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Does Your Resume Pass the 10-30 Second Scan Test?

Shannon Terry, Resume Writer & Career Guide

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8 Lessons (23m) View My Notes
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. AbouttheInstructor

    • 3. The 10-30 Second Scan

    • 4. What Employers Notice Part 1

    • 5. What Employers Notice Part 2

    • 6. Example Resume -What Do You Think?

    • 7. Sample Resume Critique

    • 8. ClassProject


About This Class


Does Your Resume Pass the 10-30 Second Scan Test? A Resume Critique with a Pro

What is an employer looking for when they first glance over your resume?

Do you think they actually READ IT?

They don’t. Not at first.

You have to capture the reader’s attention QUICKLY in order for them to want to read more, and ultimately, invite you to interview.

This course goes over the basics of what makes a good (and a bad) first impression about you – and your resume.

What makes this course different:

Learn from an EXPERIENCED Interview Coach, Resume Writer & Career Guide 

  • I actually do this work for a living, not just make classes about it.
  • I’ve reviewed, edited and/or rewritten literally 1000’s of resumes – that experience is valuable over teachers without any concrete professional background working on resumes or with job seekers.
  • My classes more like a conversation than a lecture to keep you interested and engaged

(You can read what some happy clients and class participants have said about me at the bottom).

Section 1: What Employers Notice About Your Resume

  • Yes/No/Maybe
  • Do you meet their requirements?
  • How does it look?
  • (and a tangent about ATS (applicant tracking systems/resume scanning software) and formats to use/avoid)

Section 2: Try Your Hand at a Resume Review!

  • Do you think you know what makes a good resume (and not)?
  • Sample “Before” resume to review by section

Section 3: Class Project

  • Two options – or – do ‘extra credit’ and do them both!

PLUS… I added some bonus documents (see attached pdfs) as a thank you – annnndd – I just couldn’t help myself … there are some great resume tips sprinkled in here as well!

This course is geared toward: You! Anyone that isn’t sure if their resume is going to capture interest from an employer at first glance.

This is not: a complete, in depth resume review – though the opportunity to get that information is available in a few ways (the course explains how)

My clients are also some of my best supporters (so honored!)

Here’s a sample of what some past clients and class participants have said about me as an instructor and coach:

The best part of the presentation was . . . (presenter’s) personality; she was fun and grabbed attention … focused, and knowledgeable”… “(she was) interesting and informative” …“ helpful information and sincere enthusiasm; the content was important and the rest was refreshing” …“Thank you, it was fun and worth my time.”

I have sent out hundreds of resumes over the last 3 years with only 2 responses and those were for more administrative positions. I’m aware that you did the resume writing that got me in the door, and your process allowed me to line up with a better version of me — I never felt great about my resume before and that energy went with it when I applied for jobs. This time, I was confident (just as your company name implies) and I’m already further ahead than I’ve ever been. Thank you Shannon!!”
–Teri – Non-Profit Director/Coach, Virginia

See you in class!

>> Let me know what was MOST beneficial that you learned in class.
>> Tell us in the Community comments section

I look forward to chatting with you there!

Read more testimonials or to contact Shannon:


