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23 Videos (1h 31m)
    • What Is Docker?

    • Installing Docker

    • Getting Ready with Docker

    • Working with Images

    • Working with Containers

    • Diving Deep into Containers and Images

    • Playing 2048 with Docker

    • Saving the State

    • Uploading Images to Docker Hub

    • Managing the Images

    • Managing the Containers

    • Understanding Dockerfiles

    • Building a Complex Image

    • Iterating Our App to Succeed

    • Setting Up Our BitBucket Project

    • Setting Up and Triggering a DockerHub Build

    • Iterating to Success

    • Opening Up Our Containers to the World

    • Linking Containers to Each Other

    • Interacting with the Host Environment

    • Orchestrating Containers with Docker Compose

    • Complex Orchestration with Docker Compose

    • Docker Debates


About This Class

Accelerate your web development skills on real web projects in record time with Docker

About This Video
Supercharge your web development process while ensuring that everything works smoothly
Win at 2048 using Docker's commit and restore functionality
Use the Docker Hub workflow to automate the rebuilding of your web projects
Full of realistic examples, this is a step-by-step journey to becoming a Docker expert!

In Detail
Docker is a tool that allows you to develop software faster, more reliably, and with less fuss! Backed by the likes of Red Hat, Microsoft, and VMWare, this is one of the fastest-adopted technologies ever seen, and it can help you work more effectively.
Docker for Web Developers will take you on a journey from a Docker novice to master. With the aid of step-by-step videos, you will use Docker to win at 2048, contribute to a real web development project in minutes, and learn the tricky art of container orchestration. By the end of this video course, you'll be ready for anything Docker can throw at you!
This video course puts you in the position of an engineer who knows nothing about Docker but needs to learn it fast. With realistic examples, you will work and play with Docker and get progressively experienced as the course advances.
Throughout this video course we will cover a lot of ground, including building your own images, using the Docker Hub workflow to turbocharge development, sharing your work with others, running your work in production environments, and ensuring that everything works smoothly.
By the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need to make Docker useful for you and your business, and you will learn how you can leverage Docker in a web development workflow.





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