen to every step seeing them on videos.

This course will be very usefull for you in order to create a good relationship with your dog, teaching him orders , becoming the real guide for your him .





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Fedra Dirani

Dog trainer, Tech Vet

Hello, I'm Fedra.

I am the owner and manager of a Canine Center in Italy since about ten years . I graduated from the Academy of Canine Culture in Milan called "S.I.A.C." .

I am a Certified Dog Trainer. At the Academy, I specialized in behavioral problems and took part to many workshops and courses on psychology and animal behavior .

Nowadays I often work in schools, teaching children how to take care of dogs and how to behave properly with them.

I also practice "P...

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