1. Course Overview: do you think that your resume can pass a 10 to 32nd scan test? This course goes over what employers noticed that gives their first impressions of your resume, and you e also go over a sample resume that I've reviewed and give you an opportunity to try a resume. Critique yourself and then we wrap up with the class project, so let's get started. 2. AbouttheInstructor: Hi, I'm Shannon with resume confidence. I'm a resume writer, interview, skills coach and career guide who's been helping job seekers and career changers for more than 15 years. I'm also an animal lover in a bit of a vagabonds who loves to travel. Sometimes a house and pet sit on these trips. My website, www dot resume confidence dot com, has about 100 block posts about resume writing, interview tips, job change and many related topics to help guide you on your own job. Search journey. Let's connect on LinkedIn and, like my Facebook Page two. I also have an email newsletter that I send out once a month, filled with tips and inspiration for jobseekers. Just like you. I know how hard it can be to keep your motivation going during a job search. My business is named resume confidence because my clients repeatedly told me that working together helped them resume and regain their confidence in their resume, their skills and the value that they have to offer to any employer. I'd love to help you reclaim your job search. Mo Jo, too reach out any time 3. The 10-30 Second Scan: do you think that your resume can pass a 10 to 32nd scan test? This course goes over what employers noticed that gives their first impressions of your resume. And you. I also go over a sample resume that I've reviewed and give you an opportunity to try a resume. Critique yourself and then we wrap up with the class project. So let's get started. So what does give a reader whether it's an employer or recruiter? Their first impressions about your resume? The first thing that you need to know is that employers easily received 80 to 100 or more applications for any given job. And when it's an online application, it's often many more than 100. I don't say this to scare you. I simply want to drive home. The fact that you need to do your due diligence and make your resume stand out in a good way to capture attention and get invited for an interview interview is where you actually eventually get the job offer. We hope so. How do we capture that attention that they want to read more and invite us in for an interview to talkto us? Well, we have to capture their attention in 10 to 30 seconds. That is how long the employer, on average, takes to do a quick scan to get their overall first impression of your resume it without investing very much time initially. Now, this is how I've done it when I was on hiring committees and I'm sure that many employers do something like this. When I do the quick scan of all the resumes that have come in for the job that we have advertised, I divided I would divide them into a yes house a pile. This was back when they were paper resumes. Ah, yes, pile. Which means that impresses me right off the bat. And I want to read more in depth and decide about you know, whether I want to. Whoops. Sorry. Interview that candidate I often have. Ah, maybe pile. And this would mean that I am if he for some reason or another, um and I will come back to it if I don't find enough. Um, Inter, enough resumes. Excuse me for the yes pile that I'm actually very sure about. So maybe piles better than the no pile. But you want to get in that yes pile right away, if at all possible. And the nose, of course, are the file a pile the trash bin, where something just immediately gives me a reason to disqualify that candidate. It's some sort of big red flag or just a turn off. They've made a big mistake, and it will be trash next done. So what are they looking for? What are most hiring managers? Readers of resumes looking forward and evaluating in that first scan that's going to be the next section of the course. 4. What Employers Notice Part 1: So the first thing that an employer or any reader of your resume is going to notice and that they're going to need to see to select you into that Yes, pile. Or maybe it's a yes file of nowadays online, uh, again in 10 to 30 seconds is first of all, how easily can they see that you fit all the requirements? Um, and even all or most of the preferred skills and experience listed in the ad. So you're gonna want to use the job ad. Oops, I'm not great at the highlighting. You're gonna want to use the job ad toe. Help tailor your resume to fit is many of their requirements as you can to get into that would be a whole nother class, which I will, by the way at some point creates. But for now, we're just working on kind of a resume review. Resume critique to see if you're going Teoh, catch attention in a tender 32nd quick scan of your resume. Employers and recruiters are also looking for visual appeal. Now, let me just add in that I personally am not an advocate of the new trend towards what I'll call graphic designed resumes with columns and graphs and all kinds of visuals and colors. For one thing, I think a lot of people do those poorly, even with the template and templates are not recommended, Um, again, I have so many things to say often get off track. But I will simply say I would not recommend ever using a template period. One of the reasons for that and to not have lots of graphic design elements in your resume , especially if you apply online, is that applicant tracking systems, the scanning software that companies use to process hundreds literally of online applicants often cannot read the graphic elements in a document that makes it look all pretty like that. But if they can't read it, you're going to get kicked out. You're not going to even make it through that first screening tool. So when I say visual appeal, they wanted to be easy and appealing to look at and easy to find again those key requirements. However, I again, I know they're all the trends, and I just I would rather be safe than sorry and keep it simple, clean and professional, a little more traditional. If you want to make a fancy, pretty graphic design version of your resume and bring that in, or if you're able to e mail on attachment of, like, a pdf file or something where they're not using a man. Excuse me. An automatic scanning system. Applicant tracking system 80 s is what those resume scanning Softwares are called of. A human you know, was gonna look at it that maybe a graphic designers May is okay, but I just I know I'm going off here, but I really do not feel like they are safe for online applications because there are many , many different types of software scanners, and you just don't know what their program to read or to not read. And if they cannot read something because of the graphic design elements, it just comes out as garbage. Budke it just, you know, like looks like when wing dings font or something, it's unreadable, and we do not want that. So okay, sorry about my tangent there, but visual appeal, in my opinion, is just simple and clean. Make it very easy for them to find that you fit all of the main requirements 5. What Employers Notice Part 2: so some other things that employers are looking for when they're doing that tend to 32nd quick scan of your resume. Try to decide if they want to read more. To learn more about you or just move on to the next applicant is they're looking again. As I was saying about the visuals. Does it look clean? Chris? Professional imbalanced. You don't want it to be too dense. Uh, you know, want too many words or even simple, too much simple formatting. And I talked about graphic design elements, but you don't want to over use bold underlying caps. Um, make sure your margins air reasonable. I see a lot of like, really, really skinny margins, like where there's barely any white space on the edges of the document, and it's just like, really, really skinny cause you're trying to cram in everything. You think it needs me one page where you just I don't know what to include and what not to include. So even though it's two pages, it's just your margins are just too wide. Those are no nose because it gets too crowded and they can't like, glance over it quickly, and you need to remember that employer. It needs to be time efficient, you know. Bam, bam, bam! They need to look through things. You want to make it easy for them to quickly scan and identify your key skills and requirements. You don't want to use little Elissa bullets. Bullets are great. Um, and talking more about that would be for another course, Another video. But you don't want too much of a good thing run on wordy sentences. And by the way, I know I talked long, but I know how to write succinctly when I need Teoh. Um And then mega paragraphs on Lee. No, no, none of those things. So this is what they're looking for. And if it's too much of those things, they're probably just gonna move on because it's gonna take them too much time to sort through all that visual mess. Basically, and I also just leaves when overall impression that you haven't made an effort to learn how to make a clean, crisp, easily scannable by the I. When I say scannable right now, I mean by the human eye resume need to do your due diligence. The other thing that they will probably notices if your resume content the information itself that you've put on their reads like a job description or that it's just really basic and boring. And there's no accomplishments, nothing interesting, compelling to catch their attention. Eso ways that you have contributed being specific about that in your past. Jobs such as honors recognition again, accomplishments, achievements, contributions that will be covered in much more detail in an upcoming video course I'm going to put together about how to write clear and compelling accomplishments to get your resume noticed. Were some kind of title like that Very important, Um, so when you know how to do that, making sure that those air easily noticed and stand out hint bullet points are really good for that. Uh, that will get you noticed in the quick scan when her employer is first viewing your resume and much more likely to end up in the yes pile. They are also looking for any big red flags or no nos, um, typos. Big No, no. For other evidence of lack of quality or attention, remember that your resume is the first representation of the quality of your work, which goes from any documents you might create as a part of your job to writing professional business emails or any other representation of the company in your work. So you want to make sure that your resume looks good and doesn't have mistakes or any, like riel oddities. Go to my website and look around on my blog's for examples of, like, really weird things that people sometimes put on their resume. I'll leave it at that. Maybe it's really outdated, an unprofessional style, you know. Like I said, I'm not really into the new graphic design trend. However, a really outdated resume style has an objective at the top and hobbies at the bottom. So if you have a resume like that, please please reach out and email me good my website and find me because I really need to help you fix those mistakes. It's okay. A lot of people haven't job search in a while. It's on a shaming thing, but those are things that are going to be big red flags and no nose to an employer or a recruiter, as is writing in first person, which means for those of you who didn't like English class or don't remember using I or me . That's a no no on a resume as well, and we'll also be covered in a different course. And then here's like the personal details, which are just also not done on a modern resume. So to wrap that up, these things are just bagging To get you into that no pile and click into the trash men and right away without the employer giving your resume any further consideration. Because remember, they have, let's say, 100 200 applications, especially if it's online. They need reasons to not interview people. They need reasons to, you know, sort and weed people out. Don't give them any. 6. Example Resume -What Do You Think?: so I'm wondering, based on what I've already said. And what you think you probably know about resume is and what employers are looking for, how confident are you that you know what to do and not to do on a resume? Well, could you review one yourself and determine if you think it would get in the yes file the Maybe I'll come back to that later file or the no slash trash next candidate. Please file. Well, we're gonna look a quick sample resume and you could just get your initial impressions when we scan through it. Okay, so here we go. Here is a quick sample resume of one guy, as you can see it quite a while to go from an actual client. Although this has been made anonymous, his personal information has been hidden. And that is the basic of what it looks like. So if we go through it section by section, just take a quick look. What do you think should have an objective? How are the margins? Are they balances are enough white space. Should his education be at the top, she's GP a beyond there. What about his high school? Do you include that? Looking at his work experience section? What do you notice about that? Anything. Does it capture your attention Now? It doesn't matter what kind of job you're applying for. So you can entirely assess this whether this candidate meets the job requirements in the advertisement. If I told you was looking for sales, um, are a managerial type of position. What do you think? Is this look managerial and professional to you? What kinds of things air you evaluating or wishing we're here? Do you think that this client did anything good? Do you think that this candidate couldn't prove anything and references? Do you think that was belong on the resume, and if so, what kind of information? And how many and extracurricular activities should that be? There. There. Is there things that are okay to include or not include? Same goes for volunteer experience. What do you think about that? Hints. I talked about this a little bit in one of the previous sections of these videos of this course. 7. Sample Resume Critique: So how do you think you would do and critiquing or revealing a resume and looking it over with that 10 to 32nd scan? I think you would do a good job looking at the resume example I just showed you and picking out what needs improvement, anything that was done well, would you like to find out? There are two ways to view a sample resume. Critique. For me, one way is to go to my website at the link here on the screen and check out this block post , which goes over that same example that I just showed you and cover some of the questions. And then right here, where it says, click here, Seeing right there, it will open up an offer for you to download a pdf that goes over the sample resume. Critique in detail. I offered to critique in two different versions on this downloadable PdF offer. The first version it just covers common questions about resumes, and the second version in the same document focuses on format issues and questions. Some of the things we talked about that employers are looking at and evaluating in that tennis to 32nd quick scan, they dio of every applicant's resume. So this first version, as you can see, goes over the common questions that are asked about resumes. In my experience, working with thousands of clients and reviewing again thousands of resume is over 15 years , you know, objective education, work, experience, etcetera, hoops and then the second version of the exact same resume. It goes over format issues and suggestion. Also in the free pdf, there is a second resume to critique that looks completely different and is also a two pager. So to get that free download of the resume, sample critique and all the feedback, you can either go to the link here on the screen yourself. You probably have to take that in or feel free to message me directly. And I'd be happy to send you a clickable link to that pdf resume review offer. Thanks so much. I hope you found this useful. I'd love to hear from you 8. ClassProject: Okay, so for the last part of this course is okay, So for the last part of this course, is the class project. Of course that's optional. But why would you not want to apply your learning right? So I'm going to suggest two different ways that you can do a class project and you can do one or the other. Or why not do both? So the first option would be, of course, to review your own resume. Give yourself a resume critique based on input from this class, based on the pdf. If you go ahead and get that download that I've mentioned, and you can also see if other students in the course want extreme dress maize and review each other's resumes, which I think is a great idea. I also do offer a very affordable resume critique. ROSEMARY REVIEW. When you go to my website, contact me there if you are interested in that service, and the second option for the class project is again to get the sample critique. Pdf of the resume review that I've talked about previously. Download it. Look at the sample before resume that you saw in the earlier videos, see what you think, make notes about the reviewing it and then compare it to my final critique and see what the final resume actually ended up looking at and again, feel free to do both of these projects. I hope you had a great time with the class. Don't forget. There's also a class bonus in the documents section here included. And it's I think it's 20 pages or so also a Pdf download, but it's here in the course. You don't have to go with my website, although it's also available on my website, and it's called Do You really Need a resume? Brighter? Is a resume writer really worth it? The truth is, some people do. Some people don't, and it depends on a lot of different qualities of you of yours, including how much time you have your interest level, your natural skill, your budget etcetera. And it's not a sales pitch, really. Some people could do just fine on their own. I mean, obviously people do get jobs without firing a resume writer, but it has a quiz and a comparison chart and all kinds of good info, so that is included here as a bonus for this class. Thank you again. I am Shannon from resume confidence. I'm a resume writer and interview skills coach as well as job search coach and feel free to visit my block. I have somewhere in the range of 100 different block posts on all job search related topics such as career direction, career change, interview strategies and skills, job search tips, networking input from HR manager and other hiring folks that I personally know. Some funny things like crazy job search stories, of course, resume writing tips, bunch of testimonials from happy clients and transferrable skills and some links to my YouTube videos. So thanks again so much happy job searching.